Jaden And Will Smith On The Graham Norton Show Full Interview HD (PART 1) (24-5-13).

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PART #1. Will And Jaden join Graham to chat about their careers, their new film "After Earth" and end by performing a rap together, trust me when I say this is TV GOLD! (Other guests are Bradley Cooper and Heather Graham) PART 2: uzvid.com/video/video-k1IBejDIg3s.html




25-May, 2013

Jaden Smith (TV Actor)Will Smith (Musical Artist)graham nortonafter earthbradley cooperheather grahamchatcomedy



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Swiss Bytes
Swiss Bytes 5 yil oldin
Watch Part 2, that's the best bit!!
ZorgRen Oy oldin
5 years and only 9 likes
Judine Granston
Judine Granston 2 oy oldin
what is that 💔💔💔💔💔
Mario Vanda
Mario Vanda 5 kun oldin
I googled myself turns out I am not famous
Shahzaib Khan
Shahzaib Khan 7 kun oldin
Shahzaib Khan
Shahzaib Khan 7 kun oldin
Diya our bati hum
Berkan Bulut
Berkan Bulut 10 kun oldin
too much noise
Dony Pisd
Dony Pisd 12 kun oldin
Love will Smith always he was my childhood.. also love Bradley cooper very humble
mama miya
mama miya 12 kun oldin
Will stole the whole show
itzviola molimau
itzviola molimau 18 kun oldin
Grazie Merin
Grazie Merin 29 kun oldin
Father and son soooo cute
Redwan husseyn
Best father son duo everrrrr❤❤😕
Suzan Dahal
Suzan Dahal Oy oldin
Coolest father
Grainne Molloy
I love how Jaden wears his fancy suit and then some Nikes
Cambodian Exploits
Stifler! 0:04
You sir have been found wanting!
What an annoying cunt Will Smith Jr is!!!!!
Katelyn Bagnall
Ikike Udobong
Ikike Udobong 2 oy oldin
best interview ever
MrsVenus27 2 oy oldin
5 years ago?! I remember this like it was yesterday
Actual Wakandan girl
“That’s nuts!!” I fell the heck out😂😂😂😂
Candace Anderson
Candace Anderson 2 oy oldin
"That is nuts!" Me: not getting it. 😃😄😄😄😄😄Then dirty mind.
Izv Isv
Izv Isv 2 oy oldin
Best father ever LOL Lucky Kids 😂😂😂😂😂💕
Saria Duarte
Saria Duarte 2 oy oldin
When Will and Jaden are together I just can’t stop smiling.
K Lu
K Lu 2 oy oldin
Heather Graham looks very unhappy
Thunderous Void
Thunderous Void 2 oy oldin
This is nuts dude
beatriz Irisarri Segura
El presentador.es un tio falso.o es así de jilipoyas
Ann Njoki
Ann Njoki 2 oy oldin
jaden looks exactly like his dad
Rapmonster Kipa
Rapmonster Kipa 2 oy oldin
Jaden dad is so sweet
Antoinette Sharifu
Jaden why good hi antionette and jaden
Bill Sundance
Bill Sundance 2 oy oldin
Jayden has a very tough job trying to replicate his dad.
For GOD So Loved the World John 3:16
Mr Will will will all his will soon..
Jewel Kelley
Jewel Kelley 2 oy oldin
The smaile at 2:11 had me dead asf💀💀💀
Taha Shalan
Taha Shalan 3 oy oldin
9:50 talking about my favorite movie "pursuit of happiness"
pavankumar reddy
pavankumar reddy 3 oy oldin
I wish I had jaden's hair.
Beraccah Betty
Beraccah Betty 3 oy oldin
will you and you son you are adorable I like you guys
MEME MAN 3 oy oldin
Some trees are blue
MEME MAN 3 oy oldin
Jahmel Palmer you didn’t get what I meant just look trough Jaden Smith’s Twitter page
Jahmel The Martian
XbOx FaNbOy11 and so is the grass. And the sky is red when the moon is full
nugget130884 3 oy oldin
What a little spunk bubble jaden smith is.... couldn't take people laughing at him.
wahh Taoo
wahh Taoo 3 oy oldin
I love will he has such energy
Ines Stanley
Ines Stanley 3 oy oldin
Scorpio Snake
Scorpio Snake 3 oy oldin
WTF ?? When I was a Kid Jaden was a Kid , now I've grown up but he's still a Kid . How the heck did that happen . I mean I remember watching Karate kid as a kid and he used to look the same like he looks now , and his height and face and everything is just the same till now .
Jahmel The Martian
Scorpio Snake fountain of youth
Manik Rawat
Manik Rawat 3 oy oldin
I love the father-son relationship
Edith Zurita
Edith Zurita 3 oy oldin
Jaden reminds me of winwin nct.
Aniket Giri
Aniket Giri 4 oy oldin
I like Will very much but he's son oh man what a waste!!!
Jesse 1437
Jesse 1437 4 oy oldin
Will smith and his family are raving lunatics who worship mirrors. I love Graham, though! Best talk show (er, chat show) host who ever lived! But fuck those moronic scientologists!
RevFury FoxFive
RevFury FoxFive 4 oy oldin
Someone will slap you! LOL that's the only reason I'm here.
Aktsar Abdikar
Aktsar Abdikar 4 oy oldin
natalia Cortez
natalia Cortez 5 oy oldin
I what to kiss 😘😘 jade smith
Nilofur Nisha
Nilofur Nisha 5 oy oldin
I went a father like this 😭
Zick Zick
Zick Zick 5 oy oldin
I love these, Jean, and will
Marcus-Andoni Le
Marcus-Andoni Le 6 oy oldin
Will is the next Martin Luther king
Vitória Silva
Vitória Silva 6 oy oldin
Alguém traduz isso pelo amor de Deus kkkk
Vitória Silva
Vitória Silva 6 oy oldin
Esse sorrrisinho do Jaden é a coisa mais fofaaaa
Redeemed 7 oy oldin
Will Smith is such a good actor.
Aww it was so sweet when will kissed jade it was so cute, but now it’s so sad will doesn’t kiss his son in public anymore :(((
Snowflake 8 oy oldin
I thought will was married what he talking about "heather come sit here"
Jonathan Neal
Jonathan Neal 9 oy oldin
Watching in 2018 To bad the movie is such shit
1Lance1984 10 oy oldin
My favourite part is when graham say "someone will slap you" welcome to a british chat show when arrorgance in not tolerated 😅
Hunmbre 10 oy oldin
He’s just an icon living
Richard Poblador
Richard Poblador 10 oy oldin
Oh Jaden you're so lovely :=).
Keon Pourboghrat
Keon Pourboghrat 10 oy oldin
Poor Heather pushed to the side
Jake Robertson
Jake Robertson 10 oy oldin
Will Smith gay, how gonna kiss your own son, he should kissed Willow instead, that's gay, son or no son.
Ryan Bamford
Ryan Bamford 10 oy oldin
Jaden was fucking scared of Graham when he said he would slap him 10:09
Connor Hart
Connor Hart 10 oy oldin
So if googling yourself is like cutting yourself is deleting your search history like putting a bandage on it
YVG 10 oy oldin
Ya already know Jaden was tight at all this. 9:56 I had enough of Grahams fucking shit look at everyone faces
Nigel C
Nigel C 10 oy oldin
whats msftsrep exactly i know its a clothing brand now but this was uploaded in 2013 and he has a msftsrep pin on already
Kaeden Ngai-Natsuhara
Kinda feel bad for jaden, will is just so fast on draw for jokes there's no openings
Ngoc Vo
Ngoc Vo 11 oy oldin
is Will high?
turl 11 oy oldin
Yo man, that son looked so uncomfortable tho
turl 11 oy oldin
Yo man, that son looked so uncomfortable tho
Curesha Griffin
Curesha Griffin 11 oy oldin
Will looks high off weed lol
The LazyTurtle¹
The LazyTurtle¹ 11 oy oldin
Will is a pedophile 5:59
Maxine Oxley
Maxine Oxley 11 oy oldin
I'm so jealous of Jayden he he has the coolest dad
Layz Mb
Layz Mb 11 oy oldin
"and someone will slap you" - Graham .... THANK YOU GRAHAM!!!
rainbowloveyh 11 oy oldin
I love will Smith so much hehe such a cool dad😂
neny rubiasih
neny rubiasih 11 oy oldin
Y alloh lucu banget will shimit
digitalhologram 11 oy oldin
I have an idea, let's stop using my BBC tax paying money to bring on these multimillionaire talent-less idiots and instead give it to British people who actually are struggling to pay bills and perhaps even fund our healthcare better
Cerys Winchester
Cerys Winchester 11 oy oldin
the guy in pink in the beginning looks so weirded out and uncomfortable
Shenika Ellis
Shenika Ellis 11 oy oldin
Jaden is so cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
876 gamerty
876 gamerty 11 oy oldin
my name is jaylon smith
fire style
fire style 11 oy oldin
when your sons hairline is worse than yours
sara pamucar
sara pamucar 11 oy oldin
Will is so funny
E Santiago
E Santiago 11 oy oldin
The host forgot that Heather Graham was there also lol
Alana Chan Tie
Alana Chan Tie 11 oy oldin
Will don’t google yourself *goes on google types up name* WTF!
leo86 NZ
leo86 NZ 11 oy oldin
jaden is a dick
[BSK] Chaos
[BSK] Chaos 11 oy oldin
I wanna watch Will and Cooper have a talk while cracking open a cold one :'D
Harun Hussein
Harun Hussein 11 oy oldin
I never see a show like this. This is a great show awesome 👏 🤝. It starts happily and it ends happily 😍.
passi vlog
passi vlog 11 oy oldin
Will and Jaden they kill me
Hhh Hours
Hhh Hours 11 oy oldin
Omg i maybe crazy but at 8:41 what Will smith did, made me think about A titan in attack on titan 😂
Master of Reality
Master of Reality 11 oy oldin
10:26 Will Smith on point with the defence!!
Master of Reality
Master of Reality 11 oy oldin
Will Smith is the fucking MAN!
Alfeus Karu
Alfeus Karu 11 oy oldin
i love you jaden smith
Betty tekekekle
Betty tekekekle Yil oldin
Betty tekekekle
Betty tekekekle Yil oldin
He dont evin watch your coment
Betty tekekekle
Betty tekekekle Yil oldin
He dont care a bout your message
faty stamos
faty stamos Yil oldin
will and jaden are the best ♡♡
ANGELEE Yil oldin
Why do i always get that eery feeling there's alot of incest in the Smith family.
ryan 317 flash
ryan 317 flash Yil oldin
Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
Jamaya Crawford
Jamaya Crawford Yil oldin
That is your dad the man that was on the fresh prince of bellar what
_ _Buddy_ _
_ _Buddy_ _ Yil oldin
How old is Jayden?
_ _Buddy_ _
_ _Buddy_ _ Yil oldin