Irish People Try Weird Guinness Mixes

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"Is this called the Irish....arse?"
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Guinness is a simple drink. It is enjoyed by people all across the globe. It would be absolute BLASPHEMY to mix it with anything. However...it seems some scoundrels out there have gone and done just that. We decided to sit down a few of our resident Irish TRYers to see what they thought of these....abominations. (Editor's note: way to keep it neutral)
The Tryers featured in this video:
Aine O'Neill: TRY.Media/Aine
Leather Jacket Guy: TRY.Media/LJG
Shannon Keenan: TRY.Media/Shannon
Colin Regan: TRY.Media/Colin
Kellie Hughes: TRY.Media/Kellie
Seán Connolly: TRY.Media/Sean
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Jonathan Hoyt
Jonathan Hoyt Soat oldin
Leather jacket man never a let down
squirellynutts 2 soat oldin
The Guiness milk shake is the BOMB!!!! must try in future video
Kenny Kelley
Kenny Kelley 21 soat oldin
I like to have a Guiness with a shot of IrishMist shot inside the glass....
Corey Black
Corey Black 2 kun oldin
"Now open your mouth and don't gag on it" lmfao
kyle acunia
kyle acunia 2 kun oldin
DOOOWOOOHOOO I heard the sound of my people
Jeremy Bland
Jeremy Bland 2 kun oldin
"I hate Guinness" "WHAT did you say?"
Rae Dow
Rae Dow 3 kun oldin
Lort, they broke Colin. Colin's broken ya'll.
Spameggssausage 3 kun oldin
oh cherist he has one of those creepy assed fucking bird things from the later star wars movies KILL IT WITH FIRE
adam0195 3 kun oldin
Dude with the leather jacket is a legend, would love to have a few drinks with him 😂 🍻
Sean Dunne
Sean Dunne 3 kun oldin
“Can I do it in your mouth?” “Open your mouth” “now, try not to gag” “don’t gag on it” never laughed so much in my life 😂😂😂😂
Daro Ka
Daro Ka 3 kun oldin
What is interesting in watching people eating junk food and drinking alcohol?..... Some corpo paid for that…. probably…. But it doesn't change a FACTS that its boring bullshit…. desubscribe…. You are meanless……
Aeox 4 kun oldin
3:00 the pour hole is fucking on the wrong side
Thomas Halizak
Thomas Halizak 4 kun oldin
Lies, Lies I say ! I have had a grand time drinking Guinness all night long out on the town. Buffalo NY here
Elmogurl789 4 kun oldin
I'm only hooked on these videos right now because of leather jacket guy.
Mystic Mind Analysis
Guy in the leather jacket looks like a young Lemmy Killmister.
Charlie Pierce
Charlie Pierce 4 kun oldin
Literally can barely understand Kellie, magnificent!
Rofl Stomps
Rofl Stomps 5 kun oldin
Strongbow cider in first. The Guinness in after with a spoon. Grand!
Ryan Morton
Ryan Morton 5 kun oldin
I'd not be upset if Muslims eliminate this part of the white race
Chris Henry
Chris Henry 5 kun oldin
I'm half Italian and half Irish. I used to favor my Italian side but these videos are making me fall in love with my Irish side. Irish people are absolutely awesome.
PYRO GOTHICA 5 kun oldin
Black and tan....
justin andrews
justin andrews 5 kun oldin
That’s amc the walking shit lmfao
shad425 5 kun oldin
I love Irish people are so fucking awesome I could talk to them all damn day
Earle Hart
Earle Hart 5 kun oldin
i watched, i laughed, dont know how i ended up here all the way from Aus but i feel drunk or stoned or both, bloody Irish!
Tuxuedo Mask
Tuxuedo Mask 5 kun oldin
Is icing a college game in other coutries? Like hiding a bottle of Smirnoff ice somewhere and when you find it you have to chug it. netherlands btw
Jake C.
Jake C. 5 kun oldin
Open your mouth, I hope you don't gag on it. OK DON'T GAG ON IT! Now swallow.
Sravanthi Sankar
Sravanthi Sankar 5 kun oldin
I honestly came for LJG and GSL.. :/
William Irwin
William Irwin 6 kun oldin
People talk about how thick and filling Guinness is, but it was less dense than everything they mixed with it.
Mike Hernandez
Mike Hernandez 6 kun oldin
I would love to drink with these fine Irish folk!
Kaitlyn Slaymaker
Kaitlyn Slaymaker 6 kun oldin
A Black and Tan was an Irish rebel group thingy.
Kaitlyn Slaymaker
Kaitlyn Slaymaker 6 kun oldin
It seems like Leather Jacket Guy doesn't care about the combination, he just cares about his Guinness.
Tazmanian66devil 6 kun oldin
No car bomb?
Daro Ka
Daro Ka 6 kun oldin
Pickle juice is GREEN. and its veeeryyy healthy for a body and full of a living bactery culture. What had on table is some shit. Its never red and never was Its easy to figure out 'cause pickle are green. god for u that u even didnt touched that...
Logan Reitzner
Logan Reitzner 6 kun oldin
That one guy is so funny. Hes awesome hahaha
Place Holder
Place Holder 7 kun oldin
The dead guy is awesome
Alexandra Marberry
Alexandra Marberry 7 kun oldin
Okay I have never ever wanted to mix Guinness before my friend showed me this one mix, and holy crap it is delicious. It's just Guinness with a shot of vodka and a shot of kahlua. Seriously try it. Although, I do love just the Guinness by itself still.
Anthony Pascale
Anthony Pascale 7 kun oldin
Rhe black leather guy is a total trip he get invited on my party boat
thisdamnthingy 7 kun oldin
I might try some of these, but I just drank an unsullied can, to celebrate the day!
danel heffley
danel heffley 7 kun oldin
'shall we ring our exs now or later'
Random stuff with Michael
Black jacket guy is best giel
Paris Richardson
Paris Richardson 8 kun oldin
I've been watching and rewatching Try for probably 3+ years now. I just realized, learned really, than Áine and Shannon are two different women. 😲
Mike Solomon
Mike Solomon 8 kun oldin
Hey try catch up with me with 97% lol 4 u thanks
Mr. G
Mr. G 8 kun oldin
JFC a black & tan is 3/4 Guinness capped with Smithwick's Irish Ale
Scruff Looking Nerve Hurter
Black and tan = Guinness + Newcastle
MatthewJ 8 kun oldin
I never drank smirnoff ice... Like, ever.
Dean Oldfield
Dean Oldfield 8 kun oldin
This is my new favorite channel 😲😳😵🤯
Ghfran Elshafei
Ghfran Elshafei 8 kun oldin
0:57 lmaooo he wasn’t having it
Confined EU
Confined EU 9 kun oldin
And they didn’t even do a tinkers wife wkd and Guinness
Daniel Lloyd
Daniel Lloyd 9 kun oldin
Black velvet is Guinness and champagne. Wtf did you jest show me?
Anthony sarushang
Anthony sarushang 9 kun oldin
Leave some for me
Jonathan Soko
Jonathan Soko 9 kun oldin
black and blues are fantastic
Lynne McGee
Lynne McGee 9 kun oldin
I love the way that girl says "tings" (things), "taught" (thought), and "Trree" (three). lol Amazing! lol (Sorry I don't know any of you lovely Irish people's names, haha!)
Lynne McGee
Lynne McGee 9 kun oldin
"The walking shit" lolol
tristan tompkins
tristan tompkins 10 kun oldin
I like vanilla vodka with it
Angus Brown
Angus Brown 10 kun oldin
0:16 Th' fook ye say, lassie?
iamauntmeem 10 kun oldin
Who is he? He's a hoot!
PowderxAsphalt SJ
PowderxAsphalt SJ 10 kun oldin
Irish people react to sir Steveo Timothy
Shop Munkey
Shop Munkey 11 kun oldin
For some reason this episode reminded me of Interdimensional Cable from Rick and Morty
Mike Provenzano
Mike Provenzano 11 kun oldin
Haha.. all the reasons to have a bartender pour these drinks. You’re supposed to tip the glass far enough to get both fluids at the same time. Do this again with a bartender making the drinks. There are plenty of cool looking shots, like the brain hemorrhage!!!-) I love having that shot made in front of me. 🍻
Juan Manuel Seib
Juan Manuel Seib 11 kun oldin
Gilberto Francisco
Gilberto Francisco 11 kun oldin
where's the girl in green ?!?! ...:D
Papi Salad
Papi Salad 11 kun oldin
The blonde that is with the leather jacket is also a new favorite. But Leather Jacket is the life of the party.
Brandon McNabb
Brandon McNabb 11 kun oldin
Guinness is best on its own. But mix with a Hoegaarden and you get a black hoe. Not bad but still better on its own.
I just wanna be me
I just wanna be me 12 kun oldin
Open your mouth and try not to gag. Dont gag! Now swallow! Did you like it?
DM Kilrath
DM Kilrath 12 kun oldin
These are the funniest videos I've seen in ages.
Monarch Falll
Monarch Falll 13 kun oldin
My god I’ve never seen a man more confident after saying tigers balls 2:09
Foof50 13 kun oldin
Aine O'Neill wins because she's smokin hot and licks her lips in the video. Leather jacket guy wasnt as randomly funny as he normally is.
spiff2268 13 kun oldin
Guinness on top of a good IPA is heaven in a glass!
Devin Matthew
Devin Matthew 13 kun oldin
How do we sign up to do these
Watching Irish people drink is now my favourite sport
new reast
new reast 13 kun oldin
they are characters! and devils for the drink.
nadohawk 13 kun oldin
My favorite is a black and orange. Half Guinness floated over Coronado Brewing Company's Orange Avenue Wit. I like them so much, I make them at home now.
Capt Piluso
Capt Piluso 13 kun oldin
Irish amy farrah fowler 😉
The Generalissimo
The Generalissimo 13 kun oldin
What is it with Irish kids drinking so much?
bloocheez3 14 kun oldin
Is Guinness in a can as nasty over there as it is in the States? I've heard the flavor goes wrong during the trip across the pond, and I hope that's the case because....woof.
Divine Silence
Divine Silence 14 kun oldin
Where is the Irish car bomb
Grant Cooper
Grant Cooper 14 kun oldin
Leather jacket guy is fucking hilarious 😂
stumpy0227 14 kun oldin
That blonde is seriously HAWTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!
L&B Forever
L&B Forever 14 kun oldin
The guy in the leather and the girl in the denim are my favs😂😂😂
Yann Bohez
Yann Bohez 15 kun oldin
We belgian people are known for out great tasting beer
g4do 15 kun oldin
Kellie Hughes is the best
Bryon Lape
Bryon Lape 15 kun oldin
Irish people who don't know how to open a pint of Guinness. My Irish roots are sad.
Bryon Lape
Bryon Lape 15 kun oldin
The blonde seems fun.
David Stevens
David Stevens 15 kun oldin
I spike my beer with vodka all the time...
fmdof 15 kun oldin
irish car bombs. yes please
TheSoundar1 15 kun oldin
What is the background music name ? Very pleasant.
Prima Darts
Prima Darts 15 kun oldin
That must be Jack Sparrows little brother?!
Grinch 15 kun oldin
"tickling a tigers testicles that's lovely isn't it?" - Leather Jacket Guy circa 2019.
antonio Gudino
antonio Gudino 15 kun oldin
"its like watching a kangaroo in a swimming pool"
inkmeal 16 kun oldin
In America, a true Back & Tan has to be Guinness and Bass.
Sean McTiernan
Sean McTiernan 16 kun oldin
TheMrbubbles1378 16 kun oldin
Irish car bombs anyone?
Eric brett
Eric brett 16 kun oldin
What the hell is wrong with Kelly? She isn't a fan of Guinness? That isn't right.
Sergio Martinez
Sergio Martinez 17 kun oldin
Try not to gag 🤣🤣🤣🤣
SeranaIsBae 17 kun oldin
Don't mix Guinness Or I'll find you.
Dan D
Dan D 18 kun oldin
AMC's the Walking Shet is my new favorite insult.
Pink Squirrel
Pink Squirrel 20 kun oldin
The apple beer and Guinness in America is called a snake bite!! It’s my favorite drink!
Christoffer Enfors
Christoffer Enfors 21 kun oldin
Irish women are a good introduction to homosexuality.
Christoffer Enfors
Christoffer Enfors 21 kun oldin
Black Jacket guy Is a parody rite?🤣
Jesse Whitaker
Jesse Whitaker 21 kun oldin
I'm honestly upset I did not see an Irish car bomb that is a real drink and will get you smashed with a quickness
Jesse Whitaker
Jesse Whitaker 9 kun oldin
Get over your self it's a fucking drink you retard
Hotrod Harley
Hotrod Harley 10 kun oldin
That's an offensive name to Irish people. Think about what the name means.
Connor Purdie
Connor Purdie 21 kun oldin
"It smells like drinking in your friends shed when you're 14" "Yeah, Summer"
YellawayHD 11 kun oldin
An Irish rite of passage
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