james charles addresses "fake swatch" conspiracy

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Blendz 2 kun oldin
He was saying that he was doing second layers at the start so its not really fake
GatchaWaffle 101
GatchaWaffle 101 4 kun oldin
*sister spooked*
ItzQueenCleo :3
ItzQueenCleo :3 4 kun oldin
*Half of the comments have ‘sister’ are you talking about me?! ;-;*
Ellys Long
Ellys Long 4 kun oldin
People just have no respect for UZvidrs and celebs they put them selfs in the spot light to entertain us and put there private life’s in the public eye for everyone to see so I don’t know why people have to criticise them for putting out something they worked very hard on for us not them US!! and all people do is criticise them for trying to make us happy!
Ashley Romero
Ashley Romero 6 kun oldin
He literally said that was a crappy swatch and said he was gonna try again so if your gonna hate you need to double check your information
Samantha Ramjitsingh
super irrelevant but should i buy the james charles palette or a champion sweater? i would wear the sweater a lot more than i would wear makeup. but james is an idol and champion is rlly expensive 🥶
Sama‘s gacha World
Samantha Ramjitsingh you should buy the pallet and review it on social media or just comment it would help people 😊😇
Cølorz Blxez
Cølorz Blxez 7 kun oldin
It’s 24 degrees outside currently but I still wanna jump in his pool..:
Philip Hamilton
Philip Hamilton 7 kun oldin
C'mon, guys... Are we all gonna pretend that we don't layer our eyeshadow when we apply it? If it looks bad with one layer and beautiful with two, don't complain about a "scam" - apply an extra goddamn layer. It's not that hard.
Madison Fries
Madison Fries 8 kun oldin
Why you always hating why you always cause drama
Emelda Cortes
Emelda Cortes 8 kun oldin
Me : Ughhh my socks are so annoying I want to take them off but I have to move. I KnOw! *Reaches for ruler and takes em off*
Megatron_ Editz
Megatron_ Editz 8 kun oldin
When people look for reasons to hate but gat caught because James is the legit QWEEN
CAT MEMES 8 kun oldin
*I should of gave lauren godwin a medal for breaking the palette
Ella Esteves
Ella Esteves 8 kun oldin
James you don't have to prove to anyone you are a strong independent person keep doing what you're doing we all love it and appreciate it
Yasss Queens
Yasss Queens 8 kun oldin
Jesus Christ people do your research he said in the video that that wasn't a good swatch and then he swiped over it again😤😤
tea time sis
tea time sis 9 kun oldin
"yOuR nEw hOuSe iS mAkIng tHe pIgMeNt lOoK bEtTeR" *bitch what*
imaduck !
imaduck ! 9 kun oldin
The pallete is still amazing my sis has it and its amazing
Lucia •
Lucia • 9 kun oldin
Still loving him👌💜
Magic Girl
Magic Girl 9 kun oldin
He handled this very well tbh
Supreme Fizzle
Supreme Fizzle 9 kun oldin
This is what our fathers fought for
Noor Sartawi
Noor Sartawi 10 kun oldin
Sis snapped
To all of the step sisters Listen to a sister before u hate ❤️❤️❤️
madison lara
madison lara 10 kun oldin
this is one reason i dooooo not like him ! he’s so over dramatic dude okay people said they’re stuff about your pallet you don’t have to be all cocky and post them on ig stories like “ haha you see .. mm “ like okay everyone has made pallets and ppl criticized your not special hun .. ew ew ew ew he’s disgusting.. and if he reads one hate comment he has to go off on sc and get all worked up.. cry me a fucking river james build yourself a damn bridge and gtf over it
KawaiiPlayz 9 kun oldin
You dont know if theres ONE Dont call me a knight because im PROTECTING someone over people like you.. And did he SAY he was special he didn't SAY he was kylie jenner or other bs soo maybe YOU should build and gtf over it
dupalitis 10 kun oldin
We love sister James,u just wanna hate on him 😢
Melina Giannotti
Melina Giannotti 10 kun oldin
Damn y’all really just think anything is fake huh?
CutiePie playsRBLX
CutiePie playsRBLX 11 kun oldin
Mia Seren
Mia Seren 11 kun oldin
Doesn’t matter if he *DoUbLe SwAtChEd* because he said the shots took a few takes! Doesn’t mean it’s *fake*..... I LOVE JAMES CHARLES!,
Sneaky Fruit
Sneaky Fruit 11 kun oldin
I wanted to but this on amazon but it's so expensive 😵😱
•Officially Rocky•
I think James is has sister scandal phobia It’s where u can’t go a month without a sister scandal. Lol
Jason Miranda
Jason Miranda 12 kun oldin
Am a guy and dont even wear makeup ....why am I here??😂
Boo Loo
Boo Loo 12 kun oldin
Plop Plop
Plop Plop 12 kun oldin
Sister swatched
Jordyn Teepell
Jordyn Teepell 12 kun oldin
Like he said that he did the double swathes. So why doni even care about James why not care about your slef not James g GOD
Billie Eilish Covers
Y'all he is to sister sincere. Can the stepsisters just sister stop? Haters should be called stepsisters.
lIsTeN bOi!
lIsTeN bOi! 12 kun oldin
Click this: 👇🏻
Dolls.alot! 13 kun oldin
I can’t even with this channel. SISTER JAMES IS ICONIC
Gigi&Gio 13 kun oldin
did you know that the morphe palletes r tested on animals
Charlene Wang
Charlene Wang 12 kun oldin
Gigi&Gio they dont look it up they confirmed they don’t test on animals
•- Puniloa H -•
•- Puniloa H -• 13 kun oldin
What’s wrong with putting another layer? And the eyeshadows are already really pigmented with one layer
BTS IS AMAZING 13 kun oldin
I thought everyone was talking about if he had a swatch in the video (the clock)
luckkysimmer 13 kun oldin
Sir Charles
Deepak Gc
Deepak Gc 13 kun oldin
Come on I love the palatte he never lies to us ...
Sofia Man
Sofia Man 14 kun oldin
That’s the part where he did the REAL swatches!!!!!
Squiidgy YT
Squiidgy YT 14 kun oldin
Tbth i think he's right. People are just searching for the smallest mistakes and make huge drama outta it
Karen Gómez
Karen Gómez 14 kun oldin
The swatches are LIKEEEE SO SMOOTH!!😍😍😍😍
Royale High Ella Williams
Now 39 is my fav number 😝
Arunas Paul
Arunas Paul 14 kun oldin
One thing: if you do make up some times you go back and forth with your brush and eye shadow.
D D 14 kun oldin
3:01 James to all the haters Love u sister James!
Alex Prado
Alex Prado 14 kun oldin
Like why are you wasting your time hating on James
Emma LikesAlmonds
Emma LikesAlmonds 14 kun oldin
Looks like there are some BROTHERS hating!! Ba dum tssss Like if u get it!
Łuna Ruiz
Łuna Ruiz 14 kun oldin
I got a makeup ad before watching this😂😂
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 14 kun oldin
I love how whenever someone says some BS James doesn’t act angrily he doesn’t rage and say rude things, he treats the situation professionally and make sure he has evidence to back his answer up.
LAUREN BERG 15 kun oldin
I know I’m late but seriously..... these channels just wanna start drama. It’s all they want is attention.
Anna Zhamkochyan
Anna Zhamkochyan 15 kun oldin
If you put the video on 0,20x you Will see that its NOT FAKEEEE🤦🏽‍♀️
nancydorantes 15 kun oldin
39 colors I counted and I counted 40🤣🤣
Emma Blake
Emma Blake 15 kun oldin
Why would he fake swatches?Hundreds of thousands of people buy his palette and I have NEVER heard complains from them about swatches.. well maybe a few.. but there’s less complaints than good reviews
TibbsIsCool 15 kun oldin
Wait wait..... is he... GAY???????
jibby yussuf
jibby yussuf 15 kun oldin
I love how his feet are in the pool the whole time🤣 we love an unbothered sister
my mom still won't buy me one even tho I offered her 230 for it!
duh_its_ kaylaa
duh_its_ kaylaa 16 kun oldin
im PRETTY sure that you REapply another coat of eyeshadow when your doing makeup
Awkward ユニコーン
_I Stan him 100% but I love to see some tea be spit_
Central Elegance
Central Elegance 16 kun oldin
Good shit.
Adam Ahmed
Adam Ahmed 17 kun oldin
James Charles is the best
xBay MSP
xBay MSP 17 kun oldin
Lets spill some sister tea about his haters ☕
nelly lisicak
nelly lisicak 17 kun oldin
He was on first put color on hand and you can see that and then he again put color because is not seeing well
Kimberly Suarez
Kimberly Suarez 17 kun oldin
The beauty community is trippin’
Emma Diane
Emma Diane 18 kun oldin
I agree with James 100% I layer on almost every single eyeshadow I’ve ever put on.
DIEGO C 18 kun oldin
I hope James goes away for good this year, away from all the drama
Madison Berg
Madison Berg 18 kun oldin
That’s not a fake swatch he said he did a double swatch
la cantina di follettina
dani belghiru
dani belghiru 19 kun oldin
Obviously for a vid the black to aply like dat its a bit hmmm no matter what But still love the pallet
No Way
No Way 19 kun oldin
W H O C A R E S. this channel does nothing but hate
Lily Carden
Lily Carden 19 kun oldin
Minyoung Ahn
Minyoung Ahn 19 kun oldin
Lilly Lemesany
Lilly Lemesany 19 kun oldin
Y’all just hatin to hate
Ruben Estrera
Ruben Estrera 20 kun oldin
Stop hating..... James is just *sister swatching* 😡💕💕
Pastel Panda Bear
Pastel Panda Bear 13 kun oldin
Lol ya.
SophiaBophia Arandomwaffle
if you don’t believe him buy the dang palette for yourself and test them all
Absolute sarah
Absolute sarah 20 kun oldin
people must just be jealous of our QUEEN sister James and have nothing else to do but hate but james sister snapped them off! u go girl!
Sleep? Who that?™
Sleep? Who that?™ 20 kun oldin
He handled this so well omg
Danielle Baker
Danielle Baker 20 kun oldin
He’s proven to be a liar. Thomas Halbert proved that. People are too dense to not realize it apparently.
Gukkie Kookie
Gukkie Kookie 21 kun oldin
sister snapped.
dani belghiru
dani belghiru 19 kun oldin
Hellloooooo baby fetus kookie
Tea Styles
Tea Styles 21 kun oldin
i believe james💗🤞🏻
Tea Styles
Tea Styles 13 kun oldin
Pastel Panda Bear sry i am not from countries that speak english🥺😫😣
Pastel Panda Bear
Pastel Panda Bear 13 kun oldin
* chloesewn *
* chloesewn * 21 kun oldin
sum1 call shane
전환국 22 kun oldin
His nails are so perfectly done
_ mnsrrvt
_ mnsrrvt 22 kun oldin
I just discovered this channel and wow, the owner of this must hate James a lot hahaha
Esmee Brown
Esmee Brown 22 kun oldin
People are just trying to find drama like tf stop
txroschxld yt
txroschxld yt 24 kun oldin
I actually got the pallete and in just one touch of a eyeshadow you can see the pigment of how bright and bold it is. He is true and the formula is very pigmented. There is some conspiracy about it but it is absolutely false. The colors are very bold and matte plus the shimmery eyeshadows. If you read this far thank you for listening Please pin this if people still don’t understand
Rachel Watermelon
Rachel Watermelon 24 kun oldin
I have the pallet and the swatches look amazing and so do the colors
PrimeLaughter 24 kun oldin
I don't wear makeup but if I did this palette would be sister snatched by me!
Angie Chacon
Angie Chacon 24 kun oldin
He *thicc* but not *slick*
Boop Noodle
Boop Noodle 25 kun oldin
James is lowkey fucking awesome
Jaylord Kim
Jaylord Kim 26 kun oldin
why is just stacking shades becomes an issue sists?
R_ahaf 26 kun oldin
I think there were 2 different ones. James uploaded a video of the fake and the real one. Fakeup much?
Karla Cambar
Karla Cambar 26 kun oldin
I swatched all of the shades and boy they were so pigmented and didn’t even need to double swatch I’m a fan yeah but like I’m being fr
kennedy nicole
kennedy nicole 27 kun oldin
@ everyone hating : i highly doubt you can make a better palette. especially since 10 year olds don’t know anything about makeup.
Ainsley Mireille
Ainsley Mireille 27 kun oldin
Also in the "real vs fake James Charles palette" video he made, he didn't press as hard when he swatched the shadows from the fake palette. He didn't make them as large either. Just something I saw.
Samantha Anneken
Samantha Anneken 27 kun oldin
If people can litteraly try it for themselves if the have the pallet just saying
BayARTrice Studio
BayARTrice Studio 28 kun oldin
Why do I want to try it out if it would be a good watercolor palette?
SJK art and stuff
SJK art and stuff 28 kun oldin
I just got the pallet and the swatch is the same as his
iconic sister
iconic sister Oy oldin
They just look so good!!
Eva ฅ'ω'ฅ모양 없는
Y'all need to stahp hating on him
Amyre Wilson
Amyre Wilson Oy oldin
The people who are hating on James need to stop he did what he had to do like why are u bringing him down