Irish People Watch Hoarding Buried Alive

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"You would start cleaning that house by burning it down"
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Behind the video :
Our contributors watch the American documentary television series 'Hoarding Buried Alive'.
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10-May, 2016



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April Mosley
April Mosley 3 kun oldin
animal hoarders is worse...
Kayla T
Kayla T 5 kun oldin
This makes me feel so much better about my slightly messy house. But in comparison my house is super clean
Natasha Coffey
Natasha Coffey 7 kun oldin
I always watch this when I clean to make myself feel better.
very blessed! DYSH
very blessed! DYSH 10 kun oldin
Not all of us are like this!! This show makes me sick!!
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy 23 kun oldin
They should have a Hoarders X Catfish X Cheaters show. She absorbs the lifeforce of the roaches. Watch her die when the house is pest free.
The Ghost of Yankee Jim
is that one irish guy sitting next to the girl RTGame?
jokrjrruss 24 kun oldin
I hate that they always leave the nasty carpets in. 🤮🤮
SarcasMiss Oy oldin
"I think the solution for everyone is for that woman to be put in a canon and shot out to the sea" -- THIS! 😂😂😂
lachazaroony Oy oldin
Bullet in the forehead and burn the house to the ground. Problem solved
Jean Manuforti
My kids' bedroom...
Barbara Ruiz
Barbara Ruiz Oy oldin
I have interaction with rescue crew/ambulance and when they tell me stories about how filthy people's houses can be or suggest bed bug caution in the ER this is what I imagine.
Ashley Bostick
Honestly Ngl that guy inthe red flannel 😍😍😍
Mischa Minxx
Mischa Minxx Oy oldin
These people are fucking disgusting!
Meagan Woolstrum
“We got a problem”
Max Alberto
Max Alberto 2 oy oldin
That Irish Guy with silver Hair is Beautiful!
Max Alberto
Max Alberto 2 oy oldin
Hahahaha that Fridge Is The fridge in "Resident Evil 7"
Bonnie Thacker
Bonnie Thacker 2 oy oldin
I agree with everyone of their statements! That is the worst Hoarders episode ever! Just eeeaaaahhh! Nope..
Isabelle Garza
Isabelle Garza 2 oy oldin
American realty shows are over dramatic. Don't believe everything you see on TV. Their are hoarders in America but that was like someone just through crap everywhere.
Has A
Has A 2 oy oldin
They're lazy and fat. Typical Americans. Just burn the house down with everything in it..
Has A
Has A 2 oy oldin
Blaming others and their health. Their health deteriorated because they were lazy. In everything, eating junk and not cleaning!
Renee Elias
Renee Elias 2 oy oldin
So discusting!
Such a Bad Ash
Such a Bad Ash 2 oy oldin
Omg I literally almost just threw up. I've never gagged so badly watching something.
xadam2dudex 2 oy oldin
The house should be condemned.. I'm good with burning the house down... Just think this isn't the worse house they have dealt with .. I think they done a couple places where dead pets have been found in the trash
crazyfvck 2 oy oldin
When I worked for a plumbing/HVAC/electrical company, I had to go into houses like that. Those jobs were truly unbelievable, especially when we weren't prepared with the proper protective gear. I still have the occasional nightmare about being put in those situations! And the houses that we went into seemed to get worse and worse th elonger I worked at that company. There was one woman's house that we went into, who had a basement room FILLED with dirty diapers. And all of her kids were in their 20's!!!! PET hoarders were also terrible. I remember going into houses that had 30 cats or dogs, houses with tons of rabbits, and even a house with a monkey. Talk about disgusting. NEVER, EVER, EVER again!
Sherry Lamb
Sherry Lamb 3 oy oldin
I thought this was heartbreaking...
gerry mckown
gerry mckown 3 oy oldin
Ask any plumber/contractor like me and we will tell you about "TRAIL HOUSES" junk from floor to ceiling and a little tiny trail from room to room to get around. Crazy part is the basement is usually the cleanest so I always hope the issue is down there! AND...every one of the people start out by saying"This is not my junk, my daughter/son/brother etc moved in and this is their stuff.........like I care...I just want to run down the street and hide!
Christopher Lincoln
No wonder there's ISIS, Jesus😱😷💀
Fuphyter 3 oy oldin
My ex was bitten by a brown recluse spider on his forehead. He had a huge lump in the middle of his forehead. Even on his ID!! Thank you spider😉😎
Arica B. Alien
Arica B. Alien 4 oy oldin
The beat grylls comment 😂😂😂
Rachel Baby
Rachel Baby 4 oy oldin
i wonder whats in the swimming pool, probably a dead fuckin horse or something
Jesse Biller
Jesse Biller 5 oy oldin
Elza Chavira
Elza Chavira 5 oy oldin
The real problem are the people 😂😂
M G 5 oy oldin
I don’t know why those people live in that house. The whole house needs to be condemned and blown up.
M G 5 oy oldin
When he said you have to kill the people I absolutely died!!!!
Lady Talksalot
Lady Talksalot 5 oy oldin
Why did I choose to eat while watching this?
Laurie Van Den Beldt
Kill the people, oh God help me.....
D K9
D K9 5 oy oldin
holy fuck that spider
R Gallagher
R Gallagher 6 oy oldin
The real problem is the people......you have to kill the people.......... 😆😆😆😆😆😆
funkyalfonso 6 oy oldin
More Trumpies.
Sage Kaplan
Sage Kaplan 6 oy oldin
"When in doubt, you blame the kids" Hahahahaha damn
Jennifer Liu
Jennifer Liu 6 oy oldin
That is the biggest pile of empty diet Coke boxes i have ever seen....
AD4M 6 oy oldin
The after pictures were still ugly af
AD4M 6 oy oldin
I'm so lucky that I have a 5 million dollar house and modern day luxuries like a clean house (and Bape I enjoy that too) unlike that person and the house
gemofabird 6 oy oldin
A great white shark in the bathroom 😂😂😂
Nicholas Barclay
Nicholas Barclay 7 oy oldin
I was eating waffles watching this and I started gagging
Slaus900 7 oy oldin
I have the biggest crush on the dude with the silver hair what a fox yo
Logan Adams
Logan Adams 7 oy oldin
Not as bad as my fathers house
tyranomegosaurus 7 oy oldin
some of the laziest fucking people in America, fucking disgusting!
tyranomegosaurus 7 oy oldin
ew ew ew too many roaches!! I can't!!!!!! no!!!!!
Kayles S
Kayles S 7 oy oldin
That one guy in the grey plaid looks like a young mark from miss browns boys
yarnpower 7 oy oldin
I don’t get this. Why can’t they use trash bins and take garbage out every day? Do they have no sense of smell, that place must have reeked.
Josh Myers
Josh Myers 7 oy oldin
Omg...acck roaches EVERYWHERE 💀💀💀
BB11249 7 oy oldin
People in filthy glass houses, shouldn't throw stones
Stephanie Walling
And I thought I was lazy🤣
Dorcas Winter
Dorcas Winter 8 oy oldin
Best line: you have to kill the people 😂
mary shaffer
mary shaffer 8 oy oldin
This is some deep, deep anger in that there woman. Anger at what? I don't know.
ily Slazo
ily Slazo 8 oy oldin
And my parents say my room is messy...
jerry odul
jerry odul 9 oy oldin
Ashamed to be American, we can't even take out the trash.
Loyal Smith
Loyal Smith 9 oy oldin
A dart board for the used syringes .....hmmmmmmmm.
Sparky Robinson
Sparky Robinson 9 oy oldin
Well I'm grossed out now.
Emily Mintern
Emily Mintern 9 oy oldin
That’s not hording that’s laziness
Emily Mintern
Emily Mintern 9 oy oldin
Whenever I watch this I start talking in an Irish accent 😂
Lynn Himes
Lynn Himes 9 oy oldin
this how my mother got me to clean.
KennedyEbony 9 oy oldin
No, no, NO! *NO!* D:< SCREW THAT HOARDER, SCREW THAT HOUSE, AND SCREW IT'S ROACHES! Actually, I can't judge the roaches. Little critters have it made there--damn it...
BassasaurusRex 9 oy oldin
"tonight, on 'Sea Cannon's"
Lemon Lover
Lemon Lover 9 oy oldin
Hoarders is my favorite show! Makes you want to clean your house and take a shower !!!
Ernomobiili 9 oy oldin
I wish they has shown them one of the episodes where the hoarding problem is actually real. When the people are willing to loose their family over some 50 year old newspapers. That's the sickness and it's real. That lady was just lazy and blaming her kids..
Sam Lewis
Sam Lewis 9 oy oldin
I’ve been diabetic for about 12 years soon and I’m pretty sure that the first hoarder didn’t actually know what diabetes was
Pearl the rebel
Pearl the rebel 9 oy oldin
Show them the one where the lady was eating her own shit
Erika Belous
Erika Belous 9 oy oldin
There was that one woman who saved all her feces in gallons. That was the worst by far.
Taylor Fausett
Taylor Fausett 9 oy oldin
Put into a cannon and shot out to sea!!!! So funny!
Donna Allen
Donna Allen 10 oy oldin
This show is like a train wreck. You want to look away but you can't! Sadly I have to admit I watch it. The one good thing is, after watching this my house becomes extremely clean.
Ian Ide
Ian Ide 10 oy oldin
Suddenly the little mess on my desk is looking much better...
Jen Lucille
Jen Lucille 10 oy oldin
Those dam kids!
Momo Dalia
Momo Dalia 10 oy oldin
I thought that woman's description was "All American Muslim" needless to say I was very confused.
whywouldyousaythat 10 oy oldin
Thats not a hoarder. Thats a lazy fuck.... the people who cry and freak out when they are throwing out the trash are hoarders. Shes a lazy fuck.
Matty Green
Matty Green 10 oy oldin
whenever i feel bad about how messy my room is and how many things i have, i watch hoarders and realize it could be worse, at least i dont have bugs and i clean i just have way to many boxes with things so it looks worse than it is
rokai nakalevu
rokai nakalevu 10 oy oldin
"Look how proud she is, after doing FUCK ALL!"
Angela Malone
Angela Malone 10 oy oldin
Lmao 😄 if there's a shark
Shaquan Tucker
Shaquan Tucker 10 oy oldin
They should watch bed bug infestation
SnowyWolborg 10 oy oldin
Just napalm grenade the whole house. Do the neighborhood a favor.
George Hamlin
George Hamlin 10 oy oldin
That's so bad saying you would shoot her out of a cannon Think about all the resources needed to make the cannon
Diana Huntress
Diana Huntress 10 oy oldin
Yeah that's not hoarding, that's laziness. This is the only place I've seen where the roaches are worse that the apartment building I lived in above the restaurant that kept getting shut down and changing because of roaches.
lilian rose
lilian rose 10 oy oldin
I wanna know how did she not get her kids taken away like I need to know that's so ducking disgusting
Paikea Kehlani
Paikea Kehlani 10 oy oldin
My ocd and arachnophobia is literally making me cringe so heard my neck no longer exists
AdamosDad 10 oy oldin
It takes a sick person to live that way and a sicko to watch it. Just throw a 💣 in and 💥.
KillMyVocals 11 oy oldin
supernatual fan
supernatual fan 11 oy oldin
the last comment so funny at the end
Kaldox Gaming
Kaldox Gaming 11 oy oldin
I made the mistake of eating while watching this. Almost threw up when they showed her fridge
Rawr_Kitten 11 oy oldin
How arnt they not DEAD??
My big sister's a hoarder and my little sister is a Saint for cleaning out her dump of a room when she moved out and left the mess behind. Apparently she went through it and found what she wanted, so we were free to go through the rest and donate it. 99.9% of it was garbage, I don't know how she didn't have a bug problem down there to be honest. Like I said, little sister is a Saint. (I helped, but she did the bulk of it)
Tom Kruze
Tom Kruze 11 oy oldin
"The real problem is the people. You have to kill the people."
Ben Gallagher
Ben Gallagher 11 oy oldin
"look how proud she is, having done fuck all"
nuttfarr 11 oy oldin
I really want an Irish accent now
EpicNational 11 oy oldin
Does he bleach his hair white? It looks awesome, i thought it was natural before but now I see his roots and eyebrows are darker. I just want to know how to replicate it!
Jasmine Lambert
Jasmine Lambert 11 oy oldin
I watch this when I don't want to do dishes, it is a good motivation show.
Baz The Storyteller
Wonder have they ever heard of Christian Weston Chandler.
Janine Mergl
Janine Mergl 11 oy oldin
these people are so fucking judgemental. Hoarding is a mental illness
Darren C
Darren C 11 oy oldin
How the fuck do you sleep in that house??
Master Bater
Master Bater 11 oy oldin
"You have to kill the people"
Jamie Lee Albert
That lady was living in a roach infested house surrounded by needles and BLAMES HER KIDS then calls the person who helped her FOR FREE A BITCH!??!?!? She deserves to live in squalor since she obviously doesn't care about being clean. I couldnt imagine trying to take a shower in filth like that. Appalling
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