Is Ant-Man Secretly the Most Powerful Avenger?

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When you think of powerful Avengers, you probably think of Hulk or Thor, but should we be considering Ant-Man too? Kyle has the quantum realm science on this week's Because Science!
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5-Iyl, 2018

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Because Science
Because Science 17 kun oldin
Thanks for watching! If your brain feels broken, you're not alone, trust me. *IMPORTANT CORRECTION* We'll get to this in the next Footnotes, but you don't actually need to "go sub-atomic" to experience quantum effects, at least in theory, and Ant-Man wouldn't even be able to get that small, considering that no matter how close his atoms get together, he still has atoms. I apologize for furthering the common misconception that "going quantum" is simply a matter of how big you are. -- KH
Winters 3 soat oldin
Why you break my brain?
stefan sauvageon
Any man is a rip off of DC s The Atom
Peggy Gaul
Peggy Gaul 3 kun oldin
Because science
Peggy Gaul
Peggy Gaul 3 kun oldin
because science
DawsonGrant 6 kun oldin
Because Science I know, I purposely didn’t watch the trailer so I’d go into the movie knowing nothing. But it’s fine
tushar patil
tushar patil 3 soat oldin
And get lost into the infinite possibilities .......no thanks
Orenotter 3 soat oldin
If my theory is correct, then Ant-Man can indeed go sub-atomic. His atoms aren't in the plane of the universe at this point, but at the tips of tiny little cones protruding into hyperspace. Since the atoms are 3-D and Marvel spacetime is at least 9-D, probably more, his atoms could take up an infinitessimal hypervolume while the arrangement remains unaffected.
Orenotter 3 soat oldin
I believe Ant-Man's inertial mass remains the same, but not his gravitational mass, as space must be warped to get his atoms that close together, cancelling out his gravity well.
Julien Clay
Julien Clay 3 soat oldin
If that’s the case, Antman is gonna need a more badass suit
Orenotter 3 soat oldin
The Marvel universe has a minimum of nine dimensions, four of space, three of time, and two of reality.
Jo Wick
Jo Wick 5 soat oldin
(referencing 1:45) Well, you aren't necessarily traveling across 2 dimensions if your travel in the different direction of exactly 180 degrees from your previous direction... just sayin'.
Jacobi Sparks
Jacobi Sparks 6 soat oldin
"Aiming for the head now..."
The Captain
The Captain 7 soat oldin
Actually if Professor X is able to control Ant Man mind, he would be the most powerful......
a003590510 7 soat oldin
Ant man pales in comparison to molecule man. Imo molecule man is the most powerful in Marvel.
Which Orange
Which Orange 9 soat oldin
ant man goes into thanos's nasal capacity then becomes 60 feet tall, mission accomplished.
Wondrrboy 9 soat oldin
Since he needs his helmet to breathe when he's smaller, in the quantum realm wouldn't he also be blind by being smaller than a photon to enter his eye?
sonictheporcipine 14 soat oldin
Perhaps the new age mystic from ratchet and clank 2 had a point.
Bernhard Blietz
Bernhard Blietz 14 soat oldin
Holy crist! changing reality and popping into and out of space time is what i consider a GOD!
Tetsujin1330 15 soat oldin
All of this is really cool and all, but scarlet witch still has the power to literally think beings, things and concepts out of existence. I would argue she remains the most powerful avenger. Unfortunately I cannot back this claim with science. Just my limited knowledge of her actual powers, and not the watered down version all the heroes get in the mcu.
John Martin
John Martin 15 soat oldin
In regards to the mass issue, Hank Pimm being a leading expert in all things quantum and growth and reduction. That would’ve been a major concern of his. So it stands to reason that he would alter the equation in doctrine for the regulator. To increase density at heightened size likely through those separate formulas. Adding necessary proteins shrunk even smaller to add appropriate mass that wouldn’t kill Scott. Obviously it still needs tweaking because it still such an adverse effect on his energy levels. This is why he has to be in the suit instead of just doing it with the discs. And the reverse would have to be true for shrinking. We can’t understand it but it’s all theoretical, otherwise we would have said technology already.
Nikki Lantayona
Nikki Lantayona 17 soat oldin
Now, why is antman the most powerful avengers?
Niko 20 soat oldin
You did it. I am confused.
Edison Lumidao
Edison Lumidao Kun oldin
*Worldlines?* I watch Steins;Gate.
nick lane
nick lane Kun oldin
Was anyone else completely lost onve he started talking about quantum mechanics? Lmao
First & Last
First & Last Kun oldin
i get your theories about ant man, and yes it thought the same about him getting huge in thew movie, he would just be a big balloon! i also think the 1st ant man movie is hilarious... it's like a precursor to the deadpool sense of humour but you are wrong saying ant man is he most powerful avenger... that title goes across all superhero franchises to Legion! if Legion just blinks an eye then ant-man never existtd in any universe or dimension! lol
11Condensation Kun oldin
You guys are forgetting antman could just create a black hole lol
Keegan Sky
Keegan Sky Kun oldin
so basically ur saying he wasnt in infinity war because he would break it...
Trey Floyd
Trey Floyd Kun oldin
But if he compressed all of his human-sized mass into a space that's sub-atomic, shouldn't his density be so great that he turns into a black hole?
Huggamugger1 Kun oldin
I believe when Antman grows big or small he absorbs or shunts mass from and to another dimension.
Robert Ostler
Robert Ostler Kun oldin
If he shrunk to subatomic size I think he would reach the schwartzchild radius and become a black hole and destroy the earth.
Leo Yohansen
Leo Yohansen Kun oldin
Dr. Strange is a Defender, not an Avenger. Ant-Man's power is simply impossible. You can't have power over the laws of physics that compose your very existence and you can't become increasingly dense yet maintain an ability to move. Hell, you wouldn't even be able to breath anything at the size of a molecule!
J.W. Zagst
J.W. Zagst Kun oldin
I always just figured a mirror worked by millions of photons bouncing back and forth between the reflective surface and the objects in front of it so that every photon that hits your eye from the mirror first had to hit your body in order to carry the image of that. So it's like the photon hitting your eye is not the first time it has interacted with your physical form. And I would assume different photons are hitting you at different times but because the speed of light is so fast we can't really tell and our brain still sees it as a single projection of perception.
Puyallip NDN
Puyallip NDN Kun oldin
plus once ant-man goes sub-atomic couldn't he make him self in to a black hole ?
Paulo Castro
Paulo Castro Kun oldin
Working in 3d, shrinking an object without changing it speed and properties makes it have ant man powers
Travis Cansler
Travis Cansler 2 kun oldin
Wouldn’t and man just suffocate once he goes subatomic? He would be smaller than oxygen molecules right?
Garrett Thompson
Garrett Thompson 2 kun oldin
There was a Punisher comic where he borrowed Ant Man's suit. He shrunk down on bad guy's pizza and then went full size in their stomach. It was bloody and messy and I wondered why Ant Man never took full advantage of his suit's powers
Tessa Ko
Tessa Ko 2 kun oldin
OMG, I love this video! Quantum physics & mechanics is one of my pet subjects. Thank you, Kyle!
ecisme10 2 kun oldin
Avery Tucker
Avery Tucker 2 kun oldin
So.... What you're saying is, "if he becomes 'The Atom'". As in that DC character.
JF Salles
JF Salles 2 kun oldin
Thor is still more powerful because he can summon Led Zeppellin! XD
Honza Zezulák ml.
Honza Zezulák ml. 2 kun oldin
But how does Ant-man even breathe even though he is smaller than molecules of oxygen in his sub-atomic size??
Silas McKee
Silas McKee 2 kun oldin
So love the video, but here are my problems that i think you should consider. 1) Ant-man, at least in the MCU, is not an Avenger. (2/3) you credit his power to how strong he is, and that he should have reality warping... 2) Thor would still be stronger, as an avid comic book reader, and physicist, i've done some math and thor, at least what i have witnessed can apply the force of 1.42x10^23 Pa (i believe, that is what i have written down, it has been a while, and he might of have gotten stronger since then) but to be fare that is the comic version of him. 3) if reality warping would make him the strongest, because that is essentially what you are saying, or reality hopping, the Dr. Strange would take that prize. Just things to think about. PS. I believe thor's greatest strength shown so far is lifting the midgard snake, which is like planet size. he is also known to destroy plants by punching them, and was able to move, destroy, and create black holes at specific moments in the comics. Thor is not only the strongest avenger, but second to strongest in the universe, only bested by Galactus. sorry for grammar errors XD
Random Critique
Random Critique 2 kun oldin
Thor. *Denied Thor, son of Odin *Denied Strongest Avenger *Denied Thor, strongest avenger *Denied Scott Lang *Welcome strongest avenger
Frisky 2 kun oldin
Basically alchemy......?
Lani 2 kun oldin
It's you
Omkar Barve
Omkar Barve 2 kun oldin
But I think giantman is v weak....I think so coz when the size of his atoms increases,his electrostatic force (which is inversely proportional to distance squared)becomes weak and his melting point becomes low....
Seb Seb
Seb Seb 3 kun oldin
Lol at 0:54 when ant man is going small he sees a Tardigrade (indestructible water dwelling thingy) in the middle of the fucking room.
Evan Davies
Evan Davies 3 kun oldin
Thor is the most powerful... no questions asked. Period. End of Argument.
Antony Drossos
Antony Drossos 3 kun oldin
I honestly cannot hear the term "Pym particles" with out the smart-ass voice in my head saying "pimp particles". "Ho, where's my photons?"
Antony Drossos
Antony Drossos 3 kun oldin
...I'm gonna need to watch this one...a few times for this to sink in...my brain hurts...
Wagdy KOTB BAHBAH 3 kun oldin
cooool !
jUzbEinGbeTTer 3 kun oldin
Marvel need to invite you to be their adviser or some-sort. Ant-man's power has so much potential yet it felt so inconsistent in the movies. They need a better job showing the control over mass/density during size changes. Just as Flash has the Speed Force to break any law of physics, Ant-man has the Quantum force. I just hope Ant-man will soon get the rise in popularity as GOTG did. More Ant-man comics please!!!!!!
Zwag Zio
Zwag Zio 3 kun oldin
I mean Doctor Strange could just turn back time so he is big again...
Zwag Zio
Zwag Zio 3 kun oldin
But can he tho?
Maddy K.
Maddy K. 3 kun oldin
Every time you mention infinity war in the video I die a little inside :(
NamidaNoNozumi 3 kun oldin
Would Gambit be the most powerful X-Man? He does play with kinetic- potential energy right?
Ethan Wagner
Ethan Wagner 3 kun oldin
About the mass problem: what if we were to pretend that Hank Pym also discovered a way to increase and decrease interactions with the Higgs Field, allowing him to change the mass of particles?
CtGuy 3 kun oldin
why u don't say Thor at first ??? THor is stronger than Hulk and Even than doctor strange
Peggy Gaul
Peggy Gaul 3 kun oldin
Because science
Sleepy Jo
Sleepy Jo 3 kun oldin
Wait so can Hope’s Mom do the same thing or no?
Leo Fischer
Leo Fischer 4 kun oldin
What about him accidently turning into a blackhole?
0:53 random tardigrade just floating around.
Mubeen Ahmad
Mubeen Ahmad 4 kun oldin
I uuu
Bird Wise
Bird Wise 4 kun oldin
I'm Bird Wise. I'm the strongest of them all Ha ha ha ha...
yaakov helfand
yaakov helfand 4 kun oldin
Can't we just say that his mass changes as he shrinks or gets bigger?
sparkius30 4 kun oldin
Aftab alam ansari
Aftab alam ansari 4 kun oldin
How Janet Van Dyne survive 30 years, when the Oxygen atoms are way big for her to inhale in the Quantum realm. Wouldn't she dead by then.💀
Apple Gaming
Apple Gaming 4 kun oldin
Dude you copied this from film theory i unsubed 😡
Because Science
Because Science 4 kun oldin
Oh so you didn’t watch the video then so that you’d know the two are substantially different? Unsubbed based on the title alone huh? See ya. Check out the “Thanos can’t snap” video over there and tell me if it’s familiar - KH
Rabi Narayan Hansdah
it had 399 Dislikes and I am an idiot. Sorry, I do love Your Videos.
composerdoh 4 kun oldin
Do a video on how retarded (or brilliant???) the "elevator dropping through the earth" idea in the Total Recall remake is. I mean, if they have tech and resources THAT advanced that they can overcome the engineering challenges with an elevator CARRYING HUMANS going thru the core of the Earth, wouldn't it be WAY easier to fix the poisoned parts of Earth, AND set up colonies on Mars, even Venus and Europa, and start terraforming? Seems to me they MIGHT even have some resources and tech savvy left over to start checking out exoplanets before they sunk all the massive amounts of engineering/financial eggs into the dumb "let's build an elevator thru the Earth so workers can commute" basket. I'd love to hear your thoughts or even a video on it. Am I way off? Just a little? Right on?
Trenton Irvin
Trenton Irvin 4 kun oldin
So in Marvel's Civil war. Where Antman turns giant.(Haven't watched Antman and Wasp) How does his power work that way since they explained his power as "The power of a 200 pound man in the size of a bullet" or something along those lines. Wouldn't that mean he'd still have the power of a 200 pound man, but in the size of a house?
Danger_Ranger 4 kun oldin
Wouldn't Ant-Man be realy realy hot, if he shirnk? I mean like a black hole? Wouldn't he become a Black Hole?
Andrew Carter
Andrew Carter 4 kun oldin
Nup. Thor is still more powerful. I mean, look at those guns.
Ally-azhar Abdoola
Ally-azhar Abdoola 4 kun oldin
Hey ...how do ant man breath when he shrink to quantum size ..as he will be in the size of the air molecules.....
Jared S
Jared S 5 kun oldin
I’m so sick of seeing the Thor comments on this channel’s comments sections. Why is it that when a guy has long hair, he automatically resembles another guy (in real life or fiction) that you know of that has long hair? I have long brown hair and to some other people I know, I magically look like every other long brown haired guy they’ve ever seen! It’s so annoying! Men’s hair grows long too! It doesn’t just stop growing after at gets past two inches.
Yeah, no. Time is absolutely a spatial dimension.
Djent - God
Djent - God 5 kun oldin
Infinity war spoiler lol
Djent - God
Djent - God 5 kun oldin
I need a mind condom cuz I’m getting mind fucked
Savten 5 kun oldin
i don’t feel so good mr stark
Kuunib 5 kun oldin
just saying that antman would become a black hole way before anything cool happens.
bill_theodo 5 kun oldin
How do you use the markers? A glass in front of you?😂😂😂
Hello Goodbye
Hello Goodbye 5 kun oldin
13:28 how tf did u know my name is Jordan....
Ruby Red
Ruby Red 5 kun oldin
Jon Dunmore
Jon Dunmore 6 kun oldin
12:54 -- Macy's Thanksgiving Day Rose Parade.
Darth Extremist
Darth Extremist 6 kun oldin
If ant man shrinking brings his atoms closer together, would ant man enlarging be his atoms spreading apart, and wouldn't that weaken the bonds in his molecules, basically ripping him into a cloud of particles?
Arc 6 kun oldin
idk why but this guy makes me think of vsause 3
Stephan Rogers
Stephan Rogers 6 kun oldin
Theoretical nonsense. Philosophical balderdash. When Ant Man is at the quantum level, he can't see anything in our world.
GeoPoliticsJunkie 6 kun oldin
ummm, going 1, 2 and 3 dimenisons already take up time.
Blue-handled broom
Blue-handled broom 6 kun oldin
ant man is the reality stone change my mind
Rishin roy
Rishin roy 6 kun oldin
In comics nadia van Dyne (Wasp) just gained quantumn powers. Just like dr. Strange could see multiple outcomes of a single event using time stone, she could now do the same but with quantumn powers
CYAN-Streakz 6 kun oldin
Ok what would happen between ant man and vibrainim could he shrink trough it etc
Poké Maniac Nick
Poké Maniac Nick 6 kun oldin
that pause and inhale at 5:45 Kyle's channeling his inner Mordin Solus
Harry Pjotr
Harry Pjotr 6 kun oldin
Kyle if you're reading this. Won't antman be weak if he becomes large? Cuz in the movie, it said that when he shrinks, his energy will be focused on one single tiny body which makes him powerful. But if he grows bigger, his energy will be spread throughout the bigger body making him weaker.
Evan Cook
Evan Cook 7 kun oldin
Wouldn't antman freeze to death if he retained the same mass and grew to 60 feet. Conversely, wouldn't he boil to death if he shrank?
Red Lego Brick
Red Lego Brick 7 kun oldin
Doc strange will murder him
peter u
peter u 7 kun oldin
wait! could Antman defeat Thanos?!
kweassa 7 kun oldin
another excellent educational material.. two thumbs up!
Secret_ Brian
Secret_ Brian 7 kun oldin
Ant-man is the most powerful avenger because he can go in peoples ears then become big and BOOM
Samurai Takuan
Samurai Takuan 7 kun oldin
Maybe this is what the next Avengers movie will be about Thanos got rid of half the Universe and Antman will save it and oml this would be amazing
Logan Rodriguez
Logan Rodriguez 7 kun oldin
Scarlet Witch
Soumya Gangopadhyay
When Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk, from where does he gets the mass to grow? Same question for the Ant-Man. Banner becomes stronger and bigger as he gets angrier, hence, his body density isn't reducing, if anything, its actually increasing. How is that possible. When Hank Pym shrunk down a giant building, how the hell he was carrying it around like a FedEx delivery box. Same question for his car collection box.
Bogdan Haczewski
Bogdan Haczewski 7 kun oldin
Ant man saves the world by dancing in avengers 4
kinda confusing but i like it
HagenYHD / Hagen
HagenYHD / Hagen 7 kun oldin
I’d like to see Antman vs. The Flash.