Irish People Use Guns For First Time

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In Ireland, we have some of the strictest gun laws in Europe, so we thought we would send our guys to a shooting range to (safely) try out guns.
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Behind the video :
This was filmed many weeks ago. We asked our guys to see what they thought of the shooting range we sent them to. This is how they got on.
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13-Iyl, 2015

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Wayne G Rose
Wayne G Rose Kun oldin
Ender Kun oldin
Guns are inherently evil, but car bombs are ok?
Dee Boy
Dee Boy 3 kun oldin
Too bad what could have been a fun video turned into a political shit storm.
First Last
First Last 3 kun oldin
No wonder the British keep you Irish as dumb little pets. They don't really have anything to be afraid of if all of you are this pathetic.
petoz2 4 kun oldin
thats like an elmer fudds gun that gun is cool for rabbit hunting but what the fuck if i am at the range i want shoot some cooler guns.
Mr.SmithGNR Smith
Mr.SmithGNR Smith 7 kun oldin
And the media has done its job of indoctrinating these millennial douchebags....typical. Ignorance doesn’t even begin to describe it...
Dennis Barber
Dennis Barber 7 kun oldin
So those were shotguns which I believe are legal even in Ireland.
Josh Fump
Josh Fump 7 kun oldin
Damn it just admit that you had a fun afternoon lol
420 420
420 420 10 kun oldin
firearms were invented to make all humans equal in a fight.. big,tall, fuck it all its protection i hope foriegners will learn to understand our rights as americans
Joe James
Joe James 13 kun oldin
Feckin pussies
ram2791 16 kun oldin
Why start with a effing 12 gauge. Let them shoot something smaller to start.
Craig Beecher
Craig Beecher 17 kun oldin
Odd. Why only shotgun? And why do they keep saying dangerous?
PC Master Race
PC Master Race 17 kun oldin
Should have gave all of them a 45/70 lever action with a metal butt on the stock to shoot first so they would never want to shoot again. lol
Angus McFife
Angus McFife 18 kun oldin
They'd all be speaking German right now if not for guns!
Grim reaper
Grim reaper 19 kun oldin
Noice a lecture. Can't say it was unexpected but seriously this was all done to lecture us damn Americans smh. There are steps to getting a gun, just so happens illega guns happen and taking away gun rights will not stop illegal guns from happening.
Tony Quilici
Tony Quilici 21 kun oldin
A firearm is only dangerous when an Individual intends to do damage or harm. There are a few sets of safety rules that can be followed when operating a firearm. The major 4 rules that are part of a set are; #1 Always treat every firearm as if is loaded; #2 Do not point a firearm at anything that is not intended to be destroyed. AKA Muzzle Awareness; #3 Keep fingers off the trigger and the safety engaged until the sights are placed on the intended target. AKA Safety/Trigger Discipline; #4. Before disengaging the safety and firing, be sure of the target and what is beyond the target. Do not shoot towards buildings, houses, traffic and population. Do not shoot at sold targets that have flat surfaces perpendicular to you. Angled surfaces and soft targets made of either plastic or rubber are ideal. Steel targets should be hung securely on chains or have a hing mechanism that will absorb the impact and/or take away energy of the bullet or slug.
pitchblack 94
pitchblack 94 21 kun oldin
But when criminals have them they are needed
Derpasuarus 1
Derpasuarus 1 22 kun oldin
By the way I had 6 shots and scored 3 on my first time
Derpasuarus 1
Derpasuarus 1 22 kun oldin
The first time I shot with a 20bore break action I did better than the girl and I am nearly 12
kjetil syr
kjetil syr 23 kun oldin
I love you guys for stepping out of your comfort zones and trying something new ✌ your shooting instructor needs to re-evaluate his approach though 🤨 the fact he loaded the guns for you, and grabbed it from you the second you had finished shooting tells me you didn't recieve enough instruction before you were handed a gun. No wonder you found it intimidating 😅 if you're ever in Norway, let me know! I'll sort you out 😎
the green bastard
the green bastard 24 kun oldin
Funny how you can't tell the men from the women in Ireland.
chris mousley
chris mousley 25 kun oldin
Do you not hunt in Ireland
Adrienne 25 kun oldin
OswaldMosley2020 25 kun oldin
Every man should own a rifle that he knows how to operate safely and maintain. Guns are used for much more than crime and violence despite what urbanites will tell you. Some of my most cherished memories are hunting with me grandfather and eating the game we killed. I was always raised to respect nature and never poach, kill any animal needlessly or EVER make a shot that has a high chance of maiming an animal where it perished in the woods a week later because you fucked the shot and couldn't track it. Most hunters I've met has an almost mythical opinion of nature and the land they hunt upon due to the fact they were raised with it since birth, appreciate the difficulty of the hunt and appreciate the animal they persue. The fact wild game tastes amazing is just a cherry atop.
Shiloh Store
Shiloh Store 27 kun oldin
Irish shoot potato guns
Esteban Kozak
Esteban Kozak 28 kun oldin
Those dudes are pussys!! I think the shooting was getting the girl excited. If those dudes were not millennial geldings, they coulda had a fun time. I would take her shooting anytime!
Grape Ape
Grape Ape 28 kun oldin
The problem is these poor people haven’t had guns Legal in there country for hundreds of years so it is Scary for them, that’s why Americans are scared that our guns might get taken away from us. Only bad people us guns or weapons to do bad things, and the percentage of them is low compared to the good people with guns, so it make no sense to punish the good people, when the bad people will always have weapons to hurt people regardless of the laws!
Big Ern Mahkracken
Big Ern Mahkracken 28 kun oldin
Man the redhead girl is super hawt..
Ginkum Pow
Ginkum Pow 28 kun oldin
Firearms don't scare me in the least; It's the idiot handling it that has my undivided attention.
MrDiesel237 29 kun oldin
As an American raised in a family of gunsmiths and sportsmen: F*CK YEAH IT'S INSANE! Maybe one person in ten thousand is stable and restrained enough to never be unsafe. The rest are all loony toons crazy living a Rambo fantasy in their heads where they run around like a cross between Paul Revere and the Terminator.
Logcl Dmn
Logcl Dmn 29 kun oldin
I find it amazing that a tyrannical government the English government removed every weapon from Ireland. And pussified the entire state that's right I called you a state of England
Bubba Smith
Bubba Smith 29 kun oldin
Lol liberal hipsters are everywhere apparently
Joel Mena
Joel Mena 29 kun oldin
Thank God for the 2nd amendment. In just 200 years the British went from ruling most of the world to just a small island the size of Michigan.
Mike Rice
Mike Rice Oy oldin
Man up i shot my first gun at 10
Razgriz85 Oy oldin
Only thing that can be dangerous or unsafe is the person behind the trigger.
Adrian Johnson
So I'll invite the people in this video that if they are ever near st Louis mo USA to look me up and we will go to the range and shoot real weapons.
joseph breaux
joseph breaux Oy oldin
Omg!! Get some real men to do this!!
Shaun Mulville
This is what the government want us to be afraid of guns...
whyomgwhywtf Oy oldin
For a country with a pretty recent past of conflict (1920s) I'm a bit surprised that guns aren't a bit more common there. Also odd to me that having beat the piss out of the UK in the 1920s for its independence they happily turned over their independence to the EU only 50 years later.
old Goblin
old Goblin Oy oldin
Free people own weapons
Donovan Brooks
If you're ever in Texas come find me I'll show you things Rambo would be scarred of
kyle long
kyle long Oy oldin
This video was IRA approved
Yen Feng
Yen Feng Oy oldin
This song describes it just in case why you wonder why America is so pro guns. It is the only tool to prevent a dictatorship or deter any foreign enemies who want to invade. Our Guns preserve our freedoms and enable 100% Freedom
Yen Feng
Yen Feng Oy oldin
This is why we Americans love guns. They’re gonna pry these guns right out of my hands When they come to take em away I believe in the rights that my fathers gave me When they signed the constitution that day No misguided president or crooked politician With their greasy pockets be spared When the hard working man gets tired of their crap It’s gonna rain wrath beware Don’t tread on me I’m American free You’re not gonna take it away I’ll stand up and fight for my freedoms and rights That’s the price you’ll have to pay Don’t tread on me I’m American free Red blooded to the core You ant never had a fight in your life like the fight that your inching for Well it’s a shame that it’s come down to feeling like this It’s a shame but I’ll stand my ground You’re dirty politics and your back room deals They’re disgraceful and profound You better thinking about it now before you go too far There are millions out here just like me Liberty and justice honor and pride self responsibility Liberty and justice honor and pride self responsibility Don’t tread on me I’m American free You’re not gonna take it away I’ll stand up and fight for my freedoms and rights That’s a price you’ll have to pay Don’t tread on me I’m American free Red blooded to the core You ant never had a fight in your life like the fight that your inching for Liberty and justice honor and pride self responsibility Liberty and justice honor and pride self responsibility Liberty and justice honor and pride self responsibility You aint ever had a fight in your life like the fight that your itching for!!!!!!
ProtocolZero Oy oldin
I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt because they're millennials, and millennials are pretty much suck no matter where they come from. I'd hate to think that all Irishmen were such quivering pussies.
Red Warden 19
Red Warden 19 Oy oldin
You know, if that girl keeps on tensing up her body like that when she shoots, she'll only put herself in danger.
Fucking Irish pussies.
ken karish
ken karish Oy oldin
Little star cookies? Girls remember this guy, he WILL NOT PROTECT YOU.
thedonleroy Oy oldin
I not only have a gun like that in the house I have several. They have never harmed anybody either.
James Rx
James Rx Oy oldin
Hey! Great job shooting some guns. Dont be such a pussy. Guns are totally safe, untrained and misinformed people aren't. Go shoot more funs......I mean.....Guns!!!! Yaaaaay. (The guy without a hat is such a softcock)