Is The Samsung Galaxy S9 Worth The Hype?

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Time for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+
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The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are the latest flagship devices from Samsung. The S9 and S9+ are an iteration on the popular Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. The Biggest change for the S9 is the camera. The new camera features an adjustable aperture capable of shooting at f1.5 or f2.4.
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27-Fev, 2018

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Cephachrome Oy oldin
alsibli Veliarosa Ong
Unbox Therapy your awesome men
Dawson Garret
Dawson Garret 6 oy oldin
imtisaal adil yeah, I mean what he does isn't anything anyone else can't do. He just happens to be a guy who does it. I like the guy although I don't know him personally (might be a dick in person) but there isn't a phone that can touch the s9+. Pixel 2 literally only has a "better camera" but i like the saturation of the s9. It literally has a better everything then any other phone.. At the moment anyway. It's expensive but damn get insurance and upgrade
jackson misisipys
jackson misisipys 11 soat oldin
Could you give one away
jackson misisipys
jackson misisipys 11 soat oldin
Nikos Karfa
Nikos Karfa 4 kun oldin
Loving this channel rn
brijul vb
brijul vb 6 kun oldin
Anyone Watching on their s9+ ?
Keiran Marley
Keiran Marley 7 kun oldin
Its a glossy background. Stop complaining about fingerprints ffs. You're like that fat guy who complains he's fat whilst eating McDonald's.
Venelin Vladimirov
Venelin Vladimirov 9 kun oldin
Брадясал гнусляр
Jonny Jean
Jonny Jean 9 kun oldin
I abandon Apple for their foolishness.
Milan Stronks
Milan Stronks 12 kun oldin
I'm watching this on a s9+
Anthony Trotman
Anthony Trotman 13 kun oldin
I've said it before, bottom line is what ever sound you play on the S9 phones you'll never hear it the way you're supposed to because the top speaker was designed to handle high frequencies, and the bottom mids and lows. Imagine watching a movie or listening to music where specific sounds should be heard through either the left or right channel that sound will be different on these phones because in order to have true stereo both speakers have to be full ranged (all frequencies). It will be very noticeable when listening to anything with surround sound. What makes it even worse is one speaker is facing away from your ears. That's why when you compare the speakers to other phones it might SOUND clearer and crisper because the high frequency speaker is the one facing you. There are youtube videos that play only static noise and if you cover each speaker in turn you'll hear the difference...it's like having computer speakers or headphones with one side highs and the other side mids and lows and declaring how great they sound! I'm not saying the phones don't sound good, all i'm saying is all the bragging Samsung puts out there about AKG tuned and spending an entire year PERFECTING the audio etc. is all advertising gimmicks to make the consumer feel they're going to be treated to a premium audio experience which gives you the illusion it's worth the high price. Phones like the Axon 7 has amazing audio with dual front facing full range speakers and Dolby Atmos and that phone was released in May 2016!
Ammar Alamili
Ammar Alamili 14 kun oldin
innovateur 15 kun oldin
First time on your channel. I am looking to buy a new Galaxy phone. I like your review.
Gabriel Torres
Gabriel Torres 16 kun oldin
New customers probably should wait for the s10 released in a few months on February 2019. I got the s9, upgrading from the s7. I heard the s10 has 2 duo camera on the front and 4 cameras on the back.
Lane Welch
Lane Welch 18 kun oldin
I have a titanium grey s9 and i haven't had a single issue with finger prints. I've had the phone for just under 4 days. I haven't bought a case just yet and i have very greasy hands. So far i'm loving this phone. It's a HUGE upgrade from my s7 and i'm noticing a huge difference between the phones. I love the curve and have no issue with watching videos with the curve. I love the look and i love the phone. Only thing i really notice is the phone is very tall. Screens don't fit on youtube. Not sure if that's common with newer bigger phones. Also it has the Dolby Atmos audio feature which the s7 does not have. I was lucky enough to get a promotion with my carrier and get the phone for 0$ so whether or not its amazing, can't be a bust for 0$
max nav
max nav 19 kun oldin
3:28, (I forgot his name) but he's showing the middle finger, LOL
VACie Chan
VACie Chan 20 kun oldin
Isnt dis dude a iPhone fanboy
giacomo bjerregaard
giacomo bjerregaard 24 kun oldin
S9 lit iPhone shit
Dilanka Lakshan
Dilanka Lakshan 24 kun oldin
*It produces better sorround sound audio from both the ear piece and the bottom speaker + Dolby atom sound enhancement 🖤*
James Ipad
James Ipad 25 kun oldin
I like the sneaky middle finger on the selfi
Miranda Barr
Miranda Barr 28 kun oldin
I love the S9. As an LG user, getting the S9 was the best move I ever made
Revo 29 kun oldin
Switching to android
Burhan Khawaja
S8 vs S9? S9 has an improved camera and battery as Samsung claims that 95% of S9's battery will be like brand new after using it for two years which is pretty deciding factor for choosing between s8 and s9 and also s9 has a finger print right below the camera which is better than s8. Otherwise If you wanna save some bucks, go for s8 its a great device too.
Hansana Abhayapala
Has he actually unboxed the s9 on camera tho
TheChamp 101
TheChamp 101 Oy oldin
Seriously mate... are you honestly saying that slippery awkward S8 is EASY TO HOLD???? Hahahahahahaha
Enginoyunda Oy oldin
Bought it today, getting it in some days cant waiitttttttt
Stefan Pettersson
Going on acid, uhu? But great UL!
Kidsepticeye Oy oldin
0:31 omg get an exorcism. You read my mind
Pizza slice OMG
Samsung better than apple
Michael C
Michael C Oy oldin
Trash ass Android
Charlie M.
Charlie M. Oy oldin
Anyone think I should trade my P20 Pro for an S9?
Tyron Common
Tyron Common Oy oldin
Razin tśç
Razin tśç Oy oldin
Luis where is the Samsung A8s man !!!!!
Balrajda savage
I have this phone
Chino Oy oldin
The new iPhones are so much better than this. The iPhone X, XR, Xs and Xs max all kick this phone ass.
darkracer125 Oy oldin
isn't this supposed to be an unboxing? basicly i just want to know what was in the box so i can get all of it back together and in the box so i don't lose anything
omar عمر
omar عمر Oy oldin
Rihards Kalniņš
Recently bought my new Samsung Galaxy S9, previous had S3 (which works even now), then S5 (also works). All phones have not disappointed me and I am satisfied with all phone services.
Marie Vasquez
Marie Vasquez Oy oldin
I have an S9 plus And it's really Nice
Adventure Grams  Grams
S9 came in the mail last week. Much better than the iPhone XS!
Natasha Ward
Natasha Ward Oy oldin
All these new phones don’t really do anything different that’s worth $850 !
Tormented Truckin
Unbox therapy i need help deciding i have an iphone Max and Iphone X i want to trade it for a galaxy 9 should i or not?
Galuin Oy oldin
Funny. Came here for the unboxing... Well ...
OtriDuo Oy oldin
Is it worth is buying this in 2018 Cristmas. For about 600 eur ?
No Sleep
No Sleep Oy oldin
This guy is just partial to the Pixel. We know this.
Chibi Chick
Chibi Chick Oy oldin
I'm guessing this will be a big upgrade from my crappy 2015 LG J7 phone if I switch. The only thing i'm not to keen on in phones are the screen sizes. I like phones to actually be able to fit in my pockets. 😁
David Martrano
I waited for black Friday, was it worth it? Yes, 529.00 for the 9+, not bad!
Holly Cow!
Holly Cow! Oy oldin
Just got mine for $519 black friday deal...
John D
John D 12 kun oldin
New condition 9+ for $400 off market place 👍💯
jmaedl027 jmaedl
jmaedl027 jmaedl 16 kun oldin
JAT • 26 kun oldin
+Austin McDuffie lmfao gotta agree with you on that one.
Austin McDuffie
Austin McDuffie 27 kun oldin
+JAT • absolutely perfect in every way except for how shitty whites look.
Austin McDuffie
Austin McDuffie 27 kun oldin
Raytyz Oy oldin
i still dont know what to buy the iphone xr or the samsung s9 plz help
Raytyz Oy oldin
+Your Friend Ok thanks
Your Friend
Your Friend Oy oldin
Raytyz wait for the s10.. and don't go to that lcd display
I have a question. in what program you record videos on youtube
Juan D. Gómez M.
Black Friday today... Looks like a good opportunity to upgrade my S6 edge
Nameͫy Syficoͥs •
*I P H O N E N' T*
mcdonnell89 Oy oldin
Who'll talk about AKG earphones Sir ? People aren't sure they are high quality or not
JAT • Oy oldin
They are
shorsh king
shorsh king Oy oldin
im watching with s9 plus 😎
Ayush Varma
Ayush Varma Oy oldin
Hey Lew, There is a problem with the Samsung galaxy s9 plus (otg usb) The Samsung galaxy S9 Plus does not recognise the dual drive type-c flash drive when connected and have to use an otg adapter (type-a) Instead. Hope u address this problem
Justin Seman
Justin Seman Oy oldin
I'm using the s9 to watch this video and it's nice asf
Michael554466 Oy oldin
I like the edge, from my S6 Edge to my S8. I almost forgot side bezels where a thing for a while...
Storms United
Storms United Oy oldin
Im sitting here with my Samsung J3
new wave propagandist
Just got my s8plus and I'm more than happy for the price I paid...450$ cdn
Optic Pinoy
Optic Pinoy 2 oy oldin
I’ve been i apple for along time and i try s9 plus ang its a beast phone.
ashleywatson2007 2 oy oldin
Just upgrade from an S3 to an S9...my world has been changed!
AJ16 AYAANJ16 2 oy oldin
Apple skipped 9 and hit 10
Aldo Moreno
Aldo Moreno 2 oy oldin
Would rather have the S9+ than the S10's mole camera.
Edge bleed chopsticks
‘Civilised way to wipe’😂😂😂
Pedro Lopez
Pedro Lopez 2 oy oldin
Finna switch from years of Apple to an Android!
Ricky Ma
Ricky Ma 2 oy oldin
The video quality actually looks horrendous. Color accuracy is so bad. Anyone having the same feeling?
Jay c#33
Jay c#33 2 oy oldin
+Ricky Ma I figured! Go get that check up
Ricky Ma
Ricky Ma 2 oy oldin
Oh, I mean the videoing quality of the S9 +Jay c#33
Jay c#33
Jay c#33 2 oy oldin
Get eye check up dude!
Raunaq Khurana
Raunaq Khurana 2 oy oldin
Should I upgrade from iphone 7 as it is shit now
Elite Zapper
Elite Zapper 2 oy oldin
S9 $580 s9+ $640 as of november 2018. Waiting till this phone drops to $400 to 450
Double Trouble
Double Trouble 2 oy oldin
DONT BUY SAMSUNG GALAXY After the android oreo update, many functions stopped working: After updating my samsung galaxy s8 to android oreo, basic functions stopped working 1. No more fast charging 2. No more regular charging 3. Physical keyboard stopped working 4. External storage via usb adapter stopped working 5. Hotspot troubles 6. Dialing a number without saving it will not record the number in the outgoing calls history 7. Connecting ethernet through usb cable I reset the phone but this either did not work
Jay c#33
Jay c#33 2 oy oldin
Hahaha that's your problem dude! You bought a fake
Patrick LB
Patrick LB 2 oy oldin
I first saw dollar shave club in teachingmensfashion
Kristaps 0707
Kristaps 0707 2 oy oldin
Van You do a Video about the Samsung a8 2018
I'm thinking of switching from iPhone 6s to Samsung s9, what do you think??
Richard Lemieux
Richard Lemieux 2 oy oldin
Whatever you find reason to bitch about one phone or another...anything is better than a 1000$ iphone with single sim card! You know what...I don't give a fuck about your arrogant attitude and that's why I didn't make it to to the second minute!
Emmanuel Peters
Emmanuel Peters 2 oy oldin
S9 is better than iPhone X because Read more
Meftah Alaa
Meftah Alaa 2 oy oldin
Meftah Alaa
Meftah Alaa 2 oy oldin
Michael Ward
Michael Ward 2 oy oldin
Your crazy if you skeptical makes no sense one of the best phones out checks more boxes then most and yet you cant recomend it yet thats just ridiculous its better then alot of the phones oiut there at 850 even better then most of the 1k phones I mean it should be recommended period its an amazing phone everyone of met all of the tech guys ive talked to all recomend it and all love it and I dont own it yet but im thinking about getting it thing is amazing and again checks all of the boxes not just a few not just a camera but its a great camera you said it yourself its got a good processor its got an amazing display its got ok speakers oh wow the pixel has 1 thing that might be better the samasung its the camera and even you said the camera might actually compete with the pixel so thats the only thing that is close with these 2 phones and you cant recomend it serioiusly all you said that the pixel might be better at is the camera sometimes you make no sense man im sure if I watch the newer video your going to say good stuff about it but your not going to switch idk but either way you switch like every 2 weeks so it doesnt really matter you never stick to 1 phone anyways
Raza Rizvi
Raza Rizvi 2 oy oldin
I have a question . I have a s6 edge right now which has a 16MP rear camera. I was thinking of shifting to the S9. But the camera on that is just 12 MP. So did I miss something? Is it better than the s6 edge or is it worse ? Really need your expert opinion on this before I buy it
Mr. Shekelstein
MP's don't matter
Jefferson Vasquez
My question is all the phones u unboxed what are you goibg to do with them
Gigi Blenkisop
Gigi Blenkisop 2 oy oldin
I just got this, first time changing from Apple and I’m so excited!!
Bikram Thapa
Bikram Thapa 2 oy oldin
Is there potrait mode on rear camera?
PowerCM 2 oy oldin
5:35 What Notch?
Black white
Black white 2 oy oldin
Best phone ever
Max Pike
Max Pike 2 oy oldin
Someone tell me where to find the James Bond-like music he plays in the back ground. It's really good. Piano, sax, drums. Oof this is good man! (around the 5-6 min mark)
BASTI EZ 2 oy oldin
Which is better guys iPhone 8 plus or S9 plus?
John Santiago
John Santiago 2 oy oldin
The way you present your videos and you yourself if freaking annoying.
Edwin Bonsrah
Edwin Bonsrah 2 oy oldin
Watching on my Nokia 1😞
Chan Angel
Chan Angel 3 oy oldin
I can't connect my galaxy s9 plus with my g shock Bluetooth. Why is this so?
im fucking gay :v
Ah I have the galaxy note 8 might get a 9 I really like galaxy note 9 but I might go for iPhone x
AK Scraggy
AK Scraggy 2 oy oldin
Don't. I'm no Android fanboy, but you'll be missing out on things you wouldn't even imagine
Ned Deri
Ned Deri 3 oy oldin
Should i get the iphone 8 plus or galaxy s9
Amine H
Amine H 3 oy oldin
I had an S6 and I've been skipping new models year after year looking for something great. I was almost settled with the S8 but I convinced myself to wait for the S9+, which was the greatest upgrade I've made so far
Shankar Anand
Shankar Anand 3 oy oldin
Worst selfie ever
DiMeHawkz 3 oy oldin
MEANWHILE in aus like 1500-2000$ for phone
Matt Cook
Matt Cook 3 oy oldin
I’m sure this guy thinks his videos single handily make brands “respond” or “change” their hardware/software because of him. 😂
Nadeem Shafi
Nadeem Shafi 3 oy oldin
which is a better buy between oneplus 6t and galaxy s9?
Liam Ashton
Liam Ashton 3 oy oldin
Dollar shave club customer here and I have to say Gillette is just overall better. They are sharper, wider and generally last longer. They're more expensive for a reason but these are an OK cheaper alternative. I have crazy sensitive skin so I need the sharper Gillette blades.
Mark Denver
Mark Denver 3 oy oldin
You gotta review the liquid nanoprotecter. One brand is m3nano I believe. I use it instead of a screen protector and it works amazingly. I think you'll be impressed. Or not I'm curious to see.
Mark Denver
Mark Denver 3 oy oldin
You gotta review the liquid nanoprotecter. One brand is m3nano I believe. I use it instead of a screen protector and it works amazingly. I think you'll be impressed. Or not I'm curious to see.
Max Jefferison
Max Jefferison 3 oy oldin
2:13 Apple users
Joms Studios
Joms Studios 3 oy oldin
I got the Samsung s9 the best phone ever got
ijanae reed
ijanae reed 3 oy oldin
Switched from my iPhone to Samsung , missed the look and feel.
Brady Curtis
Brady Curtis 3 oy oldin
Did you get the s9 plus or note 9? I had the option of getting my first iPhone which was the iphone 8 or the Samsung s9 plus (was switching from a shitty samsung phone from straight talk to u.s. cellular) I decided on the s9 plus and at first regretted not getting the iphone not because I didn't like s9 plus, but I was feeding into all the hype around iPhones and all that shit, but as time as gone on I love my s9 plus and after seeing all the reviews and comments there's no doubt I made the right decision
Ben Simon
Ben Simon 3 oy oldin
I just want a phone better then my s5 so i am going for th s9 since its new.