Is The Huawei Mate 20 Pro As Good As They Say?

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Huawei Mate 20 Pro - s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bmy1DzSX
The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the latest powerhouse smartphone from Huawei. It features a large battery, wireless charging, night mode and wide angle photography. Should the Huawei Mate 20 Pro be my next smartphone switch?
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 3 oy oldin
Huawei Mate 20 Pro - s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bmy1DzSX
Wally Wally
Wally Wally 10 kun oldin
Rubbish phone, don't buy toy phones
Angga NNTN
Angga NNTN 16 kun oldin
I really wabt to get those wallpapers
Atharva Naik
Atharva Naik 21 kun oldin
+Kaushal Vaghela weird flex but okay
Skyjade316 22 kun oldin
+Black Label uneducated bot? Your the complete moron telling people not to buy a phone made in China..... You do realize every single cell phone out there including iPhone in made and manufactured in China right?? Your a complete imbecile. Even your ceareal, and many other foods come from China YOU UNEDUCATED MORON!!!! Including your TV, and every other electronic you use everyday. Stop embarrassing yourself pumpkin
Black Label
Black Label 22 kun oldin
+Skyjade316 Communists have killed hundreds of millions of people what are you talking about you uneducated china bot?
ATG IMM 10 soat oldin
Would anyone recommend this phone over an s10? In the market for a new phone
Charo Jm
Charo Jm Kun oldin
I had iPhones and samsungs note 4, 5, 8 and 9 but now i hace bought this huawei mate 20/pro and im not getting back to any of the previous ones mentioned before cos this phone in all honesty make look the iPhones and samsungs like old technology.... It was hard to find it in oz cos it has been sold out from most phone retailers.
Hulg Larsen
Hulg Larsen Kun oldin
Huawei = product of typical stolen technologies in Chinese fashion
Hulg Larsen
Hulg Larsen Kun oldin
Huawei = product of typical stolen technologies in Chinese fashion
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez Kun oldin
Is glad that a new company is stepping on the game...fuck apple and their overrated phones.
Natural muscle guy M G
Just got this phone after I saw your video thank you it's a amazing phone
pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch Kun oldin
Are you recording on the mate 20 pro
Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go 2 kun oldin
Switch to the huawei mate 20
Ben Haenraets
Ben Haenraets 3 kun oldin
I've had this phone for 2 days and I absolutely hate it. It has the most software flaws in a phone I've ever seen and has taken several hours to personalise. Software is the most buggy I've ever used in a phone including budget phones
Natural muscle guy M G
What are your on the pixel 3 ?
Kaze 3 kun oldin
This phone looks amazing. The night camera blew my mind. Is Huawei ban here in the US? Where can I buy one?
a r t u r o
a r t u r o Kun oldin
I'm on that too
Hamani Mulla
Hamani Mulla 4 kun oldin
Flex Woods
Flex Woods 4 kun oldin
I need someone with enough reach to let them know to fix their instagram story situation. Video & Audio go out of sync after the 1st clip & it seems to be an ongoing theme with a lot of huawei users. With instagram being as popular as it is & no other phones seemingly having this problem, I find it ridiculous & extremely annoying. Other than that I really do like the phone lol
RRR LLL 5 kun oldin
Best phone I ever bought It's fast like a Ferrari It's sexy like a Ferrari Awesome settings The screen is like no other 👁️👁️👍🏼 camera is epic ✔️ I like the sound in the speakers ✔️ I love the scratch resistant wraparound gorilla Glass ✔️ I love everything about the battery ✔️ Don't listen to the American government they hate competition Remember what they did to Toyota when they reached top spot Yeah it was a total recall smear campaign yet no one else in the world had a problem with those cars Huawei will be the world's number one very soon specially in 5G as they spend nearly 600 billion in research per year I absolutely love everything about the mate 20 Pro 📳✔️
MrSupremeMind 6 kun oldin
I have an issue with my mate, my screen keeps turning off when I am watching UZvid or even vedeochat with somebody, it's getting pretty annoying. Maybe it'smy settings idk. I couldn't find any huawei tech support, so I came here.
Syamim Faiz
Syamim Faiz 7 kun oldin
I see Illuminati huawei mate 20pro ...
Clean Games
Clean Games 7 kun oldin
Motorola Moto z3
Credo Lopes
Credo Lopes 7 kun oldin
I want one of those 😍
Adroid Sucks
Adroid Sucks 7 kun oldin
This phone would be perfect if it wasn’t an android
thatoriordanlad 4 kun oldin
And have IOS or windows instead? 😂 😂 😂 😂
Xtian Yeah
Xtian Yeah 7 kun oldin
android is the best
someone 8 kun oldin
The back looks hideous
I Am Sad
I Am Sad 8 kun oldin
ISURU THIWANKA 8 kun oldin
woow.. what a phone?? is there any phone similar to this??? lol..nothing..garbage apple is down and down every time...
charles 8 kun oldin
No 3.5 mm.....no micro sd ......NO WAY!!!!!!
Rosen Grace Torio
Rosen Grace Torio 8 kun oldin
I love you dude
Kaleb S.
Kaleb S. 9 kun oldin
Will not buy any phone without any headphone jack
Kaze 3 kun oldin
Remember when telephones used to have wire connection the speaker handset with the dialing base. I wonder if people complain back then that they don't want the wireless versions and prefer stretching that long curly wire from one side of the room to the other. LOL
BIG DOG BITE 8 kun oldin
That's what I said but I'm actually happier with the Bluetooth wireless
Vince Mallari
Vince Mallari 9 kun oldin
Watching on my mate 20 pro i said goodbye to my note 9 and s10
Esmir Arifovski
Esmir Arifovski 9 kun oldin
I think that huawei is a way bjgger concurent to samsung than apple
Jill Patrick Lastimosa
Im using mate 10 exactly a year now and still no issue. Huawei is for real!
Wally Wally
Wally Wally 10 kun oldin
Rubbish phone , don't buy toy phones
GoldTerror187 11 kun oldin
this is on alibaba for $50 lmao
Fluffy Gacha
Fluffy Gacha 11 kun oldin
Watching this from a Samsung J3 Prime. But, my dream is to get a Huawei phone when I am 14! Ever since my mom got a Huawei p10 lite phone, I always treated her phone like its mine but it isnt. Go Huawei!
Will Parry
Will Parry 9 kun oldin
Fluffy Gacha cool life story
Niklas Hultkrantz
Niklas Hultkrantz 11 kun oldin
I could also mention that I can use my Huawei phone to my Samsung q led TV as a lte wifi router. That is a lot faster then stand alone lte modems available from the cell phone service providers cellphone shops.
Niklas Hultkrantz
Niklas Hultkrantz 11 kun oldin
Hi Huawei phones have been better then Apple and Samsung phones for years I have tried Apple was very dissaponted and Samsung is good but Huawei is better. I will take long to explain why I could summarize say Huawei have better usability and performance and some leading hardware inside the phone. One example that is seldom mentioned is the internet speed on the phone defined as lte category. I have the previous model mate 10 pro but they are way ahead of the nevest iPhones in internet speed. Mine have lte category 17 for example. In other words with a Huawei device you get more then you bargain for.
John Doe
John Doe 12 kun oldin
Correction: Sum Ting Wong is the leal CEO of Huawei...
Urbano Moda
Urbano Moda 13 kun oldin
Cool hip video but it’s not worrying photographers, random strange comment lol.
Nacho Constantin
Nacho Constantin 13 kun oldin
In einen privaten Vergleich ist iPhone in alles besser der huawei ist einfach nur viel Werbung und propaganda
John DRed
John DRed 13 kun oldin
Never saw sony smartphone review... Why?
thatoriordanlad 4 kun oldin
I can summarise every Sony review for the last 5 years. Camera is excellent, but the bloatware is so ridiculous that you couldn't possibly consider it.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 14 kun oldin
-No headphone jack -No US retailers support it Nice phone but it's a no go for me
S N 14 kun oldin
Unbox Asus Zenfone Max PRO M2 BRO
Alex 15 kun oldin
Fuck Apple, I’m switching to Huawei. I rather Spend my money for Chinese people than those money hungry as **** anyway the phone will be made in China
Most Likely
Most Likely 15 kun oldin
Ban Powel
Ban Powel 15 kun oldin
Beware these phones seem easy to hack into. And some report of friends unable to message them? Due to hacker returning message as ( wrong number ) avoid
BullCraftMaxx 15 kun oldin
The phone is saying on you though
Nass Abinal
Nass Abinal 15 kun oldin
I'm really disappointed with the volume of the stereo speakers of this phone. The innovation using the charging port as speaker chamber did not work. Am about to ditch this phone in favor of my S10 plus.
Project Salmana
Project Salmana 15 kun oldin
Ya'll in the comments saying huawei is banned in usa, it's only banned for government use...think a little deep why other than the "Chinese spying on us"
Peter O'Driscoll
Peter O'Driscoll 15 kun oldin
I recently upgraded to the P20 Pro from the P9. The P20 Pro takes nice Photos. Long Battery life, which I had concerns about for travel reason. I'm more than satisfied with the new Phone. I know a few people who have the same, and they're happy with theirs.
TheMightyAkkYleX 16 kun oldin
Would be nice to do a follow up video on the green tiny of the screens
TheMightyAkkYleX 16 kun oldin
I meant tint*
godra051 16 kun oldin
Sorry, but from what I see, way better then apple. No wonder Americans are scared of Huawei.
Sweetness Cane
Sweetness Cane 16 kun oldin
I love my huawei mate 20 pro i love my design on it and i got mine yesterday i think its way better then the iphone and apple phones
jasmine ali
jasmine ali 16 kun oldin
how is the front camera !! i tried it once in the store and it didn't get all the details as if it has a beauty effect , but i am curious to know how is it in different lightning !!
Kim Keovorleak
Kim Keovorleak 17 kun oldin
Nah mate
FoxU 17 kun oldin
Iphone is shitty phone greedy and icloud is........fuck hoooraaay huawei
Danny Kwan
Danny Kwan 17 kun oldin
I live in LA. Calif. will I be able to have my phone carrier " verizon" to provide the services if i buy a Huawei Mate 20 pro ?
Michael P
Michael P 16 kun oldin
Nope. Only at&t and t-mobile work with Huawei
Perotrelos_ GR
Perotrelos_ GR 17 kun oldin
Hi I have a serious problem which one is Better note 9 or mate 20 pro
MC- T 17 kun oldin
Mate 20 pro
bulletin vinyl
bulletin vinyl 18 kun oldin
kun kim
kun kim 16 kun oldin
Rupésh Jõshi
Rupésh Jõshi 18 kun oldin
Do of Nokia 9
sakia d
sakia d 18 kun oldin
I have the mate 10 which I bought not knowing anything about it and absolutely love it! Want to upgrade though I've had an iPhone and Samsung but Huawei is the best Edit: unfortunately can't say the same about the freebuds
aniket ghanawat
aniket ghanawat 18 kun oldin
Which music did he play??
Gurdeep Singh
Gurdeep Singh 18 kun oldin
I'm confused between oneplus 6t and huawei mate 20 pro please help me to find better one.
Gurdeep Singh
Gurdeep Singh 18 kun oldin
+Rodel Dela Cruz Thanks bro.
Rodel Dela Cruz
Rodel Dela Cruz 18 kun oldin
Mate 20 pro, because i got the beast super smooth, specially the face recognition so fast.
Jedi solo
Jedi solo 19 kun oldin
Let's be honest. China sells us their phone but they block youtube.and foreign social media. Business with China is always loose for the world and only win for China. We give money to China but we don't make any money. The world gets poorer and poorer although China gets richer and richer. Don't get fooled by the shit sold by China.
Danny Setyako
Danny Setyako 19 kun oldin
This is best
ALEX GITAHI 20 kun oldin
my wife has an iphone im planning on breaking it. My house will not support organized crime anymore by apple and the US government. I must buy a Huawei phone in order to support them through this trying times
William Gregory
William Gregory 20 kun oldin
Huawei was like: You like 3 cameras? Fuck you nigga you get 4!
the0master200 20 kun oldin
No headphone jack and special nano memory cards, sounds like bullshit. Not buying.
Breeski 21 kun oldin
So if I buy this phone will it work in the US?
张晨明 19 kun oldin
yes can work
William Wong Kim Ping
US got 5G too.........Wait, what is that 5Ge pcs of shit......hahahahahahahahaha what a big big shame. The whole world know. Hahahahahaha
Roger Arango
Roger Arango 21 kun oldin
can you do android pay or any type of mobile pay with this phone?
8 CAP 20 kun oldin
Roger Arango lmao you can do any type of pay with this phone, it has nfc, you can even scan the card or anything, i got mine today and i’m so excited about it but i don’t really know what to do with it because i don’t go out too much and when i’m at home i stay on my ipad for movies and games...that’s shit because i cannot use the phone at it’s full potential
Dimuth Malaka
Dimuth Malaka 21 kun oldin
Battery life not good as they say.
thatoriordanlad 4 kun oldin
I've heard from friends that it's brilliant. My P20 Pro is better for battery, but it's still good.
죽현김 21 kun oldin
I'm getting mine tomorrow. YEET
Michael Hancock
Michael Hancock 21 kun oldin
I’m really tempted but I am not a fan of the speaker being inside the USB port. Seems like a really unusual design decision
Ярослав Каган
to those who worry about china spying. like the u.s isnt spying with "hey alexia" or the fbi isnt watching through your video camera, and if china wants to watch me watching youtube and playing games on google play who cares. You google dyson vaccums for example the next thing twitter and facebook show on the ads is what? Dyson vaccumms
Mr. Turner
Mr. Turner 21 kun oldin
I switched to the Mate 20 Pro because of the stunt the US pulled, best phone I've ever had.
Shail Padua
Shail Padua 21 kun oldin
Hahhaha can u give me
TGDD YERSIN 22 kun oldin
Huawei, no way
W assim
W assim 22 kun oldin
I'm a Samsung user for quite some years now, I've always wanted to switch to Apple, but definitely I'm going for Huawei now.
sahibpreet singh
sahibpreet singh 22 kun oldin
Please tell me the name of the music u use
Sam Fruytier
Sam Fruytier 22 kun oldin
Thanks for the review, Thanks to you i bought this beautiful beast! And it was a discount in Belgium so i got it for like 592€! Its a crazy device with a battery that i can trust, the camera is very good to, i just love this Phone! Thanks a lot dude keep making those reviews! Much love from Belgium🇧🇪❤️❤️
panflio pelayo
panflio pelayo 22 kun oldin
Bye Apple
Mirpurya 22 kun oldin
ibtehaj Akhter Room No HC# 110 Pieas Hostels Islamabad says u re a chutiya! pls respond as he says his opinion matters
Skyjade316 22 kun oldin
I believe Apple paid the FCC to block Huawei from being sold in U.S. Huawei was contracted with Verizon in 2018 to sell the Mate 10 pro but Verizon was paid to back out and then FCC stepped in. So now Samsung is copying off Huawei especially on the S10 device. Huawei is 3rd biggest in the world as a phone manufacture.
Hayana Geronimo
Hayana Geronimo 22 kun oldin
Honestly i was planning to buy dslr camera but when i read the specs of huawei mate 20 pro there's nothing i could ask for but ro buy it
Hayana Geronimo
Hayana Geronimo 22 kun oldin
Huawei is tje best phone ever. I am using now huawei p10+ no one could cpmepete the quality of huawei.. Im loyal with it. Samsung and iphone i dont like it especially iphone tjat is just paying the name but the quality especially the camera is poor.. Huawei rise up!
Kevin Huang
Kevin Huang 23 kun oldin
Vivo nex
Monorom Krich
Monorom Krich 23 kun oldin
I like the back of it better. Front looks horrible; that dam notch
Eric Chen
Eric Chen 23 kun oldin
My dad just got a huawei and i am jealous.
M ZAKRIA 23 kun oldin
The Huawei Mate 20 Pro OMG ! my friends will be so Shocked when i pull this out of my Pocket ! Since people i know have iphones ...can,t wait . il be the talk of the Town
Studio IQ
Studio IQ 23 kun oldin
So now, Finally this camera can capture the moon & Stars! ?!?!?!?
teyebiko Gabby
teyebiko Gabby 23 kun oldin
Please can you give me one of your used phone
Norsiah Abdullah
Norsiah Abdullah 24 kun oldin
I like all phone Huawei
Ren-Ren Maquilan
Ren-Ren Maquilan 24 kun oldin
Huawei Nova 3i.. the fingerprint security is too fast.. thanks...
Cosmic Entity
Cosmic Entity 24 kun oldin
Samsung is shit I'm switching to this monster🔥
kosmo seedo
kosmo seedo 24 kun oldin
Chinese phones copying and competing with iPhones apple samsung lg Motorola even got the mate x to compete with Samsung fold dang.😂lol
Thomas Ndana
Thomas Ndana 25 kun oldin
Notch? Then it's not good enough. I don't understand why people are so unbothered by that
PrivateSvet Gaming
PrivateSvet Gaming 25 kun oldin
Unboxing Huwei Mate X
Drago Aleksiev
Drago Aleksiev 25 kun oldin
Stupid Android ❗️❗️❗️
No Name
No Name 25 kun oldin
Everyonr saying shame in US, shame on Apple something like that for banning Huawei But I mean, even Japan banned Huawei to be used by people working in government? Doesn't it mean Huawei really has something?
No Name
No Name 25 kun oldin
Hmm? So Samsung copied Huawei?
drbftoland 25 kun oldin
I actually bought one because of this review but disappointed on what you said about the night vision. I was sitting in the dark and tried taking photos but the outcome was total darkness. So how did you do it?
Nick Miller
Nick Miller 26 kun oldin
So Iphone is yesterday phone now ?
Steve L
Steve L 26 kun oldin
Chinese product are crap Would u buy a chinese car? No
TOMCHANGS 24 kun oldin
lol,So why are people around me using Huawei Xiaomi OPPO and Chinese brand cars? I am a San Francisco Chinese.XD
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