Irish People Use Guns For First Time

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In Ireland, we have some of the strictest gun laws in Europe, so we thought we would send our guys to a shooting range to (safely) try out guns.
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Behind the video :
This was filmed many weeks ago. We asked our guys to see what they thought of the shooting range we sent them to. This is how they got on.
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13-Iyl, 2015



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Sub Exploration
Sub Exploration Kun oldin
Red hat man handled it like a limp dick 😂 sorry mate 🤣
Steve Kanakanui
Steve Kanakanui 2 kun oldin
Ken Alexander
Ken Alexander 3 kun oldin
I smell an agenda here
Meghan Schuler
Meghan Schuler 5 kun oldin
See I think people don't understand this about Americans the reason why we love guns has nothing to do with shooting I know that sounds funny and kind of counterintuitive but anyone here with a brain cuz there are plenty of people here without brains trust me we fight them everyday lol Is that we know what it's like to be told how we can live just like you guys did in Northern Ireland when you guys have the idea of fighting England frankly still bugs me but that's another story. Anyway Point has that England wasn't going to give us our freedom and they were going to feed their Wars and their lives and their livelihoods on our backs basically we were there slaves I know ironic because we had slaves but if that's another story I could explain in more detail if anybody cares but the thing is we have guns for one reason and one reason only now does that mean we use it for other things absolutely but we want guns here and as much ammo and Powers possible to fight government whether it be ours or some other government that comes to take over. To really understand this see the movie Red Dawn the new one or the old one and think about it this way if our own government if the US came after R US citizens which they have contemplated in fact there are things here that people would be shocked by like the fact that a company through the government that supposed to help with like clean up after Ox and think about it this way if our own government if the US came after R US citizens which they have contemplated in fact there are things here that people would be shocked by like the fact that a company through the government that supposed to help with like clean up after massive disasters have 200 million rounds of ammo and a whole s*** ton of guns why the f*** do they have gone right why do they have gotten there a peaceful help clean up after the disaster people why do they have a bunch of guns on top of that they have a bunch of of caskets plastic caskets and I mean Millions why? Not to mention they have detention centers these are all provable facts these aren't you know speculation some crazy conspiracy theory these are things they don't deny so my point is is that can you imagine if the US the most powerful Nation on planet Earth came after its own people we're not going to win without some kind of weapon now granted will probably lose anyway but the whole point of the Second Amendment is so that we can fight the tyranny of our own government and then secondary is to be the backup militia for the government if we're taking over by another entity say we are military somehow you know all our military sites get bombed or taken over whatever it is if we all have guns to protect ourselves we will be able to fight any incoming foreign terrorist that tries to take over a country in a mass take over plan. I don't think people in other countries understand this furthermore guns are not bad guns are not dangerous unless you're misusing them if you do something stupid or play with them wrong or whatever then absolutely their dangerous but if you are safe with them they will be safe with you this is why training is such a big deal I have no problem saying that every American that owns a gun needs to be legally trained fine by me cuz at least then I know in their hands they will be safe I also don't mind having background checks and mental health checks that's fine by me too although I don't like the fact that they go after people who are move ever been diagnosed with depression or suicidal even if they were suicidal under the age of 18 because statistically this country has over 70% of people under the age of 18 who admitted to councillors to being suicidal at least once which means that 70% of the country might not be able to get guns because they had bad feelings when they were kids that's not okay. Anyway my point is that really truly understand this States you can't think of it like you guys think of it you guys have a much different Society we have a very independent we take care of ourselves type mentality which is why we also take care of others you know what I mean we don't want our government to take care of people because we want to do that that's our job as humans as Christians Etc to do the caring for now I think we should do more but the problem is the government has taken over so much that people don't anymore and while they do but not to the same degree did you know the United States donates more money to Charities around the world both in government and outside of government than any other people on planet Earth and it's not just because we have more GDP China's richer than we are hackworth number like 11 or something or 8 but we're number one on giving charity and we only have three hundred thousand people here but we're talking dollar amount dollar amount we give more than any other country almost by double in the world that's crazy. that's how we are that's our country that's the beauty of our country and I think this is why when the BBC says stuff about us people get mad here because the BBC doesn't know what they're talking about you guys are judging us from your perspective and that's not okay we wouldn't say because you didn't grow up with monkeys you're crazy you know you're weird because you didn't grow up with monkeys with think about it like that it's a different perspective because we were raised differently we have a different environment we have different responsibilities for both of us and the rest of the world we've a lot of people that depend on us all over this world we take care of a lot of people so please don't judge us like that
Right Right
Right Right 6 kun oldin
I've got a thing for redheads. Can't tell why...I just feel it.
MegzeeR 7 kun oldin
The only reason why you find guns dangerous is because you weren't raised around them. We hunt a lot here, deer, rabbit, duck, quail, elk and other "critters" that I haven't hunted for like squirrel and racoon. Also it protect your home from bad people with guns who ARE dangerous with them.
optimistically cynical .
Guns aren't dangerous if you're not an idiot about them.
Patrick McCauley
Patrick McCauley 11 kun oldin
This is what brainwashing and indoctrination does to the mind. Makes you afraid of something you are in complete control of.
Ian Skinner
Ian Skinner 12 kun oldin
guns are dangerous.. when PEOPLE are unsafe. Even the best make mistakes, a healthy fear of your weapon and a constant assessment of you, your weapon and your surroundings . Just like driving a car or serving food. Do it wrong and you can kill someone. Guns are not dangerous by themselves.
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 13 kun oldin
Used to shoot sporting clays. About 100 birds a day. Loved it
kpz1234 16 kun oldin
To quote the late, great Anthony Bourdain, "curiously satisfying".
The Truth
The Truth 17 kun oldin
these people are sheep the gun is not dangerous when used properly it is the idiot holding it who makes it dangerous.
toasteee252 19 kun oldin
In the united states, we have thousands and thousands of gun laws. To state the opposite is inaccurate. Even "facts" liberals here keep reporting, like thier bit about gun shows are lies. To go see true facts, stop watching CNN, msnbc, or listening to the democrat party and get off your ass and see for yourself.
PunPun Punkie
PunPun Punkie 23 kun oldin
I've instructed many people that have been scared of firearms. My wife is a very small woman, she was 5' and 87 lbs when I first taught her to shoot... She was terrified and wasn't strong enough to hold the rifle on her own for more than a few minutes. I started her small, with a .22, as I do with everybody I teach (even big men) and showed her how to load it and set her up on a bench to safely help her hold it. She took her first shot... And was hooked. Shortly after, she was off the bench blasting the Target with almost sniper accuracy, finding positions that were comfortable to her and just loving life. Since then she's bought her own guns and tried larger calibers. She didn't like my .410 though, since it rattled her teeth a bit (she wasn't holding it tight enough to her shoulder and knows that now), but I've been slowly working her back into shotguns since she wants to learn to hunt with me. The point is, if you take the time to teach people and get them comfortable, and start them small, and emphasise safety, anyone can overcome their fear of firearms. Not everyone can handle every single one, and its important to know their limits... Using my wife again as the example, I know she couldn't handle my 12 gauge because of it's size and weight, but with the right recoil pads, she could handle a child sized one. I'm currently working on getting her an ar-15 and a pistol she wants.
Tom Shelton
Tom Shelton 25 kun oldin
The absurd amount of people in the comments that get triggered whenever they do anything that could be remotely linked to politics. They didn't even state any political opinions here, they just shot guns for the first time, something I, as an American, found funny to watch, being so accustomed to guns myself
Brum Kid
Brum Kid 26 kun oldin
The two biggest nutters on Fact are Laura and Shannon they are both awesome.
Brandon Ramsey
Brandon Ramsey 28 kun oldin
Red is a looker tho
Shannon Gigliotti
Shannon Gigliotti 29 kun oldin
Thank you ancestors for coming to America.
rezrat native
rezrat native Oy oldin
that is fun,,
Kurt Davis
Kurt Davis Oy oldin
Guns are only dangerous in the wrong hands....my one wish before I die is that people understand that fact. DMX said it best in Romeo Must Die "Guns don't kill people, PEOPLE kill people"
John D Cornell
Are all Irish people pussies like these three???
Robert Cain Jr.
I gotta let the comments pass on this one. The Irish patriots from a certain post office on a certain holiday years past are rolling and rolling.
Opinionated Bastard
God she is cute
Opinionated Bastard
What you don’t know is the girl is part of the Ira
Babaganouche Oy oldin
Irish outta stick to car bombs
Isaac Bishop Junior
Sad children.
My husband and I have about 20+ rifles, pistols, crossbows, bows/arrows, throwing knives, and a tomahawk in our home and not once have any of them left our home and hurt anyone on the planet. Weapons are only dangerous as the human that holds onto them. This "dangerous/unsafe" globalist propaganda is just that.....propaganda. If you are unarmed, you are easier prey. Just ask the Jews of WWII. If you cant find any of those still alive, then talk to the Hutu that were hunted in Rwanda in 1994. Or, you can talk to a Native American, like me, and we can tell you what happened to our people who are still on POW camps [known as "Reservations" due to globalist propaganda as well] who were disarmed before being massacred on the "Trail of Tears" or at "Wounded Knee". Yup....we will never be unarmed here again. "Lest we forget..."
Robert Valdez
Robert Valdez Oy oldin
Quit being pussies. You first have to learn about firearms safety! You UK folks tried to disarm the Colonists of the New World long...time ago. It didn't work. We kicked your asses out of North America and sent you all packing. You all lost the biggest piece of real estate in the World. Thank fuck that the USA has the 2nd Amendment "Right to Bear Firearms!" Primarily, in the case of tyranny. You all in the UK and Australia fucked up by giving up ALL of your firearms. A major fuck up on your part. Now if your government increases the amount of African & Moslem majority populaces into your nation; your culture, traditions, and way of life are fucked. In 20 years, they'll be the majority and socialism will destroy your nation. I own several firearms, several thousand rounds of different caliber rounds, and a combat veteran. Safety always comes first.
Chloe Boylan
Chloe Boylan Oy oldin
R M Oy oldin
As a Canadian, I don’t like guns but I’m not afraid of them - just the asshole holding it.
tuna hump
tuna hump Oy oldin
girl is def moist after that for sure
Scott Halloween
Wusses, why don’t cha approve some abortions ya pussies.
James Combs
James Combs Oy oldin
That face kick! Any training?
Senthea Clinton
Your fear probably stems from unfamiliarity. The more you practice the less fearful you become.
Shane Justice
Shane Justice Oy oldin
Women are better with firearms than men. They take a bit more time to get comfortable, but they are wicked skillful after. Firearms are not dangerous, when you are behind them.
Shane Justice
Shane Justice Oy oldin
+Chloe Boylan What id "ftpm"?
Chloe Boylan
Chloe Boylan Oy oldin
.....mate.....most people in the us are taken to hospital for gun injuries is ftpm getting themselves shot
patrick jackson
People make guns “dangerous” guns can’t shoot without somebody being in control of it.
Rachel Allen
Rachel Allen Oy oldin
You're babies. I shot my first gun at 12, but I am from Texas.
squatchdad52 Oy oldin
Guns are not dangerous and unsafe. They are inanimate objects. Take a gun, lay it on a table and walk away. You could come back in a hundred years and that gun would still be laying there causing no harm. Danger and safety issues arise when someone with malicious intent, mental issues or just plain ignorance picks up that gun and uses it in a dangerous or unsafe manner. Put the blame where it belongs. Humans. Specifically those that refuse any training whatsoever, or pull stupid stunts like playing with guns when drunk or are simply criminals with no regard for human life.
Wayne G Rose
Wayne G Rose 2 oy oldin
Ender 2 oy oldin
Guns are inherently evil, but car bombs are ok?
Chloe Boylan
Chloe Boylan Oy oldin
.....do people actually think Irish people support the long dispatched IRA in 2019 and that was a northern Irish problem yano the part of island Ireland that's not in the country ireland
Dee Boy
Dee Boy 2 oy oldin
Too bad what could have been a fun video turned into a political shit storm.
First Last
First Last 2 oy oldin
No wonder the British keep you Irish as dumb little pets. They don't really have anything to be afraid of if all of you are this pathetic.
First Last
First Last Oy oldin
+Chloe Boylan I never said they were in the UK, ya sea cucumber.
Chloe Boylan
Chloe Boylan Oy oldin
Irelands not in the UK and only keeps a level of communication that any two countrys next two each other should Ireland talks more with America really Hows the internet in the 80s going for ya mate
petoz2 2 oy oldin
thats like an elmer fudds gun that gun is cool for rabbit hunting but what the fuck if i am at the range i want shoot some cooler guns.
Mr.SmithGNR Smith
And the media has done its job of indoctrinating these millennial douchebags....typical. Ignorance doesn’t even begin to describe it...
Dennis Barber
Dennis Barber 2 oy oldin
So those were shotguns which I believe are legal even in Ireland.
Chloe Boylan
Chloe Boylan Oy oldin
Yeah with strict rules
Josh Fump
Josh Fump 2 oy oldin
Damn it just admit that you had a fun afternoon lol
420 420
420 420 2 oy oldin
firearms were invented to make all humans equal in a fight.. big,tall, fuck it all its protection i hope foriegners will learn to understand our rights as americans
Joe James
Joe James 2 oy oldin
Feckin pussies
ram2791 2 oy oldin
Why start with a effing 12 gauge. Let them shoot something smaller to start.
C Beech
C Beech 2 oy oldin
Odd. Why only shotgun? And why do they keep saying dangerous?
Chloe Boylan
Chloe Boylan Oy oldin
Because most other guns are illegal in Ireland besides shot guns hunting rifles and very occasionally you might be able to get a small hand gun or revolver
PC Master Race
PC Master Race 2 oy oldin
Should have gave all of them a 45/70 lever action with a metal butt on the stock to shoot first so they would never want to shoot again. lol
Angus McFife
Angus McFife 2 oy oldin
They'd all be speaking German right now if not for guns!
Grim reaper
Grim reaper 2 oy oldin
Noice a lecture. Can't say it was unexpected but seriously this was all done to lecture us damn Americans smh. There are steps to getting a gun, just so happens illega guns happen and taking away gun rights will not stop illegal guns from happening.
Wes Dog89
Wes Dog89 2 oy oldin
A firearm is only dangerous when an Individual intends to do damage or harm. There are a few sets of safety rules that can be followed when operating a firearm. The major 4 rules that are part of a set are; #1 Always treat every firearm as if is loaded; #2 Do not point a firearm at anything that is not intended to be destroyed. AKA Muzzle Awareness; #3 Keep fingers off the trigger and the safety engaged until the sights are placed on the intended target. AKA Safety/Trigger Discipline; #4. Before disengaging the safety and firing, be sure of the target and what is beyond the target. Do not shoot towards buildings, houses, traffic and population. Do not shoot at sold targets that have flat surfaces perpendicular to you. Angled surfaces and soft targets made of either plastic or rubber are ideal. Steel targets should be hung securely on chains or have a hing mechanism that will absorb the impact and/or take away energy of the bullet or slug.
pitchblack 94
pitchblack 94 2 oy oldin
But when criminals have them they are needed
Derpasuarus Lol
Derpasuarus Lol 2 oy oldin
By the way I had 6 shots and scored 3 on my first time
Derpasuarus Lol
Derpasuarus Lol 2 oy oldin
The first time I shot with a 20bore break action I did better than the girl and I am nearly 12
kjetil syr
kjetil syr 2 oy oldin
I love you guys for stepping out of your comfort zones and trying something new ✌ your shooting instructor needs to re-evaluate his approach though 🤨 the fact he loaded the guns for you, and grabbed it from you the second you had finished shooting tells me you didn't recieve enough instruction before you were handed a gun. No wonder you found it intimidating 😅 if you're ever in Norway, let me know! I'll sort you out 😎
the green bastard
Funny how you can't tell the men from the women in Ireland.
the green bastard
+Chloe Boylan what??? I can. Targets dont walk and are easier to shoot. Dumbass.
Chloe Boylan
Chloe Boylan Oy oldin
Funny how you cant tell the students from targets in america
chris mousley
chris mousley 2 oy oldin
Do you not hunt in Ireland
Chloe Boylan
Chloe Boylan Oy oldin
Farmers might nearly all guns in Ireland are shot guns and hunting rifles
Adrienne 2 oy oldin
OswaldMosley2020 2 oy oldin
Every man should own a rifle that he knows how to operate safely and maintain. Guns are used for much more than crime and violence despite what urbanites will tell you. Some of my most cherished memories are hunting with me grandfather and eating the game we killed. I was always raised to respect nature and never poach, kill any animal needlessly or EVER make a shot that has a high chance of maiming an animal where it perished in the woods a week later because you fucked the shot and couldn't track it. Most hunters I've met has an almost mythical opinion of nature and the land they hunt upon due to the fact they were raised with it since birth, appreciate the difficulty of the hunt and appreciate the animal they persue. The fact wild game tastes amazing is just a cherry atop.
Shiloh Store
Shiloh Store 2 oy oldin
Irish shoot potato guns
Esteban Kozak
Esteban Kozak 2 oy oldin
Those dudes are pussys!! I think the shooting was getting the girl excited. If those dudes were not millennial geldings, they coulda had a fun time. I would take her shooting anytime!
Grape Ape
Grape Ape 2 oy oldin
The problem is these poor people haven’t had guns Legal in there country for hundreds of years so it is Scary for them, that’s why Americans are scared that our guns might get taken away from us. Only bad people us guns or weapons to do bad things, and the percentage of them is low compared to the good people with guns, so it make no sense to punish the good people, when the bad people will always have weapons to hurt people regardless of the laws!
Chloe Boylan
Chloe Boylan Oy oldin
They have been legal since Ireland became a country again just extremely hard to get which is good because I would've shot up my school by now
Big Ern Mahkracken
Man the redhead girl is super hawt..
Chloe Boylan
Chloe Boylan Oy oldin
Not a redneck
Ginkum Pow
Ginkum Pow 3 oy oldin
Firearms don't scare me in the least; It's the idiot handling it that has my undivided attention.
Chloe Boylan
Chloe Boylan Oy oldin
+Howie Dewin I know right
Howie Dewin
Howie Dewin Oy oldin
clever one +Chloe Boylan
Chloe Boylan
Chloe Boylan Oy oldin
Oh your looking in a mirror
MrDiesel237 3 oy oldin
As an American raised in a family of gunsmiths and sportsmen: F*CK YEAH IT'S INSANE! Maybe one person in ten thousand is stable and restrained enough to never be unsafe. The rest are all loony toons crazy living a Rambo fantasy in their heads where they run around like a cross between Paul Revere and the Terminator.
Logcl Dmn
Logcl Dmn 3 oy oldin
I find it amazing that a tyrannical government the English government removed every weapon from Ireland. And pussified the entire state that's right I called you a state of England
Chloe Boylan
Chloe Boylan Oy oldin
No no no no first thats not how it happened and second that was well over 800 fucking years ago
Bubba Smith
Bubba Smith 3 oy oldin
Lol liberal hipsters are everywhere apparently
Joel Mena
Joel Mena 3 oy oldin
Thank God for the 2nd amendment. In just 200 years the British went from ruling most of the world to just a small island the size of Michigan.
Mike Rice
Mike Rice 3 oy oldin
Man up i shot my first gun at 10
Razgriz85 3 oy oldin
Only thing that can be dangerous or unsafe is the person behind the trigger.
Chloe Boylan
Chloe Boylan Oy oldin
To themselves
Adrian Johnson
Adrian Johnson 3 oy oldin
So I'll invite the people in this video that if they are ever near st Louis mo USA to look me up and we will go to the range and shoot real weapons.
joseph breaux
joseph breaux 3 oy oldin
Omg!! Get some real men to do this!!
MillenialHonkey 89
This is what the government want us to be afraid of guns...
whyomgwhywtf 3 oy oldin
For a country with a pretty recent past of conflict (1920s) I'm a bit surprised that guns aren't a bit more common there. Also odd to me that having beat the piss out of the UK in the 1920s for its independence they happily turned over their independence to the EU only 50 years later.
Chloe Boylan
Chloe Boylan Oy oldin
We were still in conflict with northern Ireland till the 1990s you fucking idiot and yeah it made us look at the damage making weapons easy to buy would do and we didn't turn are fucking independence over to shit if eu haters really wanna hate on the EU at least realise normal people don't give a fuck about independence lose when it's not really happening and if it makes their flights easier then all on board
old Goblin
old Goblin 3 oy oldin
Free people own weapons
Donovan Brooks
Donovan Brooks 3 oy oldin
If you're ever in Texas come find me I'll show you things Rambo would be scarred of
kyle long
kyle long 3 oy oldin
This video was IRA approved
Yen Feng
Yen Feng 3 oy oldin
This song describes it just in case why you wonder why America is so pro guns. It is the only tool to prevent a dictatorship or deter any foreign enemies who want to invade. Our Guns preserve our freedoms and enable 100% Freedom
Yen Feng
Yen Feng 3 oy oldin
This is why we Americans love guns. They’re gonna pry these guns right out of my hands When they come to take em away I believe in the rights that my fathers gave me When they signed the constitution that day No misguided president or crooked politician With their greasy pockets be spared When the hard working man gets tired of their crap It’s gonna rain wrath beware Don’t tread on me I’m American free You’re not gonna take it away I’ll stand up and fight for my freedoms and rights That’s the price you’ll have to pay Don’t tread on me I’m American free Red blooded to the core You ant never had a fight in your life like the fight that your inching for Well it’s a shame that it’s come down to feeling like this It’s a shame but I’ll stand my ground You’re dirty politics and your back room deals They’re disgraceful and profound You better thinking about it now before you go too far There are millions out here just like me Liberty and justice honor and pride self responsibility Liberty and justice honor and pride self responsibility Don’t tread on me I’m American free You’re not gonna take it away I’ll stand up and fight for my freedoms and rights That’s a price you’ll have to pay Don’t tread on me I’m American free Red blooded to the core You ant never had a fight in your life like the fight that your inching for Liberty and justice honor and pride self responsibility Liberty and justice honor and pride self responsibility Liberty and justice honor and pride self responsibility You aint ever had a fight in your life like the fight that your itching for!!!!!!
ProtocolZero 3 oy oldin
I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt because they're millennials, and millennials are pretty much suck no matter where they come from. I'd hate to think that all Irishmen were such quivering pussies.
Red Warden 19
Red Warden 19 3 oy oldin
You know, if that girl keeps on tensing up her body like that when she shoots, she'll only put herself in danger.
Fucking Irish pussies.
ken karish
ken karish 3 oy oldin
Little star cookies? Girls remember this guy, he WILL NOT PROTECT YOU.
ken karish
ken karish Oy oldin
+Chloe Boylan That what they all say until confronted by insurmountable odds and no gun. God made man, Colt made man equal! Before you get your panties in a twist man is a reference to humanity.
Chloe Boylan
Chloe Boylan Oy oldin
This comment somehow made me gayer from the idea I need to be protected
thedonleroy 3 oy oldin
I not only have a gun like that in the house I have several. They have never harmed anybody either.
James Rx
James Rx 3 oy oldin
Hey! Great job shooting some guns. Dont be such a pussy. Guns are totally safe, untrained and misinformed people aren't. Go shoot more funs......I mean.....Guns!!!! Yaaaaay. (The guy without a hat is such a softcock)
Jeri Batsford
Jeri Batsford 4 oy oldin
I have a 12 shot semi automatic shot gun.
LM v 2.7
LM v 2.7 4 oy oldin
Way to rep that Wisconsin hat
instantjizz 4 oy oldin
If only they knew what kinda stuff muricans have.
Ross Egan
Ross Egan 4 oy oldin
Hello Facts,,can you please please tell me where you went to shoot..I'm dying to try it. Thanks
quellenathanar 4 oy oldin
I think the fundamental difference between folks that are for or against the 2nd amendment are: People that believe strongly in the 2nd amendment believe that freedom and personal rights are worth dying for. For those who favor banning guns, they are far less willing to die for freedom. There are varying degrees in-between as well. I'm not bashing anyone for their opinion either way btw.
Paul Lytle
Paul Lytle 4 oy oldin
What story that ever involves guns turns out happy The fact you country exists ya idiot
Chloe Boylan
Chloe Boylan Oy oldin
No we lost our war for independence and then got shot alot until we used are words and gained our independence though politics
Pol josev wotson
Pol josev wotson 4 oy oldin
Yeah I doubt there were any guns used in the Easter rising
Mike Arnold
Mike Arnold Oy oldin
+Chloe Boylan No, a battle was lost. It went on to bring together a larger force to win the war...which Ireland did.
Chloe Boylan
Chloe Boylan Oy oldin
We lost that war though
hal holland
hal holland 4 oy oldin
I hate to say this but, back in the OLD days (70's) in the south. Us city kids would start with a BB gun. Shoot 20,000 BB's. Then we would move up to 22"s and so on. Only the cool kids from the country started off with Shot guns. I hate to say it because I'm old and its mostly BS.
blah this was less of a reaction and more of a collee liberals view on guns. Fine dont own one, but dont tell me i cant.
Derrick McAdoo
Derrick McAdoo 4 oy oldin
There's something really attractive about a woman firing a gun
TheDman216 4 oy oldin
holding a newborn is dangerous and unsafe if you dont know how to do it properly
Alec Birdsall
Alec Birdsall 4 oy oldin
Ahh it's cute seeing people shoot for the first time. I think it's refreshing to see the perspective of people who didn't grow up around it. I don't believe I'm exposed to them to the point I take them lightly but I know a few I would say get careless with them. I nearly accented my speech to fit in with the crew, I'm a born American but just binging a few of your videos I caught myself wanting to write in a fashion that mimicked your way of speaking. Pretty funny stuff at nearly midnight when I'm procrastinating.
Jim Tilley
Jim Tilley 4 oy oldin
LMAO they should all be flown to an American Gun Range. Someplace like Knob Creek
Jeremy C
Jeremy C 4 oy oldin
I'm sure you love a place that has the word "knob" in it.
John takes an ANTI-GUNNER to the Range
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