Iron Man vs Terrorists - Gulmira Fight Scene - Movie CLIP HD

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Iron Man vs Terrorists - Gulmira Fight Scene - Iron Man to the Rescue - Iron Man vs Tank - Iron Man (2008) Movie CLIP [1080p 60 FPS HD ]
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10-Iyn, 2017



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PixelPictures 7 daqiqa oldin
RapTor 5 soat oldin
The first guy Tony punches in this scene eats shit so hard and so fast, it’s hilarious
wordyakno 6 soat oldin
Mark 3 is the best looking iron man suit
Tombow/トンボ 8 soat oldin
nerfguy 343
nerfguy 343 8 soat oldin
Where did you get high fps footage of this?
Treking55 Kun oldin
Tank: yeah bitch how you like Iron Man: bitch plz Tank. 💀
ketan tailor
ketan tailor 2 kun oldin
I wish to have one iron man suite.
Toffeehammer 2 kun oldin
I miss when Tony's suit was all clanky and badass rather than the sleek, almost skin-tight nano suit with all the bells and whistles he showed up with for infinity war.
Ah, why is there poop in your mouth
Iron Man wanted to use this on Bucky's face at point blank range 2:50. Iron Man is SAVAGE!
SoapNBanana 2 kun oldin
Yup, definitely a 100 times better Iron Man compared to the one in Infinity War. better looking, better designed, can take a blast from a fucking tank without its helmet ripped off by a 90 yo old man with a frisbee. and most of all, this suit doesn't looks like a tight Spandex with bad CGI
Pico141 3 kun oldin
Back when being Iron Man was simple Now humans are the least of his worries
Novus Venator
Novus Venator 3 kun oldin
It’s scenes like these that make me wonder why a AAA Iron Man game hasn’t been made yet
Smeb Changgg
Smeb Changgg 3 kun oldin
PrimeTime 3 kun oldin
Came here after seeing a "Top Ten Superhero Entrances" list, and this wasn't on it.
Maria Olivares
Maria Olivares 3 kun oldin
His x wife is better than hammer tech
SCP-166 with Venom Symbiote
Iron Man vs. Isis
TheUselessThing 3 kun oldin
2:54 When I Answered My Math Teachers Question on the Board and its (✔) Be Like
Mr.E gaming
Mr.E gaming 4 kun oldin
Mann now endgame comes in a week, marvel has come so far 🤧
mdub1303 4 kun oldin
If anyone asks why iron man is my favorite superhero of all time, i just show them this
G. Snowden
G. Snowden 4 kun oldin
The snow looks so badass
sparkzyreece 4 kun oldin
this looks awesome in 60fps
Blue Tick
Blue Tick 4 kun oldin
Who watch this after seeing endgame trailer?
Ethan Isaac Rios
Ethan Isaac Rios 4 kun oldin
*Iron man shoots* SKIDADDLE YOU TOO SKIDADDLE SKIDADDLE YOUR ASS all civilians being aimed at head HITMARKS (x hitmarks in gun games) Mission passed +respect Mlg music Gets shot by tank Tank tries to shoot but Iron man dodges Shoots tank back Looks not directly in explosion Shoots at terrorists Other terrorists arrives Are we in time? Bruh he got away Crap im getting fired *he flies away like a boss with mlg glasses* Mission passed +respect ×2
Ramix09 4 kun oldin
That kid must've become the biggest Iron Man fan
jake naruto
jake naruto Kun oldin
Ramix09 lmao facts
David Reddy
David Reddy 5 kun oldin
I still find it kind of jarring that Tony Stark stops Stark Industries from making weapons, then puts a bunch of weapons in a suit, flies it across the world, and just starts murdering people left and right. This is why he signs the Accords eight(ish) years later, to stop crazy people like him from going on murder-jaunts. Meanwhile Spider-man gets powers and all he does is stop bike thieves and help old ladies cross the street.
McBobbish 5 kun oldin
Can we just stop and appreciate the gunnery skills of that tank crew? Like, tanks can't hit things that are much larger than iron man and flying slower than iron man does.
Xeno Vegito
Xeno Vegito 5 kun oldin
Why did they make Muslims the enemy?
verxintRising 5 kun oldin
I think one of the best parts about this scene is how there is zero need to subtitle any of the words they're saying. I'm not sure what language it is, or if it's even a real language, but everything you need to know is clear from the context and tone of their voice.
Robert Lee
Robert Lee 5 kun oldin
how did iron man survive that tank shot unscathed while Rhodey in civil war gets paralyzed from falling probably a similar distance
melv douc
melv douc 5 kun oldin
The damage to Rhodey's suit caused it to lose power and shut down, which is why it didn't break the fall but rather made it worse. IR's suit, however, barely got a scratch from the tank shot -- basically the suit has an emergency system stopping its user from getting hurt even if he isn't careful.
Elijah Shriner
Elijah Shriner 6 kun oldin
Iron Man 1 will hands down be the best movie of the MCU
default boy
default boy 6 kun oldin
This has great cgi and it's a 2008 movie Justice league 2017 has horrible cgi
TheWestFire 6 kun oldin
Guy with gun = ant Iron Man Mark III = boot
cesar garcia
cesar garcia 7 kun oldin
And remember kids Cap kicked this guys ass and Bucky almost does it too
MR Robot saia da matrix
muito foda essa sena , o homem de ferro salvou todo mundo como um anjo vingador
Agustín Risatti
Agustín Risatti 7 kun oldin
Back when Iron Man was a mass murderer.
Hiro Ciko
Hiro Ciko 7 kun oldin
so if there ironman in real life, isis screw up already...
Henry Pucknell
Henry Pucknell 8 kun oldin
The Iron Man armour can take a tank shell but cannot hold up to cap hitting it with his shield
BLACK KNIGHT 8 kun oldin
2:11 robocop reference
I Got no Subscribers, I think
Drifters live action?
Diggie The Time Keeper
Evan Ulven
Evan Ulven 8 kun oldin
Kudos to that tank gunner. Hitting a man-sized, airborne target with a T-72's main gun? Solid.
James Cooper
James Cooper 9 kun oldin
How come when Rhodes fell in civil war it nearly killed him. But when Ironman falls here @ 2:33 he’s completely fine?
Dorkus Malorkus
Dorkus Malorkus 9 kun oldin
Something I always wondered, why doesn't his power blast go through human flesh?
melv douc
melv douc 5 kun oldin
because PG-13
Alvin T
Alvin T 9 kun oldin
Me as the poor kid : IMMA BITE YO A$$ IF YOU DONT MOVE
world MVP2021
world MVP2021 9 kun oldin
Dude u gotta understand a man coming out of the sky to save u and ur family, it's just cam crazy feeling i love it so much. That kid now grows up seeing this man become world wide and he'll always remember him saving his family. Now he's gonna save the world.
Bimmer Won
Bimmer Won 9 kun oldin
Tony’s suit has really good G-Force protection.
Keneval 9 kun oldin
1:45 that targetting and pinpoint execution on the terrorists is so oddly satisfying
S M 9 kun oldin
Why are muslims killing muslims?
Chi Hang MARK
Chi Hang MARK 9 kun oldin
Level one crooks vs level 100 iron man boss
joel rondslätt
joel rondslätt 10 kun oldin
Wow iron man just straight up killed so many people lol
That kid is gonna come back in honor of Iron man saving his old man. It's been 10 years, he will help the Avengers somehow.
NotNero 10 kun oldin
1:25 best, most satisfying punch in marvel history.
Mo Reshi
Mo Reshi 10 kun oldin
I miss this so much, it felt more RAW and pure. The mechanical sounds of the suit, the rock music + AC/DC iron man persona they had. The MCU had no choice but to sign Disney, huge corporation buying it. Certainly not complaining but this movie was RAW MCU. And that will never be with Disney.
dominionofme 10 kun oldin
I guess I. Omar would consider this movie situation as... Iron Man vs. Some people doing something.
Mr.quickSCP YT
Mr.quickSCP YT 10 kun oldin
Love how clueless the tank is, reminds me of when someone new at a game goes against someone’s who’s good
John Smith
John Smith 10 kun oldin
How does Tony survive that fall but Brodie gets paralyzed
Zanthony Hill
Zanthony Hill 9 kun oldin
Jan 11 kun oldin
2:30 me targeting an attack helicopter in BF3
Ryan Cadogan
Ryan Cadogan 11 kun oldin
I have to say.. this does put a smile on my face...
Boy Say
Boy Say 11 kun oldin
the 10yrs of fan base like here
Some Azn Guy
Some Azn Guy 11 kun oldin
Commander Dritz
Commander Dritz 11 kun oldin
This movie for real was one serious movie.
Moisés Alejandro Velásquez Pérez
Cool guys dont look at explosions 2:55
manas thanos
manas thanos 11 kun oldin
Again here before endgame😀 14 days to go😍😍😍
黑羿 11 kun oldin
The women is laughing with two kid
Ammar Dossaji
Ammar Dossaji 11 kun oldin
The MCU has come a long way.
Maria Olivares
Maria Olivares 11 kun oldin
America once again saving the day
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 7 kun oldin
If only America was like this also in real life.
Siper2 11 kun oldin
This *never* gets old.
Zyon Goodson
Zyon Goodson 11 kun oldin
2:28 you can the small amount of detail when each little grain hits his right fingers
Man Of Beard
Man Of Beard 12 kun oldin
How one man kickstarted the entire MCU. Downey and Favreau made probably one of the best cinematic superhero movies ever.
TheSlimmshadyy 12 kun oldin
1:22 That clunk of heavy metal as he lands. Miss the old Iron Man suits.
R R22
R R22 12 kun oldin
rafi zaidi
rafi zaidi 12 kun oldin
We can all the Palestinians with this suit
alan smithee
alan smithee 12 kun oldin
Yeah, he killed a few people here.
Cody Schlenker
Cody Schlenker 12 kun oldin
He can take a direct tank shot and make a crater in the ground, yet, he can't take on Captain America and Bucky punching him. Mmk.
Ej Inamarga
Ej Inamarga 12 kun oldin
2:23 And Then The people forgive the bad guy and Now he's the owner of a supermarket in Queens near Peter Parker's house 🤪
Safwan Jamal
Safwan Jamal 13 kun oldin
20212521413 #ENELILS
Chace Shinohara
Chace Shinohara 13 kun oldin
Steroetypes havent changed Latino russians or muslims are terrorists
Dan The Man 2.0
Dan The Man 2.0 13 kun oldin
Didnt this come out a couple years ago
Dan The Man 2.0
Dan The Man 2.0 12 kun oldin
+Paul Rivera no i know they have him out
Paul Rivera
Paul Rivera 12 kun oldin
11 years ago.
The Next Ruler
The Next Ruler 13 kun oldin
Whites are the biggest Terrorists the world has ever seen.
Roger88faction 13 kun oldin
This scene still tops most of the MCU major intros.
Roger88faction 13 kun oldin
Im aware for the "Well actually" fan base (by the way most of yall are just trolls but im sure ya'll dont mind i mean no life right? lol.) but this was still dope no matter what.
Golden Grapple
Golden Grapple 13 kun oldin
0.5x makes it even cooler
SuperPeter51 13 kun oldin
Iron man matando indiscriminadamente, uff eso si es MARVEL
DrunkenQueen 13 kun oldin
1:46 It's high noon.... Draw!
V R 13 kun oldin
This scene sucks you into the movie soooo good This was when you realized Ironman wasn’t a joke n a heavy hitter The sound of the repulsors is emphasized so good too
am _ Teffy
am _ Teffy 14 kun oldin
God i hate it when some random red dude exploded me with a-
Mani Batala
Mani Batala 14 kun oldin
This one's for Yensin!!!
redstone craft guy
redstone craft guy 14 kun oldin
2:21 bad idea, what if he has a gun?
Kevin Boudreaux
Kevin Boudreaux 14 kun oldin
Tank missile!
Aku 15 kun oldin
Tank: "b -5" Tony: "miss" Tony: "Tank missile" Tank: what? *explosion* Tony: *_Direct Hit_*
Warrior 117
Warrior 117 15 kun oldin
Jesse Cole
Jesse Cole 15 kun oldin
These days, Tony is just a wise cracking space cop who has kung fu lazer matches with purple CGI demons. He's no longer a blood thirsty murderer who grinds up terrorists with exploding shrapnel and throws their leaders to the local villagers.
lisab theboss
lisab theboss 15 kun oldin
I like how most people don't realise there going off of comic book suits.
LEGO JOEY 15 kun oldin
Still a really cool scene
Blackout 1
Blackout 1 15 kun oldin
Best Iron man moment. Second only maybe to IM vs Thanos.
Blue Topaz
Blue Topaz 16 kun oldin
Maybe Thanos is super strong, but nanotech looks so weak and frail but it shouldn’t be.
Antti Huovila
Antti Huovila 16 kun oldin
Call me old fashioned or something but I liked movies better in not-so-high-quality, everything looks like a reality show or a game now.... Not like vhs quality but dvd or bluray, gimme that, except there are movies that are best in VHS, like Fifth Element
meiyo45 16 kun oldin
Cowards with human shields. Grrr ... !
The Ari
The Ari 16 kun oldin
1:48 reminds me of red dead redemption’s dead eye
Soumyajyoti Sarkar
Soumyajyoti Sarkar 16 kun oldin
All these Muslims
Dogfight - Iron Man
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