Irish People Watch Game Grumps For The First Time

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Game Grumps is a gaming UZvid channel featuring Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan as the hosts. They mostly play games but have recently started a new show called the Ten Minute Power Hour where they partake in fun challenges. The channel has surged in popularity over the years with almost a whopping five million subscribers! So, we thought it'd be a fun ol' romp to show our TRYers the grumpy gamers and see what they thought of the couple of cards telling some mmMMMm, funny jokes!
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28-Dek, 2018

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Football_hockey Bland
You guys should react to markiplier
NaXEthan 2 kun oldin
you guys picked good clips, nice job
KylaLovesKpop 5 kun oldin
Now please react to ninja sex party, because Dan from game grumps is the lead singer of that band.
Verticom 1
Verticom 1 6 kun oldin
Ragtagg for some real scottish fuckery aye
Hesu Christo
Hesu Christo 7 kun oldin
If you wanted to watch let's players, you shoulda watched people who aren't scumbags
a. Negre
a. Negre 7 kun oldin
Your mouth is full of saliva. Yeah...that's what a mouth does.
Sampling Kid
Sampling Kid 8 kun oldin
5:21 they were the most depressing boring people throughout the whole video lol Super monotone and bashy...Even if you don't like something I've never understood people who act that prudish.
Uzelno 8 kun oldin
No D Club? I am disappoint.
SabbyRo 8 kun oldin
Davey's shirt is Too Sweet!
Two Guys One Ticket
Ninja Gaiden is their best segment
flmvdvsrg 8 kun oldin
How did you not show them the ones where they imitate British accents?
chapel976 8 kun oldin
So... just another crappy youtube thing to point out... I thought this channel was gone (I was subscribed to the FACTS channel)... but here you guys are... How many months of this have I missed?
The Silly Steve Show
i love they use the scene from battle kid for this
Made this for Restricted videos
God the red head sucks floppy ass
Ruzael 8 kun oldin
They chose some of the best moments. :')
Kyle Paton
Kyle Paton 8 kun oldin
Jesus they didn’t even react they just talked through the whole thing like damn
NonsensicalVids 8 kun oldin
the weird editing meme version of arin eating crackers is the greatest and you should watch it
Ethan Micallef
Ethan Micallef 9 kun oldin
I wish the Fine Bros put together a compilation as good as this
Ethan Micallef
Ethan Micallef 9 kun oldin
This is way better than the React Channel's
Raccoon Boi
Raccoon Boi 9 kun oldin
I like the dude in the 2 sweet shirt he seems alright. Unless he don't like wrestling, then he's a fucking jabroni
JoshMonreaux 9 kun oldin
nerg 9 kun oldin
Thank you buzzfeed rip off
loki 9 kun oldin
Geez the redhead really a buzzkill shut up ya wanker and the fool with you too
ZekeOric 9 kun oldin
5:23 "Two lads seem to be lovin' life there." I like that guy. (Sorry if I misheard what he said, I just assumed)
neilb 9 kun oldin
700th comment
Justin Rivera
Justin Rivera 9 kun oldin
These people are annoying.
LightningGmr 9 kun oldin
4:59 is one of my favorite game grump moments of all time. That, "NOOO" is full of pain xD
Hurricanes King
Hurricanes King 9 kun oldin
Damnit you didn’t show the best part in that first episode
Paige Burger
Paige Burger 9 kun oldin
I think that they could have shown them the animated video of the battle kid part three video, I think it would be good to show that side of the channel.
Jarred Collins
Jarred Collins 9 kun oldin
I love the Grumps!
ZAmpedNZ 9 kun oldin
Should have shown them their story time stuff... the ‘Facebook movie’ specifically
Jessie Rain
Jessie Rain 9 kun oldin
The dude with black curly hair is ma favorite
Xayr 9 kun oldin
A majority of them don't understand the humor, too bad for them 🤷 maybe at least try to have an open mind, idk
kevis hollins
kevis hollins 9 kun oldin
Jennifer dumped me.
Lord Fluffykinz
Lord Fluffykinz 9 kun oldin
On the plus side, when red haired chick ever loses her shit you could just play her back a snipped of how its best just to have quiet time sometimes.
APPLEbot69 Green
APPLEbot69 Green 9 kun oldin
Fined better Irish next time. They seriously killed this video.
Alexei Moran
Alexei Moran 9 kun oldin
Irish are quite the sticklers huh, or maybe it just these guys.
Donovan Simmons
Donovan Simmons 9 kun oldin
I don't know why THIS is the first video for themto watch...
Joi LikesVids
Joi LikesVids 10 kun oldin
Oh, man, I remember those purple plants
Carlos Swift
Carlos Swift 10 kun oldin
Blind people watch for the first time
David Stevens
David Stevens 10 kun oldin
2:43 He sounds more like Mr. Krabs than Yoda 😂
GeonExMachina 10 kun oldin
Do Irish folks live under a rock?
autisticatboy 10 kun oldin
god im so glad my sweet wrestle boy Davey likes game grumps
tristan 10 kun oldin
howd you get joe from fall out boy in this video
Aidan Wamsley
Aidan Wamsley 10 kun oldin
Vita The Doggo
Vita The Doggo 10 kun oldin
They should've have seen their Punch-Out!! Wii videos where they fight Aran Ryan
Eugene Hobbs
Eugene Hobbs 10 kun oldin
One of the best things in the world for me is experiencing things through others eyes. Things I've already done but I get to see someone see something for the first time. This was amazing
Jman Gaming
Jman Gaming 10 kun oldin
Henry Gutierrez
Henry Gutierrez 10 kun oldin
Never been on this channel, but those reactions were amazing.
Ratiø Ground
Ratiø Ground 10 kun oldin
Wheres Jacksepticeye He Is clearly the leader of the Irish
6 kun oldin