Irish People Try Trader Joe's Snacks

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"These kinda taste like funerals."
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The lovely Jillian sent us in some Trader Joe's snacks all the way from the States so we decided to give them to our Tryers and see what they thought!
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21-Sen, 2018



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Solaire Of Astora
Solaire Of Astora 4 kun oldin
I love MC, shes so bright and cheery
Jack Hammer
Jack Hammer 4 kun oldin
Here's a little tip... (men) don't weat tank tops without a good physique.. You look like a tool..
M. Never
M. Never 7 kun oldin
So picky
zoie559 7 kun oldin
The girl in black is annoying as fuck
Emile Mcgee
Emile Mcgee 9 kun oldin
Kellie Hughes is a nasty rotten whore!
Landscape Guy
Landscape Guy 10 kun oldin
Are they starved in Ireland or something?
Elijah George
Elijah George 12 kun oldin
cookie butter is COCAINE
Joel Bernal
Joel Bernal 13 kun oldin
I am from Florida and I apologize for Key Lime anything
NOT Chandler Bing
NOT Chandler Bing 14 kun oldin
VERY middle class 😂 at this point it’s upper middle class my friend
Archer C
Archer C 15 kun oldin
They are NOT bananas, they are plantains. Read a book!
Shipwreck Diving
Shipwreck Diving 15 kun oldin
Mary Claire is something special to my eyes with a great attitude it seems.
Kasey Coonrod
Kasey Coonrod 17 kun oldin
bloodsling 18 kun oldin
I'm 46,I've never found my "speculoos"..one day I hope.
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy 18 kun oldin
Mary'Claire's wall-breaking TED talk was awesome. You know I'll be expecting a History of food mini-segment from Mary-Claire in every video she's in...lol. She seems like a fun person to hang out with. They are super nice all the time...there is a reason why they're so happy to work there...good pay and benefits, etc.
rae hamra
rae hamra 19 kun oldin
Those key lime cookies are gross i hate when ppl bring them for xmas
Jacob A. Gallant
Jacob A. Gallant 19 kun oldin
3:34 That snap though
Brandon 22 kun oldin
As a Nebraskan, two things: one, hey someone from Ireland knows Nebraska exists, yay! Two, fuck off saying that funeral tasting biscuit is the Nebraska of biscuits.
Aaron Lopez
Aaron Lopez 22 kun oldin
Limes and Farts sounds like an Irish band name
judy valencia
judy valencia 23 kun oldin
They have Get Well chocolate bars in Pharmacies? WOW! That would cheer me up!
Cait 23 kun oldin
I’m so offended that he said if the cookie were a state it would be Nebraska, how dare you come after my state like that, we are nice people😂😂
steven shamblin
steven shamblin 24 kun oldin
Cocaine is one hell of a drug
Toolband42O 25 kun oldin
MC is adorable. She's always such a sweetie!
jokrjrruss 26 kun oldin
I’m an American, I’ve never even seen a traitor joe’s.
ricecristi 26 kun oldin
I was the 10k like lol 😲🤙🏾
Jared Simpson
Jared Simpson 27 kun oldin
More MC
Allen Saunders
Allen Saunders 28 kun oldin
Nobody buys that and i love trader joes
Nandhini Singh
Plantains are not bananas.
Aisha McDade
Aisha McDade 28 kun oldin
Cooking bananas are banana cultivars in the genus Musa whose fruits are generally used in cooking. They may be eaten ripe or unripe and are generally starchy. Many cooking bananas are referred to as plantains or green bananas, although not all of them are true plantains.Wikipedia
Buhle Hlatshwayo
Kellie being sad about not getting chocolate chips in her brownie crisp made me feel feelings that are unsuitable for my binge of Irish React. I’ve obviously done the logical thing and liked + subbed💚
Ivan Jakanov
Ivan Jakanov Oy oldin
i'm not a huge fan of trader joes, mostly because of the cost
alisha woods
alisha woods Oy oldin
The lime ones look good
Caroline Slack
oh shit my church has those key-lime cookies out during fellowship hour and funeral/memorial services shiiiit
Jolene McConnell
Trader Joe's is the American name for Aldi Nord.
shernigz Oy oldin
How the fuck can it smell like dog food???
MissInvizible Oy oldin
If you don’t eat your plantain chips with a mayonnaise and ketchup dip (mayoketchup) you are missing out lol
David Green
David Green Oy oldin
Mary-Claire is soooooo energetic
Geoff Newton
Geoff Newton Oy oldin
The girl with the glasses should have her own tv show.
Amber Faulk
Amber Faulk Oy oldin
Were those brownie whatevers like Sheilas Brownie Brittle? Its so good!
lMlafioSo Oy oldin
MC has the most fun in these videos. SHe's lovely. Eadaoin, should make a video of her speaking irish. Maybe how to say dirty words in irish. And a whole backstory of MC's favorite things.
Danica Doolittle
If this was a state it would be Nebraska! Lmfao, from Nebraska!
Silver Back
Silver Back Oy oldin
“Trader Joe’s isn’t a shop it’s a way of life”
Darryl Ferguson
Mary Claire is adorable
confusedwhale Oy oldin
Mary-claire... She likes the disgusting raspberry chocolates and speculoos... I know now to never trust a thing coming out of her mouth... Concerning food.
Donnie Creasey
The Key Lime cookies are AWESOME!!!!!!
Trader Joe's is shat
Key lime is only for pie... True Floridian Key Lime Pie.
Eddie Johnson
Eddie Johnson Oy oldin
Less talking more eating... Also 99% Americans never looks on the bag of the bag to see what in it or calories we just eat the damn thing and enjoy it no matter what it is!! Then we judge it by if we like it or not!!
Callum Smith
Callum Smith Oy oldin
sorry to whoever she is but the girl in the grey top with glasses... what's it like to be the only ugly girl? sorry but no thank you. the rest yes please. the lads before you and I'm not gay.
Handy Kapped
Handy Kapped Oy oldin
Trader Joe's is nothing but a renamed Aldi store
toxxicbeautyx Oy oldin
she's a few screws speculoos
asharee coombs
I as a Caribbean native was in physical pain when they said "banana chips" 😖😭😭 Plantains and bananas are so different i swear Try eating a raw plantain and you'll have that starch in your mouth all day.
DeEnna Matthews
Kellie Hughes ... just like Amy on the Big Bang Theory ... so negative about everything.
Tip Aly
Tip Aly Oy oldin
Are the plantain chips the green (taste like potato) or the ripe (taste like a banana/sweet)......? There’s a difference.
DevInvest Oy oldin
4:52 Bruh- that’s called MESCALINE- Not a soup flavored biscuit 😂 All Luv John That was too funny
Alyssa Owens
Alyssa Owens Oy oldin
Americans can eat the whole chocolate bar 😂 ik because I’ve done it
tikipro Oy oldin
Where is the cookie butter?
Emma Bryson
Emma Bryson Oy oldin
I’ve never been there and I live in America
No Sir, Not I
No Sir, Not I Oy oldin
"If this cookie was a state, it would be Nebraska." I understand. 😂😂
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller Oy oldin
❤MC is amazing
tommy payne
tommy payne Oy oldin
Trader Joe's is Aldi renamed for americans
DirtyThirst Oy oldin
I missed this one, but it's funny because my home state was compared to a weird type of food. I'm curious as to why Tom thinks Nebraska.
Kimberly Finley
The girl in the red sweatshirt looks like Amanda Bynes.
Ashley Calabro
Nebraksa..... Honestly it's not for everyone
Tom is a cutie. These videos are worth watching just to see him. 😀
jessica almondjoy
6:26 "if this cookie was a state, it'd definitely be Nebraska" -Tom
Dinosuar Lover
"tomato." wait its still spelt the same...
Ravan Kennedy
Ravan Kennedy Oy oldin
The girl with the brown hair and glasses and the blonde one with the rainbow stripped shirt are always so negative about things right from the start. I understand judging as you go along, but the things they say always sound so negative right away. It's slightly frustrating to watch.
Age Of The Witch
Clean up on isle 7 😂
chateucaddy Oy oldin
Mary-Clair looks like she's related to the guy who's always on in the Black Leather Jacket🤔
Curtis Galper
Curtis Galper Oy oldin
Key limes, definitely an acquired taste. Try a good key lime pie sometime. Greetings from southern Florida, USA.
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson Oy oldin
Do the Irish use Kerrigold butter or is that just here in America?
Sue Morris
Sue Morris Oy oldin
Cookie spread? I'm an American, and I have no idea what that is.
Brian Debnam
Brian Debnam Oy oldin
Cookie butter is AMAZING.
Cheryl Butler
Cheryl Butler Oy oldin
People who love key limes will eat anything that says key limes.
MrBremmer6 2 oy oldin
Not belgian, Dutch!!!!! From speculaas, the Belgians stole it
ZIMBO THA WOLF 2 oy oldin
Mary is adorable. wish I had a girl like her..
Mystic Heather
Mystic Heather 2 oy oldin
The girl w the glasses always hates everything
Caysum21345 2 oy oldin
“I’m a detective!”
Robert Reynolds
Robert Reynolds 2 oy oldin
The marie chick is a total babe, i give her a 10. I mean look at that beautiful skin! Wow.
Saîf Kayy
Saîf Kayy 2 oy oldin
You Irish are so super kind.
1234smileface 2 oy oldin
Specaulos 😍😍😍😍😍
Matrim42 2 oy oldin
“If this cookie was a state it would definitely be Nebraska.” That is the most damning indictment of a foodstuff I’ve ever heard. Absolutely brutal.
spp jpp
spp jpp 2 oy oldin
...so this is a channel devoted to the Irish eating food?
Liz Dyer
Liz Dyer 2 oy oldin
That guy that used to live in the us really *gets* Trader Joe’s. Lol . I want you to know the US respects Trader Joe’s so much, when I typed it out, my phone capitalized it. Cuz it’s Trader Joe’s. It’s inherently respected. Provider of previously unknown but delectable snacks of all sorts. A true joy. And shockingly affordable!
KLM Hooked Moore
KLM Hooked Moore 2 oy oldin
These people are funny. I want to visit Ireland.
LoRdLoSs 2 oy oldin
Dipping crackers in soup? What is this madness?
Kristy Hughes
Kristy Hughes 2 oy oldin
It's a little underdog!
Seán Jared
Seán Jared 2 oy oldin
Tom -- 3:05 How is Marie Claire affecting a New Jerseyesque accent racist?
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 2 oy oldin
The coloring is weird. They look like cartoons. And can you please please please make a " Irish people smell each other's farts " video. Thanks.
Marie Libby Ryan
Marie Libby Ryan 2 oy oldin
ÉADAOIN hiya...how do you pronounce your name?
Blue 6899
Blue 6899 2 oy oldin
Ai (like Aid) - dean. i think.
Heather Althouse
Heather Althouse 2 oy oldin
is MC bipolar ??
AmberJay16 2 oy oldin
There’s a difference between Plantain and banana. Like, banana chips?!! Why would I make chips out of a banana?!! No, don’t come to the Caribbean saying that because we will laugh at you for saying “Banana Chips”.
Deya 2 oy oldin
Have them try Keebler Danish Wedding Cookies
Cristian Guerra
Cristian Guerra 2 oy oldin
My family company is remodeling a Trader Joe's in New Hampshire. And I'm just on that payroll if you know what I mean😏
Chakra Zoo
Chakra Zoo 2 oy oldin
mmmmm...i miss cocaine
Lucy T
Lucy T 2 oy oldin
Banana chips are dope. Lol taste like funerals
Plantain chips are not bananas they're totally different..
Jared thrash
Jared thrash 2 oy oldin
can't get though one of these try eps with out theses Irish alcoholics talking about booze
Puds Deroiste
Puds Deroiste 2 oy oldin
With Shugor
R R 2 oy oldin
Are there no Latinos or Caribbean folks in Ireland? Plantains are not 'bananas' and are extremely common in much of the world.
Yan Yan
Yan Yan 2 oy oldin
Calls Plantain chips Banana chips while looking at the label that says plantain chips
Luscious Lady 911
Just for the future...any of our mega crispy cookies like the Brownie Crisps, or even Oreos, are always better dipped slowly in milk...or flavored milk if you are feeling adventurous. The squishy lime cookies, and any spongy type taste amazing quickly dipped in coffee (don't sugar your coffee until after you have dipped your cookies unless you like a lot of sugar in your coffee). Just some friendly advice from an almost cookie-eating professional, lmao.
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