Irish People Try Trader Joe's Snacks

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"These kinda taste like funerals."
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The lovely Jillian sent us in some Trader Joe's snacks all the way from the States so we decided to give them to our Tryers and see what they thought!
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21-Sen, 2018

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Mystic Heather
Mystic Heather 5 soat oldin
The girl w the glasses always hates everything
Caysum21345 6 soat oldin
“I’m a detective!”
Robert Reynolds
Robert Reynolds 13 soat oldin
The marie chick is a total babe, i give her a 10. I mean look at that beautiful skin! Wow.
Saif Kayed
Saif Kayed 21 soat oldin
You Irish are so super kind.
1234smileface Kun oldin
Specaulos 😍😍😍😍😍
Matrim42 2 kun oldin
“If this cookie was a state it would definitely be Nebraska.” That is the most damning indictment of a foodstuff I’ve ever heard. Absolutely brutal.
spp jpp
spp jpp 2 kun oldin
...so this is a channel devoted to the Irish eating food?
Liz Dyer
Liz Dyer 3 kun oldin
That guy that used to live in the us really *gets* Trader Joe’s. Lol . I want you to know the US respects Trader Joe’s so much, when I typed it out, my phone capitalized it. Cuz it’s Trader Joe’s. It’s inherently respected. Provider of previously unknown but delectable snacks of all sorts. A true joy. And shockingly affordable!
KLM Hooked Moore
KLM Hooked Moore 3 kun oldin
These people are funny. I want to visit Ireland.
LoRdLoSs 3 kun oldin
Dipping crackers in soup? What is this madness?
Kristy Hughes
Kristy Hughes 3 kun oldin
It's a little underdog!
Seán Jared
Seán Jared 5 kun oldin
Tom -- 3:05 How is Marie Claire affecting a New Jerseyesque accent racist?
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 5 kun oldin
The coloring is weird. They look like cartoons. And can you please please please make a " Irish people smell each other's farts " video. Thanks.
Marie Libby Ryan
Marie Libby Ryan 6 kun oldin
ÉADAOIN hiya...how do you pronounce your name?
Blue 6899
Blue 6899 2 kun oldin
Ai (like Aid) - dean. i think.
Heather Althouse
Heather Althouse 6 kun oldin
is MC bipolar ??
AmberJay16 7 kun oldin
There’s a difference between Plantain and banana. Like, banana chips?!! Why would I make chips out of a banana?!! No, don’t come to the Caribbean saying that because we will laugh at you for saying “Banana Chips”.
Deya 7 kun oldin
Have them try Keebler Danish Wedding Cookies
Cristian Guerra
Cristian Guerra 7 kun oldin
My family company is remodeling a Trader Joe's in New Hampshire. And I'm just on that payroll if you know what I mean😏
Chakra Zoo
Chakra Zoo 8 kun oldin
mmmmm...i miss cocaine
Lucy T
Lucy T 8 kun oldin
Banana chips are dope. Lol taste like funerals
Dominexanbarbie27 8 kun oldin
Plantain chips are not bananas they're totally different..
Jared thrash
Jared thrash 10 kun oldin
can't get though one of these try eps with out theses Irish alcoholics talking about booze
Sinead Deroiste
Sinead Deroiste 11 kun oldin
With Shugor
R R 11 kun oldin
Are there no Latinos or Caribbean folks in Ireland? Plantains are not 'bananas' and are extremely common in much of the world.
Yan Yan
Yan Yan 11 kun oldin
Calls Plantain chips Banana chips while looking at the label that says plantain chips
Luscious Lady 911
Luscious Lady 911 12 kun oldin
Just for the future...any of our mega crispy cookies like the Brownie Crisps, or even Oreos, are always better dipped slowly in milk...or flavored milk if you are feeling adventurous. The squishy lime cookies, and any spongy type taste amazing quickly dipped in coffee (don't sugar your coffee until after you have dipped your cookies unless you like a lot of sugar in your coffee). Just some friendly advice from an almost cookie-eating professional, lmao.
haley lockwood
haley lockwood 13 kun oldin
i think mary-claire was on cocaine
tho bur
tho bur 14 kun oldin
are MC and LJG the same person ?
Boofer T. Washington
Kellie, talk nerdy to me!
Patricia Jackson
Patricia Jackson 14 kun oldin
Tom is hilarious! He is like an Irish Will Forte, looks and humor wise. MC you go girl with your fact knowing self!
Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Jackson 17 kun oldin
The last one actually pissed me off. Those key lime cookies are awesome and taste like key lime pie, which is FLORIDA not Nebraska.
robert perez
robert perez 18 kun oldin
Mary-Claire has got to be related to that other person on here. I forgot his name but he's deathly pale, super funny, jet black hair to his shoulder and a beard. Uuugh they seem like twins
Fabulous Pale Potato
I'm from America and I didnt know this existed :C.
Leslie Fairbanks
Leslie Fairbanks 19 kun oldin
I love Marie Claire!!! Her enthusiasm for Speculose is awesome, so friggin cute
[ P O T A T o ]
[ P O T A T o ] 20 kun oldin
Trader Joe’s Zhoug Sauce is 11/10, it’s got a South Asian kind of taste and is slightly spicy
Whoa Stairs
Whoa Stairs 21 kun oldin
Love your guys videos, that being said..... TELL YOUR PEOPLE TO CHEW WITH THEIR DAMN MOUTH CLOSED! I'm disliking every video with it I'm sorry. I can't stand that sound.
jaydon 21 kun oldin
you have never felt the true sensation of having a super hot model babe 🤰chew👄 in your ear. you sir are incompetent and have never had pre chewed food🥐 dropped into your expecting oral orifice😮 . fuck you retard. 🚶‍♂️🤠😴
If you live within twenty miles of a Trader Joe's, you shop there.
Chris colón
Chris colón 22 kun oldin
Plantains != Bananas
Scott Oiab
Scott Oiab 22 kun oldin
Key limes come from the Florida Keys.
Dee Boy
Dee Boy 23 kun oldin
MC was on point! SOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!
Eric Dentry
Eric Dentry 23 kun oldin
What happened to FACTS
Ty Hebbert
Ty Hebbert 25 kun oldin
Now hold on one minute, we the representatives of Nebraska do not accept the association of our great state and these cookies. If they were corn flavored, sure, but not those.
RAPH FELIX 26 kun oldin
the Irish are more fit. that's for sure. Americans are addicted to sugar. we have been known to kill for it. no joke.
Mcgewgler Tims
Mcgewgler Tims 26 kun oldin
Those key lime cookies are my favorite y’all triflin’!!
Billy Masoner
Billy Masoner 26 kun oldin
Bitches, I’m from Nebraska, and fuck you! Lol. I’m gonna send y’all some traditional Nebraska foods :)
The guy with the red hat
Should've given them their boxed Mac and cheese. Might be boxed, but it's amazing lol
Cassie 27 kun oldin
why do you have to hate on NE
Adan Garcia
Adan Garcia 28 kun oldin
Key lime cookies= Nebraska and funerals...
Jody Morris
Jody Morris 28 kun oldin
keep them coming. Love them all..!!!
nanahime 28 kun oldin
Plantains aren’t bananaaaaaaaasssssss. Just thought you should know 🤣 But Trader Joe’s is awesome. Their butter waffle cookies are the best~