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I hope you guys enjoyed todays video! I had so much fun filming this & loved the makeup look!!! Congratulations to James Charles for this incredible palette!! XO
301 W. Platt St #632
Tampa FL 33606
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8-Noy, 2018



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evangelina grey
evangelina grey Soat oldin
im curious, how come u didn't use the orange as a transition shade when u started out?
Jenifer Batres
Jenifer Batres Kun oldin
You’re make up so bomb ❤️💝❤️ sisters supporting sisters 💝💝💝🔥🔥
Tessa goode
Tessa goode Kun oldin
Omg u so in love with yourself. 😂😂
AbbyandAngelina 2 kun oldin
Hi Jaclyn hill I have your pallet I have been using it for five months I am obsessed with it says it is one of the best pals I have ever gotten
Autumn thompson
Autumn thompson 3 kun oldin
Lol iconic😂✌🏻
MaryG 5 kun oldin
Amazing look! Just posted a tutorial with this palette too!
Scarlet Moonlight
Scarlet Moonlight 6 kun oldin
The makeup look is beautiful, but, your left ear is bothering me it's so red and irritated
mashed potato
mashed potato 6 kun oldin
I first thought was childish but she gives off this positive vibe and I ended up falling in love with her💓 she reminds me of Disney princesses✨😂 and ya'll gotta calm down with the hate when someone isn't even doing anything bad to you.
Bliss True Crime
Bliss True Crime 6 kun oldin
im concernd that she said sister MORE then James.... just just shhhhh Jaclyn 😂😂😂
Marlania Williams
Marlania Williams 8 kun oldin
More business less talking.
BeautyByMuzna 11 kun oldin
You are my faveee makeup artist ♥️
Sandeep Kaur
Sandeep Kaur 11 kun oldin
Kaleen Collins
Kaleen Collins 12 kun oldin
I frickin LOVE YOU
nayshka mariel
nayshka mariel 15 kun oldin
7:24 😂😂😂😂
Sum Boi
Sum Boi 16 kun oldin
This was my first time here and I love herrrr
Janvier Balser
Janvier Balser 17 kun oldin
beautiful eye look
Autumn Castillo
Autumn Castillo 17 kun oldin
I dont under how people can dislike u . I fucking love u !!
Danielle Duffer
Danielle Duffer 18 kun oldin
Idgaf what anyone says Jaclyn is the only one I’ve watched a video on about contouring and copied it and my contour came out on fleek so get it girl you’re beautiful you’re makeup is great and you’re a great teacher!! Go u!!!
Jordan Osterhout
Jordan Osterhout 18 kun oldin
Are your ear piercings with the gradient from your earlobe to the top of your ear done separately? I have my conch on the side that I would want that on. Conch hurt but I don’t know how long it would take those to heal or how long it takes. Just give me advice on that gradient ear diamond looking ear if you can.
Brittanie Juarbe
Brittanie Juarbe 18 kun oldin
Baybayyyyy! I just bought your entire makeup collection and makeup palette. AND I used your code Jacattack. THANK YOU FOR HELPING A SISTER OUT! Love you since day one in the APT. SUBSCRIBER SINCE THE BEGINNING!
Samantha Glasco
Samantha Glasco 19 kun oldin
awe ur so sweet omg you did that!!!!! you did this!!!! you helped without you...you never know,... he may not ever have been on pr list. awe ur so sweet. yassss jaclyn
Ava Hurbanek
Ava Hurbanek 19 kun oldin
what brand of makeup brushes do you use?
Tea Channel
Tea Channel 21 kun oldin
I’m sister shook too!!!!!❤️
Cameron Byington
Cameron Byington 22 kun oldin
holy nails
Tinara Nathania
Tinara Nathania 22 kun oldin
i honestly LOVE AND LIVE for ur highlights😂😂 “too much highlight” does not exist in my dictionary (well unless u apply it all over ur face -> looks like oily skin)
Alaya Plays roblox
Alaya Plays roblox 24 kun oldin
Jaclyn I literally love you and your palette❤️❤️
Ayla’s Life
Ayla’s Life 25 kun oldin
my sister has your pallet and i have james ! ❤️
Amanda Bee
Amanda Bee 27 kun oldin
Its honeslty an artist palette 🎨
Shania Blu
Shania Blu 27 kun oldin
I LOVEEEE that look! It looks amazing and you did such a great job! 🥰❤️
Brittney Horner
Brittney Horner 28 kun oldin
so so pretty
Skye Dragun
Skye Dragun 28 kun oldin
sister is trying to hard
rylan emarie
rylan emarie 29 kun oldin
why is Jaclyn a whole mooooood
Ruth Velazquez
Wow I love your hair color is just a perfect hair color on you I’m serious 😉😃
This is my first time watching your Vlog and I even have the morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette. Seriously tho you are so pretty and so jolly and crazily funny. Hahaha You kinda look like that girl from WHITE CHICKS tho. 😅😊
Samantha Z.
Samantha Z. Oy oldin
Love that yellow inner corner!!
scarface Oy oldin
your eyeshadow technique is a game changer😍
Pinky Fafa
Pinky Fafa Oy oldin
Anyone knows how can I buy this? It's currently out of stock and I don't trust the one on Amazon :(
Pinky Fafa
Pinky Fafa 19 kun oldin
Thanks so muchhhh
Leb8euf 26 kun oldin
Pinky Fafa it restocked today on morphe!
This look is beautiful
I've just purchased this palette, and I've been watching different makeup Tutorials for it and before Jaclyn I watched Manny(noshadebutyesshadenooneisallowedtohurtJeffree) and you can really see the difference in talent. Beautiful.
Joy Buckley
Joy Buckley Oy oldin
I really need some info on how to get in with brands for pr I can’t afford all this makeup but I would love to do reviews on them any help would be great!
Chelsea Kiker
Chelsea Kiker Oy oldin
Girlllll I’m loving the look😏😏😏
karen Mazzacone
I love everything about this! One friend supporting another friend regardless of how it happened is EVERYTHING! Gorgeous look! 😍❤️
Sreetama D R
Sreetama D R Oy oldin
I love her
cassi ray
cassi ray Oy oldin
i said bless you when she sneezed...😂💖
Ashley Costello
I love how in-depth she get when she talks about how she is applying product to her eye it really helps when you’re recreating it.
Always iconic Brody
Jaclyn hill isa qween :3
Aesthetic Darling
Girl you are so funny! Your creativity with Sister James palette is one word, ICONIC. Keep making us smile Jaclyn, you have inspired me to unleash my inner artist!☀︎🌻🌀❤️
Flor Botana
Flor Botana Oy oldin
yassss gurl
Nastasya Kudimova
16:17 it's not plural, it's singular possessive!
Candace Lacy
Candace Lacy Oy oldin
You sucked me in Jaclyn!!!!! This palette is on my next to purchase Next👏🏽👏🏽👌🏽🤞🏽💖
Ugh iNeed That Palette n My Lifeeeee 💕
GamingKitty Girl
Your sister snatched😉
zero mp
zero mp Oy oldin
What is this attitude under my foot ?
Andrea Carter
Andrea Carter Oy oldin
Jacklyn I AM DIGGING your ear piercings. And I love the look you did with james palette
Jaquan Fedora
Jaquan Fedora Oy oldin
Youre so beautiful and cute babe! Loved ya singing!
Linda Harmon
Linda Harmon Oy oldin
This look is so incredibly stunning. I'm a little behind times watching this video now, but that does not lessen the beauty of EVERYTHING in this video whatsoever. You are so talented, Jaclyn. 😍
Tania Heyes
Tania Heyes Oy oldin
Gorgeous! What foundation did you use? It's stunning too.
Monique Oliveri
You are the definition of perfect holy hell
James Guld
James Guld Oy oldin
Dog does James Charles challenge "yes a dog" uzvid.com/video/video-iTSOjLCQqQA.html
Paris Vargas
Paris Vargas Oy oldin
And James as well
Paris Vargas
Paris Vargas Oy oldin
I can’t wait to get your palette
shany dawson
shany dawson Oy oldin
People hate on her so much but I like her more and more with every video
adjowa quagraine
Bless u
Katie N. Jacobs
Yaaasss bitch. You are THAT bitch 👏🏻
Maria Bragança
It's wonderful to see the progress of the two! I watch your channel since the beginning, since you work on MAC and I'm so proud of you! I shiver when you showed the messages. Love from Portugal
just kat
just kat Oy oldin
❤❤❤ loved your inner artist !!
Plz collab with Sister James
Eva and Myah
Eva and Myah Oy oldin
Shadow starts at 7:04
Marina Luna
Marina Luna Oy oldin
One of my fav youtubers ❤️
Ryli Shae
Ryli Shae Oy oldin
Died when you talked about people's names that end with an S because is literally ME 😂😂😂
Rene Rivas
Rene Rivas Oy oldin
"Jacklyn Hill trying to get on his PR list for 5 minutes*
Kaya Lenae
Kaya Lenae Oy oldin
Kaya Lenae
Kaya Lenae Oy oldin
Delaney Dorrian
ugh i wish i could do this 😩 looooooving this look!!
Djune v. Leeuwen
You’ve got a heart of gold ❤️
LuMinRiN X3
LuMinRiN X3 Oy oldin
Idk she's so quirky and silly. This is the first vid of hers that I've seen and I already love her.
Kiomaris González de Méndez
This palette is amazing. Every single MUA that I've seen using and reviewing it seems like they have a lot of fun. Literally "Daring to CREATE!" which is the name of the palette and what James Charles wanted. Is so beautiful to watch how people are making this palette something different. Love James and I love so much Jaclyn ❤ hope you two make something together for Morphe 🙌🏻 Love from Puerto Rico Sisters 🔥 Ps: I have both palettes and I have to say that Jaclyn's and James's palettes are by far the greatest investment that I have made. I have so much fun making my make up and love how people complains my different looks!
Marie Martinez
It’s my first time on your channel but I follow all you social media so I already love you❤️💕
Sinai Ival Caro
Wow you are so beautiful Inside and out!💕
Samantha Grimsey
I wish I had one I’ve always wanted it
Game On
Game On Oy oldin
what foundation,concealer,and seeting powder were you using your skin looks so healthy
xDACROWx Oy oldin
Hi Your videos really INSPIRES my daughter. She loves your videos. She trying to start her channel. Check her out & God Bless!! #SUPPORTSISTERS uzvid.com/video/video--Uxs1MT708o.html
Laura Britez
Laura Britez Oy oldin
Meu Deus quantas corres ela usa em um olho😍😍
XxKnomes xX
XxKnomes xX Oy oldin
Yashaswi Bista
Take a shot everytime she says 'sister' Nvm that wouldn't be safe
Jessica Barnes
Why am I just seeing this video 👏🏼😍
Olivia Corr
Olivia Corr 2 oy oldin
Some Sister support
Nicole Gleason
Nicole Gleason 2 oy oldin
I’m just here to say I love you, that’s all
Brittney Schanuth
okay when i was never into makeup i always thought that beauty gurus were stuck up 2 years later im watching every video omg they are so sweet! jaclyn i just discovered you OMG...
Nataly Guerrero
Nataly Guerrero 2 oy oldin
she should have cut her crease before adding the shimmer!
ava kobus
ava kobus 2 oy oldin
you’re so beautiful 😍😍 ilysm
Maria Aguilar
Maria Aguilar 2 oy oldin
Did anyone count how many times Jaclyn said SISTER 😂
Pxppy roblox
Pxppy roblox 2 oy oldin
How much was it bc me and my sis wanted to buy it for. Our mom
Bekim Lleshaj
Bekim Lleshaj 2 oy oldin
Your eyes are so sister stunning 😉
Asliah Bgl
Asliah Bgl 2 oy oldin
new subscribers here. ❤️ watching you make ups vlogs! it’s useful for me because i do love make up too. 😍
Julia Sharratt
Julia Sharratt 2 oy oldin
She’s so goofy I live😂😂😂
Destiny Garcia
Destiny Garcia 2 oy oldin
I love this ❤️
Payton Judd
Payton Judd 2 oy oldin
4:40 thank me later
Mz.Chrisy KK
Mz.Chrisy KK 2 oy oldin
I love this look!!
Maddy Cosio
Maddy Cosio 2 oy oldin
I love how supportive u areeee 😭😭♥️
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