Irish People Try Weird Guinness Mixes

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"Is this called the Irish....arse?"
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Guinness is a simple drink. It is enjoyed by people all across the globe. It would be absolute BLASPHEMY to mix it with anything. However...it seems some scoundrels out there have gone and done just that. We decided to sit down a few of our resident Irish TRYers to see what they thought of these....abominations. (Editor's note: way to keep it neutral)
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Leather Jacket Guy: TRY.Media/LJG
Shannon Keenan: TRY.Media/Shannon
Colin Regan: TRY.Media/Colin
Kellie Hughes: TRY.Media/Kellie
Seán Connolly: TRY.Media/Sean
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Chantelle Kruger
Chantelle Kruger 6 daqiqa oldin
The guy in the leather 🤣🤣🤣 he's great
Zrob 4 soat oldin
The dude with the black hair, black coat, black glasses and black beard made my day 😂 I forgot to mention the black eyebrows and the black shirt under the black coat. He probably had black skinny jeans on too lol.
Bloodhound of Aspenwood
*Stares and smile* I'M A BARTENDER
Ilana Signal
Ilana Signal 11 soat oldin
Lol so only 1 person likes Guinness on this show
reddybear 14 soat oldin
Open your mouth and try not to gag! 😆🍆
Emily Steele
Emily Steele 15 soat oldin
I heard that doctor who reference.
xX Get Busy Xx
xX Get Busy Xx 19 soat oldin
Black and blues or dark side of the moons are awesome
Richard Ikin
Richard Ikin 19 soat oldin
That Shannon lass is stupendously attractive
Rob Morales
Rob Morales 21 soat oldin
"Should we ring our exes now or later" :D :D :D
Rachel Raja
Rachel Raja 21 soat oldin
I do love Black and tans😆😊
abbie 22 soat oldin
I love the guy eho practically likes any alcohol but fuck man...lol can i go back to dublin?
Ryan Ralph
Ryan Ralph 22 soat oldin
I'm from the states and I have never heard of these lmao
e.l. nielsen
e.l. nielsen Kun oldin
Fck.... I wanna drink werid stuff with you guys. Irish and Canadian like two peas in a pod!
gellechimay Kun oldin
Irish people try......(Strongest?) (Strangest?) belgian beers?
Kaeda Sonata
Kaeda Sonata Kun oldin
Isn't a proper Black and Tan supposed to be Stout and Porter? ie. "Mississippi Mud"?Whoever told you it's made with an IPA is kind of a "knob".. o.O
Mathias Jönsson
2:08 Did he just say "tickle a tigers testicles"???
Ozzy Stuckman
Ozzy Stuckman Kun oldin
That’s amc the walking shit .. I fucking love that guy😂😂
Pyro Inc.
Pyro Inc. Kun oldin
If it ain't broke, don't Fuck with it.
Junior Bailey
Junior Bailey Kun oldin
qwerty30013 Kun oldin
6:54 yeah.. yeah!!
Justin Crutchfield
I'm in love with the blonde with the jacket on.
People Vids Info
When you try to only watch leather jacket guy videos.....lol
Damian Paterno
Damian Paterno Kun oldin
Never mix Guinness it's blasphemy
4:13 how to get the shit kicked out of you in one easy step in ireland... order that drink
Douglas Pietrantonio
"Come out ye Black and Tans, come out and fight me like a man, Show your wife how you won medals down in Flanders, Tell them how the IRA made you run like hell away From the green and lovely lanes of Killashandra"... yea prolly not a good idea to ask for a "Black and Tan" in an irish pub.
Jim Beam
Jim Beam Kun oldin
I watch these videos a lot and Kellie is always talking about her belly so I named my new tropical fish "Kellie's Belly." True story.
Jay Hodson
Jay Hodson 2 kun oldin
Should we ring our ex’s now or later 😂😂
Cloud 4shadowing
Cloud 4shadowing 2 kun oldin
7:14 all that alcohol turned him American lol
Lexi Hinds
Lexi Hinds 2 kun oldin
I laughed a lot
RM K 2 kun oldin
Aine O'Neill is a babe.
Matrim42 2 kun oldin
Black & Tan ::winces for about 30 minutes:: I mean, it’s not quite as bad as ordering an Irish car bomb, but that’s still pretty bad
jonharson 2 kun oldin
The only thing in existence that mix well with Guinness is brandy.
Bill Melater
Bill Melater 2 kun oldin
What, no car bombs?
graham murphy
graham murphy 2 kun oldin
im sorry but i would have to stick to guiness on its own
David  Lucey
David Lucey 2 kun oldin
Two of the guys seem to be losing the accent
William Miller
William Miller 2 kun oldin
Irish car bomb
Robert Bick
Robert Bick 2 kun oldin
I've never seen anyone in a youtube video ever that I want to get drunk with more than Leather Jacket Guy.
Melanie Oosthuizen
Melanie Oosthuizen 2 kun oldin
Andreia Reminiec
Andreia Reminiec 3 kun oldin
Irishman blue shirt..when was the last time you visited the states? Goose Islznd is a pale ale that is brewed in Chicago..Galway Hooker isn't a beer that I'd recognize at all
Gayle-Heather Condo
This is awesome They are getting wasted as they get to each one
ddraelynkhar 3 kun oldin
"Should we ring our exs now or later?" Lolol
TubersAndPotatoes 3 kun oldin
Ah, weird mixes. If it was an Irish Carbomb mix they'd be drinking all day and all night.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 3 kun oldin
I think the leather jacket guy could drink turpentine
Terry Rush
Terry Rush 3 kun oldin
"AMC the walking shit" best line in the bit
Terry Rush
Terry Rush 3 kun oldin
I'm going to Ireland!
just me
just me 3 kun oldin
Anyone else notice some of their irish accents come and go? If anything their transplants
ZillaZill 3 kun oldin
Do black people exist in Ireland?
Ray P.
Ray P. 3 kun oldin
"that's AMC isnt it. The Walking Shit" lmao
Amber Owens
Amber Owens 3 kun oldin
Was anyone else waiting for an Irish Car Bomb!?
inkulu 3 kun oldin
Yeah, Black and Tan is probably not the best thing to ask for in Eire...
Staci Schuck
Staci Schuck 3 kun oldin
Dear mr. Connolly please marry me I don't drink so you can have all the Guinness you want!
Cheap Boyfriends
3 kun oldin