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J. Cole "Album Of The Year (Freestyle)" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Watch the official music video for "Album Of The Year (Freestyle)" by J. Cole.
The Off Season coming soon... All roads lead to The Fall Off - Cole
Directed by Simon David
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8-Avg, 2018

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Lil Tez ひ
Lil Tez ひ 58 daqiqa oldin
Mr. Cole, I Just Want To Say You Are A Inspiration To Me Sir, Ever Since The album Friday Night Lights I Just Admire Your Music Sir, I Just Want To Say Keep Doing What You Doing And Don't Let Anybody Try To Drag You Down Like The Devil. Alright Have A Good Day. - Samtez Warren
F MY Ex 3 soat oldin
I barely noticed this song came out on my birthday
Fueled By Brandy
Fueled By Brandy 9 soat oldin
KOD deserves more than just gold. This shit deserves diamond. KOD Tour was a once in a lifetime experience.
Franzi Stoner
Franzi Stoner 11 soat oldin
Lol beat from eric bellinger - focused on you ?
TrU Clan
TrU Clan 13 soat oldin
Cole look like a wise hobbo who was just handed a mic and a fire ass beat.
DJZZZZZ Kun oldin
Oak cliff that's mah hood
Anas Hmaimou
Anas Hmaimou Kun oldin
Cole > kendrick
Jesus 7051
Jesus 7051 2 kun oldin
no hooks just a sick beat and a savage flo.. Who wants the smoke only one I can see giving him a challange is K dot
Connor Tatai
Connor Tatai Kun oldin
But he took SL-Freestyle beat lmao headass
Daniel Carrasquillo
Jesus 7051 Tory lanez been showing is bars 🤷🏻‍♂️
tyler cron
tyler cron 2 kun oldin
Ybn cordaes dad?
FaZe_LILMANN666 9 2 kun oldin
Gif for me
Jaycee 2 kun oldin
Those Jiddy JID bars were dope.
Fade Kayed
Fade Kayed 2 kun oldin
Smh he got snubbed again 💤
Trey Clegg
Trey Clegg 2 kun oldin
him and dax are the best rn
Simone Pamio
Simone Pamio 2 kun oldin
luiszxzd ante
luiszxzd ante 2 kun oldin
Fuck the grammy who need that shit, Cole the best
Just Me
Just Me 2 kun oldin
This slaps man
JustLMA 2 kun oldin
Dropped a fire track to this 🔥 soundcloud.com/justlma/lma-no-choice-freestyle
javon Heastie
javon Heastie 3 kun oldin
5.7k silly ppl in this world..how could you dislike this freestyle 🤷🏾‍♂️
Henry Lowenthal
Henry Lowenthal 3 kun oldin
he just dissed sabathia damn
Jonhatan Castillo
Jonhatan Castillo 3 kun oldin
Manigga and I kno u c this comments , hit my shii back up Cole ... I want your feed back , if you really love your fans , Respond 2 this
Jonhatan Castillo
Jonhatan Castillo 3 kun oldin
Love how you got a few Millions , and your so humble... who the fuck em I to say this but I will say it because it’s the word of God , but unfortunately that still won’t save you , you can not serve 2 masters , just walk away from this shiii if you going to be like that , walk away from sin ....
100s of Kiny
100s of Kiny 3 kun oldin
"I'm the answer on the low"
kxyoto 3 kun oldin
How much plugging did he do at the end of the song? Nothing wrong with that, it's kinda funny tho.
Scooby Bong Rips
Scooby Bong Rips 4 kun oldin
Cole killed this beat period.
Jonhatan Castillo
Jonhatan Castillo 4 kun oldin
Cole don’t forget your half white manigga ,
Jonhatan Castillo
Jonhatan Castillo 3 kun oldin
Yedi Jackson exactly ,
Yedi Jackson
Yedi Jackson 4 kun oldin
and that means what ? nothing
Tristan Donxayasith
He's on the way to go Super Saiyan 3 with the hair
Joel Torres
Joel Torres 4 kun oldin
Lowkey mad that kod is not even nominated to participate in album of the year
GamerFabio702 4 kun oldin
20 years from now Cole still won’t have a Grammy. Deserves one for 4YEO, the song not the album, FHD, and KOD.
Damien Jones Jr.
Damien Jones Jr. 5 kun oldin
There's no way this is freestyle
kenson pierre
kenson pierre 5 kun oldin
Who’s here after seeing the Grammy nominations?
Daniel Victoria
Daniel Victoria 16 soat oldin
+GamerFabio702 he doesn't wanna win he just wants to put music out there bc it's his passion
GamerFabio702 4 kun oldin
kenson pierre man gets snubbed every year but heard it’s because he doesn’t submit his music.
Nell _
Nell _ 5 kun oldin
Cole got album of 2018, niggas never gave a fuck about the Grammys
Colbi 5 kun oldin
Yikes! Looks like this one didn't age well!
Poncho Brother
Poncho Brother 5 kun oldin
4 months later, J. Cole wasn't even nominated in the Grammys.
Malisha Wesson
Malisha Wesson 5 kun oldin
Cole did not put out this bangin song to still get snubbed by the Grammys, i refuse to believe it.
Apollo SzN
Apollo SzN 5 kun oldin
Check out my freestyle to the Ouchie beat 🙏🏼 uzvid.com/video/video-q6tUJNq4JtI.html
Abstrakt 300
Abstrakt 300 5 kun oldin
5 best rappers rn if u dont agree keep scrolling please this is an opinion 1. Eminem (always) 2.joyner 3.cole 4.token 5.hopsin
Jared Weaver
Jared Weaver 5 kun oldin
I was not ready for that 😮
Supreme_ Sprout
Supreme_ Sprout 5 kun oldin
“Before I had a deal, I was giving niggas hell, Now I’m giving niggas deals, and they giving niggas hell” 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Blue Skull
Blue Skull 5 kun oldin
Think Codae want to fuck with Cole,smhh Cole will murder his ass
edward avila
edward avila 6 kun oldin
That nas beat though
Keaton 6 kun oldin
J. Cole > anything else
Foory Nianguemind
Foory Nianguemind 6 kun oldin
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 6 kun oldin
So we just not gone mention the part where he said "My niggas move kane like HBCU Kappas" oh, ok cool
jamarri wells
jamarri wells 6 kun oldin
How many black addicts den got caught up in tha system??! With no side stories on ya prime time television, I CAN SMELL A BLATANT CONTRADICTION
Gerard Estiller
Gerard Estiller 7 kun oldin
Long live simba #Coleworld
Chazz Anderson
Chazz Anderson 7 kun oldin
this nigga did it again bro
Apple Abston
Apple Abston 7 kun oldin
Steph w the warriors indeed bruh
Escobar 7 kun oldin
Drake wishes j cole could write his verses. #JcoleLEGEND
Mr Mooz
Mr Mooz 7 kun oldin
Yeah My mind state feel like the crime in the summertime Higher than average Lot of cabbage Thank God I never abide by the established Guidelines that keep niggas inside of fabrics Commissioned by the state, I skate by the masters Like "Yoo-hoo" with a new-new ridin' passenger Shout out Oak Cliff, I'm 'bout to fly to Dallas Decade from now I might just buy the Mavericks What up, Mark Cuban? I am only part human, half-man, half-amazing Plus I'm good at math like I'm Asian Hate to use stereotypes, but that's light compared to what a nigga get from Caucasians No race-baitin'-treat the beat like Playstation Reporting to you live from the International Space Station I probably vacation on Mars The flow is out of this world and so is the bars Blow the facade right off of your squad Lil' rappers, I love you, but you ain't shit 'til you got offers in Prague Look that shit up A book, nigga, pick that shit up Expand your vocab I'm giving out toe tags for no cash All summer long plus three seasons after Please CC a rapper, tell him meet me It's absolutely imperative that my heat speak to rappers The problem with this game is this weak sea of rappers I'm the answer on the low, I'm a cheat sheet for rappers I came up 'round AC to DC adapters Plug talk, what I'm really sayin' is a shame but my niggas move 'caine like HBCU Kappas Whole town full of CC Sabathias You think niggas gettin' fat pitchin' crack? Not really This is not the eighties, don't be silly Now we push pills and sell heroin to Billy Now Billy momma want the judge to pardon his addiction How many black addicts that got caught up in the system With no sob stories on your prime time television, I can smell a blatant contradiction Man, listen Don't want to fuck up my vibe Let's end it on a positive note, come see me live KOD, album of the year, undebatably My cadence be the greatest we've seen since the late MC whose name was The Notorious Dreamville stacked like the Warriors Winning back to back Next up to bat is my nigga Bas After that Jiddy-J.I.D That's that New York City kid plus ATL Me, I'm from the 'Ville but I know them towns well Before I had a deal I was givin' niggas hell Now I'm givin' niggas deals and they givin' niggas hell
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo 8 kun oldin
Cole got bars for days
Cookies have lives too
The last piece of 2018 real rap not that fake rap!
conspiracy woman
conspiracy woman 8 kun oldin
J Cole got this beat.....
[Music News]
[Music News] 8 kun oldin
The beat is the beginning of Fabolous - She Wildin
Ajay Patwal
Ajay Patwal 10 kun oldin
dreamville step like warriors
Joe Goliath
Joe Goliath 10 kun oldin
J Cole > Kendrick
RagingBanana 10 kun oldin
What kind of pants are those
five seven
five seven 11 kun oldin
One of the best rappers in my opinion
Imanol Gayosso
Imanol Gayosso 11 kun oldin
All the dis likes are all the rappers he dissed
im already tracer
im already tracer 12 kun oldin
*L O T T A C A B B A G E*
Gerald Ellis
Gerald Ellis 12 kun oldin
Black Jezuz
iaintkidding 12 kun oldin
Got some time?check my freestyle on this beat on my channel show some love ❤️
Darkside the darklord The Begotten
Carlito Banks
Carlito Banks 12 kun oldin
That niggu flow Solomon weak
Mikethegamer 8000
Mikethegamer 8000 12 kun oldin
I blasted this in class so i can show the kids real music do u think im a cool teacher btw i let my kids pick my utube name and upload on here also im bout to teach a leson about j coles strugle and how he over came it. How do you think i should exicute the leason
Carlos Sandoval
Carlos Sandoval 13 kun oldin
And he j walk at the end strait g
Joseph Sesay
Joseph Sesay 13 kun oldin
Im from dallas
sneakgame 3657
sneakgame 3657 13 kun oldin
The black rap Jesus
NOIS PUR NOIS rec. 13 kun oldin
Quincy Gary
Quincy Gary 13 kun oldin
Could have been better it's below average according to j.cole standards
Let me sleep in peace
Why do people think they can go toe to toe with Cole in a rap battle? Keep dreaming yall
Patrick Star Official
Cole over Kenny imo. vvv Salt disposal vvv
☣Rofl☣ 15 kun oldin
Before I had a deal I was giving niggas hell now im giving niggas deals and they giving niggas hell.. damn.
Lil Minotaur
Lil Minotaur 15 kun oldin
I subscribed 🤘🏻👑💸
Phillip Onevelo
Phillip Onevelo 15 kun oldin
J cole got some bars he is way better than everyone else
Khalid King
Khalid King 15 kun oldin
Who came her after DiCaprio 2 and wanna laugh 😂
dawn of the clasher
dawn of the clasher 16 kun oldin
A lot of cabbage
elusive prodigy
elusive prodigy 16 kun oldin
It's weird that you look tall on camera
Florida Boi
Florida Boi 15 kun oldin
+elusive prodigy got cha👌
elusive prodigy
elusive prodigy 15 kun oldin
+Florida Boi usually on camera tall people look shorter than they really are
Florida Boi
Florida Boi 15 kun oldin
Why. When he is tall n real life?
KIDS GAMING 16 kun oldin
Tell lil pump and smoke purp to rap like this
Kade Dead
Kade Dead 16 kun oldin
manny obeng
manny obeng 17 kun oldin
1:48 dude in a red shirt, that's the mood
Mikail Tragna
Mikail Tragna 17 kun oldin
no autotune, no chains, no throwing money, just skill
kondwani simwanza
kondwani simwanza 17 kun oldin
Underrated rapper Alive
J. R.
J. R. 18 kun oldin
That beat is wack, rises in odd fashion
Nathan Bongovio
Nathan Bongovio 18 kun oldin
plz drop something cant stand mumble rappers plz haha
KIMPI PH. 19 kun oldin
The beat in the. Chris Brown (she wildin)
Jg2 Vro
Jg2 Vro 19 kun oldin
I love j Cole but this man always shooting shots at white people and I ain’t even white 😂
Clarence Alexander
Clarence Alexander 19 kun oldin
He needs to cut his hair off
Florida Boi
Florida Boi 15 kun oldin
stephen tries is a stinky nonce
J Cole = kendrick lamar J Cole > Drake J Cole > logic
Samantha Reyna
Samantha Reyna 19 kun oldin
It’s all love, I comeback like Gods Word, and spit a verse to heal a “blind man,” They might say a miracle came but I say it “manifests” like the sound waves from a high hat! I keep tempo and breathe truth, so the rhythm of life? Got a base and I keep it humbled mannn, there’s no need to fight back! I bypass the lie of “keepin it real” and create the truth yo it’s like a map. Point you “in direction” just like a Dad, cause my son can come-past/compass when I past tense “rap sick” I see the bigger picture times five and a half, Got a lot to say but this wisdom flows without time attached it’s more than a fraction, So you could say it multiplies like I died and came back.... Yup, Lazarus. Cause if there ain’t life after death? I don’t trust it to sign off on my past actions. I got a timeline like sign language so it speaks for itself, Keep the mystery real when I speak and it tells, I got heart, It thinks for itself. I pray you see a fresh start like the Holy Spirits yah show and tell. Love
James Omorodion
James Omorodion 19 kun oldin
Bar after Bar after Bar = Punch lines sheesh "I'm the answer on the low... I'm a cheat sheet for rappers" (you know when you cheating and you pass the answers on the low) "I came up round AC to DC adaptors; plug talk" (back in the day you used to need an AC/DC converter for some devices... REAL PLUG TALK) "What I'm really saying is a shame but my N****S move cane like HBCU Kappas" (Kappas... cane... HBCU where it's the realest) sheesh... I'm done with everyone else
deez mats
deez mats 19 kun oldin
Shout out oak cliff
Shaneya Smith
Shaneya Smith 20 kun oldin
Best smart rapper out❤🗣
Peter Msomphola
Peter Msomphola 20 kun oldin
King J Cole if any does not like these lyrics than he or she does not about hiphop
MUZIC W0LF 20 kun oldin
This is actually rap
Nigel Minor
Nigel Minor 21 kun oldin
since kendrick said fuck a designer everybody now digging the wave!! haha DOOPE song!! bumpy as....whatever thing is bumpy!
Brady Clark
Brady Clark 21 kun oldin
I just realized that this was published on my bday
Orlando Delacruz
Orlando Delacruz 21 kun oldin
Can anybody help answer this question? How was he able to use Oochie Wally Freestyle and the liscence is under his name/label?
Michael Terrero Roa
Michael Terrero Roa 21 kun oldin
Nas is back.
Noah Magana
Noah Magana 22 kun oldin
Dude you need to do a song with Joyner Lucas it would be fire🔥!!!
7 oy oldin