Is The James Harden Step Back REALLY A Travel? Full Breakdown

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There's a ton of controversy about James Harden's signature step back and whether it's a travel or not.
In this breakdown video you'll see how he typically does this basketball move, and what the rules are regarding everything he does, step by step.
You'll see whether it's a travel or if it's completely legal...
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23-Sen, 2018

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Vaughn Bennett
Vaughn Bennett 13 kun oldin
thats a voyage....
DMPontes 13 kun oldin
So if u palm the ball like MJ you can run the whole court, as long you grab the ball from below, right ? Lol
M. Easterling
M. Easterling 14 kun oldin
What sneakers are you wearing
Elijah Mestes
Elijah Mestes 15 kun oldin
This dude is for real fucking retarded. You get one step and land with both feet at the same exact time with NO PIVOT ANYMORE BECAUSE YOU PICKED UP YOUR DRIBBLE, otherwise it's a TRAVEL
Victor Valdez
Victor Valdez 2 soat oldin
Travel, period.
Martin Dee Wan
Martin Dee Wan 7 soat oldin
Sometimes it is.
MrKying 15 soat oldin
It’s like holding ur hands to ur sister’s face and saying I’m not touching u.
mrjones1866 16 soat oldin
When ending his dribble a player may use a two count rhythm in coming to a stop, passing or shooting. The rules say nothing about hand placement. www.nba.com/analysis/rules_10.html
Bruce Davis
Bruce Davis 18 soat oldin
Travel All Day Everyday
Dione Southall
Dione Southall 21 soat oldin
pinny lowy
pinny lowy 22 soat oldin
Yes it’s a travel
Edwin Rodriguez Andujar
This is the biggest crap i ever hear lol
1dayullsee Kun oldin
Answer. Yes it’s a travel. Next video
Keenan Johnson
Keenan Johnson Kun oldin
Bro want if the nba just made the rule 3 steps ez
Keenan Johnson
Keenan Johnson Kun oldin
You honestly can’t do these moves if ur in highschool cuz the rules change between highschool nba AAU and college
Keenan Johnson
Keenan Johnson Kun oldin
Wait at 2:08 dude so if you can palm the basket and just hold it down you can do whatever
Thanos is King
Thanos is King Kun oldin
Didn’t watch the video, but yes. It’s definitely a travel
Dingguo Zhang
Dingguo Zhang Kun oldin
I cant stop laughing. This is not travel, its jump-travel. Jesus hes like a frog
Darion Owens
Darion Owens Kun oldin
It's not a travel duhh, he do a power dribble than 1 2 that's it, I'm a Harden fan an a Rocket fan. I bet none of y'all can beat him 1 on 1 so quit
Wrong. The NBA doesn't have rules!
Aj Malott
Aj Malott Kun oldin
no it is not a travel
Grzegorz Latocha
Grzegorz Latocha 2 kun oldin
Good explanation. Thanks. As many ppl say here. I still don't like it. And I still hate that he got so many fouls called.
John Joko Salud
John Joko Salud 2 kun oldin
The problem is the refs mostly in a non pro league
Tim Mills
Tim Mills 2 kun oldin
While we were dancing to Unk's "2 Step song" , harden was busy 3 stepping all over H-Town
Speezy Mack
Speezy Mack 2 kun oldin
Its a travel
greyson giacalone
greyson giacalone 2 kun oldin
Why is he so loud
Ashton Owens
Ashton Owens 2 kun oldin
No it’s not
dyinbreedband 2 kun oldin
It's a fucking travel (except in the NBA)....
John Doe
John Doe 2 kun oldin
James harden doesn't step back, he drops back like a quarterback.
Krisztian Mezei
Krisztian Mezei 2 kun oldin
you can do 2 steps..simple....there is no zero step.....there is no hand position......2 step legal........Harden travel..........you can call Harden step if you dont want say 3. step :)..........every second step time the ball need to touch the floor......if do after is a travel....so even when he step back 2...to the second step in the same time the ball should touch the floor....but that never happen...even he step 3 the most more time..........NB@..... let him cheat :)
basedgarrett Kun oldin
Another idiot who has never heard of a GATHER. You never played basketball before.
Konon Gill
Konon Gill 2 kun oldin
Hell yeah
federico scopel
federico scopel 3 kun oldin
It's travel only after 5/6 steps...maybe 6/7....
Uria85 3 kun oldin
If this is legal then the NBA needs to address this and any other moves that exploit this in the rule books. I don't have a problem with refs missing borderline calls but this is getting ridiculous. The ridiculous traveling violations or exploits not being addressed, the flopping, and the "ticky tack" calls on fouls are just annoying to watch.
Justin Oliver
Justin Oliver 3 kun oldin
Idgaf how you explain it..."Gather step" and "zero step" both include the word step which usually equate to travels now. I disagree with the statement that all players use it. Rewind 10-15 years ago, gather step wasn't a thing. Everyone took the necessary dribble to keep it at 2 or they were called for travel. Players just lost fundamentals and became lazy. The NBA wanted a change in scoring so they created something to let it go. The travel is why Harden gets so much separation and foul calls. Guarding it looks like it should be stopped a step sooner than it actually is.
Trey Olson
Trey Olson 3 kun oldin
Even if the zero step wasn’t a travel(it is), then when you hop back again that is a travel because that is basically saying you can jump with the basketball then jump again and shoot.
Stephon Graham
Stephon Graham 3 kun oldin
Hell Yes!!!
Randall Jordan
Randall Jordan 3 kun oldin
Big Cuzzo Sheev
Big Cuzzo Sheev 3 kun oldin
Dude explains the rule and shows how harden does his stepback. Retards in the comments “still a travel” 🤣🤣 lmao what. The dude legit EXPLAINED THE RULE and showed it in slow motion. Get over it. Harden is just exploiting the rules to his advantage. The rest of the league should do the same tbh if they want change🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Knathan Knathan
Knathan Knathan 3 kun oldin
James Harden is the Patriots of NBA exploit the rules
NameCallingIsWeak 3 kun oldin
4:27 so James Harden has a "layup in reverse" for his step-back 3-pointer ... nice!
litduckling 22
litduckling 22 3 kun oldin
Everything u did was travel stupid
Jokers Wild
Jokers Wild 3 kun oldin
Shel Gran
Shel Gran 3 kun oldin
This complete bullshit dont bring this to any play ground. You been warned...
somthin else
somthin else 4 kun oldin
Next time you wanna travel take jet blue
simple 2017
simple 2017 4 kun oldin
I own a fingerpoint that is travel
JP Jarina
JP Jarina 4 kun oldin
420001 sub here
Zero Blank
Zero Blank 4 kun oldin
so if you have faster feet, you can do a triple step back.
Gordo Ramirez
Gordo Ramirez 4 kun oldin
It is not a travel people don’t know about the 0 step smh uneducated idiots
Triz ENY
Triz ENY 4 kun oldin
Harden travels and carries all game and it's clear when you watch games and replays of his highlights every step back highlight his hands always under the ball plus 85% of his points come from flopping free throws
Thunder And Broncos Fan
We should be talking about the fouls he draws
Blumpkin Pumpkin
Blumpkin Pumpkin 4 kun oldin
It's a Travel. I dont know how the league let this happen. What a joke.
Varshan 5 kun oldin
Wtf you guys on, you need to bring your visa and it won’t be a travel
Joms s
Joms s 5 kun oldin