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Jake Gyllenhaal Talks Getting Scared and Baring All

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Flute Løøps
Flute Løøps 14 soat oldin
"That is darker than any movie I've ever made. And I've made some dark movies." YALL I CAN'T BREATHE!😃😂😂😂
Snap Dragon
Snap Dragon 3 kun oldin
1:56 Such a cute genuine laugh ^^
ilovefood 4 kun oldin
how is he not nominated for an oscar yet!!
Mr Grumpy
Mr Grumpy 5 kun oldin
hahahah this is great every single video of him is a laugh, look at him mirror her in the beguining xD
Milly 11 kun oldin
“are you trying to get my off?”
MrBlackgrim23 21 kun oldin
Funny how Ellen harasses every man to take off their shirts and everyone thinks it's funny, while you could see them getting uncomfortable, funny...
Ariana  Borja Gonzales
Lun 29 kun oldin
he didn’t get nominated, so there was no shirt off :( but Amy did
Nirva Rene
Nirva Rene Oy oldin
Jake is a hottie I'll marry him in a heartbeat Please be into black chicks 🤗🤗🤗
Mr anything
Mr anything Oy oldin
I thought that was the guy in verison
Nicole Stucki
Nicole Stucki Oy oldin
that movie is incredible.....
sanchi Oy oldin
Ok I’m officially in love
Amy Salah
Amy Salah 2 oy oldin
Woah that’s not the mic man 😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Gaitri thangjam
Gaitri thangjam 2 oy oldin
I like him to be my bf ❤❤❤
Weinmonster Chicago
“Stung by a whole bunch of ants” and Ellen claims to be from the SOUTH?? Ants bite, Ellen. Especially fire ants... which I’m assuming she’s referring to in the story lol
Rebecca Dsouza
Rebecca Dsouza 2 oy oldin
handsome and humble guy
EdjeMr1975 2 oy oldin
He is soo Handsome .. I want too married him ❤
نسرين طه
نسرين طه 3 oy oldin
Song hane shark mathddesh plnsehab know hayate wlkyab talent bk
m o o d y y
m o o d y y 3 oy oldin
am i the only one eho knows him from donnie darko
Ameen Arshek
Ameen Arshek 2 oy oldin
Omid Rezania
Omid Rezania 3 oy oldin
I am a man , but I find Jake a very sweet guy
janeb 3 oy oldin
he’s so cute
which is the movie they are talking about some one please help me out here, i wanna watch that movie asap
Наталя Височанська
Nocturnal Animals
Esther Lives
Esther Lives 4 oy oldin
spoiler allert
Drake Drones
Drake Drones 4 oy oldin
Jake is so Texas ....I love him
Vicki Araujo
Vicki Araujo 5 oy oldin
Please please marry me, Jake.
manasi dabholkar
manasi dabholkar 6 oy oldin
Oh please... TAKE THE SHIRT OFF!!
Kyle Joultz
Kyle Joultz 6 oy oldin
WAIT, wasnt he in that gay movie :O
Айзирек Нурланова
But I know, the twin Jake from Turkey is called Chaglar very similar 😉
Josh Weaver
Josh Weaver 6 oy oldin
I want to see Armie Hammer and Jake in a movie together. It might be too much to handle though.
Anandi Ganguly
Anandi Ganguly 6 oy oldin
Rana Lafondr
Rana Lafondr 7 oy oldin
ohhh he's so cute 😍😍
R I 7 oy oldin
There is an turkish actor called Caglar Ertogrul who looks exactly the same as him... it’s scary!
ciel 8 oy oldin
I came here after watching Highway
Kashif Reza
Kashif Reza 8 oy oldin
What's the most darkest movie Jake made?
Adoring Fan
Adoring Fan 8 oy oldin
So could we do that with say a female celeb?
Lannah 05
Lannah 05 8 oy oldin
Jake's voice is a bomb🔥🔥🔥.. and his laugh👌😍omggg.. why is he so perfect?❤❤❤
Xanxei 8 oy oldin
Is he EXTRA buttoned up in self defense? I feel like he's gonna start wearing full armour to interviews soon, and I can't say I blame him.
Rashid omani
Rashid omani 8 oy oldin
Hellen is like so desperate to see him shirtless
Alibra 8 oy oldin
Yagiz nabion aq
43385489A 9 oy oldin
Him and Aubrey Plaza got the same dorky, cute but awkward and mega hilarious kinda vibe ❤❤
Akanksha Deepak
Akanksha Deepak 9 oy oldin
We're gonna be married soon
blu 9 oy oldin
Keep replaying the beginning it’s so precious
Sara Coleman
Sara Coleman 9 oy oldin
He's such a cutie 😖😖
Bruna 9 oy oldin
God, Jake was AMAZING at nocturnal animals, such a great movie. Really, a masterpiece.
Melissa-Jade Williams
Lol lol lol @ellen
chelsey garrett
chelsey garrett 10 oy oldin
He was so jumpy the whole interview poor guy lol.
musicisbrilliant 10 oy oldin
Just take off the shirt Jake. Jeeze.
Kareem Mahmoud
Kareem Mahmoud 10 oy oldin
What is the name of The movie?
Yulieth Ramirez Rincón
Omg i didn't know Jack was so shy in real life #cute
Travis Warren
Travis Warren Yil oldin
I like how she casually asks him to take his cloths of but if it were the other way around it would be blasfimy.
Kalpana Srivastava
Ji Yan
Ji Yan Yil oldin
Win one then
Kaya Yil oldin
he is beautiful
P s y c h o s o c i a l
He's so handsome. I love him. I'm not gay¡!!!
CJayin Yil oldin
Really good movie.
Mela Alejandra
Mela Alejandra Yil oldin
*He really deserved the Oscar!!!*
mona lisa
mona lisa Yil oldin
Love Jake but cringed when they tried to pressure him to take his clothes off
Agatha Kempf
Agatha Kempf Yil oldin
Sasari Videos
Sasari Videos Yil oldin
I seriously just want to hear him talk about the movie he's starring in and interesting stuff about his current film projects he's in with ,I really wish that Ellen stop with this "take of your shirt talk" with every damn male actor coming to her show ,I mean it's just straight out uncomfortable and messed up. I mean try to ask a female celeb guest to take her shirt of and show her boobs Like common ...you're better then that Ellen no double standard please.
Erin Heather
Erin Heather Yil oldin
This poor guy. He looks so uncomfortable. 😂 I'm sure he loves Ellen, but I can imagine him thinking... "great, now I'm going get scared out of my wits, while Ellen continuously tries to take my clothes off, and tells me how amazing I am." He is so normal, and it's awesome.
Erin Heather
Erin Heather Yil oldin
This poor guy. He looks so uncomfortable. 😂 I'm sure he loves Ellen, but I can imagine him thinking... "great, now I'm going get scared out of my wits, while Ellen continuously tries to take my clothes off, and tells me how amazing I am." He is so normal, and it's awesome.
elyse moscozo
elyse moscozo Yil oldin
He's soo perfect! 😦
Kyndrei Yil oldin
Does anyone know what shirt he's wearing??
John Joseph
John Joseph Yil oldin
Kyndrei ist plaid
nadda Yil oldin
shes extremely sexualizing him tho like y'all would be mad if he was a woman
cherry viña
cherry viña Yil oldin
i love you jake gylenhall
brown beast
brown beast Yil oldin
Let's be clear. Jake IS the new Tom Hanks. He is the most likeable in hollywood. Just look at any segment on ellen, conan, tonight show.. No other hollywood a lister has the easy familiar repor he has with the hosts OR the audience. Not even someone like Pratt. The ONLY reason he is NOT yet talked about as "americas sweetheart" is because of the darker material puts out. People don't always think of him as witty and funny like Tom Hanks. But he clearly is if you go by the million of views on his talkshows clips here on youtube. Give him that well deserved oscar and a romcom/feelgood movie that blows up like Forest Gump and it's a done deal.
Abi Tulabot
Abi Tulabot Yil oldin
Nocturnal Animals was amazing, ending was just perfect
N. BR Yil oldin
I just love Jake's laugh!
Marisol Anthony
Marisol Anthony Yil oldin
My boyfriend 😙😙😙
Diya Soran
Diya Soran Yil oldin
I like his jokes
Sandra Gorail
Sandra Gorail Yil oldin
No wonder Taylor was so cut over him
Juju Talamina
Juju Talamina Yil oldin
Is he Jacob Tremblay father or something
Lidia Miraç
Lidia Miraç Yil oldin
Imagine if a man was making those "take your shirt off" comments...
Madhu Choudhary
Madhu Choudhary Yil oldin
That's not mike Men :)
Nise Meherremli
Nise Meherremli Yil oldin
ya bu caglar ertugrul degilmi?♡
hop du
hop du Yil oldin
he need a oscar and deserved
Salma Zahraoui
Salma Zahraoui Yil oldin
Oh dear
Margaret Yil oldin
jake gyllenhaal oscars 2018!!!! stronger!!! Best actor!!!
Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog Yil oldin
2:29 I thought she take his shirt off just like that lol
Latrena Graham
Latrena Graham Yil oldin
Love him!!
Suzana Faiani
Suzana Faiani Yil oldin
ator 1000
Prithaa More
Prithaa More Yil oldin
I feel like gyllyenhaal is the next leonardo di caprio
Ela Ka
Ela Ka Yil oldin
He is so cute and handsome! Beautiful!
emercycrite Yil oldin
He's just so effortlessly attractive
Maddie Reed
Maddie Reed Yil oldin
I love him so much! And as a feminist, I don't like how they keep trying to get his shirt off; even as a joke. It would be appalling if a male host did that to a female guest. Either you can't sexualize both genders or not at all.
Abdullah Ferdosi
oh jake.............
adelinepop Yil oldin
So, why couldn't the oscars just take one for the team.
Lu Chan
Lu Chan Yil oldin
He is one hell of a dreamy man...sigh...
Maki Kun
Maki Kun Yil oldin
thats how i understand Donnie Darko.. i watched it several times until i get bored and read an article about it
DeeChanel Yil oldin
omg poor jake 😂😂😂😂😂 so funny *rofling
madhu vn
madhu vn Yil oldin
Jake is so adorable..........
Mathilde Panchaud
Jake's laugh is the best thing ever, and he's so damn handsome I can't
Srivikashini K
Srivikashini K Yil oldin
he's so sweet 😊😊😚😚
Maliha Intikhab
Maliha Intikhab Yil oldin
Jake is always so adorable and awkward!
MyRudeTae Yil oldin
i love him so much oh my goddddddddddddddddd hes so adorable
Harley Coone
Harley Coone Yil oldin
My favorite movie that he stars in is October sky
Harley Coone
Harley Coone Yil oldin
I LOVE HIM SOOOOO MUCH..... he is the entire reason I want to become an actress
diary of a lame ghost
i luv him omg