Why is AMD the Budget Option for Gamers?

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AMD is undisputed among budget builders, but what is it that makes them such a great value? Time to find out!
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13-Mar, 2019



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Elbert Joseph Layco
For $750, i see there's a little bit of value difference. Will that increase/decrease based on the cost range like at $500 or even $1000?
furyp100 Soat oldin
I think it would be more reasonable to just compare motherboard and cpu prices since cases, psu, ram, and gpu doesn't matter for amd vs intel comparisons
Сука Блять
Сука Блять 2 soat oldin
So basically AMD is better no matter how you try to spin it. Just Linus is an intel-shill and can’t bring himself to outright admit that fact.
roddybrod 3 soat oldin
Really loved this video! I've got plenty of friends making commitments to PC Gaming and this is a great introduction to budgeting their systems out! I really would have wished that you mentioned something about an i7's value proposition for this budget as I feel like many people automatically jump to them.
Matthew Langley
Matthew Langley 4 soat oldin
Honestly AMD (right now the 2700x) at the just below top end gaming machine is the top pick IMHO. Especially if you're looking at 1440p or greater where the advantages of a 9700k or 9900k diminish greatly do to being GPU bound, and what does that cheaper price on the AMD get you? A serious upgrade to GPU. For example the 2700x is regularly $310, but it also goes down quite a bit by $10-$20 less, even more commonly you can get some killer combo deals on newegg with a great MB or RAM and get anywhere from $20-$50 off. Likewise you get a pretty good stock cooler with it, often compared to say a $40-$50 aftermarket cooler. The 9700k is $420 and no cooler. all this plus cheaper motherboard options (that you can also get at some great deals or combo deals) typically means you can net about $150-$200 savings going 2700x and the 9700k is only a minimal amount better on CPU bound games, usually at 1080p, and usually no faster at 1440p or greater. Likewise multicore is a toss up between the two, 16 vs 8 threads in the AMD camp nets you some wins in some cases, while the 9700k with equal cores and higher clockspeeds nets you in some others. That $200 or so dollars will add a massive amount to your gaming results if applied either towards a GPU, a good monitor, or honestly to something else. Again 1440p you lost a couple FPS (and maybe none at all) but getter more FPS in GPU, higher refresh or better image quality in a better monitor, or maybe something like a better keyboard, mouse, headset, better chair, desk, faster drives, more high speed drives so you install less etc. Honestly unless you are either beyond having a budget at all (even if you have deep pockets) or you just need to get to that 240 fps in 1080p games (say an aspiring FPS pro or something) it just doesn't make sense, the price difference for the limited gain is just too much. There are countless ways to improve your gaming experience even if you've been dropping it like it's hot on components. Even then you can take that extra money that won't really benefit you much and spend them on games or software if nothing else. My wife and I got a set of 1080 tis for our gaming rigs last year (and for context I'm running a caselabs case so don't mind spending extra money for the quality)... this year when we upgrade CPU we could have dropped more on a 9700k or even a 9900k, but I just couldn't justify it. It really just doesn't add up unless we basically had an almost unlimited budget for our rigs and all of our gaming equipment and games. Just my opinion though.
Gerrard Harvey
Gerrard Harvey 4 soat oldin
+Linus random question: why do I get the Video_scheduler_internal_error BSOD and how do I fix it? After all I tried it appears it is related to graphics card driver or hardware but I'm not sure which. I don't have a second gfx card to test. I do know that with the gfx driver completely removed using DDU, it doesn't crash. But as soon as Windows update auto installs the driver, it crashes.
Nazar Andriyuk
Nazar Andriyuk 5 soat oldin
1500 price point
EagleClaw1842 5 soat oldin
i feel bad for that chair
Cbeddoe19 6 soat oldin
Because its way cheaper and you can upgrade old motherboards with new processors. Or you can buy older products for dirt friggin cheap. That little performance penalty isn't worth 2-3x the money for most people
Bryce Stewart
Bryce Stewart 6 soat oldin
$750 for a gaming rig, don't thing so. A grand or two for sure!!!
LittleDooKidle 7 soat oldin
Poor people? Im still using the FX 8350
Nicholas Ebbing
Nicholas Ebbing 7 soat oldin
I still remember Luke, man. I do like the new people though.
Unicorn Diarrhea
Unicorn Diarrhea 8 soat oldin
More videos with Anthony! I like that guy.
Farva 9 soat oldin
AMD always
Daniel Pérez
Daniel Pérez 11 soat oldin
This was easy more informative and interesting than I was expecting! Thanks for this!
ared18t 12 soat oldin
Hey it's the Linux guy. :D
The TNTsheep
The TNTsheep 12 soat oldin
An important thing to consider for budget gamers is that AM4 will be compatible with new CPUs for the foreseeable future, while the Intel chipsets can be expected to run away before you can say 'WAIITTTTT!..."
rx10 13 soat oldin
2:23 I hope his health is a concern of LMG. He clearly needs help
oddeda 13 soat oldin
I was thinking AMD would be much better. To tell you the truth, for lees than 2% performance, I would not OC and stick to Intel with its better stability.
MrDeathknight1 14 soat oldin
I've been looking at lap tops for a few games for under 450 and then at 300 pounds which had been intresting refebs the way to go on 300 pound budget but new amd was the way at 450 2500u and on board gpu blasts Intel for game performance from what I can tell on reading on line
James Neave
James Neave 15 soat oldin
Also, it kinda shows that CPU is largely irrelevant outside of workstation loads.
James Neave
James Neave 15 soat oldin
But... With the standardisation of 8 cores on the major console platforms, have engines and games been optimized for 8 threads or cores? In stock case, AMD would have a clear advantage.
Dunix 16
Dunix 16 16 soat oldin
I have a i5 8400 its very good
Chaosbud Gaming
Chaosbud Gaming 18 soat oldin
I have the 8400 with a 1060 6gb and have been so far very happy with my performance. Figure by Christmas I'll try to do some upgrades
gr82bAnAUTiger 20 soat oldin
Personally I think it's silly to hold yourself to such a tight budget on something like a PC purchase which should last you 3-5 years especially on the CPU side. An 8700k vs 2700x build is a lot more interesting to me, as they should be fairly similar in prices. The 8700k would win in gaming and the 2700x in productivity while the 8700k system would be about $75-$100 more for the processor (if you can get it at $330 which it goes on sale for all the time) and overclocking board, over 3 years that's like $2.50-$3.00 a month difference. I would also advise a SSD at minimum for boot drive with your primary game on it to reduce texture load times and give a much better experience.
TJ Max
TJ Max 20 soat oldin
Fun thing. Here in Europe (Serbia) 2060 is around 500$ so this doesn't do us any good lol
Razorize 21 soat oldin
now stream with the same systems and you will easily be able to stream better with amd than intel
Nikola Miladinovic
Nikola Miladinovic 21 soat oldin
You are so miserable with these f*****g commercials, just like every other channel
Beep 21 soat oldin
I also had the budget of 750. But i have to buy monitor, cpu case and keyboard and mouse in that budget.
Richardo Otros
Richardo Otros 21 soat oldin
What laptop is Antoni using?
Gameplay and Talk
Gameplay and Talk 22 soat oldin
This was a fun concept. I was honestly surprised both came out so even, roughly. I'd definitely like to see future videos comparing other price points.
Finchnz Kun oldin
This was really good, I am still running a 4970k and its good to see where each team is going in regards to a setup that is middle of the road.
Bound4Earth Kun oldin
Rosewill PSU, HAHA.
Excellion123 Kun oldin
Vega56 would have been a much better choice than rtx 2060
F0110W3R '
F0110W3R ' Kun oldin
FX processors anyone! Yeah, it's kinda sad I switched to a Ryzen 5 1500x when it came out. I discount on it from Newegg, so it was cheaper than Intel's current offerings. Once I got that I just slapped it into a cheap b350 and I was good to go!
T A Kun oldin
Linus, please can you include European pricing next time? Thank you.
Luke Borg
Luke Borg Kun oldin
because of AMD"s advertising... you can have an athlon 3000 CPU that runs LIKE 3.0GHZ! (in reality it's 1.4ghz).... i hate AMD< always have
Pwnpie Kun oldin
for the first time in my life i am ready to make a gaming PC, have a budget of $1500 but its giving me a damn headache trying to figure what to get, everyone i ask have different opinions. oh god
King of Gamers
King of Gamers Kun oldin
What about a 3000 dollar limit
King of Gamers
King of Gamers Kun oldin
The i9 9980xe was worth it
King of Gamers
King of Gamers Kun oldin
I bought a 2000 dollar cpu worth it i9
Vern Haynes
Vern Haynes Kun oldin
Here is something to think about...Without AMD to keep it honest, how much would an 8400k cost? Competition keeps the tech advancing, keeps prices low, and ensures a constant stream of new/faster tech.
Luda Pecurka
Luda Pecurka Kun oldin
Soon to be for top of the top end gaming systems ;)
RiftMull ‘
RiftMull ‘ Kun oldin
anthony picked my motherboard on his first build lol
jodaneidajo Kun oldin
AMD won a Google gaming deal now, stock is soaring
Silverhawk Shayhan
I would like to see some comparisons between low PC hardware to high end server hardware for media servers, like plex or emby with all the features enabled to how different types of hardware effects performance of the software.
GMBlazey Kun oldin
1050ti i5 3340 8gb ram £250 maxed anything ive ran
Zapablast05 Kun oldin
Lol AMD for poor people? What a blindsided dolt. I'll take AMD and put the money savings towards a more exciting hobby, like track days.
Carys Kelly
Carys Kelly Kun oldin
Can you help me build my own pc, please. I don't think you have ever done one with an older girl gamer. I am 11 almost 12, and I want to get into the world of pc gaming!
Victor Ov
Victor Ov Kun oldin
Would be good to see some productivity and stream benchmarks not just "gaming"/
Simon Verdinek
Simon Verdinek 18 soat oldin
Yeah .. sponsored by Intel and nVidia? Very unlikley to see those results here.
Victor Ov
Victor Ov Kun oldin
Loool AMD is for poor people.
Alparslan Kopuz
Alparslan Kopuz Kun oldin
İ like the see more of this
plonk420 Kun oldin
one thing as a grown up, i don't skimp on PSU like i did as a "kid," not even for budget builds... at the VERY least a Seasonic Bronze
Hoàng Nam Nguyễn
Question: Why Intel CPU and B360 only support Ram 2666, but you can put 3000???
The Legacy
The Legacy 2 kun oldin
Could you do an update on this video which includes productivity numbers? Considering amd's proficiency with the number of course, it would be very interesting to see.
Shorne Pubique
Shorne Pubique 2 kun oldin
they should make Anthony the Oracle. "we need to visit the oracle." then they tap the mirrort and Anthony appears and he says "thisss bettter be goooood" like the wizard of oz. and then they're like blah blah blah can you help us... and then he speaks in riddle and they have to decipher what he's saying and then before he fades away he does the tap head meme and leaves.
Tony Torres
Tony Torres 2 kun oldin
i dont see the appeal in budget "pc" gaming if you aren't aiming for at least 144fps/144hz just stick to console low budget computer hurt my eyes
Russell Winters
Russell Winters 2 kun oldin
Remember Athlon XP Barton cores? Pepperidge farm remembers.
1 WithTheDark
1 WithTheDark 2 kun oldin
What about a mid ranged 1200-1500 dollar pc builds between intel and amd? wonder if it would stay around the same or will one come out on top?
Dirk Snyder
Dirk Snyder 2 kun oldin
I would have liked to see how those systems differed in productivity workloads. I supect the AMD system would have blown the Intel system away in applications like video editing, simply because of the higher thread count.
SORAW441 2 kun oldin
Nah, not really. Using Ryzen 2600X and a 1080Ti Mini no problem with a Gigabyte b450i, SP 512GB SsD, 16gigs of 3200 c14 DDR4 and Windows 10 LTSC 1809. I hate elitists who constantly act like having the absolute best is the only thing or GTFO. It’s not 1999 anymore. I agree AMD GPUs are buggy but I’m not complaining about FPS or latency on my CPU. Mistrust over buggy releases is hard to wipe off but I’m pretty sure AMD rocks now.
David Wesson
David Wesson 2 kun oldin
I really enjoyed this video! I would love to see another future video with an even lower budget, say $500, that may or may not be overclockable / for premium gaming purposes.
Jokery 2 kun oldin
only reason intel better performs because focused on single core performance which most games use but when multicore AI in games will be a thing will be mind blowing and intel will die
john paul de paz
john paul de paz 2 kun oldin
i know linus is a very reliable..
john paul de paz
john paul de paz 2 kun oldin
what about the power consumption in idle mode or vice on its very peak demand
IQ DESTRUCTOR 2 kun oldin
IM UPSET - miles teller, probably
EliteMetrics Playz
EliteMetrics Playz 2 kun oldin
Can you do rtx vs gtx
Israel Lewis
Israel Lewis 2 kun oldin
Nice to see Linus using an HP Envy ;)
Matt D.
Matt D. 2 kun oldin
I'm about to build a rig with a $2000 budget, so it would great to see how Linus and Anthony would do it. I'm new to PC building and driving myself crazy trying to figure out value vs performance....
Arkhein 2 kun oldin
You forgot to mention upgrading. You can keep your b AMD mobo up to 2020 (if I'm not mistaken) and use their entire mainstream CPU lineup. Intel on the other hand makes you switch your mobo for the high end ones to be able to enjoy more performance from an OCed CPU.
Saricon 2 kun oldin
As cool as the other stuff u uploaded recently is, i am always so interested in these kind of videos, cause they actually help me deciding what to buy and probide information i can really use instead of just entertainment.
mohamed tawfik
mohamed tawfik 2 kun oldin
here is the better 750$ deal pcpartpicker.com/list/8NNFD2
Spfere 2 kun oldin
Yes please, more of this, it is actually very useful for more than the rich kids that got daddys wallet to play around with.
Pixel SkuII
Pixel SkuII 2 kun oldin
Yeah but I have AirPods so
Random PC Test
Random PC Test 2 kun oldin
i5 7500, 16gb ddr4, 1060 6gb best cheap pc lol i5 and mobo for like 200 usd in a bundle NEW
mike szwagierczak
mike szwagierczak 2 kun oldin
try and do a budget gaming build for 500$ canadian. looking into doing a budget build myself but dont know what to do
Viktor Kenesei
Viktor Kenesei 2 kun oldin
And what is the vulnerability of the intel?
marceelino 2 kun oldin
what was the OC?
John Locke
John Locke 2 kun oldin
How is that guy so fucking fat AND ugly
Tobias Carlsson
Tobias Carlsson 2 kun oldin
I'm rich, with AMD I'm even richer.
ReloadFast 2 kun oldin
oh yes, bring them on!. It would also be interested to see a build guide that´s not from scratch, what parts would you change them. What parts would you carry over and what would you change, even if it's still relevant technology.
Swapnil Sinha
Swapnil Sinha 2 kun oldin
A 300$ build would be great..
Tim Owen
Tim Owen 2 kun oldin
"I probably should have gone for dual channel" Oh Linus, Linus, Linus.
Austin Swails
Austin Swails 2 kun oldin
hello i came here looking for the "Is AMD For Poor People?" video, can't seem to find it.
ImaITman 2 kun oldin
Please do more of these at different price points. This was a GREAT video
TheWhataman00 2 kun oldin
And THIS IS WHY we watch LTT.
mattig89ch 2 kun oldin
I would be interested in seeing more price point comparisons, or different video card manufacturers.
Xan the Dragon
Xan the Dragon 2 kun oldin
Man he went with an i3 lol
Aaron Slippery
Aaron Slippery 2 kun oldin
petition to add Linus to list of approved list of tech youtubers ayy m88 evga intel nvidia m89 lol
ACE 2 kun oldin
so Intel is to AMD as Walmart is to Target?
Fichte NullDrei
Fichte NullDrei 2 kun oldin
How did u not tested how much power they used?
The Curious Noob
The Curious Noob 2 kun oldin
Linus sounds so calm in this video.
Samo Gledam
Samo Gledam 2 kun oldin
Shawn Martel
Shawn Martel 2 kun oldin
As much as they both seem to be great options for different reasons. I can't get down with any company making people pay a premium on brand name alone.
vitthal chepte
vitthal chepte 2 kun oldin
Watch 3$ watch from amazon unboxing uzvid.com/video/video-ff5ZTws47Vw.html
Fred T. McCoy Jr.
Fred T. McCoy Jr. 2 kun oldin
what if you did a new build versus a top of the line build from last year/generation? like new stuff versus best stuff from 2 years ago?
Tim Ronchi
Tim Ronchi 2 kun oldin
Do the same thing at $1200
maevian 2 kun oldin
Intel prices are pretty reasonable in the US, The difference in price between intel and AMD is way bigger in europe
So even in the US, AMD technically wins by a pretty low margin on Europe things look even better for AMD, I’m very happy that AMD is finally able to compete in the CPU market again with Zen, I hope they grow a lot and rebalance de situation, because AMD is yet extremely weak economically compared with Intel, if AMD is now again force to the exile with a failure like with Bulldozer with btw the FX 9590 as farewell, AMD wouldn’t survive, they burned all his reserves and more, live a bear in hibernation, can’t afford new hibernation just after manage to overcome the last one
Henrik Kun oldin
Indeed. For 700 usd, the price of the full AMD build, you know what i got here in Norway? Ryzen 2600, Motherboard and RAM.. Which would be fine i guess if i made as much as the average Norwegian
akaGiant 2 kun oldin
I feel attacked
duddits 5k
duddits 5k 2 kun oldin
power consumption?!!?
We got 10 GIGABIT Internet!!
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