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New Guaczilla Merch & My FRS Giveaway - October 1st!!
- www.tfoxbrand.com -
After Months, and MONTHS... I would like to officially reveal to you GUACZILLA 2.0!! New Wrap, interior, body kit, engine, transmission, suspension, wheels, exhaust, ect. WE HIT EVERYTHING!!! Enjoy people... more to come :)
Film/Edit: OwnTheLight
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29-Sen, 2018

IT'S FINALLY DONE! (GUACZILLA 2.0 REVEAL)it'sfinallydoneguaczilla 2.0revealbest nissan gtrliberty walk gtrtanner fox gtrgtr revealnissanskylinewide bodysupercarfast caralpha 91000hpliberty walkIT'S FINALLY DONEfamousworlds most famous gtrr32r33r34r35buying my dream carat age18 year old with super carbest youtuber carstfoxtfoxbrandcar giveawaygirlfriend reactsreactiongtr launchgtrreacts



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Tanner Fox
Tanner Fox 4 oy oldin
Never been SO excited to post a video.. if you enjoyed DROP a Like & Comment for Guaczilla...
Mochaismylife D
Mochaismylife D 22 kun oldin
tanner you should get vertical doors
FaZe Dale
FaZe Dale Oy oldin
Awesome vid!❤🔥❤
Armanj Tovi
Armanj Tovi Oy oldin
Tanner Fox I’ve been waiting for so long and now it’s here
Jąmęýľøľžęęý Ğąmîňğ
Hey bro Tanner Fox I have a design for a hoodie merch um the hoodie have black fade to green colour and at the back of the hoodie have "Guaczilla 2.0" and a GT-R on the front of the merch. ♡♡♡ I'm your no.1 FAN
Chase Mock
Chase Mock 3 oy oldin
what was that song s name
NSC FlaREZ69 5 soat oldin
From scooters to this bro been here since day 1 im so pumped 4 u😀
Bryce Lowe
Bryce Lowe 5 soat oldin
I gust found your new tfox car at Walmart and I have been waiting one for ever and my twin brother gust found one
billy bob
billy bob Kun oldin
Lol gay
P Last Name
P Last Name Kun oldin
This whole video is shallow, superficial and vain beyond belief. I hope he wears his seat belt in that thing.
The Reviewer
The Reviewer Kun oldin
Love ur channel
Parker Stoltz
Parker Stoltz Kun oldin
smh drops $1 million on a GTR just to get it in automatic
Daniel gomes de lima felix
TFFOX is cars million dollars
iTelesto 2 kun oldin
Its on bags no thank you
Your Mother Hubbard
Sick car but tanner is a fuckin pleb lmao
slapuhho 2 kun oldin
LOWKEY He still OWES money on it hes credit card would only cover 20 grand hes just borrowing everything else 😂
Julian Rime
Julian Rime 3 kun oldin
Is it even a gtr at this point
Julian Rime
Julian Rime 3 kun oldin
Big wang gang to bois
Matthew Hanlin
Matthew Hanlin 3 kun oldin
Those air pods are fly af
Yugihan 3 kun oldin
Bryce woodward
Bryce woodward 3 kun oldin
Does anyone know the song from 11:22 on wards
Kaleb Marshall
Kaleb Marshall 4 kun oldin
I got the Gauczilla Hot Wheel from Walmart today
Captain PeeWee
Captain PeeWee 4 kun oldin
I liked the old tanner
Freddy Fuentes
Freddy Fuentes 4 kun oldin
Whats the song 5:40
Daniel Smart
Daniel Smart 4 kun oldin
birches stop talking about him
Lucifer 0001
Lucifer 0001 4 kun oldin
He tried to copy jake paul lol 😂 u failed nd u sucks Nd if u can afford the car and u can’t spend a good amount of money on ur face Wear some mask to stop dropping ur acne 😂😂😂
chłop choinką biega
Chuj ci na kurwe
Burak Ozakman
Burak Ozakman 5 kun oldin
Ur acne fucking annoys tf outta me
Dj Smith
Dj Smith 5 kun oldin
What is the song at 6:32
MaxYT Gaming
MaxYT Gaming 6 kun oldin
is the hotwheels Guaczilla 2.0 sale?
Reza hosseini
Reza hosseini 6 kun oldin
Reza hosseini
Reza hosseini 6 kun oldin
Hi can you go subscribe to my UZvid channel
Toreba Wins
Toreba Wins 6 kun oldin
poor gtr that thing is so riced out
Toreba Wins
Toreba Wins 2 kun oldin
+Gho St Very over done and to much aftermarket parts
Gho St
Gho St 3 kun oldin
Toreba Wins what’s riced out mean?
Heather Cranford
Heather Cranford 7 kun oldin
I have your Godzilla Hot Wheel and your my favorite UZvidr
THEwolfGAMER beast
THEwolfGAMER beast 7 kun oldin
How monry you lose for make this
Moiz Rana
Moiz Rana 7 kun oldin
I love the GTR cinematic wiew can you plz tell us music
Hobo 11 kun oldin
U Suck
edgaras butkus
edgaras butkus 11 kun oldin
Your the best car I ever see
edgaras butkus
edgaras butkus 11 kun oldin
And you car is on my wallpaper and lock screen
edgaras butkus
edgaras butkus 11 kun oldin
I play Forza horizon 4 and I have the same wrap as you and it's so much fun
AMV LDZ-Topic 12 kun oldin
Can u at least drift
Amani Nkomo
Amani Nkomo 13 kun oldin
How doest love a gtr
Savage Brothers vlogs
My friend Sydney likes you And I hate you
Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell 13 kun oldin
This dude needs to invest in his face
Snowman n
Snowman n 14 kun oldin
I bet the insurance is more than the car
Snowman n
Snowman n 14 kun oldin
It’s so sad that it’s a automatic
Wyatt Hamre
Wyatt Hamre 14 kun oldin
Your biggest fan Tanner I love you
Ti-xav 15 kun oldin
That ugly nickname car lol
FuGgE 15 kun oldin
I don't like this guy.
Shaka Biyela
Shaka Biyela 16 kun oldin
Nissan gtr fanboy alerts tuner and ricer mods included
African Person
African Person 16 kun oldin
11:24 what’s the name of this song??
gilberto ramirez
gilberto ramirez 16 kun oldin
You no Andress the car kid right
Concept Music
Concept Music 16 kun oldin
Matija Stojmenovic
Matija Stojmenovic 17 kun oldin
He tried to make it stance but he didn’t lower it. RICE!!!!
Dᴀɴɪᴇʟ 17 kun oldin
His face reminds me of a connect the dots....
Dᴀɴɪᴇʟ 14 kun oldin
Snowman n I don’t have to look at your face to know you were the reason condoms were made, kill yourself you utter waste of oxygen
Snowman n
Snowman n 14 kun oldin
Daniel Pesantez your face reminds me of a chipmunk
_FARISG4MER_ 17 kun oldin
if that was stick it`s going roar bruh
ilyasTV 17 kun oldin
Please subscribe to my channel and help me reach my dreams and also please check out my recent videos and give it a like :) Don't forget to turn on my post notification ;)
The Diplomat
The Diplomat 17 kun oldin
who is this kid? his parents let him have an expensive car and tatts?
Tinggal Tapak
Tinggal Tapak 17 kun oldin
Totally in ♥️ with your Quackzilla bro.. You’re the best. I really need to grow my Channel, get more SUBSCRIBERS ❌ & viewers ✔️. Pray to God that one day my dream will come true.
raindropp 17 kun oldin
this comments man. earth is hell. i too suffered with acne, and its something u dont want to joke about
Rockwood Tacoma
Rockwood Tacoma 17 kun oldin
at least he is happy about the car lol
Vulu V
Vulu V 17 kun oldin
I hate this generation so much.
Hi My Name Is
Hi My Name Is 18 kun oldin
New car? Crash it right away. R.I.P WALLET
Kaden Beckner
Kaden Beckner 18 kun oldin
You are so awesome
Hernan Hernandez
Hernan Hernandez 19 kun oldin
Stop spending so much on cars and get that face in better condition.
Lance Blakely
Lance Blakely 19 kun oldin
tanner i am looking at buying a gtr because that is my dream can and i also would like to wrap it sometime in the next coupe months how did you now that you wanted that color combo i have looked at other people car wraps and i cant find one that i like. you are the best
Snowman n
Snowman n 14 kun oldin
Lance Blakely please don’t get a automatic like tanner
game gameing
game gameing 19 kun oldin
How do i customize Any vehicle online
Delaney Bowden
Delaney Bowden 20 kun oldin
I love your channel I've been subbed since 1 mil Btw im a small youtuber and could use some support
Whitney Ashby
Whitney Ashby 20 kun oldin
The car is sick good job to sd wrap
1312 88
1312 88 20 kun oldin
ty kretene mluv česky
Kai Inkorporated
Kai Inkorporated 20 kun oldin
What the definition of depression looks like
Ali Akrami
Ali Akrami 20 kun oldin
I crazy about this car
José Paulo Junior Bartz
Mi hot wheels
José Paulo Junior Bartz
Hot wheels tfox gt-r
74' Blvd Bay
74' Blvd Bay 21 kun oldin
congrats the car is awesome and i love watching your videos
Nina Hand
Nina Hand 21 kun oldin
Dang I wish I had a car like that 😍😍😍🔥🔥
Snowman n
Snowman n 14 kun oldin
Nina Hand why it’s a automatic mate
Ben Troutt
Ben Troutt 21 kun oldin
How much was your 🚗
HAN'S GARAGE 22 kun oldin
Am I the only one so confused about what happened at 16:14 to 16:17? Did that lady just throw her phone at his car?
Lance S14
Lance S14 22 kun oldin
this car is so fucking gay
Frosty Fortnite
Frosty Fortnite 22 kun oldin
What’s this song called
Big Block
Big Block 24 kun oldin
You are a awesome bro. You are a good salesman aka youtuber lol
jakeof swords
jakeof swords 24 kun oldin
Christopher Alves
Christopher Alves 24 kun oldin
I hear YBN
Tesiog Vakariuks
Tesiog Vakariuks 24 kun oldin
that air suspension is soo satisfying to see it going up n down
L I G M A 24 kun oldin
ytp confirmed?
Christopher Demateo
Christopher Demateo 25 kun oldin
So much money and he can’t get rid of his big asssss pimples smh
Ninjas Hyper
Ninjas Hyper 25 kun oldin
UZARAS GAMES 25 kun oldin
Sub me tanner
KodeyKode 26
KodeyKode 26 26 kun oldin
What u don't ship to Canada !? I was going to buy $1000 Of merch
Gator Johnson
Gator Johnson 27 kun oldin
Dam that is nice man
Isaac Dapo
Isaac Dapo 27 kun oldin
If I was to get a GT-R before I'm 18 I would be surprised and I don't know what parts of what state I live in are GT-R legal
Itachlazcano21 27 kun oldin
I’ll fuck you up with my evo x
Itachlazcano21 27 kun oldin
You’re gay you don’t know shit about cars
idsieboy bos
idsieboy bos 27 kun oldin
You ASK people to Give 5 dollar if 10000 people Give 5 dollar you have 50000 dollar what is wrong whit you it is a scam
Joseph Giunta
Joseph Giunta 27 kun oldin
If you fuckers think he is a bad acter you are higher then a monkey of drugs
Zeep 28 kun oldin
1000hp know we're talking bro this gtr is the nicest gtr I have ever seen congrats !!!
Jeff Masotti
Jeff Masotti 28 kun oldin
That car is insane !!!
That is the best beast I had seen
TheGetRekt YT
TheGetRekt YT 29 kun oldin
whats the intro song?? :)
Gage Hornsby
Gage Hornsby 29 kun oldin
Tanner i subscribed add me on insta gagethebeast26
Callum Sellars
Best UZvidr ever
Awkward Turtle
How you going to drive this with California's new exhaust laws?
Jordan Bettinger
Hi Tanner I love your Nissan GT-R and that is my dream car to I’ve always wanted a Nissan GT-R
Slasherz 11
Slasherz 11 Oy oldin
So I'm not the only one who's going to use it in Forza right?
mustafa game over
Nissan GT-R
BamaBassFinder04 4
Could've done without that 2001 maxima spoiler.. would've been soooooo clean without it
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