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Last week Kylie Cosmetics announced their collaboration with Kris Jenner.... The Momager Collection. The internet was super excited for the launch... until Jaclyn Hill uploaded her review (Just goes to show how much influence beauty guru's have)
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The Exposed Song
[No Copyright Music] Last Summer - Ikon
Jeffree Star removed from Kylie Jenner PR list for having honest reviews 201: uzvid.com/video/video-cNDHt07UkfQ.html&t=85s
how jeffree star got removed from kylie's PR list: uzvid.com/video/video-6IVSZNH4Lsc.html
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17-May, 2018

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Veronika Hernandez
Veronika Hernandez 11 soat oldin
“Expensive ass brush collection” bitch I fell out😩😂😭😭😭 omg I love you guys❤️
Kayla Clark
Kayla Clark 20 soat oldin
Honesty is the best policy
worldwide rapper
I love the intro song 😂😂😂
THESIMS4 kassandra
Watching these while trying to get to sleep is the best
Grilled Hams
Grilled Hams Kun oldin
Kris cosmetics?
Harley Miller
Harley Miller Kun oldin
I feel like we as a society and as a whole have the tendency to stick our noses into ma y things that we only get to see the outside partake on and we instantly have to rush to an opinion/conclusion that this person said this and this person is this and I feel like we forget that no matter what ones thinks whether you feel something is right or wrong we can not control who others are and or how they think and we have to take a step back to see how hurtful pushy and arrogant we can be it's just saddening that with all of this drama we cant find a happy medium we have to keep pushing and pushing without the thought of what ot does to the actual person no matter what the truth is no matter how many lies were told we can not judge a person for what we see through a screen we can not judge a person for thier mistakes and this does not mean that this is a sort of excuse for them who do make wrongs confront of a screen to get away with anything and or thier opinions bottom line they are opinions and there are people who will want attention we should stick to ourselves and stick to what we belive in and just let others live in the sense of what they belive in .... but then again that's just my opinion
This is why I buy colorpop, the cosmetics are made at the same factory as Kylie cosmetics but the QC and formulas are way better!! Not to mention they arent ridiculously overpriced. They dont have a liquid liner though, but it's fine bc I splurge and buy the beautybakerie one
Kayleen Morales
Kayleen Morales 2 kun oldin
She's definitely pumping out way too much products and not giving a fuck about the quality.. Fuxk this hoe..
Rain Reaza
Rain Reaza 3 kun oldin
I just don’t really understand why influencers want to stay on pr lists of products they don’t think are good? Can someone please explain that to me?
joshjoshii_ 3 kun oldin
2:26 why does the make-up pallets i buy at my local drug store for 6 dollars look better than kylie’s products
Faith Dancler
Faith Dancler 3 kun oldin
Tia Tokkesdal
Tia Tokkesdal 3 kun oldin
I will never buy any of the kardashians products. I can’t support them. Lol 😂😂😂😂
Laney Lampp
Laney Lampp 3 kun oldin
Honey Kylie Cosmetics was already ruined
d t
d t 3 kun oldin
I wanted the Kylie Jenner lip stick so bad and finally got it. Paid 40$ after taxes and shipping & when I got it I was so happy. Went on so smooth so pretty but when it dried it was terrible. Dry brittle broke up on my lips when I smiled to big
d t
d t 3 kun oldin
I thought it was me so I exfoliated my lips moisturized tried different things and always had the same effect some people say how much they love it but I'm such a joyful person I smile a million times a day. I wasted more then half the bottle of it just trying to get it on and not crackle and look like shit never even got to wear it out. Loved the lip liner tho
• Sandwich Maker Lady •
Kylie already ruined her career when she denied all the half filled lipstick and highlighters
Opal Sky
Opal Sky 4 kun oldin
I don't CARE if colourpop pumps out a crap ton of products because at least one item is bound to be great. Love colourpop. They're one of the best options in the makeup market right now.
Catherine Cardell
Catherine Cardell 4 kun oldin
But does she decide what products are put in her makeup no cause she doesn’t manafacture no
Catherine Cardell
Catherine Cardell 4 kun oldin
Yeah sometimes her makeup can be bad but like what
Catherine Cardell
Catherine Cardell 4 kun oldin
Why does everyone hate Kylie like what
Acute Angle
Acute Angle 4 kun oldin
Kylie thinks just because she's famous (for nothing except Kim sucking dick, she did absolutely nothing but be related to her) that means she can send out shit that's par in quality with Chinese bootlegs made of literal dog shit and then price it like it's Jeffree Star makeup and people will still adore it. Ego at it's finest.
stella owens
stella owens 5 kun oldin
She should’ve stuck to lip kits
i know this is off topic but the song in the intro is goals
Maha Sana
Maha Sana 5 kun oldin
loving your intro
AsHLiegH-MaRie HoPe
Idk man.... she's a billionaire so saying RUINED her career is a but of a stretch lol. She can retire if it's not good makeup so I'm ldk. All these girls have very happy bank accounts.
Kathryn1209 6 kun oldin
Sitting from her illuminati chair 😒 Kris Kardashian
Mister Physics
Mister Physics 6 kun oldin
Kris' target audience = mostly mums over 40 ??? That's a tough crowd, lots of lived experience, worldly wisdom. 9 year olds are way easier to scam, amirite. (I object to the exploitation of minors, a group with few rights, no lived experience, and no income.)
Mister Physics
Mister Physics 6 kun oldin
far too much reading to do on these vids, can we have some sort of audio?, sorry i'm here in 2019 doing this lol
Mister Physics
Mister Physics 6 kun oldin
it's like kylie got bored so kris took over, they don't get a penny off me
Mister Physics
Mister Physics 6 kun oldin
Nearly all billionaires are professional exploiters, have you guys not heard the phrase "Nice guys finish last?" (In a business sense.) Essentially to make it super big dollar-wise, you have to be a great intellect or a cheat. Min Max. Maximum profit, minimum effort. Stop looking to the rich for moral guidance, they sold their soul to the devil decades ago.
ur favourite baguette
how much did u pay to make the "expose" song? cuz it's a hit 💯
Dead Inside
Dead Inside 6 kun oldin
Oh my god EXPOSE YOU
Grace Oakthorne
Grace Oakthorne 6 kun oldin
face reveal?
Fatima Botello
Fatima Botello 6 kun oldin
ColourPop also has WAY better quality
Joshua Hospitalet
Joshua Hospitalet 7 kun oldin
SoFran 7 kun oldin
Sad to see only one person out of all those youtubers actually tell the truth about this collection. I was so mad when jeffree star was taken off the pr list Shits going down hill
Chaebi Animates
Chaebi Animates 8 kun oldin
That intro is fucking great New subscriber lmao
Msp Forever
Msp Forever 8 kun oldin
lowkey didn’t even know kris or Kylie cosmetics was a thing.
Msp Forever
Msp Forever 8 kun oldin
the beginning looks like a documentary
Island Princess
Island Princess 8 kun oldin
E Ex Exp Expo Expos Expose Expos Expo Exp Exp Ex E
iluvsharks100 9 kun oldin
this is weird but i love the music you use every section fits
Juliana Provenzano
Juliana Provenzano 9 kun oldin
@ 0:08 it says Kris Cosmetics not Kylie
Krysta Monique
Krysta Monique 10 kun oldin
You are buying makeup from a little girl who gets her beauty from surgeons, and has makeup artists doing her makeup for her... what did you expect? You buy product from a person just bc of their clout, you deserve to get a shitty product. I don’t like Jeffery Star, but at least he knows his shit and has YEARS of experience.
ida eriksson
ida eriksson 10 kun oldin
i show up to school more than that blush showed up on her cheeks 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
paige jensen
paige jensen 10 kun oldin
She’s money hungry
Yenna van Eeuwijk
Yenna van Eeuwijk 11 kun oldin
Annie Miller
Annie Miller 11 kun oldin
Ok but she’s kind of a Hypocrite bc her own shadows we’re juuust like that. Even a lil worse
Fluffy Tøfu
Fluffy Tøfu 11 kun oldin
Your intro song is amazing
Chippy Cups
Chippy Cups 12 kun oldin
*maybe she was too tan*
nate janisse
nate janisse 12 kun oldin
omg god forbid 4 days after releasing a product its still in stock
MH Kakes
MH Kakes 12 kun oldin
Emily Arpey
Emily Arpey 12 kun oldin
She didn't ruin thw launch by being honest about a product. I actually give props to her for being honest unlike people who treat Kylie Cosmetics like the fucking Greek Gods just because it's Kylie Cosmetics.
Betanya :p
Betanya :p 12 kun oldin
Samantha Rodriguez
Samantha Rodriguez 13 kun oldin
It’s kinda more “merch” than real makeup. Costumers are paying because it has her name on it and they like her
William Marin
William Marin 13 kun oldin
Honestly at least Kim kardashian does better products and it’s usually cheaper, Kylie is just the name not the quality
xvcti 13 kun oldin
Sorry but her eyes are beautiful
Windows95se 13 kun oldin
I did the math on collections. 365/40=40.556 That’s a collection every 40 days, 4hrs, 7mins and ~30secs.
Jazzy Papas
Jazzy Papas 13 kun oldin
I can get a better palette and blush from ross.
oof kaitlyn
oof kaitlyn 13 kun oldin
sister shook sksks
depressed children
depressed children 13 kun oldin
Dammit I’m getting mixed signals here. Why does the beauty community have to be so damn dramatic
Eye Am Patch Animations
The main character in Deltarune has a MAKEUP LINE??? -I need friends-
victoria rose
victoria rose 13 kun oldin
Kris Jenner said it was the perfect palette for a Smokey eye I wonder if it would have worked for at least that
Devin Taradalsky
Devin Taradalsky 14 kun oldin
Literally half of the blush flew off her face 😂😂😂
Skorpi00007 14 kun oldin
Ok im a guy who has like zero interest in makeup and has never used it. I have no idea how i found myself deeply intwined in this community. 3 months ago i didn't know who kyle jenner was and now i know literally every guru influencer their drama. Somehow i even know what jefreys boyfriends penis looks like. How do i get out of this part of youtube, please help!
The adventure of Lily and Hyper
I love your intro,mom.
jirachi1613 14 kun oldin
Tbh I'm tired of all the half assed make up brands put there. Drag the bitches that make you spend 60 bucks for shitty eyeshadow with 10 shades
abril Guereca
abril Guereca 14 kun oldin
The intro song tho😂
Rae Bundrick
Rae Bundrick 14 kun oldin
Kylie only produces shit products. She steals product ideas and she produces low quality products for way too much money. Just horrible
ainah marohom
ainah marohom 15 kun oldin
Why do you think jacklyn's morphe is best?
Hailie Greene
Hailie Greene 15 kun oldin
Dang Jac doing something that isnt hating on her 😂🤫
Mandy Comer
Mandy Comer 15 kun oldin
is it just me or does jacqueline's nose look dirty like her face looks dirty, is it the contour I don't understand
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat 15 kun oldin
Yay she revived her self good job jacky
Cate Ward
Cate Ward 15 kun oldin
Jeffery isn’t harsh , he’s honest and I guess people take it up the ass 😂 I love him!
Fatima Ramirez
Fatima Ramirez 16 kun oldin
She was just telling the truth some thing many gurus can’t do.
Lonely Meme
Lonely Meme 16 kun oldin
am i the only one who still doesn’t know what a PR is??
TheBlondeOne' 16 kun oldin
Bit harsh to say she ruined it. She just gave her honest opinion which is expected from beauty gurus
Melanie Mars
Melanie Mars 16 kun oldin
Honestly they marketed the momager collection great. But that’s what they do they can market none of them have been passionate about anything to make a QUALITY product. The theme and gimmick was cute but the product is similar to like two more of her palettes and it’s just not good. Of course on top of them putting them out too frequently. Some of those so called collections didn’t have to be whole collections. It seems now every other week on her snap she’s promoting another collection.
Random Ivan 101
Random Ivan 101 16 kun oldin
Honestly i think it might be all of those reasons why it didn't do to well but then again i'd only get it if it's Jeffree Star approved or James Charles say's it's good (even if i don't even wear makeup)
Clara Fajardo
Clara Fajardo 16 kun oldin
Awww where’s the old theme video. Bring it back plz
d Chane
d Chane 17 kun oldin
Idk what the fuck y'all talking about I mean I glad that lady told the truth bit tbh I don't know shit about make-up I only know James Charles and Jeffree star
Amira Huwio
Amira Huwio 17 kun oldin
Wow this Drama was 7 months ago time flies fast
Maura Soriano
Maura Soriano 17 kun oldin
I love the intro song lol
houria azzoun
houria azzoun 17 kun oldin
chillax she was just honest about it
squirrels Vasquez
squirrels Vasquez 17 kun oldin
That's why the Jenner/kardashian don't use there own products. I will never buy their brands. I love Jeffery star,
Dr kk
Dr kk 17 kun oldin
Well really ppl on the internet need to stop going crazy, getting excited, everyone knows Kylie cosmetics SUCK
Nour KassirBodn
Nour KassirBodn 18 kun oldin
Obagstore Dornbirn
Obagstore Dornbirn 18 kun oldin
Kylie cosmetics is shit💩
Iya L
Iya L 18 kun oldin
Kris knows nothing about makeup. It’s literally just makeup from a factory with Kris’s name slapped on it.
Marta 18 kun oldin
Gotta love the intro tho, now imma have "yOure expoSed" in my head for like forever
skeet mcthankies
skeet mcthankies 18 kun oldin
Why would you want to stay on a pr list of shitty make-up?
Elsa Bodyell
Elsa Bodyell 19 kun oldin
I don’t use kylie cosmetics because one it’s way,way,way overpriced ,two it’s not that good and Three i hate kylie and the rest of the clan .
John Matthew
John Matthew 19 kun oldin
Im deeply in love with that theme song
Professional Commenter
Am I the only one who ahas noticed how everything that has the Kardashian name is crap? They have done perfumes, hair products, clothes, jeans, cosmetics and books, lingerie and nothing has been good? They are scam artists.
Deia Hardash
Deia Hardash 19 kun oldin
Not to sound annoying or anything, but what do you use to edit your videos?
Jaya Moore
Jaya Moore 20 kun oldin
Kris had makeup????????? ExCusE mE WhAt tHe fUcK
Lin Berisha
Lin Berisha 20 kun oldin
Tea spiller: (shocking right?) Me: I wouldn’t be surprised if Kris peed on them, really
Mackenzee Caraballo
Mackenzee Caraballo 20 kun oldin
B O T H 😂😂😂😂💯
Eugenia Perricone
Eugenia Perricone 21 kun oldin
Or maybe it’s a mistake in her palette n she just got a bad one
doombuggy123 21 kun oldin
I’m sorry but who the fuck would be excited about a kris Jenner anything? That bitch is un-fucking-likable as fuck. And it’s grossly (though aptly) named momager? Ew.
Angel Hallo
Angel Hallo 21 kun oldin
The vid says Kris and the vid name says Kylie