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Jack Black Impersonates The Rock (Jumanji Cast Interview)

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Roth Cornet sits down in Hawaii with The Rock, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and Nick Jonas, the stars of the upcoming movie "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle"
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7-Dek, 2017

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Go Kids Go 123
Go Kids Go 123 2 soat oldin
I’ve watched the movie it is so funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny
M0N5T3R '69
M0N5T3R '69 10 soat oldin
No what's funny is that the Jonas brother has all the little girls screaming at him (and he knows it)😂😂
Galexy Girl
Galexy Girl Kun oldin
Lol I loved this video
jan bjerregaard
jan bjerregaard 2 kun oldin
:O look at those feet
202d 4 kun oldin
PvZ. So I can try some of Crzy Daves drugs.
Joe Eaton
Joe Eaton 5 kun oldin
Why did they even interview joe Jonas what a waste
Nikki Kohl
Nikki Kohl 7 kun oldin
Monopoly, because I am good at it and usually get a ton of Hotels.
Luke Alan
Luke Alan 7 kun oldin
To think jack played music to a shiny demon, in the middle... of road, and he said!!
Sangit Assam
Sangit Assam 8 kun oldin
I'm after jablinski's channel
MVP_KZ 8 kun oldin
Is there going to be a sequel? :)
singlebomb29 11 kun oldin
jack black nailed it...your one of the best comedian jack....with script or w/out
Ismail Alshaikh
Ismail Alshaikh 11 kun oldin
Metal Gear Phantom Pain Venmom Snake Or ocelot
the cat 47
the cat 47 12 kun oldin
I like how Jack Black is superior to them. He's literally a Comedic Icon, soon a legend. Also Subscribe to Pewdiepie and Jablinski Games [Jack Black's new channel]
The Kadju
The Kadju 12 kun oldin
My boy Jack Black looking like Danny from Asking Alexandria... ;D
harry dickson
harry dickson 13 kun oldin
Nick Jonas is handsome enough not to be funny.
Venom Shinjin
Venom Shinjin 13 kun oldin
The world doesn't deserve Jack Black
Brian Miller
Brian Miller 14 kun oldin
Tron... duh?
OpTiCzZ_Byers 15 kun oldin
ITRAVEL 16 kun oldin
Jack Black a new UZvidr. 2 Million Subs in less than 10 days. Amazing
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 18 kun oldin
Kevin dont even look like he lifts
Roy Mustang Ackerman
The chemistry is incredible. They can imitate each other so well
Matt Coates
Matt Coates 20 kun oldin
hahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahhaha Jackblack is a legend.
Parsman 21 kun oldin
LOL Hart's voice.
wrldunkwn 21 kun oldin
Jack black is a comedy genius and an amazing actor.
Erin MacPherson
Erin MacPherson 21 kun oldin
It beggars belief that people can get jobs interviewing when they ask questions this terrible. And most seem prewritten. Christ.
Mohammed Sahl
Mohammed Sahl 23 kun oldin
My game would be PUBG
Jack Strutson
Jack Strutson 24 kun oldin
YOUR ..................MOM
Walter Martinez
Walter Martinez 24 kun oldin
Maaaannnn... I love it. Best interview ever...
That Boy Killjoy
That Boy Killjoy 25 kun oldin
Idk what everyone is talking about, Kevin did a spot-on Jack Black impression from his Pick of Destiny days, hahaha.
James WRIGHT 27 kun oldin
Jack Black is hilarious
Naveen Gujjar
Naveen Gujjar 28 kun oldin
I really don't get why there is so much hype around Nick Jonas
Dylan Babin
Dylan Babin 29 kun oldin
How did they get two dwayne Johnson's for this shoot? That's some awesome editing
Hotpot Tod
Hotpot Tod Oy oldin
3:01 when jack said "there's no time", thats 100% rock's voice
Reuven 67
Reuven 67 Oy oldin
Best impersonation ever
Lily Grace Doyle
This so weird but I would be in the game to life would be pet world.😜😝😛
Lizzy Watkins
Lizzy Watkins Oy oldin
jack black was hilarious in this movie his character was by far the funniest he played the character perfectly loved the whole cast and this movie
zapp99 Oy oldin
Jack Black has so much charisma, The Rock and Hart combined can't even come close. Quite simply he's in a league of his own!
King Z
King Z Oy oldin
The game that I want to be in is *Fortnite*
Geddy Lee
Geddy Lee Oy oldin
I fucking love Dwayne, Kevin and Jack. No homo.
International Meme Association
Geddy Lee who dosent?
Tiia Oy oldin
Lisa Gilling
Lisa Gilling Oy oldin
I'm telling you Larry, Mo & Curly have nothing on these guys xx
Judgy Judgerton
Kevin Hart Overrated. Bye bye
Sonny Etchell
Sonny Etchell Oy oldin
Man I feel sorry for Kevin having to follow that up
just some random guy
The rock and jack black are very good at impersonation.....kevin hart was just okay...
Seambeam Oy oldin
ninja1234569 Oy oldin
Don't get me wrong I like Kevin Hart, he's funny but it seems like if anyone around him is funnier than him he tries too hard. Jack Black is the man!
Joshua E.
Joshua E. Oy oldin
The Rock's wheeze-to-laugh ratio is perfect, and infectious as hell.
Loaded Loco
Loaded Loco Oy oldin
Genius Jack ofc but the joyness of The Rock... Priceless...
Yuvraj Sharma
Yuvraj Sharma Oy oldin
Ayayayayyaayayyyayyayyyyyyya........give me my coffee..lmao!!!
Ester Samuelsson
I loved how they imitated each other in this video specially when Jack was imitating Dwayne and when Kevin was imitating Jack I laughed so much like Dwayne Johnson did!!!!!!!!!!!
TheDabbinGamer Playz & Animatez
If I got sucked into any video game AND it can be brought to life, it'll be SUPER MARIO GALAXY
Jonny Othman
Jonny Othman Oy oldin
I'll tell you where I don't wanna be: Pokemon universe. Have you read the pomedex I'm surprised that someone is still alive there.
Jim Parker
Jim Parker Oy oldin
Her feet are fucking horrible
Cassi P
Cassi P Oy oldin
How can he do that without one muscle change of face..
The Rock always do best mimicry
Chris Gilbert
Chris Gilbert Oy oldin
Wish i was rich
tylorimmort plays
It mom
WYLIE Swormstedt
Du fort night
John Gouger
John Gouger Oy oldin
the rock doing hart yesss nice.
Booyakaa Oy oldin
They had to separate Jonas from the MEN cause he kept trying to suck their dicks
Bryce Blackwell
Bruh, why everyone hating on kev? Saying he ruins everything. The guy is hilarious. Just because he didn’t do a good impersonation, it doesn’t make him bad over all! 🤷‍♂️ anyways, jack KILLED IT!! He took over this interview😂
Jareth Harrell
Jack black and Dwayne Johnson did hilarious impressions! I was shocked Kev did bad lol. He just made noises lol.
Roger Tapia
Roger Tapia 2 oy oldin
He nail it
Meme.Marijuana __
Three legends in one video
Emilia Basille
Emilia Basille 2 oy oldin
What in the hell was Kevin’s impression, where was Jack in that, how could you follow with that
Jay 2 oy oldin
Warson Henry
Warson Henry 2 oy oldin
Like this trio ...best impersonating ever ..i die laughing 😂😂
Reelika Kivirand
Reelika Kivirand 2 oy oldin
Thank you
Dee A.
Dee A. 2 oy oldin
Jonas is fine as hell now
Dee A.
Dee A. 2 oy oldin
Loved this movie! I have the original as well, and still love this one
samthornton 2 oy oldin
God of war
JediKnightK 2 oy oldin
So funny. But I would want Skyrim to come alive
Bruce Nic Rachon
Bruce Nic Rachon 2 oy oldin
Tan Ler ren
Tan Ler ren 2 oy oldin
I would love to be in the lastest halo game
51UM 2 oy oldin
Rock is such a fake unbelievable
Henry Townshend
Henry Townshend 2 oy oldin
Nino do castelo rá tim bum é dono desse canal?
Marvel and DC comics
Jumanji 2 was one of the worst movies i have ever seen.
Gamer 2000
Gamer 2000 2 oy oldin
I would chose a lego game because if you die you can just respond
God of war
Henry Reavis
Henry Reavis 2 oy oldin
All of their impersonations sucked.
crying sun
crying sun 2 oy oldin
this movie was perfect
HomersIlliad 2 oy oldin
I see why they didn't name this "Kevin Hart Impersonates Jack Black (Jumanji Cast Interview)"
Sounds Pretty Moist
Jack Black? That's a name i haven't heard of in a while
Holly Beach
Holly Beach 2 oy oldin
Holly Beach
Holly Beach 2 oy oldin
Dam dat is a man right there xD
Kalpana Bhatia
Kalpana Bhatia 2 oy oldin
patricia santillan
I have a question. Could I hear Nick Jonas sing ft Jack Black and Dwayne Johnson on a song, I never heard
shu rai
shu rai 2 oy oldin
fuck kevin
Dark R
Dark R 3 oy oldin
video game come to life, that is a tough one. Assassin's Creed franchise except origins that one sucked. Or Dead Rising franchise
ErikRichardson 3 oy oldin
Why is Kevin Hart seem like hes trying too hard to make someone laugh. Hes lost his touch.
Stephanie Lamza
Stephanie Lamza 3 oy oldin
D.A.G. Griffiths
D.A.G. Griffiths 3 oy oldin
I wanna be in fortnite........as tfue
Khairul Azlan
Khairul Azlan 3 oy oldin
Een dag in het leven van
2:26 you're welcome
Bren 3 oy oldin
I just wonna punch jack black's teeth out.
JohnnyOmm 3 oy oldin
he shoulda done ayuhuasca in the jg lol
onehappynegro 3 oy oldin
this was so funny!