Is Ant-Man Secretly the Most Powerful Avenger?

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When you think of powerful Avengers, you probably think of Hulk or Thor, but should we be considering Ant-Man too? Kyle has the quantum realm science on this week's Because Science!
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5-Iyl, 2018

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Because Science
Because Science 4 oy oldin
Thanks for watching! If your brain feels broken, you're not alone, trust me. *IMPORTANT CORRECTION* We'll get to this in the next Footnotes, but you don't actually need to "go sub-atomic" to experience quantum effects, at least in theory, and Ant-Man wouldn't even be able to get that small, considering that no matter how close his atoms get together, he still has atoms. I apologize for furthering the common misconception that "going quantum" is simply a matter of how big you are. -- KH
Audric  Merryman
Audric Merryman 7 kun oldin
All theories so just educated guesses. I call BS cause then you are playing God
Brian D
Brian D 21 kun oldin
+iNezumi it's an entertaining movie, you should certainly watch it soon.
iNezumi 21 kun oldin
+Brian D Tbh still haven't watched the recent movie so I based my comment on the first movie and this video alone xD'
Brian D
Brian D 22 kun oldin
+iNezumi you might be describing the mechanics of the time vortex that Lang is warned about.
iNezumi 22 kun oldin
Does the fact he can shrink and exist in quantum world mean he would be able to choose and pick which quantum path would he go to though? Like when you are walking you for the most part go in the desired direciton, but you can still stumble etc. and you are not consciously moving all your atoms in the desired direction, you use classic physics friction between your feet and the ground, etc. same with time you don't really consciously choose your path through time. So he would most likely still pop out in his original timeline, as all the "crazy paths" would cancel each other out like with the mirror example. Or he would shrink and reappear in another reality/timeline but it would be accidental. Which is kind of terrifying tbh.
James Meritt
James Meritt 3 soat oldin
There is very little secret. During Civil War he threw War Machine away overhand and it took 3 to even knock him down, and he STILL was conscious after both Iron Man and War Machine hit him in the head.
M Mcmullen
M Mcmullen 22 soat oldin
You have to suspend allot of disbelief when watching. So much that, while I considered the mass change when he shrinks, by the time he enlarged I just wasn't worried about it any longer and never considered it
Bionic Hornet
Bionic Hornet 23 soat oldin
he is most powerful :D just because look awsome :D
KiloFeenix Kun oldin
green day warning lol Macey's day parade
Ken MacMillan
Ken MacMillan Kun oldin
Well, the DC version, The Atom, defeated Superman by entering his blood stream then building kryptonite one molecule at a time out of the elements in his body.
Ankit Raj
Ankit Raj Kun oldin
Why thor is talking about Ant man ? He doesn't even know him.
Vakra Gaming
Vakra Gaming 2 kun oldin
*spoiler alert*
Riks Xain
Riks Xain 2 kun oldin
i always wondered if ant man had a mutant ability to change his density, but that wouldnt work because theres been a few different people that have had the ant man suit
sagi premkumar
sagi premkumar 2 kun oldin
i still dont get quantum mechanics !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex Vazquez
Alex Vazquez 3 kun oldin
Actually, at 7:50 that time graph resembles not only the common sense light path but also a brachistochrone (I think that’s what it is) which is pretty much the fastest way to get from point A to point B.
Alex Vazquez
Alex Vazquez 3 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure I’m only half right with this but hopefully someone gets the idea I’m trynna get across.
Piccolo The namek god of bitches
Antman can't beat scarlet witch the quantum realm is really a big factor since scarlet witch has a more overpowers ability which is probability manipulation. You may ask what is probability manipulation probability manipulation is when the user manipulates the probability of something that's happening something that's about to occur or even a path to Victory meaning that they could see what type of path of victory of every opponent they face she can cause you to die put death curses on you cause natural disasters take away your power like she did 98% of the mutants this a high tier reality warping ability
4G64SicKShoT 3 kun oldin
What if doctor strange put on the antman suit
Danger Mouse
Danger Mouse 5 kun oldin
Ghost was a male.
Black Butterfly
Black Butterfly 5 kun oldin
Stan lee is the most powerful, R.I.P.
Craig Carter
Craig Carter 5 kun oldin
If Ant man shrunk down to the density of a white dwarf star, would he create his own gravity? Also, since shrinking equals reducing space between atoms/neutrons/electrons/etc, it seems like bonds between the atoms that make up objects and ant man himself would become much more rigid, and with less space to work with, it would create more stress on the bonds, but then because the atoms are so densely packed, they compensate for the stress by reinforcing each other, but if something does manage to break the atomic bonds, it would cause all that tension (potential energy) to suddenly be released (changing to kinetic energy) and he would go supernova. IE, Ant man can destroy the world. Is that plausible?
pyruleanfire demon
pyruleanfire demon 7 kun oldin
Im torn between Antman, Spiderman & Hulk. Antman reasoning explained here. Spiderman has the proportional strength of a spider & in the comics is equal in strength to baseline Hulk. Hulk is obvious, the madder he gets the stronger. World Breaker Hulk is very aptly named. The guy punched time for Odin' sake!
null null
null null 7 kun oldin
I really hope that Marvel will go this deep in science. It would be super cool.
David Campbell
David Campbell 7 kun oldin
If Aunt Man (antman I know, just thought it was funny).. if he is the density of a white dwarf when he's the size of an ant, wouldn't he create a black hole as he approaches the quantum realm?
Sourav Datta
Sourav Datta 9 kun oldin
This is potentially the next avenger series....this is potentially another billionaire dollars in the making...
Roby D
Roby D 9 kun oldin
And if you could be as big as a cluster of galaxy or even more??? What’s will happen? I mean your speed movement etc....
Spaceman Spiff
Spaceman Spiff 9 kun oldin
First off you can't say powerful when talking about strength. Two different abilities. Second, are you talking about MCU or ALL of Marvel Universe, because if so WD (World Destroyer) Hulk is the strongest Avenger hands down. and his is not up for debate either, this has been confirmed in the comics. Third, please know what you are talking about. I've seen some of your other videos and you do not know all the information or facts for the matter at hand. Please just do better in your next videos and research as much as you can. That way you're not spreading misinformation. Thanks.
Samurai Walker
Samurai Walker 9 kun oldin
Avengers 4 lol
Dune669 9 kun oldin
There are A LOT of things wrong with how Ant-mans powers work from a scientific perspective. Just one of these wonderful problems is Cold fusion. Naturally electromagnetic force keeps atomic nuclei far enough away not to fuse, however if you reduce the space between atoms the strong nuclear force should pull them together and release energy. If Ant-man shrunk down small enough he would literally turn into a fusion bomb.
Sebastien Guenette
Sebastien Guenette 10 kun oldin
I know that is not part of the Avengers or the Marvel bunch, but how about Dr Manhattan, that blue guy from DC Comics Watchmen? I think if they both existed, Dr Manhattan would be the Most Powerful. What do you think ???
Sebastien Guenette
Sebastien Guenette 10 kun oldin
He was originally Dr. Jonathan Osterman, a nuclear physicist who in 1959 acquired superpowers after surviving being disintegrated in an Intrinsic Field Subtractor and reconstructing himself. Following his reanimation, he was immediately pressed into service by the United States government, who gave him the name Doctor Manhattan, after the Manhattan Project. He is the only character in the story that possesses actual superpowers.
roy ben
roy ben 10 kun oldin
Thor why are your hitting yourself?
Erik Myer
Erik Myer 10 kun oldin
This guy is just too smart
Twan Roodenburg
Twan Roodenburg 11 kun oldin
Dr strange can also enter the quantum realm you can see it in the ride the ancient one gives dr strange when he punches his spirot out of his body
Twan Roodenburg
Twan Roodenburg 11 kun oldin
Corection spirit
M R 11 kun oldin
This is the only channel you will find intelligent comments
C Day
C Day 12 kun oldin
So, if Ant Man being small with the same human mass makes him stronger, does that mean that when he grows to huge sizes like in Ant Man and the Wasp, does he become exponentially weaker, having his same mass spread out much further?
Scitimar 12 kun oldin
I've been in an elevator once a while back that it mirrors on three of the panels It was the craziest thing I've ever seen, I could see the edges of each mirror in the reflection edge to when it changes colour to the point there is no more light rebounding out of the mirrors it was like there was a abyss in the centre of the mirrors.
atel vai
atel vai 12 kun oldin
take love from bangladesh
M4RRØN3 13 kun oldin
You are being generous, Thor
SHA AK47 13 kun oldin
Ma boi thor can fuck the galaxy up
BLOOD-SUCKING EEL 13 kun oldin
'aiming at the head now'
BLOOD-SUCKING EEL 13 kun oldin
Mat-pat did this.
Rex the Unrelenting
Rex the Unrelenting 14 kun oldin
Ant man and Flash
yeppeogeu 14 kun oldin
did you just spoiled avenger 4
Nathaniel Thomson
Nathaniel Thomson 14 kun oldin
If antman went sub atomic wouldn't he collapse into a black hole?
Glittering Studio
Glittering Studio 15 kun oldin
Do a why Hawkeye and antman disappeared
J. K.
J. K. 15 kun oldin
Problem is by increasing his density he would become a rock. A dead rock.... Or am i missing something ?
Toshihiro Kun
Toshihiro Kun 15 kun oldin
you are cool
Mr. FrostyIce
Mr. FrostyIce 15 kun oldin
Darien Charman
Darien Charman 16 kun oldin
I'm man enough to admit I didint understand this one (math wise)... but still loved watching! The passion is real!
5duece4tre 16 kun oldin
wouldn't his mass problem make him to heavy to ride an ant when he shrank also??? I thought his mass stayed equal to his normal size mass, no matter if he shrank or enlarged.
William Turner
William Turner 17 kun oldin
HISHE DARTH insidious was right?
sabeer siddique
sabeer siddique 17 kun oldin
Osm explanation
David Dunn
David Dunn 18 kun oldin
Guestion..if you could go so small you break our... know basic laws of physics could you go so big you would yet break another?
Tha nos
Tha nos 19 kun oldin
ExoticHacksXD 19 kun oldin
Did anyone just think steins;gate when he said worldline
scorp 124
scorp 124 20 kun oldin
who come watch this dude for the thor comments? i came here since school was lying to me
Brian 20 kun oldin
Hulk can punch time. Hulk wins.
Ernie the Quiet Doom
When comic book writers have the knowledge that science does, then we'll have some answers
totheWindow totheWall
Hawkeye. It’s Hawkeye.
Mohammad Mazeh
Mohammad Mazeh 21 kun oldin
How has this guy not hit 2 mil yet
Paul Aguilar
Paul Aguilar 21 kun oldin
Odin could save the world but band himself to test Thor
Christian Jackson
Christian Jackson 22 kun oldin
I bet this guy, when he watches a marvel movie, is just thinking about the science behind it, then the actual story😂
T F H F T W 21 kun oldin
... lol .. I can see that
Jason Steiner
Jason Steiner 23 kun oldin
When Ant Man becomes giant man he pulls Mass from another dimension Ant-Man formula and Giant-Man formula are different
paraskevasdmtr154 23 kun oldin
Best. Fraking. Episode. Ever. Movie studios should hire people like that ,and actually LISTEN, to improve their plotlines.
David Hejna
David Hejna 23 kun oldin
Wait. Wouldn't he turn in to a Black hole?
Ape X
Ape X 23 kun oldin
How does he not die doing dat
91UnclesRemuses 24 kun oldin
Pym particles, ain't gotta explain shit
Nite Lawliet
Nite Lawliet 24 kun oldin
If think it's you thor😂😂😂 the strongest avenger strange u didn t mention it
Ady •
Ady • 24 kun oldin
there is one thing I never understood about ant man: if he keeps the same mass when he shrinks to the size of an ant how can he stand on a gun or any small object without breaking it or making it move like he would if he was still big (because he has the same mass)
Ilic Sorrentino
Ilic Sorrentino 24 kun oldin
Wither Fang136
Wither Fang136 24 kun oldin
Wouldn't he turn into a black hole if he shrunk down far enough?
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore 25 kun oldin
You look like thor. I look like aquaman if he were skinny like recruit captain america.
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore 25 kun oldin
We should hang out.
kyle kocaoglu
kyle kocaoglu 25 kun oldin
Considering the flash can move his legs with super speed, can he use that to do a super jump? Even without super strength, by simply sitting and then standing at super speed, he is accelerating his body mass upward at a phenomenal rate. The flash can stand faster than you can fire a bullet, so if he left the ground with that much upward momentum then what?
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 25 kun oldin
Increuble! En este episodio si que te lucíste con la explicación, me tomará un buen rato entender absolutamente todo lo que dijiste. Just please keep making those amazing videos. I love this!
julian x princess
julian x princess 25 kun oldin
But doesn't it say IN the movies or the comics ( I can't remember which ) that Dr. Stranger powers are based in the quantum realm 2??
Keaton Fitzgerald
Keaton Fitzgerald 26 kun oldin
He is also the most powerful because he can make a black hole. Let me explain. When he goes into “the Quantum Realm” his atoms are super close together and make him very dense. But not dense enough to make black hole. When goes to something as small as something like qork(prob spelled that wrong), the smallest thing known to man, he would still not be dense enough. But when he gets to images where there is crystal like substances around, probably directed to strings in string theory, he has enough density to become a black hole. I rest my case.
SelphieFairy 26 kun oldin
I like these videos but this one broke my brain.
Artan9000 26 kun oldin
so when would he turn into a black hole?
bo ros
bo ros 26 kun oldin
This gave me goosebumps. I really love ant man
LaMonte Jackson
LaMonte Jackson 26 kun oldin
Has anyone else notice whenever a"kid" starts an argument in UZvid comments, people associate the age between 9-12? Why is that?
sakura 26 kun oldin
i want control of these quantum mechanics
Louis Brian
Louis Brian 26 kun oldin
This video Basically explains quantum mechanics.
Ronald Ntale
Ronald Ntale 27 kun oldin
i dont understand some of the complex scientific terms that you use in your videos but your explianations help and i like that
Link_Team 27 kun oldin
Worldlines. known to the undertale fandom as FUN: Functional Universe Number
Into TheWoods
Into TheWoods 27 kun oldin
(Enter okabe Rintaro) "Did somebody say WORLD LINES!?"
Isabelle V
Isabelle V 27 kun oldin
Wouldn't ant-man technically die when being quantum-sized though, since he would be bigger than oxygen molecules and so he wouldn't be able to breathe?
Kiha Akui
Kiha Akui 27 kun oldin
The inconsistency of his mass aggravates me to no end. I feel like the MCU decided to mess with his powers to make them flashier, because of course they would. And literally all it would take is an explanation that he can choose to either gain, lose, or retain the same amount of mass when using his powers. Even if that was bullshit with real science, it would at least be an in world premise that works because different Laws of Physics that are impossible to know.
R Gracia
R Gracia 27 kun oldin
I bet Marvel is pissed he gave away Avengers 4.
Daniel Ozawa
Daniel Ozawa 27 kun oldin
Man, he could pick that one reality where I didn't have that burrito....
Jacob Jimebe
Jacob Jimebe 28 kun oldin
Matpat did it first just mecin
Samuel Chapman
Samuel Chapman 28 kun oldin
I may be wrong but if ant man was made of a ton of atoms like most everything we see. And if he shrinks by simply shortening the space between the atoms. How does he go subatomic and go inside/smaller than atoms. He’s made of atoms still
Samuel Chapman
Samuel Chapman 28 kun oldin
Oh wow you already addressed that ok.
LuckyTundraDragn 28 kun oldin
So basically, teleportation, time travel, and duplication all in 1 power, got it
Tiye 29 kun oldin
I don’t think there’s a single video with out a Thor comment
daily squartle
daily squartle 29 kun oldin
Spider man and ant man
Kingtehtroll_RB - King
i dont get it
Tj Friedgen
Tj Friedgen Oy oldin
I completely get your idea, but how could he shrink that small?
benjamin erlandsen
but how could Ant-Man breathe in the quantum realm? If he is smaller than oxygen particles, wouldnt he just suffocate, and die?
calamorta 29 kun oldin
fair enough
noah merry
noah merry Oy oldin
do not stop looking like Thor, man.p.s. i love your vidos
Tarny Singh
Tarny Singh Oy oldin
Deon Kriel
Deon Kriel Oy oldin
This guy makes science interesting for me in a way my teacher never could
Jake Burleson
Jake Burleson Oy oldin
Hello Kyle! I just saw this and I'm extremely fascinated! If I wanted to learn more about this application of physics or quantum mechanics as a whole, where would you recommend I look? Preferably outside of a college campus
cameron brown
cameron brown Oy oldin
thor or hulk or antman or doctor strange
Chaehwan Lim
Chaehwan Lim Oy oldin
Ant man is the new tardis
letlhogonolo sithole
Smart boy..