Jalen Rose's top 5 sneaky biggest 2018 NBA offseason moves | Get Up! | ESPN

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Jalen Rose ranks his top 5 sneaky biggest NBA offseason moves in 2018, starting with the Washington Wizards.
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5-Iyl, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 698
The Delusionator
The Delusionator 8 kun oldin
Denver can't defend anyone! 26th in DEfensive rating!
Josh Howatd
Josh Howatd 10 kun oldin
How could we lose Clipper Darrell 😡😡 fuck
Person Person
Person Person 10 kun oldin
Pacer should've been on this list. Also I don't agree with Denver, they've got a fundamental problem with their core: defense. They basically put all their chips on this core being great, I don't totally agree with that
George Karram
George Karram 11 kun oldin
michelle beadle is so hot!
MrStensnask 14 kun oldin
To call Dwight Howard more athletic than, say, DeAndre Jordan is a damn joke
Tundra Theory
Tundra Theory 16 kun oldin
Nuggggggggggggggggggggets baby
Jacob Singapore
Jacob Singapore 16 kun oldin
Likin' the list Jalen, but OKC definitely wasn't SNEAKY this offseason, they were all over the headlines over Paul George lol.
MrTitothegreat 16 kun oldin
i like Jalen but he's pretty wrong a lot of times, especially during the draft, he's cool but this list is so so
Yung Lethal
Yung Lethal 17 kun oldin
Where is pacers?
Anthony Hutchins
Anthony Hutchins 17 kun oldin
Now tye nuggets got Isaiah... And the thunder got rid of that bum ass Carmelo... Good pffseasons for those teams for sure
Kelvin Flores
Kelvin Flores 19 kun oldin
No body? !
Ben Jones
Ben Jones 19 kun oldin
Why is everybody sleeping on the Bulls offseason
LetsBeReal 4real4real
Who else hate Michele Beadle?
Notorious TBG
Notorious TBG 20 kun oldin
How can Jalen be sleeping on the Bulls? lol and the Suns wouldnt even be top 10 in the East.
anotherbrownguy 20 kun oldin
IF ** Kawaii plays for my CRaptors like his regular self , then and only then Raps take first spot on this list.
Mark Rea
Mark Rea 20 kun oldin
The Atlanta Hawks potentially have 3 1st Round picks AGAIN next draft. They cleared Dennis’ 3yr $70 million contract. They’ve set up their core for the future and have acquired veteran leaders for their young squad; but they still don’t have love from the league. Hell next draft they’ll probably get another top 5 prospect and further strengthen the core. 3 years from now when they’re relevant, I guarantee you guys like Jalen Rose will suddenly justify these moves. Until then, I’ll sip my tea and patiently wait for the bandwagon.
Matas Dargis
Matas Dargis 21 kun oldin
Now the nuggets 1 no.off Thomas
FARHAN ABDULLE 22 kun oldin
Washington wizards all the way
Seth Wilbur
Seth Wilbur 24 kun oldin
Lakers are getting swept in the first round they can’t compare
CPGoat #3
CPGoat #3 24 kun oldin
Pacers signed tyreke
Sergio Morales
Sergio Morales 24 kun oldin
The Knicks struck gold on the draft. Knox, Robinson, and Trier
Dakid323 Ps4
Dakid323 Ps4 24 kun oldin
Holy shit is that John wick
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia 25 kun oldin
Jalen Rose doesn't understand the concept of addition by substraction
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 26 kun oldin
i hate that blonde bitch has no clue what shes talking about
Basket Hounds
Basket Hounds 27 kun oldin
1:04 TF?!
HKim0072 27 kun oldin
You lost me with the Wizards. Feels like an Arenas-Crittenton locker room.
J T 28 kun oldin
The suns will make the playoffs this year!
Marcel 28 kun oldin
That's the big difference between an averageAmerican sports fan and a football (your soccer) fan. A football fan doesn't think about changing teams, especially to the biggest rival. American fans change teams so easily. I'm not talking about all American sports fans of course, but that's impression I get. I know that in football it cab get to the extreme point of fighting and even killing eachother, but that's because the love for the club is often as big or sometimes bigger than religion. The thing, that I've seen, that resembles that would be a Red Sox fan turning Yankee fan.
Bruce Rivers
Bruce Rivers 29 kun oldin
Michelle Beadle is lowkey fine. I’d smash her asap 💯
Carl Cubillas
Carl Cubillas 29 kun oldin
LOL #5 Wizards had a locker room issue last season, their chemistry is all out of whack. Adding Howard which is not a good locker room guy (ask Atlanta) is like adding fuel to the fire.
Wildy Pantoja
Wildy Pantoja 29 kun oldin
Rose is so on point.
negadelph Oy oldin
“In the east they’d be a 3 seed” - someone who doesn’t watch basketball, let alone look at the standings. The west had the top two teams but the east was arguably deeper.
negadelph 29 kun oldin
Chalk you can agree but the standings from this past year had a 4th seed team in the east that would have been a 3seed in the west. The only difference is the 9th best team in the west would be the 8th seed in the east.
Chalk 29 kun oldin
negadelph lol I caught on. But true although o understand his joke and somewhat agree
Eddie Mayfield
Jalen dressing like Clipper Darrell
57wookie Oy oldin
No mention of the pacers??? They did better than the suns getting one year of ariza, pacers were the 5 seed, and added Evans, Dougie mcbuckets and Kyle o Quinn
Binniam Eskender
I agree on OKC, it's my team though... but they shouldn't be more than 4-5th on that sneaky list. I'd bump up Wizards
WhyAlwaysMe Oy oldin
Okc spent too late. Lul.
Shasqueal Fo' Reale
Where my Pacers at?!?
Jimmy Quach
Jimmy Quach Oy oldin
okc making dem moves to get beat by the jazz next post season
Carson Redford
Can't wait for the Jazz to work all these teams.
Brian Hines
Brian Hines Oy oldin
Okay man sthu...how you put OKC on there but not Indiana? congrats...you brought back your players, top tier seed ig...Indy brought in an athletic sixth man in Tyreke Evans, a catch and shoot god in Doug McDermott, and a reliable backup center in Kyle O'Quinn. Not to mention they drafted what tons of people are calling a steal in Aaron Holiday
Petar Doychev
Petar Doychev Oy oldin
#1 OKC? nothing changed, why would they be better? Westbrook will never win a championship as the main guy
Clutch Flutie
Clutch Flutie Oy oldin
Call me sexist I dont care, Michelle Beadle is like the ONLY female sports personality the I actually like and liked from the getgo.
David Chandler
roberson is really overrated but i think they will play better now they have yr 2 together and they are settled George is staying
Brandon Green
Brandon Green Oy oldin
Doris Burke is the GOAT tho
Brandon Green
Brandon Green Oy oldin
Michelle Beadle > Rachel Nichols
Dallin Stagg
Dallin Stagg Oy oldin
OKC got worked by Donovan Mitchell, a rookie, in the playoffs. OKC embarrassed themselves and they're still the same team.
big deezle
big deezle Oy oldin
Beadle been having a bitchy attitude lately, its hard to watch her lately
Aryaman Gupta
Aryaman Gupta Oy oldin
am I the only one who finds beedle to be cute as hell?
Eric Jefferson
There was absolutely no sense in bringing up Bopper Daryl.
John Cronk
John Cronk Oy oldin
The nuggets are about to sign jimmy butler to. Jimmy butler is best friends with demarcus Thomas and they have been talking. He wants to come to denver
Dubfansince 1980
So OKC has better players to stand around and watch Westbrook.
John Doe
John Doe Oy oldin
Love this crew!!!!!
Kelton buege
Kelton buege Oy oldin
Milwaukee Bucks
javier delosreyes
all three of you are the jokers why even worth to discuss a team knowing they 're not gonna be in the final
Watts Raider
Watts Raider Oy oldin
Watts Raider
Watts Raider Oy oldin
LeBron called clipper Darrell? Lol what a joke. He's been a clipper die hard since 2001. Lakers won the championship in 2000, 2001, 2002 and he didn't jump ship then. Won the title in 2009 and 2010 Darrell was still a clipper. So now 8 yrs later when LeBron comes in u hollering LeBron wants u a Laker???? Ur a joke Clipper fans. Y'all will never be anything. Go Lakers we don't like bandwagons.
Howard Davis
Howard Davis Oy oldin
Thunder not making playoffs next year
Zikster 123
Zikster 123 Oy oldin
What about the nets?
Tim Hardaway Jr
No pacers?
black out
black out Oy oldin
lebron is a looooser lmao "please be my super fan!" lmao goat my ass lebron is a chump
Bruiser Brodie
cohemo077 Oy oldin
Why y’all sleeping on the Pacers?
Patrick Porter
Pacers' offseason so sneaky it didn't even make the sneaky offseason list.
young che
young che Oy oldin
lady, i’ll give you twenty bucks for you to buy new jeans but only if you promise never to wear Shaq’s jean shorts again, not ever.
charles pitter
Roberson their defensive anchor
Michael Oliveira
You gotta give my Pacers love Jalen!!! We made a few good moves
Stevens St. Victor
He said he there were in the East they would be a 3 seed hahahah
Twisted Oy oldin
Westbrook can average a triple-double for his whole career and still not make it out of round 1
Airborne jet
Airborne jet Oy oldin
How has nobody talked about Milwaukee?? They picked up brook lopez and illiasova, and they havent lost jabari YET, they have a good ass team this year, especially for the east
Sean Stewart
Sean Stewart Oy oldin
Great vids! Love this show and these topics!
Michael Ijeh
Michael Ijeh Oy oldin
Check out Jalen's Pumas though...
AnchorJones51 Oy oldin
I thought for sure he would put the Pacers at number one.
James F
James F Oy oldin
is it possible to get this exact same show, just without mike greenberg? like... what purpose does he serve? he's not more interesting or charismatic or knowledgeable than the pre-existing co-host... edit: legit like i don't have cable anymore so i never watch espn anyway but shit like this makes me want to avoid espn at all costs
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant Oy oldin
Jokic was underrated now he’s straight overrated
Ignaciglo Tho
Ignaciglo Tho Oy oldin
Fuck those two queers on the left side hating on okc
Maaaaannnnn LeBron didn't call you!! LMAO Just keep it real. The Clippers don't have stars that you like anymore..
James Meegan
James Meegan Oy oldin
i really thought the pacers would have been on this list. offseason moves is a win. Larry's Birds had to fly the coop in order to succeed
Ken T
Ken T Oy oldin
MK ultra
Dave Clark
Dave Clark Oy oldin
robot ass nigga
Darianne Oy oldin
Now the Denver nuggets have I.T.
King David
King David Oy oldin
Terry Oy oldin
Okc will get eliminated in the first round lol
Im Tylito
Im Tylito Oy oldin
Suns got 5 sfs. Stop it lmao
Im Tylito
Im Tylito Oy oldin
There off season is in so much lime light there is no sneaky move.
Ka Mo
Ka Mo Oy oldin
Clipper Darrell was a crappers.
David Boxley
David Boxley Oy oldin
What about the pacers
Jp 136
Jp 136 Oy oldin
Pacers low-key had a great offseason too. Wouldn't be surprised to see if they become a top seed in the east
Aaron Young
Aaron Young Oy oldin
Phoenix Suns:"They going to make it to the playoffs.... In the East theyd be a 3 seed." 😂
D M Oy oldin
Jalen continues to omit/disregard the Pacers. Still butthurt.
TWade TV
TWade TV Oy oldin
Okc bought out Carmelo 🤪
aa888zz Oy oldin
Randle to the pelicans was the biggest move people are not paying attention to. Randle is a beast and will be very much missed by us laker fans.
Cole Phelps
Cole Phelps Oy oldin
Jalen Rose is really good on TV better analyst than player for sure
mattppak 79
mattppak 79 Oy oldin
That's what makes me laugh about play talking about the Lakers now with LeBron yes they are better but every team in the West besides Houston got better this off season the kings suns mavs nuggets okc got slightly better by dropping Melo and gaining Noel. If the Lakers don't make another move or go get Kawhi they are in trouble this season they have some good pieces but they aren't pieces that LeBron is used to playing with no shooters and a bunch of ball dominate players. They will be the warriors and Houston 1 and 2 best season and okc 3 most likely but NO blazers nuggets jazz mavs Lakers kings suns will all be in a dog fight for 4-8 seed and it'll be interesting to watch
Ime Prezime
Ime Prezime Oy oldin
Michelle: "Come on Jalen, hurry up pls, i need to go to the toilet"
Grant Johnston
Good list from Jalen except for OKC.... they didn't do a single thing this off-season.
tyler innes
tyler innes Oy oldin
Pacers should be on this list, KoQ, Doug McDermott, Tyreke Evans and drafting Aaron Holiday. Really good off-season.
Austin Staiano
Jalen Rose is not smart
Rui Higuchi
Rui Higuchi Oy oldin
Beadle your pants... what are those!?
Mr.Gamer Oy oldin
white dude is always tryna play jalen he always throwing in remarks