Is The James Harden Step Back REALLY A Travel? Full Breakdown

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There's a ton of controversy about James Harden's signature step back and whether it's a travel or not.
In this breakdown video you'll see how he typically does this basketball move, and what the rules are regarding everything he does, step by step.
You'll see whether it's a travel or if it's completely legal...
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23-Sen, 2018



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Get Handles Basketball
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Israel Diaz
Israel Diaz Kun oldin
Technical foul on this ball b**** for talking about harden
The Driver
The Driver Oy oldin
The key then is to read when Harden is doing a step back, sprint at him and slap the ball out of his grip with your right hand as he's lifting it to shoot. He is limited to his 2 steps and that's plenty of time to block him before the ball is above his head to shoot. Defenders instead are trying to block him as he shoots. You're not going to get him there.
George Harry
George Harry Oy oldin
Get Handles Basketball it’s not a step back it’s like 3 steps back
Jeremy k
Jeremy k Oy oldin
What about when he step back and don't shoot or wait for someone to jump cause when going for a layup you can't stop after 2 step that's a travel.
KammaQwazi 13 daqiqa oldin
I deny your reality and choose my own. TRAVEL!!!
Aries Aguila
Aries Aguila 12 soat oldin
Yeah, perfectly right. Nice explanation. Not a travel, but when Steph Curry is doing this, it becomes a traveling? Now what?
Cordell Johnson
Cordell Johnson 14 soat oldin
That's a fuggin travel all day!
WTF SF Kun oldin
This guy is even confused and he dont even know it
Akward African
Akward African Kun oldin
I still say its a travel
Enrico Gura
Enrico Gura 3 kun oldin
Gather(step 0) , + step 1 , + jump stop (with both feet not landing simultaneously) = 0, 1, 2, 3 is legal...smh And you cant travel if you are not on a rocket. Houston you have a...
kosmique 3 kun oldin
I'll tell you what it is .. Its the most beautiful thing in basketball right now.
kosmique 3 kun oldin
i once saw harden jump on an oncoming horse and pull off a gallop-back 3 pointer
hoopin 3 kun oldin
It's a travel if the ref is point shavin & the game is close!
rock mamz
rock mamz 3 kun oldin
gago kalbo
lexi berman
lexi berman 3 kun oldin
i don’t think it’s a travel but my brother did it and they called it a walk
Israel Diaz
Israel Diaz Kun oldin
I call a walk on you if you give me the number baby
Brian Noname
Brian Noname 3 kun oldin
Travel all day
Send Nudels
Send Nudels 3 kun oldin
It’s the only reason the rockets beat the warriors
Daniel Niederhofer
Daniel Niederhofer 4 kun oldin
You are correct you get 2 steps on a layup. However, there is no such thing as a 2 step rule for a drop back shot
Fabian Jara
Fabian Jara 5 kun oldin
Travel in college and high school. Only the NBA has a “zero step”. Traveling has NOTHING to do with number of steps. It’s about when the pivot is established. Once pivot is established, player can lift the pivot and MUST release the ball, shoot or pass before pivot comes back down. Which is why a player who hasn’t started a dribble, must release ball first before pivot is lifted or it’s a travel.
Xavier Garcia
Xavier Garcia 7 kun oldin
It is a travel
Brand Boy
Brand Boy 8 kun oldin
A travel
Marvin King Jr
Marvin King Jr 8 kun oldin
Head shiny boaa
joseph moorer
joseph moorer 8 kun oldin
Best way I could say it is like he's about to do a hesitation dribble but doesn't then takes his step back. Especially when someone does the hesitation dribble then he shoots it verses continuing to drive it to shake the defender Yes it does apply to two step layups if you take the same concept.
Lorenzo Rodriguez-Johnson
You look like a middle aged calliou
Talonmaghapon BMX
Talonmaghapon BMX 9 kun oldin
Talk to my hand
Kyle Calica
Kyle Calica 9 kun oldin
The way you explaine it and demonstrate it, makes sence. But when I see JH do it, the positioning of his hand is (most of the time) off. But its really hard to call cuz its hard to notice the hand positioning when dribbling and a lot going on during the game
crasshh Fern
crasshh Fern 9 kun oldin
What are you talking about? Its travel..
BananaCanGaming 9 kun oldin
No it isnt bruh its called zero step learn your fucking rules
Wigga boi sam
Wigga boi sam 10 kun oldin
My ref trash he calls a eruo step a travel
Wigga boi sam
Wigga boi sam 9 kun oldin
Bru no when i hade a diffrent ref they diddnt call it nd nop i aint in high school
Lil Dagga
Lil Dagga 9 kun oldin
Wigga boi sam you must be in high school lmao 😂 all those refs call it
JO 7Z 12 kun oldin
6min to answer that?! Look, in 2sec: "Of course". You see its simple :D
Cicii Alajereh
Cicii Alajereh 12 kun oldin
James harden doesn't not traveling is a good move🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Lee Rogers
Lee Rogers 12 kun oldin
Harden does travel, Just as Jordan palms or carry the ball. He just ever rarely gets caught
BananaCanGaming 9 kun oldin
No he doesnt its zero step di you not fucking watch the video
David Huff
David Huff 13 kun oldin
thomas Rose
thomas Rose 15 kun oldin
Back in the day he would have been called with two extra steps it's trickery totally illegal sometimes I see players Take 5 Steps and they don't call it go back to basics they gave them an extra step and they now take another one sometimes two even the WNBA the girls don't take an extra step James is damn good he's 29 Luca just turned 20 is bigger will get stronger you can compare his stats to a rookie who is only going to get better only time will tell
Augie Hoover
Augie Hoover 16 kun oldin
can’t you take 3 steps off a 3 pointer?
Nalin Shukla
Nalin Shukla 16 kun oldin
Zero step is also know as a step
Wayne Michel
Wayne Michel 16 kun oldin
James Harden fans like now
Mor Mor
Mor Mor 17 kun oldin
Harden do the move and its not travel.Curry do the move and called a travel.Stop reading that NBA rules man.
St. Sandie
St. Sandie 18 kun oldin
Ok, so if your hand is under the ball or both hands are on the ball, the steps start counting. But if your hand is on top of the ball or on the side, the steps don't count. So I can just hold it in one hand on the top or side and just run around with it, completely legally? I'm confused.
felix hug
felix hug 18 kun oldin
The ruling is inconsistent. If you do these moves towards the basket, you get called for travel. I think the biggest issue with NBA refs is inconsistency. I get it, they are not machines, but they call little slips of a pivot foot as travel and then dont call when someone takes 4 steps the next offence. Similar with fouls. Some days they call every little blockage of movement, then they dont call even murder. Also they dont call same level contact for every player. Harden gets called a lot of times going to the basket whete curry or doncic dont get calls. Curry always gets hit after the release and gets rarely a call. Thats still a foul. With doncic its even worst. He gets hammered from all sides and gets no call. He should be as much on the line as Harden. Harden gets a lot if calls that are actually not fouls. The problem i have is the fact that refs look at what harden does and not what the defender does. In 50% of the cases its harden initiating contact not the defender. That rule should be changed to non call or offence of fouls, similar to leg kick outs on jump shots.
KillaCrossover318 19 kun oldin
Edgar Lopez
Edgar Lopez 20 kun oldin
Ooh ok so if I can palm the ball I can take 4 steps to gather then my two steps? Nice
Get Handles Basketball
No, that would be a palming violation, so not a "legal hand position".
Walt W
Walt W 20 kun oldin
my opinion, its a travel. growing up i was taught two steps to the basket is all you get. i dont understand how he is able to walk backwards with the basketball depending on hand position. I kind of get it but i dont, i guess times have changed. back in the day that was a fade away shot to create space not stepping backwards with no dribbles.
Graysen White
Graysen White 20 kun oldin
It is
Alexander Anoshkin
Alexander Anoshkin 21 kun oldin
In handball there are 3 steps. Some of the nba players should play that one instead of basketball. This is travel. Look at slow motion from 4:27. He gathered the ball. His leg is on the ground so since you take it off - it is a travel.
Giannis Freak
Giannis Freak 21 kun oldin
Handle Geek great video!!! the Harden Step Back is legal. Can we do same with Step forward?? How it would look like? i.e... forward, or sidewise, or eurostep style? Is it possible and still be legal? it would be awesome - Thanks for the great Analysis!!! Thanks!!!
Birge Alne
Birge Alne 21 kun oldin
No travel, you crazy if you say it is
Kresly Kanto
Kresly Kanto 21 kun oldin
He travels
Nicholas Kreider
Nicholas Kreider 21 kun oldin
Kids, don't try this at home, you will be called for traveling every time.
Nick Cowie
Nick Cowie 21 kun oldin
It's not
Javon Baylock
Javon Baylock 22 kun oldin
No good foot work😂😂
Eli b
Eli b 22 kun oldin
the NBA will change their rules for money, and he makes them money
João Duarte
João Duarte 22 kun oldin
cancro ruca
João Duarte
João Duarte 22 kun oldin
ahahahahah és top!
IDK IJS 22 kun oldin
The fact that this much explanation is needed makes it even more ridiculous
Chris Chris
Chris Chris 22 kun oldin
Yeah no, travel dawg.
doc jazz
doc jazz 22 kun oldin
At 2:52, I see the right foot become the pivot foot, because you're palming the ball. How can you now dislodge that pivot and take two steps(!), one with each foot? I call it not just a travel, but a double travel. There should be technical fout each time someone tries that crap, to help rid the game of it.
Brenden Gauch
Brenden Gauch 23 kun oldin
Lmfao this little dude who wishes he could ball defending James the traveler Harden. Zero step your an idiot and i wish i could erase your stupidity from my memory.
scull - krusher
scull - krusher 23 kun oldin
Yes it is
Matt Butler
Matt Butler 23 kun oldin
When done right it’s not a travel , but Harden has both hands or a hand halfway under the ball when he does it quite a bit I’ve noticed . Never gets called . Refs rarely call travel anyways , but I have noticed it in some of his best highlights 😂
LDOES Ortan 24 kun oldin
He is traveling the whole court😂😂😂
B.P. from Turkey
B.P. from Turkey 24 kun oldin
That was just a shity rule, ıts an open window for cheaters, it needs to stop
Anne Michelle Bullicer
Sooo. I can’t take 100 steps just as long as I can keep my hand on top of the ball?! Game changer!
Michael Zhou
Michael Zhou 24 kun oldin
voetbal12 that’s not the point. Not running with the ball dumbass. Having a live dribble with your hand on top of the ball. You haven’t played I can tell. It makes sense according to the rules. Technically not a travel. Hand is on top of the ball so your dribble is alive so you can pause with the ball in your hand and start to dribble again.
Joe Momma
Joe Momma 26 kun oldin
I thought it was only for fast breaks you can take the two steps????? While driving to the hole
Andres Cereceres
Andres Cereceres 27 kun oldin
Don’t think James Hardens step back is a tarvel
Kordae Bunny
Kordae Bunny 27 kun oldin
It's fucking 4 steps nigga did 2 stepbacks🤔🤔🤔🤔
Daniel Hopkinson
Daniel Hopkinson 28 kun oldin
It really looks like a travel
Van Allen
Van Allen 28 kun oldin
How about James harden double step back???
VirtualMedic 29 kun oldin
When clown tries to explain ang justify something that cant be jusrified... Funny and sad at the same time...
Bela S
Bela S 29 kun oldin
savage_pat videos
savage_pat videos 29 kun oldin
Then why curry get a travel when he did the step back
Life In My Key
Life In My Key 29 kun oldin
I still think its traveling
Life In My Key
Life In My Key 29 kun oldin
Because he had both hands on the ball when he did the first step
kramer1016 Oy oldin
I think is is still a travel because that first step back is setting is lovey foot and when he picks it up then it is a travel. Also the nba rules are just so that you can’t play defense at all and that the stars get to play if I go to a game I want to watch a fair game even if that means Kenton or somebody sits on the bench.
Jake korach
Jake korach Oy oldin
You took five steps
Hefe56 official
This is terrible basketball is dead like hip hop
KryptoChronicutelite ༼ つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽つ
4:26 You pick the ball up with BOTH HANDS on your right foot, before putting your left "0 step" foot down, which makes the right foot the gather step. So when you put the left foot or "0 step" as you call it (which is not a real thing btw), that's 1 full step, because again; you already have both hands on the ball. And you proceed to launch yourself into 2 more steps AFTER that 1 full step. That's a travel. If you picked up the dribble a split second AFTER that "0 step", it would've been legit, but you didn't and neither does Harden. He's even worse at it.....
Jay C
Jay C Oy oldin
That’s a travel!!!
Donna Dunbar
Donna Dunbar Oy oldin
James harden haters love it 😆 but he do not b traveling
arcade thrasher
On multiple acations Harden moves without gripping the ball just holding the top.. Other times he literally picks up the ball with two hands and then shoots lol 😂
Kidlat432 Oy oldin
2:50 travel! you grabbed the ball before making 3 steps! you need to make sure you don't grab the ball yet or put your hand under BEFORE the first of the 3 steps. Instead of grab-1-2-3 it should be 1-grab-2-3. 3:07 is ok because you grabbed after the first step.
lionel messi
lionel messi Oy oldin
He doesn't travel
Arki Pao
Arki Pao Oy oldin
what bout the pivot foot issue... when you gather, you're pivot foot is not allowed to move... In a center position let's say the player wants a post moves.... when he gather the ball, he is not allowed to move that pivot foot。。。
Kalvin Abellar
does not make sense at all. so youre telling me as long as one hand is not under the ball then the dribble is alive? then why dont player just take unlimited stepback as long as they have the ability to grab the ball from the top?
Get Handles Basketball
Because that's a palming violation
T1Oracle Oy oldin
Harden has a referee issued passport. Deal with it.
Kumquat Perk
Kumquat Perk Oy oldin
Leave it to a no pigment guy to explain away blatant, chronic travelling and palming/carrying the ball.
Lit Bigballer
Lit Bigballer Oy oldin
if i play on an aau team and i use the james harden stepback will they call it a travel
Lit Bigballer
Lit Bigballer Oy oldin
Some people say I travel when I take 1 step forward is that really travel and shoot the ball and do i travel if i go to the side taking 4-5 steps
Ibrahim Quraishi
Man there are a lot of really stupid comments. Like. Why is it so hard to admit you just didn't know the exact rule? You say you know and play basketball well you think this guy fucking doesn't? You think all of the refs just don't fucking understand? No. You're arrogant.
Post Malone
Post Malone Oy oldin
Shorter shorts please come on
its your boy Hayden Bucio
It's not a travel he only takes 2 steps back
kream korn
kream korn Oy oldin
If done correctly, this move is absolutely nasty, and it's simple asf to do. It's all about hand placement and taking advantage of the zero step. To me, it's not that different from snatch back and hesi dribbles. You go into those motions and instead of putting the ball back on the court, you take a zero and then step back.
consistency man
More importantly....he should get rid of that whack ass paki beard he looks like a fkin idiot!
consistency man
IMO it's Definitely a travel...for the simple fact that it's Clearly a Step..and the facts/rules are you're only allowed a certain amount of them and it's blatantly a player having yet Another step after he's already had his limit and even been stood still for a moment. I CAN see the sense in the whole counter argument to My opinion though, so this really does need to be taken from a grey area into a more clear rule if u ask me.
Baily Leiphart
I look at the comments and say "Wow"... Everytime
Cire Selarom
Cire Selarom Oy oldin
Ppl that defend Harden give me headaches
Baily Leiphart
He seems like a nice guy
Aquila Anderson
alejandro allen
Iam ThvtGOAT
Iam ThvtGOAT Oy oldin
i did this in a aau game many times and it’s not called as a travel🤷🏾‍♂️
Graders Minecraft
Probly not, i think maybe it's ok if u take 2 steps but no more then that.you can hop back once, but anyway I think it's a double dribble, not really . But your picking up your pivid foot V V
Cheapskate Oy oldin
"If a player, with the ball in his possession, raises his pivot foot off the floor, he must pass or shoot before his pivot foot returns to the floor."
benja torres
benja torres Oy oldin
I saw this on 2k 19 i thought the game was broken but I looked at the instant replay and he had his hand at the right position to make that not a travel
yang yang
yang yang Oy oldin
when the ball bounce back,your right foot landed the first step.then left,right,left. thats the 4th step you come to a stop. wasn't even a jump stop.you call that not a travel?
Muufukin Mark
Muufukin Mark Oy oldin
You are traveling every time
Muufukin Mark
Muufukin Mark Oy oldin
This is why I stopped watching basketball full-time two years ago
Le Porta
Le Porta Oy oldin
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