Jake Johnson gets roasted in the 'New Girl' cast's group chat

Good Morning America
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"Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" starring Jake Johnson might be the best Spider-Man so far.




10-Dek, 2018



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Megan Zakeri
Megan Zakeri 4 kun oldin
JV Strats
JV Strats 5 kun oldin
not only best spider-man movie but best marvel movie hands down
tweek 3531
tweek 3531 6 kun oldin
I laugh now but only cause I know what happened to the bears
james khing
james khing 9 kun oldin
that tv host is a poor man's mike tyson. man i wish i could punch him in his balls!
Prateek Choudhary
Prateek Choudhary 11 kun oldin
I still moon walk away from all my problems
supermilkguy 19 kun oldin
Jake is hot af with the beard. I’m in the minority: I didn’t like Into the Spiderverse. Too much slap stick, didn’t care a bit about any of the characters and and was meh on the animation itself.
Vonetta Spencer
Dylan Buchman
Dylan Buchman Oy oldin
Ew that guy is so annoying with the sports stuff so corny it has nothing to do with anything can you let the guests talk without making it about sports
bob vance
bob vance Oy oldin
he looks like jason mantzoukas in the thumbnail (dennis feinstein from parks and rec or adrien pimento from brooklyn 99)
Mrkindalegal TheBagopaniest
Maybe typecasting is a good thing.
Startre Start
Startre Start Oy oldin
haha youtube says the rating for spiderman into the spiderverse is R18+
Peter Blowfield
Ice Cream Wasabi
Ice Cream Wasabi 2 oy oldin
So does this make Jake a marvel actor?
NickGFast 2 oy oldin
“Our producers sister saw it.” 😂😂😂
okay !
okay ! 2 oy oldin
Y’all did him dirty with that thumbnail
C S 2 oy oldin
He's definitely not a ninny.
Josh Bermudez
Josh Bermudez 2 oy oldin
He seems like a cool guy the problem is I get sooo irritated when I see his face.most of his movies he plays the drug addict,homeless man and I first saw him in the house then tag...seems like a cool guy tho
Jake Williams
Jake Williams 2 oy oldin
There’s no cologne like success
Julien Hill
Julien Hill 2 oy oldin
Give me the goober. Give it!!!
A Cote
A Cote 2 oy oldin
He is essentially Troy Bolton from high school musical
Elle Tailor
Elle Tailor 2 oy oldin
The hosts of good morning america have no fucking clue what anything is
Ashton Hanks
Ashton Hanks 2 oy oldin
Nick Miller, Nick Miller. Doesn’t do anything.
Georgie Oy oldin
this plays through my mind whenever i think of Nick
MsMarsbars123 2 oy oldin
i love him so much Nick Miller 4eva
Sheila Mason
Sheila Mason 2 oy oldin
Binge watched New Girl on Netflix. All I can say is that kiss between Nick and Jessica was something! Some men just know how to kiss a woman and it comes across on screen. I rewound that scene a few times. He would be great in a Rom-Com on the big screen.
Jordan English
Jordan English 10 kun oldin
He did a movie called drinking buddies that was kinda in that realm
Bear Archambault
Bear Archambault 12 kun oldin
+Zechariah Cameron Are you "Netflix shaming" people? lol... "Cause you maybe enjoy spending half an hour to watch a 20 minute show?
Zechariah Cameron
Zechariah Cameron 23 kun oldin
Watch it while it airs instead of on Netflix
Sara Kalajanniska
Guuurl have you seen ”The Pretty One?” He’s amazing in that movie
Anastasia Ulyanitzkiy
His spider man is my favorite in the movie.
Yeah _
Yeah _ 3 oy oldin
Sounds like Alpha M
Abby shepherd
Abby shepherd 3 oy oldin
I’ve seen tag like 4 times I love that movie
workofivory 3 oy oldin
Jake is so funnyyy ughhh 💗💗💗
shamma denord
shamma denord 3 oy oldin
If some idiot decides to make a reboot of New Girl, he or she will feel my wrath
Sam Pomerant
Sam Pomerant 2 oy oldin
shamma denord I'm only OK with it if they call it "Newer Girl"
IamjustSandro 3 oy oldin
He’s Julius pepperwood he’s from Chicago
Georgie Oy oldin
+Maggie Eisenhuth i can hear that comment
Maggie Eisenhuth
Maggie Eisenhuth 2 oy oldin
Thin crust pizza? No thank you, I’m from Chicago.
Fletcher McCall
Fletcher McCall 2 oy oldin
+Swanay Mohanty In the Pepperwood Chronicles, but when they're following the student Jess was teaching, Julius Pepperwood was from Chicago.
Swanay Mohanty
Swanay Mohanty 3 oy oldin
Pepperwood is from New Orleans
Mike Okkerts
Mike Okkerts 3 oy oldin
Really looking forward to the next series of New Girl. It's all I live for.
fla la
fla la 2 oy oldin
Mike Okkerts It’s a Good final season 👍👍📺
Debo4735 X
Debo4735 X 3 oy oldin
I loved New Girl. 👍👍🖖
Jason Olvera
Jason Olvera 3 oy oldin
Am I the only guy in here? Nobody is mentioning that host in red is insanely attractive? Smile is killer, I must be going crazy.
I am a man. (Well a straight man) She’s pretty but her face isn’t for me for whatever reason.
Jason Olvera
Jason Olvera 3 oy oldin
+Joshua Bailey Sheesh, did someone shit in your breakfast?
Joshua Bailey
Joshua Bailey 3 oy oldin
Jason Olvera maybe for once you’re the only guy who feels the need to make a comment about every attractive woman he sees on the internet, which would be a nice change of pace. Ah, what a dream
Aya 3 oy oldin
nick miller from the streets of chicago
Peter Blowfield
Peter Blowfield 2 oy oldin
Thin crust pizza, no thankyou I’m from Chicago
tinyfeet101 3 oy oldin
Alex Craft
Alex Craft 4 kun oldin
Fucking thank you i needed this today
lettucefase 2 oy oldin
its 'gave me cookie gotchu cookie'
nanokd 2 oy oldin
Best Nick Miller line ever 😀
Kashi Go Lean
Kashi Go Lean 3 oy oldin
Jake is hot 😍
Whitney Sorensen
Whitney Sorensen 3 oy oldin
So the Jake Johnson story is actually High School Musical IRL???
Vanadyan 3 oy oldin
I would agree this is the best Spider-Man I have ever seen. Brought my kids to see it this weekend, and I think I may have enjoyed it more than they did even. Absolutely brilliant.
Baron Thomas
Baron Thomas 3 oy oldin
um...why is Michael Strahan from the Giants doing talk shows?
CB 1014
CB 1014 3 oy oldin
Baron Thomas he had a brain fart on that exit too
_em 3 oy oldin
he's so handsome
finisher489 3 oy oldin
Sara really needs to learn how to pronounce the names of actors. Mahershala is an Academy Award winner and he is in a lot of popular films and TV shows such as Moonlight, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Luke Cage, House of Cards.
Stephanie Johns
Stephanie Johns 3 oy oldin
I am so proud of him!!!
A S 3 oy oldin
Jake is so hot with that beard wish he had it more in New Girl
PureChaos 3 oy oldin
I agree, it definitely suits him and it's a shame he never got to grow it out in the show!!
Mimi Alcala
Mimi Alcala 3 oy oldin
What happens to nick!!!
samm s
samm s 3 oy oldin
the guy host..is one sexy chocolate...mmm a dilf!
samm s
samm s 3 oy oldin
i am a fan of\ the new girl drama series so when i went to watch spiderverse i could not take peter parker seriously because i kept thinking of his character in the new girl...so weird lol.
Wendy Sanchez
Wendy Sanchez 3 oy oldin
Nick Miller/Jake Johnson was my favorite, he played the character perfectly ❤️
Calltothesky Bhawana
same... i mean i took him seriously but i felt like nick miller is peter. LOL specially like him being lazy and fat haha it all fit. Like that pizza scene..it was nick miller right there. :P
Bobby Rashford
Bobby Rashford 3 oy oldin
j michelle
j michelle 3 oy oldin
Nick Miller, Nick Miller from the street of Chicago..
KGM 09
KGM 09 2 oy oldin
Nick Miller, Nick Miller. He’s the illest of the ill, he pours 100 drinks, and none have ever spilled!
Loralie Faucher
Loralie Faucher 2 oy oldin
Max Power I just found out I’m so sad😣 Are they at least gonna put season 7?
Lewis Carter
Lewis Carter 2 oy oldin
I’ve seen you around youtube and i like your style j michelle
Max Power
Max Power 2 oy oldin
+Jeaus Lucio we be all night
Max Power
Max Power 2 oy oldin
RIP New girl on canadian netflix :'(
MrGonzale09 3 oy oldin
Da bears.
Max Power
Max Power 3 oy oldin
So the "roast" was a picture message that was covered for about 18 seconds of this 7 minute promo for spider man.
myterio94 11 soat oldin
Max Power lol after 2 mins I forgot why I clicked thank you for reminding me
BATJAX 3 oy oldin
That thumbnail though
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