Is The iPad Pro Worth Laptop Money?

Unbox Therapy
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Unboxing the 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch and 12.9 inch. Is the iPad Pro a computer yet? Can it replace a MacBook?
dbrand - dbrand.com/
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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 4 oy oldin
Our sponsor has some cool stuff and it's on sale right now - dbrand.com/
Omkar Shirgaonkar
Omkar Shirgaonkar 5 kun oldin
Bro . If you don't need it please please give me . I need it
نونو نونو
نونو نونو 7 kun oldin
+The gamer 😭😭😭😭
نونو نونو
نونو نونو 7 kun oldin
نونو نونو
نونو نونو 7 kun oldin
هههههههههه هههههههههههههههه ههههههههههههههههههه 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Miguel Angel Sam Lee
Unbox Therapy Fuc apple
Evie _Samantha
Evie _Samantha Soat oldin
Woah the keyboard folio is 180 bucks in America??? It’s 300 bucks in Australia ...
Lhean grace Velano
Lhean grace Velano 2 soat oldin
Can you give me a ipad Thank you very much if you give me😁
Steviebear 9 soat oldin
Why did I want to be that illustrator? Oh right. That’s gonna be me someday...
Khizar Hayat
Khizar Hayat 14 soat oldin
Can I have it
DRAGON CUPCAKE 16 soat oldin
I am curious
Galaxy Gamers
Galaxy Gamers 18 soat oldin
5:38 he is drunk. 😵
Galaxy Gamers
Galaxy Gamers 18 soat oldin
I think the next iPad should have everything the same as iOS with the features Mac OS.
Galaxy Gamers
Galaxy Gamers 18 soat oldin
I think 11 inch 256 go WiFi LTE is worth it
Sheraz Warraich
Sheraz Warraich 19 soat oldin
Chawal banda
BBLUEBOX7313 19 soat oldin
How nice that when you can use de the pencil on the MacBook Trackpad that is a inovation.
Alex Legg
Alex Legg 21 soat oldin
Can I have the iPad Pro?
Joshua Capstick
Joshua Capstick 23 soat oldin
Can’t wait to get one, got to save money for it!! 12.9!!
Aliyaan Usman
Aliyaan Usman Kun oldin
Hi please please can I win this IPad Pro. I have liked subscribed and put my notifications on. Please I have never had an iPad before 🙏🙏🙏
Karti Natarajan
Karti Natarajan Kun oldin
After unboxing what you'll do to that phone keep yourself or give to someone else
Heyzal America
Heyzal America Kun oldin
Anyone remember when Robbie from Victorious had that giant PearPad? This is what it reminds me of. Soon it’ll be the actual size of a PearPad 😂
Mohamad Mohamadi
hello can u pls check paperlike screen protector for ipad pro???
Lizberth Pitcairn
apple should recall all 10 s maxes
Robert Pepe
Robert Pepe 2 kun oldin
Hey Lou... What is the watch you are wearing in the video.. Is that a Suunto ?
Peach_Teazle 2 kun oldin
2:52 that scared the fuck out of me, I was looking away drawing and then I'm being screamed at 😂😂
aurangzeb zeb
aurangzeb zeb 2 kun oldin
Apple products are no doubt better products but they r very very costly
ASugaYoongi 3 kun oldin
" WHO LIKES BUTTER!" Me: " I use to eat butter out of the package."
desislava921 3 kun oldin
WILL NEVER BUY IPAD, IPOD, AIRPODS, OR WHETEVER THE F*UCK, NOT WORTH THE MONEY, TO MUCH SHIT. Guys, just got yourself a normal Windows laptop, Dell, lenovo, never had a better one than my old Toshiba, but too old already.
Stephon TheDon
Stephon TheDon 3 kun oldin
The problem is just like dude said they need mac os
Ken M3ng
Ken M3ng 3 kun oldin
the future of computing for apple: High price low spec.
helloworld011 4 kun oldin
Idk I’ve have the old iPad Pro and I use it all the time but is the new one better or not?
R Reichel
R Reichel 4 kun oldin
The answer is "NO" you can't load a program in.
BeastBoy454 4 kun oldin
What watch do you use?
viper ragul
viper ragul 5 kun oldin
Please give me any one of these.
•Gacha Tᗩᖇt •
I mean..... I’ll take one of those off your hands for ya..
Elizabeth Kooshoian
May i please please please have one of those iPads?
The Den
The Den 5 kun oldin
1:39 When things are going a little TOO well so you gotta disconnect the stand secretly so that Apple doesn't see all that great don't @ me i'm a sensitive Apple fan
Dr Jaysin
Dr Jaysin 5 kun oldin
I have the surface pro and man I love that thing
safiyya 5 kun oldin
Ugh 😑 I would do anything for the big iPad proooo 😫😖
freddy morales
freddy morales 5 kun oldin
I wish I had one😔
Your Sellin
Your Sellin 6 kun oldin
The graphics on the pro is better than most pcs for gaming
Alex Chung
Alex Chung 6 kun oldin
hahaha your description of the pro illustrator was hilarious
Scott Davis
Scott Davis 6 kun oldin
(More Like buttonless iPad X...)
MoistHercules35 7 kun oldin
2:58 worst voice crack I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂
C Tran
C Tran 7 kun oldin
no hate but i feel like when i watch unbox therapy videos, it feels like slam poetry about the tech he's reviewing
Malo RK
Malo RK 8 kun oldin
The rant starting at 4:11 is F'n priceless! haha! Well done!
QNiki 8 kun oldin
the reason illustrators are flocking to the ipad is because of the pencil and the software that is/and is coming
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 8 kun oldin
Is this the one with bendgate or did they fix it?
MegaTechpc Kun oldin
Bend gate isn’t that big of a deal. Just check to be sure the new iPad is straight once you buy it within 14 days and if not, return for a new one. Then just put it in a case and don’t go around dropping it or sitting on it and you’ll be fine.
E102 Gamma
E102 Gamma 8 kun oldin
Yet it is. And no its not fixed but maybe they will do something about it on march 25th at the event
hi hi
hi hi 9 kun oldin
i like this 😍😍😍😍😍
lfyfain 9 kun oldin
It’s not worth laptop money but no one is able to do what they do better. Surface pen tracking is atrocious compared to the Apple Pencil. If you want a closeto pen and paper feel and an elegant pen clip and charging system. iPad Pro is literally it. There’s a premium for this unique product. You be the judge
Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot 9 kun oldin
If this thing gets Mac OS...you just got an apples version of a surface pro...this thing would get a lot of sales...
Jan Karlsson
Jan Karlsson 10 kun oldin
Yes, move on.
putopituco 10 kun oldin
Hi! Which is the best screen protector for the new iPad Pro? Tempered Glass or just a regular one? I don't like the matte finish of some brands... But I want something intuitive with my apple pencil 2 with no lag. Thanks for your help!
Patato Everything
Patato Everything 11 kun oldin
Yes it is worth it. Best iPad you can get. (Best iPad, that beats *All* tablets)
Patato Everything
Patato Everything 10 kun oldin
Quantica I keep my Laptop + iPad on a safe place, where ill notice it... and if i had an iPad Pro, i would bring it to school
Quantica 10 kun oldin
+Patato Everything i know but at some point its gonna be lying somewhere in the house and you wont notice it
Patato Everything
Patato Everything 10 kun oldin
Quantica err.. idk about you, but i would treat a $1300+ iPad with respect, and use it properly so it doesn’t break/bend
Quantica 10 kun oldin
Try sitting on it Now you got two of them!
afsal achu
afsal achu 11 kun oldin
Any one please help me
afsal achu
afsal achu 11 kun oldin
Roshini Jayawardene Yapage
You can afford all that omg good for you
Otto Phillips
Otto Phillips 12 kun oldin
I need a new iPad for school and I have the iPad Air 1
Philip Manamel
Philip Manamel 12 kun oldin
Can you please give me one stuff please Address:Chandy Guntanailk Estate Balehonnur Seegodu Post box 11 577112 Chikmagalur Karnataka India
Dolly 10 kun oldin
+Philip Manamel You Think I Have One? I Am A 15 Year Kid Bruh.
Philip Manamel
Philip Manamel 12 kun oldin
+Dolly will you give me a ipad
melanie curry
melanie curry 12 kun oldin
Is anyone having problems with the screen freezing and not recognizing touch? The Apple Pencil works with it just fine, doesn’t glitch but while not using it the screen acts like it is not responding to touch, glitches, gets stuck halfway through a scroll, etc.
Venom YT
Venom YT 12 kun oldin
2007: Who needs a stylus? 2010: *apple pen floods stores*
E102 Gamma
E102 Gamma 8 kun oldin
2015 actually. Also steve said that for phones and not tablets...
The Robot Guy
The Robot Guy 10 kun oldin
Venom YT 2014
thiago hiromi
thiago hiromi 13 kun oldin
Beef broth.
Rari Rover
Rari Rover 13 kun oldin
Unbox u bastard😂😂😂
Emre E.
Emre E. 13 kun oldin
İpad Pro's Big Version is ....
Cee Little
Cee Little 13 kun oldin
What is this guy on?
LEGIT_BoSS ANDERSON 14 kun oldin
hey i could use an ipad
xd cole.noblett
xd cole.noblett 14 kun oldin
Bradley Greenwood
Bradley Greenwood 14 kun oldin
Apple: gasping its last.
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen 14 kun oldin
What kind of dog is that?
Brodie Folkard
Brodie Folkard 14 kun oldin
The new ipad looks very snapable
Tyler Thomas
Tyler Thomas 14 kun oldin
Cant you some how deal for me a 360 hp device with 4.or more gb grapiccard and with touchscreen and pen ?? I have a lit of contact posibilities but im not beneficiate from no where :) i just have a phone and my parents are sustaining me for dental isues temporary plus i have a 13yold brother :)
North Kaliada
North Kaliada 14 kun oldin
Can someone help me which one should I get?!!!
Shikhar J Dutta
Shikhar J Dutta 14 kun oldin
Where the hell do you expect me to carry this massive board ? M okay with my asus 6 inch phone
Todd Clark
Todd Clark 14 kun oldin
My iPad does not work properly,settings change
Joey Guerrero
Joey Guerrero 14 kun oldin
$8 beef broth 🤣🤣
Gregor Eicher
Gregor Eicher 14 kun oldin
Who really needs this? Apple lost it
Matthew McDonald
Matthew McDonald 14 kun oldin
This all looks great but let’s be honest, I’m still only going to use this for watching UZvid...
Thomas Lang
Thomas Lang 15 kun oldin
Way too expensive, but totally worth it. I use it every day; for uni, work and private
Karshka Yoo
Karshka Yoo 15 kun oldin
That puppy thooo
Random Muaz
Random Muaz 15 kun oldin
i wanted to know that the Ipad Pro can play roblox like pc?
Gursimran Chhina
Gursimran Chhina 15 kun oldin
2019: The year of the slab. "Welcome to the slab."
Joseph Sahagian
Joseph Sahagian 15 kun oldin
I'm watching on my "8" inch screen original iPad
E102 Gamma
E102 Gamma 13 kun oldin
Thats the ipad mini screen size...
afsal achu
afsal achu 16 kun oldin
Man I am begging to you please give me any of them
Zycklacon 14 kun oldin
afsal achu Get a job,
rohit nautiyal
rohit nautiyal 16 kun oldin
This video was very funny 😄
koon kule
koon kule 16 kun oldin
you guys are more comedians then a tech channel, i love it
hug annoy
hug annoy 16 kun oldin
....... ok.....
l sucideblunt l
l sucideblunt l 17 kun oldin
Adr Sngp
Adr Sngp 17 kun oldin
Surface pro is almost as much, does not have usb type c. Did apple just one up microsoft?
Cody Moore
Cody Moore 17 kun oldin
But you can do real work on a surface pro...its running a full fledged operating system.
Aditya Das
Aditya Das 18 kun oldin
ULTRA BlueDrawing
ULTRA BlueDrawing 18 kun oldin
Hilly who?
Levi 18 kun oldin
Ipad pro speakers are soooo good
Mohsin Alee
Mohsin Alee 18 kun oldin
1000% Paid Review.
Ancient So2
Ancient So2 18 kun oldin
Lel friend of mine has 2 ipad pro’s
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 18 kun oldin
Most expensive piece of paper ever 😂
Taylor Plays
Taylor Plays 18 kun oldin
Who is watching this on one of the new iPad Pro 😂
Jorge Alejandro
Jorge Alejandro 18 kun oldin
I'm an iPhone user, I bought a Surface Pro 6 for $800 instead. Just saying.
Bilal Naveed
Bilal Naveed 19 kun oldin
Do something on the Samsung tab S4
Bhavesh kapoor
Bhavesh kapoor 18 kun oldin
That's what im waiting for
Jeffrey G.
Jeffrey G. 19 kun oldin
I'm buying broth tonight. Hands down.
ShannonOcelot 19 kun oldin
I’m an artist and I have the 12.9 with Apple Pencil, and it’s absolutely amazing for drawing
NIRMALYA BHUNIA 20 kun oldin
💘 your videos
Ashraf Ansari
Ashraf Ansari 20 kun oldin
I phone I pad pro or iPhone laptops 🔥🔥
Frosty Games
Frosty Games 20 kun oldin
i still use my ipad air 2
Aman Yadav
Aman Yadav 21 kun oldin
Give me one please please
Abdullah Bader.
Abdullah Bader. 21 kun oldin
Apple believes in iOS more than any other softwares it is so simple, reliable, and everything should work on iOS but if it doesn’t then the thing(which is an app, program or what ever it is) should be changed not iOS.
Joe Korpi
Joe Korpi 21 kun oldin
Go Dairy Farmers... Butter is better!!! 😂
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