Is Ant-Man Secretly the Most Powerful Avenger?

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When you think of powerful Avengers, you probably think of Hulk or Thor, but should we be considering Ant-Man too? Kyle has the quantum realm science on this week's Because Science!
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5-Iyl, 2018

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Because Science
Because Science 2 oy oldin
Thanks for watching! If your brain feels broken, you're not alone, trust me. *IMPORTANT CORRECTION* We'll get to this in the next Footnotes, but you don't actually need to "go sub-atomic" to experience quantum effects, at least in theory, and Ant-Man wouldn't even be able to get that small, considering that no matter how close his atoms get together, he still has atoms. I apologize for furthering the common misconception that "going quantum" is simply a matter of how big you are. -- KH
v c
v c Soat oldin
Hans Brackhaus I think its only part truth. Like looking at a picture and only being able to see a few colors. I know there is a picture but i have no idea what it looks like.
Hans Brackhaus
Hans Brackhaus 2 soat oldin
What if quantum stuff is complete bullshit thought up by a member of a neurotic race of thieving, insane fools?
v c
v c 3 soat oldin
I also think that antmans ability to think at a small size would also change. The neurons are no longer far apart they are much closer now you need to change the electrical charge jump from neuron to neuron.
v c
v c 4 soat oldin
I dont know if we know enough about the quantum world to say with out a doubt that particles pop in and out of existence. Because something can pop in and out of our view does that make it reality?. We have ways to detect things without vision, how do we know if the things we detect is telling us the whole truth of that object?. Im just curious about your input.
George Howarth
George Howarth Kun oldin
U say that when he goes subatomic he can travel to where an wenever however he wanted, but if he goes subatomic hed literally become a blackhole
v c
v c 3 soat oldin
I also think that antmans ability to think at a small size would also change. The neurons are no longer far apart they are much closer now you need to change the electrical charge jump from neuron to neuron.
El Prof
El Prof 7 soat oldin
14,000,605:1 makes sense now :p
Burakku Ren
Burakku Ren 13 soat oldin
6:15 forgot c
Felix Arndt
Felix Arndt 14 soat oldin
The story about the photon sounded really romantic.
Jon Snow
Jon Snow 2 kun oldin
You might have spoiled the ending to infinity war sequel
Louis van der Meer
Louis van der Meer 2 kun oldin
My head hurts...
GalloViking 3 kun oldin
Sub-atomic Antman would turn into a black hole tho XD
Dr. Limbo
Dr. Limbo 3 kun oldin
10:54 Reminds me of the character Schrödinger in Hellsing Ultimate (not sure about the animé) As long as he can perceive himself he can be anywhere and nowhere, and essentially never be killed against his will.
mcarlin molin
mcarlin molin 3 kun oldin
Wait I thought Dr strange can control the sabutomic too?
Matthew Warriner
Matthew Warriner 3 kun oldin
Because Rick and Morty science
Waldorf STULLSKIN 4 kun oldin
Ant man shrinks to an ant, climbs into thanos ear, and grows again.
Gregory Jackson
Gregory Jackson 4 kun oldin
Answer at 5:31 ya very common answer. I as a lay person answered: because of reflection and light or some shit idk.
IM GROOT 5 kun oldin
Yh well meet the reality stone. Mr Thanos, please show this amateur the real quantum realm. ............. ....... ....... 👌👆 SNAP
Sean O'Neill
Sean O'Neill 5 kun oldin
Not sure that a 3D object can suddenly interact with the 4th D simply by conesing it's mass *indefinitely??* just because ant man get to the size of quantum... Things, doesn't mean he shares any properties with them. Additionally, once he became small enough, he'd sink through molecules and atoms in to the center of the earth due to his mass not changing. Ant man makes NO GODDAMNED SENSE!
Kamran Khan
Kamran Khan 6 kun oldin
Hippy much?
rayraymartineziii 6 kun oldin
Why is light traveling differently when it bounces off of a mirror than when it bounces off of any surface we see? Or does that same scenario happen?
Joshua The Science god
this is an insane amount of information, quatum mechanics is sooo crazy
carlos ontiveros
carlos ontiveros 7 kun oldin
woow... i feel small jaja
Mikko Heiskala
Mikko Heiskala 7 kun oldin
Quantum sized ant-man would fall into center of the earth right? Also he wouldnt be able to breath as air molecules would be too big?
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 8 kun oldin
*MCU taking notes*
Limaj Sivad
Limaj Sivad 8 kun oldin
El Psy Congroo!!
Dylan Leonine
Dylan Leonine 9 kun oldin
Would you really have agency in a state that supercedes the human limitations of Feynman's mirror? I feel like that would be another superpower in itself. Quantum space-time manipulation.
Carly Mason
Carly Mason 9 kun oldin
But doesn't the suit adjust for the density problem?
Carly Mason
Carly Mason 9 kun oldin
At what point does ant man become a black hole when he shrinks
Carly Mason
Carly Mason 9 kun oldin
Ant Man could have single handedly killed Thanos
Carly Mason
Carly Mason 9 kun oldin
I've said Ant Man long long ago....and everyone laughed at me
Nawaf The FearBraker
0:03 No.
Ascdren 10 kun oldin
Big fault with this video. You are assuming the Copenhagen interpretation is correct.
E 12 kun oldin
God, thats how.
j Cadence
j Cadence 12 kun oldin
The first 5 minutes of this is one of the more complex vids you've done. Got totally confused. Doesn't happen often. =P But it also blew my mind!
gamma 954
gamma 954 13 kun oldin
Stop you are too smart and are making me feel stupid😃
Tofunmi Ojo
Tofunmi Ojo 14 kun oldin
Someone give him a guitar and teach him "Pour Some Sugar On Me"
Michael Davis
Michael Davis 15 kun oldin
Ant Man and Dr. Strange are my favorite Marvel heroes too!! 😍👌👍
Cody McLachlan
Cody McLachlan 15 kun oldin
Your talking about ant man being able to literally time travel and teleport.
Adam Iluzja
Adam Iluzja 15 kun oldin
So... that's how Ant Man is going to save the day from The Snap?
Shadotzor 16 kun oldin
Xurreal 16 kun oldin
Boldsword 16 kun oldin
All of this quantum nonsense is so egocentric. How does the photon know to fly into our eye.... It doesn't, we are irrelevant, we are merely intersecting one path among billions reflected.
Igor Mihin
Igor Mihin 16 kun oldin
lol im thought you are thor :P
Dusty Siorc
Dusty Siorc 17 kun oldin
Buff Grimace... Best insult I've heard yet.
sEEk-Oreo 17 kun oldin
Yeah but does Scott possess the knowledge to do all that? Know that he can do that with quantum shit, 'cause he doesn't have Hope and Hank to tell him.
suryansh srivastava
suryansh srivastava 17 kun oldin
You forgot to say spoiler alert for Avengers 4
maxbv 17 kun oldin
anyone else hearing allusion? @9:15
TigerMaster 17 kun oldin
I don’t know about Ant Man, but SuperMan is too overpowered
Michael Raymond
Michael Raymond 18 kun oldin
"....you return your Energy to the Universe". Well put.
gboyjake 18 kun oldin
Anybody notice that he is drawing or writing this all backwards
mad gamer gaming
mad gamer gaming 18 kun oldin
When is body like Mass going to the size of nothing create a black hole
XultroniX 19 kun oldin
9:23 Thor gets roasted.
Descending 19 kun oldin
At some point wouldnt he become a black hole and radiate away?
The Final Natural
The Final Natural 20 kun oldin
Dang he just described the next avengers movie!!!!
Charles Antoine Crête
personally, Im creating my own fictional universe... and one of my character is a hero with the Power of shrinking... he has the hability to shrink voluntary every things made of matter that he touches and can also shrink his own body (also he can make all the shrunk things regrow to their initial size)... to do this, he in fact extracts a part of the mass energy of the things he wanna shrink and RECYCLE this mass energy to use it like a kind of force to CONTRACT the space between the nucleons and the cloud of electrons of all the atoms of the thing that is shrunk... LIKE THIS he reuses a part of the mass energy contained into the atoms like a kind of sort of virtual spring that just permits to contract the three dimensional space between nucleons and cloud of electrons in each atoms... in this way, when he shrink a thing, a part of the mass of the thing is used (making the thing less massive) in the form of another energy for simply MAINTAIN a shrunk volume for the thing (because the natural force of electromagnetism and the natural way the atoms are are fighting against this recycled energy to maintain the NORMAL distance between the nucleons and the electrons) AND SOOO when he shrink something, the mass and the volume are EQUALLY and IN THE SAME PROPORTIONS REDUCED, making the shrunk things look like they have the same density and the same volumic mass... when he makes a shrunk thing regrow its initial volume, he simply progressively retransforms the "spring energy" into the original mass energy of the thing, so like this it progressively regrow to its initial volume AND get back the mass it has "lost"
Vlad the Impaler
Vlad the Impaler 20 kun oldin
Carlo Tabasso
Carlo Tabasso 20 kun oldin
You explain infinity war 2
meaty cabbage
meaty cabbage 20 kun oldin
Glad I watched stein’s gate before this
Stravask Karyth
Stravask Karyth 21 kun oldin
As cool as this is, you're kinda glossing over the whole "reality-warping, magical powers" of Dr. Strange, which I'm pretty sure is well in the realm of quantum abilities.
Jensi 21 kun oldin
I refuse that the speed of light is the Limit .
Alex Kastanas
Alex Kastanas 21 kun oldin
Isn't having the power or the quantom like a 4 dimensional being
Karma 21 kun oldin
I love how you actually talk about the mass problem. when i was a young kid watching "honey i shrunk the kids", i was thinking that same thing, and it made me kinda angry that no one else noticed or even understood what i was point out and complaining about...even at the end of the movie where they had "massive food" just thinking of them eating that made me cringe at what that would be doing to their bodies in real life...as a 3 or 4 year old it really bugged me b/c of how much it didnt make any real sense and i was the only one who noticed... i watched it when it came out on VHS 3 or 4 years after it came out...the fam all thought i was too weird, that i couldnt just enjoy the movie talking about things that didnt make any sense to them, like how the only way it would really work was to lessen the number of atoms in their bodies, which wasnt what he said was happening, that it was the space within the atoms between the electrons and the nucleus that was shrinking, which would leave the mass the same, but not the volume, which would make everything they did in that movie not even remotely possible, and would have killed that poor ant, among other things... it was even worse when i saw the sequel, "honey i blew up the baby"...just seeing it in my head that every time it would take a steep, the realness of it would make the baby float, thinking back its like that guy in "john carter of mars", but different...cause, well, physics...
Karma 5 kun oldin
uh, they explain it in the move...its not that hard to figure out...and at that time i didnt even know about santa, real or not, not that it matters. besides, i really dont care what you think of me. youre nobody to me.
Electovoid 7 kun oldin
Yes as a 3 or 4 year old you questioned reality and knew what was logical or not when you didnt even know the existence of mass, atoms, anything of that sort? Did you also know Santa wasnt real? You shouldnt try make yourself sound smart, it only does the opposite
zachary peltier
zachary peltier 21 kun oldin
Hey Kyle would it be possible for ant man to produce a shockwave while in his bigger form? Seeing he could increase his size it would also increase his muscle mass. So could it be possible?
blandantey 22 kun oldin
Doctor strange is more powerful. He can stop time and mess with it...
Kill Mønger
Kill Mønger 22 kun oldin
What's the difference between that and the time stone?
cardea jackson
cardea jackson 22 kun oldin
You look like thor
skins4thewin 23 kun oldin
Well I'll be damned... now we know what the plot of Infinity War Part 2 will be.
Samuel Schönenberger
Scott Lang vs Thanos 1 v 1
Disagree With Everything
I know it's late, but how does the Earth's orbit look like a helix if that would require it to move backwards in time?
Keitron Wallace
Keitron Wallace 24 kun oldin
Did you break my brain?? I'm not sure....
Martin Smouter
Martin Smouter 24 kun oldin
His weight seems to act pretty close to for example Thor's hammer, so I think it should be explained like Thor's hammer with adding and loosing gravitons.
Andrei Brehar
Andrei Brehar 24 kun oldin
Confuzed yet?😂😂😂😂
Victor Yowland
Victor Yowland 24 kun oldin
It's Mary Rosenstein Day's Parade
Ashley Tuck-Lee
Ashley Tuck-Lee 24 kun oldin
so your description of the effects of quantum mechanics is a kin to recoded instruments which are then reproduced through a speaker cone:- 19,980 oscillations at various amplitudes per vibrational piece of the instrument (the string-its effect to air density, the mechanical resonance of the 'body' of the instrument-its effects folded back to the string oscillation-its effects to air density), which would be something like 19,980 times 3, per string, compounded per cycle of each frequency. Summed for each string (Node is the technical term), this is then multiplied for each oscillating piece of any other instruments involved. But to keep it simpler, go with one note/'string'/Node of a violin. All those values of oscillation, all those 'possibilities' of frequency, per oscillation, over time, are then passed through the most 'plausible' into a single oscillation to a speaker which gives us the reproduction of the recording....Glad i got that off my chest.
Angel Vasquez
Angel Vasquez 25 kun oldin
How many emotion on your videos😂👌full passion
JohnNathanShopper 25 kun oldin
Time travel... "Janet, please take me back"
ANNIE HEART 25 kun oldin
No the most powerful avenger is Bill cosbey
MONSTRR 1523 25 kun oldin
Comics say that nebula is the most important.
Bradley White
Bradley White 25 kun oldin
I’ve had his idea in my head for a while now. If Antman wanted to, could he shrink down to be so dense that he becomes a black hole? Maby that’s the real reason he wasn’t in Infinaty war. I mean, yes, he would kill himself, but he would probably take thanks down along with him. Can someone look into this?
Dizhypher 26 kun oldin
I did not get anything from the video after watching everything. Thank you!
Doomsdat 26 kun oldin
Ant Man is powerful because he could shrink down to the size of a black hole core (forgot what it is actually called) and make create a blackhole
Zech Of The West
Zech Of The West 26 kun oldin
Or maybe Quantum exists to govern the laws of physics? Kind of like a script that works in the background of a Game to make sure the Game follows the rules the developer intended. A kind of script that we could edit within a field to write our own physics, like 2mph is now the speed of light. And then traveling the entire universe in an instant by taking a step, like a Warp bubble.
Felix Zach
Felix Zach 26 kun oldin
Thor just blew my mind. Pls aim for the head next time
oskar recon
oskar recon 26 kun oldin
hayhayhay,.,.1:24what "is" is,.is not really really a concrete thing now is it lol,.,.lol gorging on your vidis,.,6:00-- couldn't you explain your point by just shining a flash light at a mirror to your face ,in the dark.?no?...it feels like the observer is egotistically thinking about light,. its the light that's everywhere and only cuz of the sun.. and only sometimes ,.you just happen too be seeing it when and were you are, which youv evolved the ability to do because of our sun. most of the time light takes every direction period , your eye is just in the noise.,.defragging photons,.,.the image is there for me too if i stand just to your left but its not the same image.. we claim that it "is",.and it is..but it is not,., by a long shot..
Nalyd Nosretep
Nalyd Nosretep 27 kun oldin
sqiuril girl is more powerful
curtislee 27 kun oldin
Tony can make a suit that can enter the quantum Tony could make any suit to defeat any enemy
D'andre Gooding
D'andre Gooding 27 kun oldin
Classic strange is capable of universal effecting magic and reality warping. If you count strange as a avenger he > >> antman
Ayman Saikyou
Ayman Saikyou 27 kun oldin
honestly this was the modt f"ck-mind episode i've ever watched but still sounds impossibly awesome....woaw!
Jason Powell
Jason Powell 28 kun oldin
A giant human BLIMP!?! Because a bag of marshmallows weighs about 1 pound and therefore the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man weighs Mega Tons in my books. Now there’s some math for you! if you’re up to the challenge?
Abdou Bouzenad
Abdou Bouzenad 28 kun oldin
I didn't understand anything but i still agree
Neil Badger
Neil Badger 29 kun oldin
If science school teachers approached science like this, I think most if not all would become scientists :)
If he went too small he'd collapse into a black hole due to the density, right?
Luca S
Luca S Oy oldin
Doctor strange
Captain Gamer
Captain Gamer Oy oldin
Did he not realise that Ant Man could not go down than millions of molecules because the mass stays the same, it is only the space that changes.
Kyzeradi Oy oldin
I hate watching your videos... Not because they suck, they're amazing, the problem is just that I can't get enough of them.
Madison Martin
Alright, I think he low key gave us the plot for the next Avengers movie.
Wolfi Klausner
I think it is quicksilver...but not the avengers version. The xmen version.
Luca-Sebastien Barret
When we find the Theory of Everything, Ant-Man will be even more fictional than Doctor Strange lol like if you agree.
XxShiny DiamondXx
Wonder woman is the best Im not joking
Tamir Friedman
That means Ant-Man can travel to the past and meet the OG Avengers, Explaining the shoot they did where they recreated New York.
Mio Cornelissen
Okey, I'm out! My brain is molten!
Tyr Engman
Tyr Engman Oy oldin
Do one with Dr Manhattan !! :D He is super powerfull aswell PLEASE!
Jbone 832
Jbone 832 Oy oldin
Nah man it's squirrel girl