Is This Some Sort of Conspiracy? [SUPER MARIO PARTY] [SWITCH]

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7-Okt, 2018

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Anonymousmax666 15 kun oldin
go steal waluigi’s shit! I thought he was the criminal?
Travis Miller
Travis Miller Oy oldin
2 2nd places around 12:00 i guess nintendo didnt code for ties :p or needs a more resolute clock, although i doubt thats the problem
Detschizm Oy oldin
Please do another. It's been a while bro!
Pierre Mannix
Pierre Mannix Oy oldin
ryu is a dick to waluigi
/ -FrostSepticGamer- \
Reporter: sakurai what are your thoughts on this game? Sakurai: I hate it Reporter: can you tell us why? Sakurai: is has waluwigi in it
Deg Miller
Deg Miller Oy oldin
Hey, Look! Waluigi! *glares at Sakurai*
Anthony Baudino
More please!!
TheRubyGames Oy oldin
Sneaky!!!! Sneaky!!!! 6:52 there's a jumpcut
Vieveri Oy oldin
Bad hair day and good beard day, because beanie? Thanks for partygame video I has played thease on Nintendo DS Lite
DaisySSBU Oy oldin
Mama r o s a l i n a
Ben Chaverin
Ben Chaverin Oy oldin
What software do you use for music?
Sorta ok Animations
The only reason he picked hard is because waluigi is there
TTVagrin Oy oldin
Waluigi is waifu
Emanuel Kokovics
Great game ! Did you do a video playing with other people?
Hunter Mannering
10:50 almost says you my nigguh hahahahahaha
La. Roller
La. Roller 2 oy oldin
6:40 watch the minigame the dolls don't line up with ryus choice yoshi should have won watch in slow motion
MugenYomi 2 oy oldin
They all went the other way to get the item space.
Joe Mochove
Joe Mochove 2 oy oldin
The constant exasperation with Waluigi's decisions killed me.
X-men comics
X-men comics 2 oy oldin
Me 3 days into no nut november 11:27
Wyatt Patterson
Wyatt Patterson 2 oy oldin
24:54 They went up because if they didn't, they would land on the unlucky spot right before the star.
Tobin Brenner
Tobin Brenner 2 oy oldin
make another one please!!!
StopMotion Unicorn
Never have a seen a situation where it's better to land on an extra bad luck space then a star...👏👏
"What are they doing? Are they high?
1ukfan1 2 oy oldin
I love the game as a whole, hate the maps
Paul Boulet
Paul Boulet 2 oy oldin
Does anyone else feel like this is just another Mario Maker episode. Ryu: "Goodbye Yoshi." *Drops off cliff* XD XD
Ad SJB 2 oy oldin
*Chooses to roll 6 and COULD get a second Ally.* Ryukahr: Well I'm an actual dumb fuck that doesn't relaize how powerful and op allies are yet, so I'm gonna go the OTHER way. :D
Zack Sky
Zack Sky 2 oy oldin
I want another video pls
Tarmanin 2 oy oldin
That ending.
agr0nianTV 3 oy oldin
If you play this again do it with real people or on hard cpu
agr0nianTV 3 oy oldin
It's pretty dumb how you can't choose the Ai difficulties like a normal and hard opponents at the same time or who you're up against :/
Nate Wilson
Nate Wilson 3 oy oldin
See, the game is rigged so anyone can win. Even Ryu could beat it, and we know how bad he is at mario games.
Ishyfoo 3 oy oldin
I just think he masturbates too much since he is so good at this mini-game 11:43
ar ar
ar ar 3 oy oldin
shave lmao
Eeivui Vee
Eeivui Vee 3 oy oldin
Well guess what i'm that 1% of your audience that is an actual kid. -Also a furry.-
Alex Witteried
Alex Witteried 3 oy oldin
I literally slowed down the shuffle to .25 speed and there is a frame skip that happens halfway through but if not for the frame skip it appears the correct answer was the far right doll...the hell troll ass game lol
Yalkın ÇIRAK
Yalkın ÇIRAK 3 oy oldin
You can press A to roll dice instead of shaking the controller
RazaFF11 3 oy oldin
Its so funny to watch let's players go through modes saying idk wtf this is and not read the description lol happens every time
Blake Thoennes
Blake Thoennes 3 oy oldin
I'd love to see more of this, i'm new to your channel but you are absolutely at the top of my favorite UZvidrs, keep it up sir
A Person With a Name
*skips rules* *thing happens* "What does that do?"
Arkoholic 3 oy oldin
I just got a super mario party switch add.
Sam 3 oy oldin
You should play some more of this for sure!
Thun_ A
Thun_ A 3 oy oldin
Spencer Geller
Spencer Geller 3 oy oldin
8:23 Quote by Shigeru Miyamoto
Spencer Geller
Spencer Geller 3 oy oldin
"Show me the..." MONTY!
tracked 9
tracked 9 3 oy oldin
more of this game please, that was hilarious
Schall Meister
Schall Meister 3 oy oldin
The practice in the instructions screen for each mini game is nice. I'd have to say though, I think I like orbs better as items in the previous Mario Party games than in this one. The boards also don't appear to be as large as on the previous Mario Party games.
jacobrocket173 3 oy oldin
Btw, shy guy has the best dice with 0, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 as it's dice, it has better control over all the other dice
Bat Cat
Bat Cat 3 oy oldin
luigi's in the very hard because he wins by doing absolutely nothing it would be a meme if there was a mario party game where a luigi AI just stood still