Jake Paul - “CARTIER VISION” (Official Music Video) ft. AT3 + Jitt & Quan

Jake Paul
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[Intro: Jake Paul]
Cartier Vision
I can't see, bro
I-I feel like all I can see is Cartier shit right now
I'm only seein' Cartier
Cartier Vision
I don't know what the fuck is goin' down, man
Cartier Vision
No, call 911
Cartier Vision
Yo, call 911
Cartier Vision
[Chorus: Jake Paul]
Cartier Vision
Cartier Vision
Cartier Vision
Cartier Vision (Cartier Vision)
Cardi be trippin' (yeah)
Chef in the kitchen (ooh, whip)
Cartier Vision
Cartier Vision (Cartier Vision)
[Verse 1: Jake Paul]
Ayy, Cartier Vision
My pinky ring drippin'
We ride a lil' different
We just see a lil' different
Drop my top, she blow kisses
Chef Byron doin' dishes
I'm a shark to you fishes
I'm a dog, I get vicious
Closet full of Givenchy
I live like right next to Drizzy
Used to ride tank on empty
Landscaping and Wendy's
Took some Lamb's and some Bentley's
To some grams and some emmy's
Me and Post fixed our beef
I'm bumping Beerbongs & Bentleys
Went from Vine to a mansion
This my real life, they acting
I'm retirement planning
Cartier bracelet dancing
[Chorus: Jake Paul]
Cartier Vision
Cartier Vision
Cartier Vision
Cartier Vision (Cartier Vision)
Cardi be trippin' (yeah)
Chef in the kitchen (ooh, whip)
Cartier Vision
Cartier Vision (Cartier Vision)
[Verse 2: Anthony Trujillo]
Know when I run it, I flex on you, bitch
Cartier drippin' keep racks on my wrist
Run for the gang and I'm never gon' switch
Jumper like Harden I'm never gon' miss
Swear you be doin' the most
I just be switchin' the flow
Call up my bro and we go
I got a ho for my ho
I swear she outta control, yeah
Way too much drip on my fit (yeah)
Don't really like flexing like this (yeah)
I'm prolly texting yo chick (yeah)
You had to find out like this (yeah)
Runnin', runnin', runnin', runnin'
I fell in love with the money
I just be drowning in hunnids
Might fly to Paris or London
I got a Coupe wit' no top
Shawty, she pop and she lock
All of my haters get blocked
Cartier lens on the op (brra!)
[Chorus: Jake Paul]
Cartier Vision
Cartier Vision
Cartier Vision
Cartier Vision (Cartier Vision)
Cardi be trippin' (yeah)
Chef in the kitchen (ooh, whip)
Cartier Vision
Cartier Vision (Cartier Vision)
[Verse 3: Jitt & Quan]
Cartier Vision like Cardi B
I'm icy, they digging my artistry
Designer fit bring out the star in me
Beat up the beat like it's sparring me
Got on spectacles now I'mma spectacle
I'm excellent, you just exceptional
Yo swagger is so unacceptable
You might need to see a professional
I been the the freshest in bavalon
I pop the tag, you a tag along
This song, we might win a Grammy on
Lil' Jitt gone, put the family on (Jitt)
Flow stupid like the stooges (stooges)
Ya chick a new sense (new sense)
Cartier wit' mudusa (yeah)
Told my parents I'ma do it (do it)
Money longer then a ruler (ruler)
Ain't got time for a groupie (a groupie)
'Cause these females, they be choosing (be choosing)
No CP3 but we balling hard (balling hard)
Me and AT3 ride in smart cars (smart cars)
Ask who driving, yeah, that's Jake Paul (Jake Paul, yeah, yeah, yeah)
You know my flow, I'ma switch it (switch it)
I'ma been drowning in these digits (damn, many digits)
YNG, I'm young in gifted (YNG)
These Cartier is expensive
[Chorus: Jake Paul]
Cartier Vision
Cartier Vision
Cartier Vision
Cartier Vision (Cartier Vision)
Cardi be trippin' (yeah)
Chef in the kitchen (ooh, whip)
Cartier Vision
Cartier Vision (Cartier Vision)
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12-Sen, 2018

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At 0:23 is that yung bands or am i trippen
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Why is Anthony’s part way better than Jakes and it’s his song???
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Except with those kids
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Best song of Jake paul
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I hope you a wonderful thanksgiving
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if *anyone* else rapped this this coulda gone _hard_
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Goods song of 2018
The girl with No problem
My dog is more than u
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Anthony's verse was fire he could be a rapper song was dope
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Anthony can rap better than u
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This sounds like "Cardi-a-vision." Ik I'm deaf. pls help
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I look for Roblox Noobs
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Mumble rap.exe
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