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The Secret Garden is launching their new menu tonight and most of the staff seem happy with Gordon's changes. However, the head chef questions whether or not Gordon really knows what he's talking about. He feels that he might be more qualified than Chef Ramsay when it comes to handling the kitchen.
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30-Okt, 2009



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MrJCampbell96 3 yil oldin
@ 1.33 its jordan schlansky from conan hahahaha
Jamie W
Jamie W 3 yil oldin
lol immigrant. He clearly said these were simple, easy dishes not michelin star meals.. probably to make it simple for your tiny brain to understand.
dpsrbi 3 yil oldin
Oh god, I watched this with one of my friends, who is NEVER WRONG in his view. He said "Oh my god that is disgusting, they aren't wearing gloves. It is against the law in most places to cook without gloves. You will get food poisoning so easily. I would never step foot in there." I never argue with the dude cause he is so delusional it's insane. So I just said "uh, yeah dude, that's something huh". CMON the only restaurants that wear gloves are fast food joints! That doesn't make the local mcdonalds more sanitary than the closest grill!
dpsrbi 3 yil oldin
+dannyphehe He constantly gives everyone shit for eating cooked food and meat. The guy is vegan raw or what ever he calls it. Anyway. he only eats raw, non processed foods. He constantly complains about how he is feeling. The diet does NOT work for him, he constantly has stomach problems, which includes a lot of diarrhea and gas, plus a lot of other stuff. He calls that "getting rid of toxins". But I don't think so... I don't care what anyone believes, but that isn't getting rid of toxins. That is your body in shock. I HAVE studied nutrition and other subjects that have to do with the human body and how it reacts to certain things, inc medication. This guy is a major extreme though. I don't really have anything against vegan, raw, what ever. Although I personally don't think a raw diet is healthy, I wont say anything to you to try to convert you to a different way of life. You make your own decisions. But on the other hand, if you try to tell me that my diet is wrong, or try to convert me in any way then I will BOMBARD you with every fucking fact that I can dish out. Which includes over 10 years of classes/experience and everything else (professional sources).
lightofgoku 3 yil oldin
gordon is from the same area i come from and i can only admire him for the way hes rose up to from nothing to one of the worlds most famous men, i would really like to try some of his food though my budget barely stretches to mcdonalds lol
Woody New Yorker
Woody New Yorker 3 yil oldin
Cameron Starnes
Cameron Starnes 3 yil oldin
"I was voted best chef in *some name* valley" Does this really matter? Probably the best chef of all time is going to out rank some wack vote for best chef in the valley
Kyris Xiandrii
Kyris Xiandrii 3 yil oldin
"i was voted best chef in the valley" oh sorry could you just remind me how many michelin stars you have? oh... zero? damn.. ok, 'cause gordon has about 300000. but hey, you got voted #1 chef in the valley, so you got that goin' for you i guess
Roofstone 3 yil oldin
Jesus christ.. Every single crudding time.. It is GORDON RAMSAY! He knows what he is doing. If he tells you that you served shit, you served shit!
Icela Martinez
Icela Martinez 3 yil oldin
I hate the title of the video Ramsey is and forever will be the greatest chefs in the world
CK Wunch
CK Wunch 3 yil oldin
I have personally eaten food prepared by gordon ramsey, it was great.
François-Marie Arouet
I doubt Gordon would serve that in his restaurant after the apocalypse.
sombagonkaron 3 yil oldin
Ego trip, Gordon ftw!!
Tronald Dump
Tronald Dump 3 yil oldin
1:09 "is he a great cook? no" my sides are served
Iris J
Iris J 3 yil oldin
+Sceptile. He looks mexican and speaks french? He should make up his mind
Time for crab
Time for crab 3 yil oldin
+Whiskey I think he's french :v
Iris J
Iris J 3 yil oldin
+Tronald Dump He is just a mexican jackass
Frankie V.
Frankie V. 3 yil oldin
This is from my hometown! Yeaaaa
starcow17 3 yil oldin
Is Gordon a good chef? no obviously not. Those 15 Michelin stars he has mean nothing obviously.
Toxic Hazard
Toxic Hazard 3 yil oldin
+Jack Davidson 'The Gordon Ramsay Group has a total of 25 restaurants globally and 7 Michelin stars, with international restaurants from Europe to the US, the Middle East and Asia' On the OFFICIAL GORDON RAMSEY WEBSITE, do some research. www.gordonramsay.com/
Bass Slap
Bass Slap 3 yil oldin
+Lewis Broadhurst 14 actually
Toxic Hazard
Toxic Hazard 3 yil oldin
+starcow17 he only has 7 at the moment.
Charlie Angel
Charlie Angel 3 yil oldin
Mike Pantaleo
Mike Pantaleo 3 yil oldin
Ramsays food is probably bangin as hell
GeneralCane 3 yil oldin
Poor choice of title. Obviously he's a great chef or he wouldn't have the acclaim he does. He just tidied up a few dishes for these people.
Rod Norman
Rod Norman 3 yil oldin
Gordon is a great chef. From him I learned that store bought is more expensive and not nearly as good as fresh, that there is a big difference between cooking for friends and cooking for a restaurant; in a restaurant the cost of the dish is paramount. I also learned a lot about how to keep foods safe and keep my kitchen clean. None of those things I learned from TV cooking shows where the recipe is King.
skymailer37 3 yil oldin
@1:26 did he pronounce it tuna "knee-schwa-zee "???? Lolol
805fillmore 3 yil oldin
1:23 aaron hernandez
Dominic Cassidy
Dominic Cassidy 3 yil oldin
Best chef in x valley. He has been considered best in the world
Rokyt 3 yil oldin
Wow no comments lol
lobelia1997 3 yil oldin
he's the first scot to own a restaurant that has 3 michelin star
Hindsight 3 yil oldin
0:35 what devon just said their, is the sign of a very smart individual.
sean Sebastian
sean Sebastian 3 yil oldin
Masterchief 3 yil oldin
'i was the best cook in the valley...' yeah, you were, until gordon fucking ramsay showed up.
DanishWithAGasMask 3 yil oldin
Nathan Gutsby
Nathan Gutsby 3 yil oldin
Bowl Cut
Bowl Cut 3 yil oldin
really what it comes down to, is how much you burn for it. You wont ever be consider great, if you dont have any passion, but act more like a zombie. this applies for all proffesions
RMA OutLock
RMA OutLock 4 yil oldin
Goreon is the best!!, Done
radioactivsmurf 4 yil oldin
Strawberries with garlic shrimp?
Anthony 4 yil oldin
I had to rewind it like 6 times , does he slap his own ass at 0:14?
Morgan R. Lester
Morgan R. Lester 3 yil oldin
+Anthony I think he slapped his hand on the side of his thigh... I think...
Amin SZN
Amin SZN 3 yil oldin
+Anthony The side of his Thigh!
Romnel Ortiz
Romnel Ortiz 4 yil oldin
Gordon Ramsey is a great chef idol
Krayg Charlie
Krayg Charlie 4 yil oldin
I still think he's an AWESOME chef.... But did you notice they touched their faces and continued to make food?
MyNameisNobody 4 yil oldin
YOU FRENCH PIG! LOL my fav bit
John Martin
John Martin 4 yil oldin
Yeah he is an awesome chef. Thousands of people send their resumes to work for him when theirs an opening.
Morice Prease
Morice Prease 4 yil oldin
I was voted Best chef by my mom
nick goodman
nick goodman 4 yil oldin
He's got a net worth of 118 million so think he's doing something right .....
Jebus Daddarino
Jebus Daddarino 4 yil oldin
Michel is the definition of pure ignorance.
Christopher S
Christopher S 4 yil oldin
Why are u battling someone that is trying to help u. That's why the restaurants close, because in the culinary industry most people can't take criticism
Flappo Spammo
Flappo Spammo 4 yil oldin
3 michelin stars baby , beat that sukka
Merk 4 yil oldin
15 in total I think
Kevin Sanders
Kevin Sanders 4 yil oldin
Hes at 13 now.
Danny Rumbles
Danny Rumbles 4 yil oldin
Gordon is incredible to watch and learn from. He truly is a master of his craft. Nobody is perfect, but Mr. Ramsay busted his ass to get to where he is today. He's a hard worker at heart, and I cant help but respect the man for his professionalism, skill and work ethic. 
Gamercat Sim
Gamercat Sim 3 yil oldin
I think your right chefs need to learn how to work under stress.
craze647 3 yil oldin
The funny thing is Gordon got his attitude from Marco Pierre who's a maniac but all-around amazing.
MC 3 yil oldin
+D. J. Tanner Amen dude, amen. because of how he worked to be on top I don't question his anger towards other chefs who performs poorly.
Danny Rumbles
Danny Rumbles 3 yil oldin
+Janice Diaz, I respect successful people and hard workers. Gordon works very hard to keep what he has going.
Janice Diaz
Janice Diaz 3 yil oldin
your a big fun of him huh? yes I do as well :)
Metas 4 yil oldin
BAHAHAHAHAHA "Voted Best Chef" Absolutely no Michelin Stars. That gets me everytime.
simple allowance
simple allowance 4 yil oldin
Quick Answer: Yes.
DanTheStripe 4 yil oldin
Ramsey literally just turned this place on its head. To question his ability is foolish, really.
Emersyne 3 yil oldin
+Polo Grundgen Literally the most obvious troll ever, I can hear the crickets from here
Welcome Home
Welcome Home 3 yil oldin
+DanTheStripe If Jesus was a cook, Ramsey would be Jesus.
Fireoncityy 3 yil oldin
+Drew Allen There are actually two chefs that have more stars than him. However stars to restaurants he's most successful. They need to listen to his advice regardless
Drew Allen
Drew Allen 3 yil oldin
+DanTheStripe And it pisses me off when nobody will listen to him in this series. he has the most mechelin stars than anyone. he is rich! why would you treat a person like shit when they're gunna save your career for no reason?
Damien Croc
Damien Croc 4 yil oldin
Gordon Ramsay didn't get his Michelin stars or fame without having to go through intense obstacles and challenges. That is why. What makes a man is not his goals alone but how he makes it to those goals. When gordon was a sous chef he payed attention, kept quiet while his head chef taught him and the rest of his team. I forgot the guy's name but he shouted, screamed and rage even more than gordon ever did. All because he wanted to get the best out of his chefs. I'm not spewing bullshit if thats what you haters think. But if you really believe that he's the 'devil' chef everyone thinks he is then you're damn wrong. The only reason why he is named that title is because he has quite a number of TV shows. Everyone knows how he's like in the kitchen because of that. But nobody realises that among all the chefs in those high quality restaurants.... at least 75% rage like he does. All for the sake of discipline and to get the best out of them by making them sound weak.. So the others under them will think 'shit I have to prove myself, no time for being a slow dick erecting SOB.' many of those that hate him should really watch his shows. Like Hotel Hell, Kitchen Nightmares and stuff. Because he shows that he cares for the people in trouble and in need of desperate help. Not looking at these videos and judging him as a devil just because he says a few shit words.
Adam Hlobil
Adam Hlobil 3 yil oldin
I thought Marco Pierre White mentored Gordon. He seems quite mild mannered but who knows
Neville Thompson
Neville Thompson 4 yil oldin
I would have loved Ramsey as a father. Because hes has something most parents dont. Fucking good discipline.
Jade 4 yil oldin
I've seen every Secret Garden movie. Everybody should.
GamleErik100 4 yil oldin
Well, he's a French chef. Having another chef, and a British one at that, coming in and trying to show him the ropes is a touch much for the guy, I guess lol.
Redneck Mechanics
Redneck Mechanics 4 yil oldin
1:02 it amazes me how stupid people are. How can this guy possibly think hes better than gordon ?
Chris T
Chris T 4 yil oldin
The f word
Studio NICE
Studio NICE 4 yil oldin
Everyone's touching their faces, including Gordon. Now, google Demodex folliculorum. Its a type of mite that is commonly found on every person's face. Nasty.
georgebaggy 4 yil oldin
It's hard to believe the guy is actually that stupid. I'm sure it was part of the deal for him to act like an insufferably arrogant Frenchman to stir up the viewers. Artificially portraying a conflict between a "good guy" and an "asshole" is the most basic reality TV trick since people like to see the "good guy" win in the end.
xjingwen's 4 yil oldin
Chef Gordon Ramsay is a legend. I mean the people who said the food is good, aren't scripted actors or actresses
teevarsen vyticanda
jordon please i wanna b your student
PolloKevin 4 yil oldin
gross they are touching their nose,hair,face etc....
Sneha R
Sneha R 4 yil oldin
oh you noticed that too? I thought it looked weird this is the first time I'm catching this from Gordon...
Enver Mece
Enver Mece 4 yil oldin
Yes he's a great chef I wish I could visit him and copy his perfection
G88 4 yil oldin
"getting costumers back once a week" holy shit.. rich people. :(
TheGrizzlybear456 3 yil oldin
+Vale +stokecityyouth So you pair of soft twats are on a gordon ramsey video argueing about the state of football in a shithole town in the midlands . reality check ,football is wank and neither of of your teams has won anything in about 20 years anyway !
A.J 3 yil oldin
+G88 restaurant once a week thats like nothing? even cheaper than having a hobby really
stokecityyouth 3 yil oldin
+Vale Upset? Bless you petal. 18th feel good?
Vale 3 yil oldin
+stokecityyouth There's no need to be upset sweetheart
G88 3 yil oldin
+MrWill1729 Ah, yes. I'm from Belgium. But to go out eating in one of Gordon's restaurants seems expensive hahaha.
Kitchen Nightmare drinking game. Drink everytime Gordon says "Yeah"
Toxic Bill
Toxic Bill 3 yil oldin
+TheNaturalPatHarris or likewise
Sean Taylor
Sean Taylor 4 yil oldin
or jesus christ from heaven above
93ImagineBreaker 4 yil oldin
+JustElevate ot its raw/or could kill/hospitalize someone
JustElevate 4 yil oldin
Or fuck.
Ronald Brandt
Ronald Brandt 4 yil oldin
he is so humble that others try to slap him and he won't respond. he might be course but is perfect at cooking as well. GORDON RAMSEY is indeed a talent and he is amazing as a cook. watch "The F Word" if you wish.
AutumnAsh 4 yil oldin
what season was this from?
Nathan D
Nathan D 4 yil oldin
ITS ROTTEN!!!!!!!!!!
slimyesli 4 yil oldin
FUckin hell i swear i've seen the guy 1:41 in a movie or show
Hayden Borst
Hayden Borst 4 yil oldin
he flies people in to be customers
Tommy Jung
Tommy Jung 4 yil oldin
I KNOW! he looks like the 5-diamond critic in ocean's 13 :D
kieron williams
kieron williams 4 yil oldin
Are you thinking of Jon faverau or something like that ??
Matty6660 4 yil oldin
"Is he a great chef, no" - that's why Gordon has 15 Michelin stars and you don't hahaha
Emersyne 3 yil oldin
+Cahir aep Ceallach Literally what the fuck was this argument
Rex Talbot
Rex Talbot 3 yil oldin
Good grief, this was so embarassing to read.
Vorgoth 3 yil oldin
+repentence Still butthurt, still lost the argument, still so stupid they don't realize it. Still owned like the feminist you are.
Vorgoth 3 yil oldin
+repentence It was exactly what you were referring to, as it was exactly what i was referring to. That was the point. Your reading comprehension is clearly the one in question as what you stated wasn't true, nor was it said in sarcasm. Even if it was said sarcastically, that would only go to show just how ignorant you are. Stop being so basic. Your inability to stay relevant is at cringe levels. Just stop. Im even starting to be embarrassed for you.
Vorgoth 3 yil oldin
+ABrownA You come off as someone under 6 foot that does live with his family, the way you project those as negatives. ALL insults are used by people whom view themselves as better. Hence them insulting you, you idiot.
Obidiah Littlewood
Obidiah Littlewood 4 yil oldin
Conor Kavanagh
Conor Kavanagh 4 yil oldin
Wish they'd show us the Head chefs reaction to the customers opinions XD everything is so much better when you can gloat, even for bigwigs like Gordon Ramsay.
dirtydac3221 4 yil oldin
Lol, no shit he is!
Zahim Akram
Zahim Akram 4 yil oldin
Gordon equals the best man chef
theREALmypawgi 4 yil oldin
ahhh...YES! and you little midget...NO, earn your MICHELIN STARS first
Kern Yih Bong
Kern Yih Bong 4 yil oldin
Best chef in a valley vs One of the Greatest Chef in the World. We all know how that will turn out.
risenride 4 yil oldin
Yes he is. Jealous dumb and unexperienced cook in the video but the customers spoke.
Andrew Heard
Andrew Heard 4 yil oldin
Yes. That's it.
MrPartycrasher25 4 yil oldin
Honestly if anyone (and I seriously mean anyone) ever questions Gordon Ramsey's culinary expertise (Except for a few other well known chefs such as Jamie Oliver and Heston Bluementhal) then not only will get your ass whooped but you will also get humiliated badly because of his/her lack of expertise in culinary cooking. In other words do not question Gordon's Knowledge unless you have studied culinary cooking at the same place as him and if you have the same amount or more experience then him which to be honest not a lot of people fit under that criteria. *nuff said*
Riazz Kessex
Riazz Kessex 4 yil oldin
Lol, Jamie Oliver is nothing compared to Gordon Ramsay. There's a reason why one of them has 14 Michelin stars, and the other has none.
Compy 4 yil oldin
Most popular and successful chef ever, obviously yes.
JgHaverty 4 yil oldin
Haha what a douche bag, "I was voted best chef in (couldntunderstand) valley"... Gordon's been a WORLD renowned chef for many years haha.
Chirayu Desai
Chirayu Desai 4 yil oldin
Sharon Dwyer
Sharon Dwyer 4 yil oldin
The arrogant French chef deserves to fail! What chef would LOVE to have the opportunity to cook alongside Gotdon Ramsay??? The Frenchie has his huge nose shoved so far up his arse, typical French snob!
Matt Field
Matt Field 4 yil oldin
He's under same delusion as a lot of cooks. Because their French, Italian, Greek etc they think it automatically makes them great chefs! Instead of putting in the hard work all great chefs have to, to become great.
JayKemilLoL 4 yil oldin
stryker7x 4 yil oldin
no, he is not.... he does make good TV . but chef? no mediocre at best
killakadafi77 4 yil oldin
+LeGrand Bleu You're right. I must have misheard that. He was the first Scot to earn 3 stars.
Sir Weezing
Sir Weezing 4 yil oldin
I bet you consider McDonalds fine dining.
Jorge F
Jorge F 4 yil oldin
+Niklāvs Naglis If he's mediocre, then we must all be at the bottom of the bottom, dragging our bodies by the strength of our arms in the blackest of black.
Niklāvs Naglis
Niklāvs Naglis 4 yil oldin
Youngest chef to earn 3 Michelin Stars, has a total of 15 stars, owns a total of 27 restaurants, has several successful cooking shows... and he's mediocre?
Jorge F
Jorge F 4 yil oldin
He may be a jerk at times, but he's very good at what he does. No one can realistically deny that.
richard Handke
richard Handke 4 yil oldin
hi is not, hi is lucky TV chef. How much money he make in this french restaurant?????
Mitchel Sewbaran
Mitchel Sewbaran 4 yil oldin
Don't question Gordon.
Kenny Roberts
Kenny Roberts 4 yil oldin
Gordon is ok, not my favourite, but that french bastard is ignorant
Ismaiel Aly
Ismaiel Aly 4 yil oldin
What a dick!!!
George Fisher
George Fisher 4 yil oldin
Gordon specialises in French cookery, which is famously simple, yet delicious and effective. It doesn't need 50 ingredients, it just needs to look and taste good. It's a great cuisine and Gordon knows that, and serves it in his restaurants. But this arrogant twat who owns this shit restaurant is so up himself, but he can't even cook or run a clean restaurant! Gordon's one of the world's best chefs.
Astralis Lux
Astralis Lux 4 yil oldin
tomtomsatnav1234 4 yil oldin
430,210 views and only 3 comments..... CONSPIRACY
addin8585 4 yil oldin
The food is so little . Here our rice covers the plate.
"I was voted Best Chef of Nobody Gives A Fuck."
Robert Gallegos
Robert Gallegos 4 yil oldin
Haha she covers her mouth in the end clip
FarielD 4 yil oldin
way to go....scratching and rubbing noses on camera....on a kitchen....
The ISO Buster
The ISO Buster 5 yil oldin
And fcking yeah! ramsays is the fcking best evar
The ISO Buster
The ISO Buster 5 yil oldin
Dat chefs wise word . " Just because we've been doing it forevar doesnt makes it we've been doin it the right way "..
Ilyas Yavuzyasar
Ilyas Yavuzyasar 5 yil oldin
Gordon ramsay is just the best cook in the world
GlassLegend# 5 yil oldin
The owner was like, is he a good great cook? No! I was the best Chef-boy-ar-dee.... He know nothing about Chefboyardee
King Koch
King Koch 5 yil oldin
HAHAHA die Michelle hat ganz schön blöd geguckt :D Naja 3-Sterne Koch gegen nen pseudo "grand Chef de cuisine" mit seiner lächerlichen FranzmannFlagge am Kragen^^ Poser!! RAMSAY RULEZ!
steven rotmg
steven rotmg 5 yil oldin
Fuck that fat midget. He dosent know how to cook. I bet all he knows is how to make mac n cheese.He isent even a fraction on what gordon can do.
Joe Beaulieu
Joe Beaulieu 5 yil oldin
Fucking gross they're all touching their face and ahir then the food. INcluding Gordon. I really hope when they cut they washed their hands otherwise just fucking nasty.
putbye1 4 yil oldin
+Entezio Divine sweat.
Momonga :D
Momonga :D 5 yil oldin
he says no but little does he realize that his salary is like a bread crumb compared to ramsay's fucking idiot
dodong orcullo
dodong orcullo 5 yil oldin
Mike Ward
Mike Ward 5 yil oldin
One of the best in the world! & he is also hilarious gets me every time
Will Power
Will Power 5 yil oldin
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