Jada Pinkett Smith Hates When Husband Will Asks People for Money

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Jada reveals that she gets annoyed with her husband Will when he asks random people for money when he doesn't have any cash on him.
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Jada Pinkett Smith Hates When Husband Will Asks People for Money




26-May, 2017



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Candi Ferris
Candi Ferris Kun oldin
Making it 667
Tammy Kirk
Tammy Kirk 17 kun oldin
Must be nice taking working class people money when you rich
j leal
j leal 22 kun oldin
Hey will smith.....i need 10000 dollars just to embarrass my Wife. .
Annelvine Oy oldin
Is will Smith Frugal by asking less affluent people for money?...possibly...but if he asked me I would buy stuff for him no problem 🤣🤣
Robb Dark
Robb Dark Oy oldin
Jada doesn't look like Jada.
Simlicity09 Oy oldin
Lmbo will hilarious lol
TT loves
TT loves 2 oy oldin
Someone lying😂😂 will said they walked back to the house to get money and jada said the lady gave him the dollar. 😂😂
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez 2 oy oldin
If your one of the people that has given Will Smith money, you got a cool story to tell. That's most people dont believe you, till now. Lol.
Celse Dav
Celse Dav 2 oy oldin
I mean that's how you stay rich :D
김은빈 2 oy oldin
I buy at Trader Joe's and have never stepped into a Whole Foods, haha. But they don't accept cards there or something? If no money they should have that right?
Amber Luckes
Amber Luckes 2 oy oldin
I’m main I don’t wanna be but I am
Md Manjekar
Md Manjekar 3 oy oldin
बौर, जोगी, बौय
Generic Username
Generic Username 3 oy oldin
she looks like a younger looking clone of herself!
Amber Luckes
Amber Luckes 3 oy oldin
So skinny
Karen M.
Karen M. 4 oy oldin
Why do neither of them carry a wallet?
Z AG 4 oy oldin
Jada is so beautiful!
S K 4 oy oldin
I love how her and Will are one of those famous couples that are truly in love and have fun together. Hearing his side then hers...it's obvious they're the best of friends as well as soulmates. Seriously, who doesn't love the Smith family?
Salim Abubaker
Salim Abubaker 4 oy oldin
I really liked her
Przemyslaw Szymankiewicz
Will Smith is the best
Ivonne Castillo
Ivonne Castillo 5 oy oldin
Wait a minute. Will said Jada made him walk back for money and buy the water. Her she says they got the money from a woman. Inconsistency.... ah who cares right? They are always busy so I understand.
Marc Aldrin
Marc Aldrin 5 oy oldin
is she the girl from the magic mike??
J Son
J Son 5 oy oldin
He takes guys last dollar like they did him in persuit of happiness...
God got me
God got me 6 oy oldin
I 💙 jada
armpitfuzz 6 oy oldin
She's tiny, I thought she was tall !
Melissa Jackson
Melissa Jackson 7 oy oldin
Jada is so right and funny Love her 😂😂😂❤❤❤
Garrick Saro
Garrick Saro 7 oy oldin
I have been in situations where ten dollars is all I had for the week. Smith thinks this is funny. He is no longer in touch with reality.
Do iT HUNTER 7 oy oldin
She’s so beautiful, I have the biggest crush on her
Darwin Chuck
Darwin Chuck 7 oy oldin
OMG her plastic face and her squeeky voice go so well together.
Muhammad Raiyan
Muhammad Raiyan 7 oy oldin
giselle joseph
giselle joseph 7 oy oldin
Jada looking great
brian lherisson
brian lherisson 7 oy oldin
She’s fine af Lawd 😩😩😩😭
Spud Coo
Spud Coo 7 oy oldin
No wonder why Pac is crazy over her. And mind you, all other personalities as well.
Zylar Gray
Zylar Gray 7 oy oldin
Will said they had to walk back, she said they got the dollar lmaoaooaoo Someone's lying lmaoaoa But for everyone asking why they don't have their wallet it's because they're famous and people know they have money so if they have nothing on them, no one can rob them. Smart move I think.
EDEN ETIENNE 7 oy oldin
Theweird One
Theweird One 8 oy oldin
Wait i thought he said he walked back ?
Samuel A
Samuel A 8 oy oldin
Don't like this woman
She FlashedUs
She FlashedUs 8 oy oldin
Deer Heart
Deer Heart 8 oy oldin
She's beautiful but annoying
ABJKLMRS Akagami Ali
I love her voice
3states The Barber
techlover231 8 oy oldin
I've read will smith does this frequently, asking people for money. ????? I'm on Jada's side, it's embarrassing. Why not carry a few dollars with you at all times.
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar 8 oy oldin
He must have asked money from Casey too
howard lau
howard lau 9 oy oldin
fish that you?
Jucel Malonga
Jucel Malonga 9 oy oldin
Hey Uncle Phil, a magic trick: I can make a dollar disappear. (Uncle Phil hands him a dollar) Will: going, going, gone: runs away with the money.
Auchie Thomas
Auchie Thomas 9 oy oldin
I love will and Jada
RCB 9 oy oldin
You don’t carry a credit card???
Mario Mosqueda
Mario Mosqueda 9 oy oldin
She set it off
Ruby Bigby
Ruby Bigby 9 oy oldin
He asks for their money before they ask for for his 💲💲
Miss Will
Miss Will 10 oy oldin
Proverbs 22:16 ..."he that giveth to the rich, shall surely come to want." She's right. Ask him for money, not the other way around!
TheTruth 10 oy oldin
i dont get why they dnt carry a card around with them with a thousand bucks ...hell even $100 on the card. It could just be their emergency card...dnt have to put all ur millions in it.
Tashaun walls
Tashaun walls 10 oy oldin
How you think he pays for all yah stuff jada you think he making "funny money" (kevin hart voice)
Pocketbook Travel
Pocketbook Travel 10 oy oldin
they are the couple that do not age
DORIAN PRIME 10 oy oldin
Wtf does he carry a paypass card or doesn't he have a smart phone .....you can pay gas or anything with your smartphone
Lulu Nu
Lulu Nu 10 oy oldin
How are they out of the house so often without their wallet? I don't remember the last time I left the house without my wallet
jhermanie ferguson
jhermanie ferguson 10 oy oldin
Jada is just beautiful & both versions are hilarious!!!
Adam Grizzly
Adam Grizzly 10 oy oldin
In his version of the story she didn't give him the money and they had to walk home and back to whole foods. In her version she says the lady gave him the money. Who's lying?
Isaiah Hamilton
Isaiah Hamilton 10 oy oldin
Golly, she is the _real_ definition of hot, yo. Woo whee 😍
J Christine
J Christine 10 oy oldin
Body like whoa
Aaron Spade
Aaron Spade 11 oy oldin
Am I the only one that would say thank you after giving him that dollar?
Allen Russell
Allen Russell 11 oy oldin
Here after watching Will's story😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
marksteen1 11 oy oldin
Will has learned how to stay rich...lol
awsumocoolbeans 11 oy oldin
So where do they keep there wallet and cards? Wouldn’t u keep atleast a Card 🤷🏻‍♀️
Rodie Beats
Rodie Beats 11 oy oldin
Oh my god, she is gorgeous.
Keep Walking
Keep Walking 11 oy oldin
please God don't ever let Will and Jada break up
yvone Cotiw-an
yvone Cotiw-an 11 oy oldin
has someone noticed her skin on the flank side??
Jro1mom 11 oy oldin
The thing is why they don’t have they wallet LOL!!
active life Blog
active life Blog 11 oy oldin
She’s so beautiful 😍
Bjir Reicke
Bjir Reicke 11 oy oldin
I would give Will my last cent.
She’s so beautiful 😍
SilentHotdog28 Yil oldin
God damn.....Jada and Will are the hottest people on the planet, they just don't age, they look amazing.
leo16sea now
leo16sea now Yil oldin
Why Jada so fine??
Painting & Stuff
Whoa, Jada Pinkett is so pretty
Tyvon O - Addo
Tyvon O - Addo Yil oldin
Lol idk why I’m only watching this now but have y’all listened to will’s side of the story? One of them is lying(or forgot the exact story) lmao
Christopher M
Christopher M Yil oldin
Jada 🤤❤️💍
Malcolm willis
Malcolm willis Yil oldin
You have to love them they are so down to earth
Andrew C.
Andrew C. Yil oldin
Aaaah iss ok
Maha Mohamed
Maha Mohamed Yil oldin
That's funny 😂✨
Jacob Galloway
Jacob Galloway Yil oldin
That's the proper way to get reparations.
LOOKING Yil oldin
Will be finessing folks out of money. LOL.
justfetus Yil oldin
I don't get it. If you guys never carry money around, how are you supposed to pay for things?
TashBagash Yil oldin
0;14 Downward hair flick is the downward dog of responses to "some bullshit"
Shae Unique
Shae Unique Yil oldin
Lmaooo u mean will’s story kinda different now who’s lying here??😂😂
Boomshine Yil oldin
Hm, in her story the woman gave them the money ($1 as well and not $2), but in Will's they had to walk back home to get it. HMMMMMM.
Saif Ahmed
Saif Ahmed Yil oldin
im confused do neither of them carry even like 20$ on them? i get not having a wallet or credit card cuz it can get stollen and theyre high value targets but a debit card would require a pin and who cares if 20$ gets robbed
Yunus Ramadan
Yunus Ramadan Yil oldin
Now i know why Tupac Shakur Loved Jada, shes stunning
Maxine Muboka
Maxine Muboka Yil oldin
now we know hat it sound slike having Will,Willow and Jaden being yelled at
Will Tha Haze
Will Tha Haze Yil oldin
On the other side u have Shaquille O'Neal who can give up to 5000 dollars Tips ... Just sayin ' !
Sam sam
Sam sam Yil oldin
Honestly it is funny but why they don't at least have apple pay. I don't understand walking around with no money when you have money?
Saba Kaware
Saba Kaware Yil oldin
She is so beautiful omg!
FeedGotcha Yil oldin
She would’ve still been with Tupac lol
abcd 123
abcd 123 Yil oldin
i know this sounds funny coming from Will but trust me its annoying. the first thing i had noticed when i moved to philly was how many people had asked and expected you to give up your last dollar. it was ALL DAY EVERY DAY from friends, family, neighbors and co workers!!
Greeshmanth Nadella
This doesn't add up.Will said she made him walk four blocks to get the money and didn't let him borrow the money. Here she says he took the money from the woman. Don't tell me they made up the story...They did didn't they? My whole life is a lie 😥
How to stay rich 101 😂
aaxmym Yil oldin
Damn, that girl is fine.
Maliphresh Yil oldin
But I thought they walked back home
Lewis V
Lewis V Yil oldin
So pretty
Aman A
Aman A Yil oldin
I wonder if Will Smith ever GIVES much money to strangers on the street too... or like many successful and rich people, has he just got used to TAKING money from others...TAKING is an easy habit to form, GIVING is a much harder habit for humans, which benefits the whole of humanity...
Brian Decaire
Brian Decaire Yil oldin
Jada's gotta bump his allowance.
Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis Yil oldin
Her skin, her makeup, her hair , HER EYES!!! She's gorgeous and glowing everywhere
tyera williams
tyera williams Yil oldin
Lol will and jayda have two different stories 😂👀
Will Smith Asks Strangers for Money
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