james charles addresses "fake swatch" conspiracy

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james charles debunks the conspiracy about his palette



5-Noy, 2018



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TheBooBooBear 21 soat oldin
That black tho lol
Eleni Tsoni
Eleni Tsoni Kun oldin
Why are there 39 shades and not 40?!??my OCD is QUAKING🤯
Bakery Studioz
Bakery Studioz 3 kun oldin
He got a nice pool tho
Kaylie Liang
Kaylie Liang 4 kun oldin
I have the pallet and one swatch of color is really pretty and pigmented
Vanesha Jagroo
Vanesha Jagroo 4 kun oldin
Oh my god! Just let James have his beautiful moment with his palette that he worked so hard on!! I watched his video approximately three times and I had no problems or complaints about the palette!! I love the palette and the colours are stunning. In my opinion, I think that James Charles is a very awesome UZvidr and that he's a great inspiration to me💖💖💖💖
emily thornburg
emily thornburg 4 kun oldin
3:01 He flicked me off
Grace Halliwell xx
Grace Halliwell xx 4 kun oldin
Obvs this could be true...... But does it really matter 🙄😒
Emily Angelina
Emily Angelina 5 kun oldin
ok this happened a while ago but why can’t people just leave james alone for once?? he’s hard working and has accomplished a lot for his age. give him a break.
Kiwia Wheeler
Kiwia Wheeler 5 kun oldin
I know that it’s real because my friend has the pallet and he was using it and it was really good
Robert Vela
Robert Vela 6 kun oldin
Boy you thought he was lie but now you see he not so stop hateing on him
CelebLovingHuman 6 kun oldin
um I used my friends name Charles palette. The colours were great but he pink and black swatches sister stained my arm for like a week so urrrr wanna explain
Miko Fusco
Miko Fusco 7 kun oldin
OWPH. It sucks that James had to make 2 REVIEW VIDEOS on his pallette just to make people happy. :(
Frida Perez
Frida Perez 7 kun oldin
your just hating let him be
Marie's Crafts
Marie's Crafts 7 kun oldin
A lot of people have tried his palette and his swatches are same as theirs sooo... there will always be someone spreading rumors
TalaX LisaM
TalaX LisaM 8 kun oldin
3:03 OMG soooo beautiful
GracieGirlProductions !
@snapped your UZvid channel is nothing but a lowlife annoyed with their life so tries to bring down others that are successful AKA James Charles. Leave the poor guy alone..... go away from his life he doesn’t need ya negativity
Potterhead Sophie
Potterhead Sophie 9 kun oldin
Yall thank the gods he solved this problem correctly and isnt like Jake Paul where he makes a big deal out of this stufg
Linda An
Linda An 11 kun oldin
vick ryan
vick ryan 11 kun oldin
Wait are pigments dont need to be layered?
Danis Hahahaha
Danis Hahahaha 11 kun oldin
Omg I want this palette soo bad!
Cxlixx 12 kun oldin
I got the James Charle pallet.. Pretty upset they weren't pigmated as he said they were. But as you can see her did say he did say that he did double layer it.. So I dont see any problem with james. I think tbh it's just morphe. Or maybe I didnt use good brushes. But I honestly dont know..
Martina Atena
Martina Atena 13 kun oldin
Les cerró el orto a todos cuando hizo los swatches en Instagram, la gente está al pedo y tiene ganas de joder a los que triunfan como James...
Julia Plath
Julia Plath 15 kun oldin
So what if he faked the swatches? I don't even think he did! But he still came out with a pallet and should be very proud of that. Even if they aren't that pigmented, they're still like any other eye shadow
Shriya Sriram
Shriya Sriram 16 kun oldin
Omg. U ppl are hilarious. And rude. And mean. And horrible ppl in general. Why? Bc ofc he spent a very long time working on his palette and was so proud of it. So what do we do? Ofc u guys HATE on him. Can’t believe what we have come to:(
Nicole 95
Nicole 95 16 kun oldin
The difference is he edited out a lot and didn’t tell people all of this before. Obviously swatching more makes it look better and people are spending money on this, I would’ve been like, wtf! We were all pissed when Huda did that - you don’t layer hudas eyeshadows like you do morphe?
PeppermintPawz 16 kun oldin
It seems like James can’t make a video without his “fans” finding something wrong with it and starting drama 🙄
Karson Geran
Karson Geran 22 kun oldin
Orrr itsss hisss finger shadow 😱😱😱
Idris Ramadan
Idris Ramadan 23 kun oldin
His sounds like there's dick in his mouth
Aubrey Tanner
Aubrey Tanner 23 kun oldin
Can I just say, the last photo of all the swatches and the arms 😍😍😍😍😍
Ella Xxhey
Ella Xxhey 26 kun oldin
There’s 45 shades is he stupid
Chelsea Garay Bravo
Chelsea Garay Bravo 27 kun oldin
holy shit ppl have a problem with everything then make your own perfect shit
Laura Moylan
Laura Moylan 27 kun oldin
Aramay Pasha
Aramay Pasha 29 kun oldin
2:53 is that James Charles with no acrylics on?! This is an extraordinary moment people
Navi Villalobos
I went to the morphe store and tried the James Charles Pallet and it was chalky and not as pigmented as I thought
malaika 2478
malaika 2478 25 kun oldin
Navi Villalobos *in a whole collection there’ll always be at least one that will come out inconsistent.. i have also swatched the shades and are extremely creamy* 🤗 *also regarding the tester palette.. the testers have been swatched by so many people and are always left on display so the consistency of the shadows can easily change* 🙃
softunnie Oy oldin
i want this pallete but i'm from brazil ;-;
softunnie Oy oldin
+There is a hair On your screen but im poor ,-,
softunnie Oy oldin
+There is a hair On your screen thanks
There is a hair On your screen
softunnie you can buy it online
Angie Aragon
Angie Aragon Oy oldin
I bought it and the white shade SUCKED. A few of them did actually, I bought it from Ulta but I feel like the palette is fake
Poopity scoop
Poopity scoop Oy oldin
*SiStEr sWaCHtEd*
Orca AgarYT
Orca AgarYT Oy oldin
Why am I watching this
Lvl42 GT
Lvl42 GT Oy oldin
They are still fake, all he did was simply add a layer to the pallets and bam you just got scammed
Delaney Belle
Delaney Belle Oy oldin
When I was using my pallet, I like to use “skip” the hot pink color, but it stains!! I still love the pallet tho 💕
He FuCkEd Me WiTh A tOoThBrUsH
because it's a pressed pigment not an eyeshadow he litterely said this in the video
BLUE Oy oldin
I need to talk with a person who ever put this on my recommendation
Maddex Flims
Maddex Flims Oy oldin
Your just mad because you don’t know how to use it wait what am I kidding you probably don’t even have a pallet
Kalinna Vyacheslavovna
lmao why does he look like a young mentally challenged Tom Hanks in this video though?
Monkey Hoe
Monkey Hoe Oy oldin
My teacher's eyeliner is always crooked haha, so I ask her, "Lemme see your eyeliner, lemme see your mascara." And my friend he asked me how I knew so much about makeup, and why I think I know what I'm saying. I'm like, "Because I watch *James Charles."* (Btw I'm not trying to be mean to my teacher it's just a little something we laughing about during math.)
Mika Ox
Mika Ox Oy oldin
He said it was 39 shades but it’s acc 35
Samanta Garbauskaite
Yall don’t know what 2 swatches is? He’s just making it look better by adding another coat!
Arie World
Arie World Oy oldin
I mean it’s just like adding two layers of eyeshadow your suppose to add to layers of eyeshadow
Kim_Jae Rin
Kim_Jae Rin Oy oldin
Those haters are just looking for a way to hate the Queen James Charles
Blendz 2 oy oldin
He was saying that he was doing second layers at the start so its not really fake
Sophie_potato _
Sophie_potato _ 2 oy oldin
*sister spooked*
KittyKat 2 oy oldin
*Half of the comments have ‘sister’ are you talking about me?! ;-;*
Ellys Long
Ellys Long 2 oy oldin
People just have no respect for UZvidrs and celebs they put them selfs in the spot light to entertain us and put there private life’s in the public eye for everyone to see so I don’t know why people have to criticise them for putting out something they worked very hard on for us not them US!! and all people do is criticise them for trying to make us happy!
Ashley Romero
Ashley Romero 2 oy oldin
He literally said that was a crappy swatch and said he was gonna try again so if your gonna hate you need to double check your information
Samantha Ramjitsingh
super irrelevant but should i buy the james charles palette or a champion sweater? i would wear the sweater a lot more than i would wear makeup. but james is an idol and champion is rlly expensive 🥶
Sama‘s gacha World
Samantha Ramjitsingh you should buy the pallet and review it on social media or just comment it would help people 😊😇
Sofia Freitas
Sofia Freitas 2 oy oldin
It’s 24 degrees outside currently but I still wanna jump in his pool..:
Philip Hamilton
Philip Hamilton 2 oy oldin
C'mon, guys... Are we all gonna pretend that we don't layer our eyeshadow when we apply it? If it looks bad with one layer and beautiful with two, don't complain about a "scam" - apply an extra goddamn layer. It's not that hard.
Madison Fries
Madison Fries 2 oy oldin
Why you always hating why you always cause drama
Emelda Cortes
Emelda Cortes 2 oy oldin
Me : Ughhh my socks are so annoying I want to take them off but I have to move. I KnOw! *Reaches for ruler and takes em off*
Megatron_ Editz
Megatron_ Editz 2 oy oldin
When people look for reasons to hate but gat caught because James is the legit QWEEN
CAT MEMES 2 oy oldin
*I should of gave lauren godwin a medal for breaking the palette
Ella Esteves
Ella Esteves 2 oy oldin
James you don't have to prove to anyone you are a strong independent person keep doing what you're doing we all love it and appreciate it
Yasss Queens
Yasss Queens 2 oy oldin
Jesus Christ people do your research he said in the video that that wasn't a good swatch and then he swiped over it again😤😤
tea time sis
tea time sis 2 oy oldin
"yOuR nEw hOuSe iS mAkIng tHe pIgMeNt lOoK bEtTeR" *bitch what*
imaduck !
imaduck ! 2 oy oldin
The pallete is still amazing my sis has it and its amazing
Lucia •
Lucia • 2 oy oldin
Still loving him👌💜
Magic Girl
Magic Girl 2 oy oldin
He handled this very well tbh
Supreme Fizzle
Supreme Fizzle 2 oy oldin
This is what our fathers fought for
Noor Sartawi
Noor Sartawi 2 oy oldin
Sis snapped
To all of the step sisters Listen to a sister before u hate ❤️❤️❤️
madison lara
madison lara 2 oy oldin
this is one reason i dooooo not like him ! he’s so over dramatic dude okay people said they’re stuff about your pallet you don’t have to be all cocky and post them on ig stories like “ haha you see .. mm “ like okay everyone has made pallets and ppl criticized your not special hun .. ew ew ew ew he’s disgusting.. and if he reads one hate comment he has to go off on sc and get all worked up.. cry me a fucking river james build yourself a damn bridge and gtf over it
KawaiiPlayz 2 oy oldin
You dont know if theres ONE Dont call me a knight because im PROTECTING someone over people like you.. And did he SAY he was special he didn't SAY he was kylie jenner or other bs soo maybe YOU should build and gtf over it
Melina Giannotti
Melina Giannotti 2 oy oldin
Damn y’all really just think anything is fake huh?
CutiePie playsRBLX
Mia Seren
Mia Seren 2 oy oldin
Doesn’t matter if he *DoUbLe SwAtChEd* because he said the shots took a few takes! Doesn’t mean it’s *fake*..... I LOVE JAMES CHARLES!,
Sneaky Fruit
Sneaky Fruit 2 oy oldin
I wanted to but this on amazon but it's so expensive 😵😱
•Officially Rocky•
I think James is has sister scandal phobia It’s where u can’t go a month without a sister scandal. Lol
Jason Miranda
Jason Miranda 2 oy oldin
Am a guy and dont even wear makeup ....why am I here??😂
Boo Loo
Boo Loo 2 oy oldin
Plop Plop
Plop Plop 2 oy oldin
Sister swatched
Jordyn Teepell
Jordyn Teepell 2 oy oldin
Like he said that he did the double swathes. So why doni even care about James why not care about your slef not James g GOD
Drama Llama
Drama Llama 2 oy oldin
Y'all he is to sister sincere. Can the stepsisters just sister stop? Haters should be called stepsisters.
lIsTeN bOi!
lIsTeN bOi! 2 oy oldin
Click this: 👇🏻
Sierra Peters
Sierra Peters 2 oy oldin
I can’t even with this channel. SISTER JAMES IS ICONIC
Gigi&Gio 2 oy oldin
did you know that the morphe palletes r tested on animals
Charlene Wang
Charlene Wang 2 oy oldin
Gigi&Gio they dont look it up they confirmed they don’t test on animals
•- Puniloa H -•
What’s wrong with putting another layer? And the eyeshadows are already really pigmented with one layer
BTS IS AMAZING 2 oy oldin
I thought everyone was talking about if he had a swatch in the video (the clock)
luckkysimmer 2 oy oldin
Sir Charles
Deepak Gc
Deepak Gc 2 oy oldin
Come on I love the palatte he never lies to us ...
Sofia Man
Sofia Man 2 oy oldin
That’s the part where he did the REAL swatches!!!!!
Squidgy 2 oy oldin
Tbth i think he's right. People are just searching for the smallest mistakes and make huge drama outta it
Karen Gómez
Karen Gómez 2 oy oldin
The swatches are LIKEEEE SO SMOOTH!!😍😍😍😍
Roblox Studios
Roblox Studios 2 oy oldin
Now 39 is my fav number 😝
Arunas Paul
Arunas Paul 2 oy oldin
One thing: if you do make up some times you go back and forth with your brush and eye shadow.
D D 2 oy oldin
3:01 James to all the haters Love u sister James!
Alex Prado
Alex Prado 2 oy oldin
Like why are you wasting your time hating on James
Emma LikesAlmonds
Looks like there are some BROTHERS hating!! Ba dum tssss Like if u get it!
Łuna Ruiz
Łuna Ruiz 2 oy oldin
I got a makeup ad before watching this😂😂
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 2 oy oldin
I love how whenever someone says some BS James doesn’t act angrily he doesn’t rage and say rude things, he treats the situation professionally and make sure he has evidence to back his answer up.
LAUREN BERG 2 oy oldin
I know I’m late but seriously..... these channels just wanna start drama. It’s all they want is attention.
Anna Zhamkochyan
Anna Zhamkochyan 2 oy oldin
If you put the video on 0,20x you Will see that its NOT FAKEEEE🤦🏽‍♀️
nancydorantes 2 oy oldin
39 colors I counted and I counted 40🤣🤣
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