James Harden’s 42 not enough as Giannis Antetokounmpo's double-double leads Bucks | NBA Highlights

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James Harden records his 14th straight 30-point game, scoring 42 points but the Houston Rockets fall to the Milwaukee Bucks 116-109. Giannis Antetokounmpo stuffs the stat sheet with 27 points and 21 rebounds in the Bucks’ victory.
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10-Yan, 2019



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Lanre Sanni
Lanre Sanni 2 oy oldin
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Brandon P
Brandon P 2 oy oldin
Giannis just gave Harden an Apollo Creed right hook. Harden has to be feeling that today!
Nathan Heimonen
Nathan Heimonen 2 oy oldin
1:26 what a push off
Lambros Stamos
Lambros Stamos 2 oy oldin
The way Giannis beats the buzzer, suggests he can be a very talented volleyball setter. In fact, I think he is able to play all volleyball positions. Maybe. When he retires from basketball. For fun. MVP.
242 Slime
242 Slime 2 oy oldin
Oh naww that throw at harden was not no damn accident Lmaooo
The real mvp
aswang7890 2 oy oldin
2:13 to the tune of Sia singin "Richocet."
Cheeno 2 oy oldin
Rockets had to make 18 threes to even try to keep close in the game. I know damn well they won’t make that much every night plus once they don’t get to the line and get calls as much they are pretty much the Phoenix suns
MMVXII 2 oy oldin
Giannis picks up Harden's weak body from the neck, raises him up in the air, and says: "IS THIS YOUR MVP?!"
heardi 2 oy oldin
both teams will demolish warriors
Brady Kwiatowski
Brady Kwiatowski 2 oy oldin
this kid (giannis) will win at minimum 3 mvps over the course of his career
Higher Mind State
Malcolm Brogdon and Brook Lopez played great this game. Bledsoe played good defense on Harden, even though he still dropped 42 😂😂
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 2 oy oldin
Bucks came to play tonight
LeeTravius Mckay
LeeTravius Mckay 2 oy oldin
Damn harden ur face ok
M_hulse 2 oy oldin
My gosh harden pushes off so much cant even blame the defender he pushes you so far back
AI Dusty
AI Dusty 2 oy oldin
Jamie Swanson
Jamie Swanson 2 oy oldin
Made me crack up laughing when Harden got belted on the head with the ball and bucks made the three. That is why James Harden doesn't pay defence. 😂
Rihanna Fenty
Rihanna Fenty 2 oy oldin
The bucks are so much better
Zion Williamson
Zion Williamson 2 oy oldin
This a very good game between these guys
Molly Qerim Rose
Molly Qerim Rose 2 oy oldin
This buck team scaring me
Bo Rood
Bo Rood 2 oy oldin
Bucks are 11-0 after a loss this season. No one will stop them.
Cardi B
Cardi B 2 oy oldin
These bucks aren't no joke
Try on Haul page
Try on Haul page 2 oy oldin
Harden doesn't have enough help
aj castaneda
aj castaneda 2 oy oldin
Giannis not slick throw that ball at james harden head ha knock the mvp out of james harden lol
Uh Lover
Uh Lover 2 oy oldin
Περηφανος που ειμαι Ελληνας και σε θαυμαζω!!! Greece, Giannis Antetokounmpo, MVP ❤
j0epark1 2 oy oldin
FKIN REFS didn't give him his automatic 20 Free Throws and Free Travel smfh... amateurs
Htown Rockets
Htown Rockets 2 oy oldin
Watching this game and Harden is clearly better than Giannis he just had more help this game. Harden was the only reason this game was even close cause his team played like shit with no Gordon or Cp3
Jeremiah Hull
Jeremiah Hull 2 oy oldin
Emmanuel P. Imma bucks fan it is true he has no stars but they have 3 borderline stars in brogdon, bledsoe and Middleton
Emmanuel P.
Emmanuel P. 2 oy oldin
Yes Harden is great.. But he play alone.. Bucks has no stars and Giannis is just 24y.. Giannis effect 29-11 Bucks.!!
Jeremiah Hull
Jeremiah Hull 2 oy oldin
Giannis usage is Lower he is around 30% while hardens usage is at 45% he controls how the team plays. Giannis plays team ball he gives up the ball earlier in the shot clock. Due to this his teammates will have more of a opportunity to score and create there own shot. What puts Giannis over harden is his defense. Harden is not a better player you might wanna get your eyes checked.
Nintendo Prime
Nintendo Prime 2 oy oldin
I mean, he wasn't more efficient, despite the attention he didn't get his teammates involved with easy shots, and he didn't do much defensively. He got his 40 spot though. So good for him. Giannis got his team the w, creating for his teammates when he got the attention. Harden played very selfishly. Maybe he feels like he has to. But team ball always prevails. It's why the GSW are so good. Super stars yes, hut they play as a team.
Htown Rockets
Htown Rockets 2 oy oldin
Replicant Roy The whole defense was focused on him bc his team shot 12-43 which is worse. He had no help tonight. If we had Gordon and Cp3 to help him out and handle the ball we would of easily won this game
Loon K. Do
Loon K. Do 2 oy oldin
Discover Credit should sponsor Harden for all the traveling he does
Shawn John
Shawn John 2 oy oldin
And they wanna say this man better than 2006 kobe, please.........
Shawn John
Shawn John 2 oy oldin
gothatway09 I’d give you that, they’re both amazing offensive players
gothatway09 2 oy oldin
The Bucks threw everything at Harden, and his "off game" was still 42 points. The efficiency was down a bit, come on now man. The guy can score. Kobe was a better two way player, but as an offensive player, yeah Harden is up there with Kobe. The Bucks have a better overall squad and the Rockets are undermanned at this point.
Kobefan2408 2 oy oldin
Shawn John ESPN has always been hating on Kobe. Harden is definitely not on 2006 Kobe’s level. That Kobe was a different breed
Shawn John
Shawn John 2 oy oldin
Yung Kane espn of course
L Delivery Man
L Delivery Man 2 oy oldin
Who tf said that??? 🤣🤣🤣
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Im Getting MVP
Cedrick Carson
Cedrick Carson 2 oy oldin
What the Rockets are doing currently isn't sustainable if you're saying they're the biggest threat to the Warriors..Harden will be worn down by the time the first round of the playoffs arrive.
Cheeno 2 oy oldin
Exactly they made 18 threes n still couldn’t win. Once those threes don’t go down no other way of scoring they are done. Let’s not even talk about how many free throws they get to because once those calls go down to they are pretty much shit
S C 2 oy oldin
heardi are u dumb
heardi 2 oy oldin
nigga gsw are more shit
aimthemoon quaytalig
yup, then haters will bring up the choker harden...yada yada blah blah
To Pi
To Pi 2 oy oldin
Giannis 27 and 21
Frankie Russell
Frankie Russell 2 oy oldin
Giannis: 27pts 21reb 5ast
Yvans 2 oy oldin
Frankie Russell BEAST !!
LA Clippers
LA Clippers 2 oy oldin
*#ClipperNation* says thank you, Milwaukee. *#FearTheDeer* 🦌
Razor Jerzey.
Razor Jerzey. 2 oy oldin
ONLY 8 PLAYERS WORTH 4YR SUPERMAX! 1. GIANNIS THE FREAK! 2. ANTHONY DAVIS! 3. KEVIN "KING DESTROYER! 4. STEPH "CHEF" CURRY! 5. JAMES HARDEN! 6. JOEL EMBIID! (IDK) 7. RUSSELL WESTBROOK! 8. ZION WILLIAMSON! Certain Players Are Too Old / Injury Prone/Just Not Great Enough For 4Years Of SuperMax Deal!! To Be The Centerpiece Of A Franchise! 👌
Razor Jerzey.
Razor Jerzey. 2 oy oldin
+Howard Davis BLASPHEMOUS!!
aimthemoon quaytalig
wut?! amazing!?
Howard Davis
Howard Davis 2 oy oldin
Zion gone be trash
Franklin Lockhart
0:32 omg it is not fair 😂
Aayush Mahableshwarkar
Without the 2nd and 4th best player, the rockets lost by single digits
iJonás BG
iJonás BG 2 oy oldin
Aayush Mahableshwarkar topical James harden sucker excuse 🤣
Aayush Mahableshwarkar
+Drew AlwaysAReal1 yea its impressive how well the rockets are doing
Drew AlwaysAReal1
Without their best player the lakers are 2-5
Aitami Doe
Aitami Doe 2 oy oldin
You & I both know that throw to the head was intentional 😂
Emmanuel P.
Emmanuel P. 2 oy oldin
No it wasn t
aimthemoon quaytalig
i wonder i someone is able to do it anytime...just try to slow down someone..LoL
S O L O 2 oy oldin
Harden has all his sliders up
Terence Mac
Terence Mac 2 oy oldin
Harden will never win a championship
Junior Marurai
Junior Marurai 2 oy oldin
Les go my team the bucks have a dub
Kâli Lêon
Kâli Lêon 2 oy oldin
James Harden said to the new bucks bench you can’t guard me motherfucker you can’t even won a playoff game You’re the biggest flopp in the NBA you shoot a three and it’s a fucking foul every time fucking garbage you bitch
Emmanuel James
Emmanuel James 2 oy oldin
Giannis really did a 15ft And 1 OffTheHeezy 😂😂😂
Free Solo FNM
Free Solo FNM 2 oy oldin
About god damn time a team beats them when he drops 40 w his flops Nd shit
Bruno Caboclo
Bruno Caboclo 2 oy oldin
The way bucks were defending was interesting. Denying him from going left
bicyclethief 2 oy oldin
+Garion Bullard 9 TO and took the L
evan davis
evan davis 2 oy oldin
Garion Bullard missed 17 shots tho so kinda worked
Garion Bullard
Garion Bullard 2 oy oldin
Ya but he still dropped 42 that's crazy
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Fuck What You're Talking About !
Warriors will smash both teams in the playoffs.
Fuck What You're Talking About ! The Bucks have beaten the Warriors twice in last 3 games by an average score of 20pts. Warriors barely beat the Bucks on a last second shot the 3rd game. Da fucc YOU talkin' about?
heardi 2 oy oldin
warriors will get smashed by both, they are fucking shit dawg, only curry good.
Constant Smile
Constant Smile 2 oy oldin
The Bucks have beaten the Warriors and the Rockets have beaten them twice this year. Get the fuck outta here, fanboy.
Splash Static
Splash Static 2 oy oldin
Bucks winning it all
bagboy condo
bagboy condo 2 oy oldin
Fuck What You're Talking About ! Name the warriors starting 5
Tryhardivan UWS
Tryhardivan UWS 2 oy oldin
A preview of the finals
Replicant Roy
Replicant Roy 2 oy oldin
Howard Davis
Howard Davis 2 oy oldin
+Ros3 Gold naw u goofy🤨
Ros3 Gold
Ros3 Gold 2 oy oldin
😂😂😂 your goofy
mac88white - All stories on my channel
Both Lord James Harden, The Bearded Dragon and Giannis Antetokounmpo, Lord of the Eastern Forest worked best alone and were thus known to trek across the realm on solo training excursions to hone their skills. Given their prolific work ethics, they were bound to cross paths eventually. During one such exucursion away from his fellow Iron Birds of the Flatlands, Harden came upon a small forest in the middle of the plains. Since the flora did not match the climate, he knew that a certain legendary knight who could move the roots of trees through the soil was nearby. Within moments of crossing the forest line, the tall trees shifted rapidly and formed a large circle around him, trapping him inside. Harden snickered to himself for a moment and dismounted his horse as the trees grew even taller. An unsettling fog began to roll through the now darkened arena when Harden finally saw him, the towering Giannis. The legendary knight rode on a giant black steed with glowing red eyes and wore a gold helmet adorned with massive deer antlers sprouting from the sides. Suddenly, he stood up on the horse's back, leaped high into the air, and landed a few feet in front of Harden. Without saying a word and with his eyes closed, Giannis squared his body up with Harden's, accentuating his massive frame. The two knights posed motionless and sized each other up as the thick fog continued to roll through the scene. Giannis then opened his arm and held his hand over a hole that had begun to open in the ground. Moments later, the handle of his fabled ultra-greatsword emerged from the pulsating opening then floated up into his open hand. The legendary weapon was as tall as it's wielder and was impossible for a mortal man to handle. Curiously, the extra wide blade had two holes cut side by side about halfway down. It was said the sword was forged that way because Giannis wanted to ensure that in addition to the sword being the last thing his enemies saw, the last thing they would hear was the distinctive sound of it whooshing through the air. With his eyes still closed, Giannis held the sword close to his body and face with both hands and with the blade end facing The Bearded Dragon. Harden wanted no part of a sword duel with Giannis and immediately hopped backward out of range. After establishing a favorable distance, he drew his legendary step-back bow and pointed it at his opponent. In response, Giannis then slowly turned the broad side of his sword to his face, effectively forming a shield thanks to it's unprecedented width. The awestruck Harden took a half step backwards as Giannis' ferocious eyes peeked out through the two holes cut in the steel.
Djfglobal 2 oy oldin
mac88white - All stories on my channel This made clicking on an nba video not from the 80s and 90s worth it . Thanks
Andre Marco Casanova
Is this something from game of thrones???
RayDHD 2 oy oldin
It was actually entertaining to read, but people are too illiterate to even try.
Brady Kwiatowski
Brady Kwiatowski 2 oy oldin
but why tho
Egomaniac 2 oy oldin
Sees wall of text...🤦‍♂️😂
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