James Harden on Kobe Bryant

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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James talks about his favorite player Kobe Bryant, his agent becoming the new general manager of the Lakers and his new candy.
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James Harden on Kobe Bryant




1-Mar, 2017




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Munish Yadav
Munish Yadav 7 kun oldin
Nice guy
Karma Gurung
Karma Gurung 9 kun oldin
Somehow james harden got fouled
James Martinez
James Martinez 9 kun oldin
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎
Темирлан Тулеев
right after that he got fouled
edis veličanin
edis veličanin 9 kun oldin
steve urkel with beard
prisone r
prisone r 10 kun oldin
James Harden LVL 10 hitmen, Kobe Bryant LVL 99 boss
Rick Razor
Rick Razor 10 kun oldin
🙅🌈 that man 😂😂😂
James I suck the refs off before games Harden
He got fouled somewhere in this interview
Wavy Ja'van
Wavy Ja'van 9 kun oldin
Thot Police shits lame
Captain Smoke
Captain Smoke 13 kun oldin
Say about Harden what you want, he seems like a decent person to me. And his work ethic is unmatched.
dawit ambaye
dawit ambaye 13 kun oldin
Youre a good looking man. 1 person howls in the crowd. Lol
Mike Barra
Mike Barra 14 kun oldin
For some reason harden just got two free throws off this
Did anybody else not stop looking at his beard
Jordan McGinnis
Jordan McGinnis 16 kun oldin
Harden had 44 Kobe had 45.. and hit the game winner over him.
kaan898 16 kun oldin
he is really a superstar with a great manner and style...
C S 18 kun oldin
He should know Reggie Jackson since they both attended ASU. Cmon James!
Steve Shi
Steve Shi 28 kun oldin
He’s as cute as a mascot. Love him.
mitinpal singh
mitinpal singh 28 kun oldin
3:47 he is doing namaste
Extracts 363
Extracts 363 29 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice how much harden wanted to have some candy and how disappointed he was jimmy put them away
Yi Zang
Yi Zang Oy oldin
its so weird to watching harden talk... makes you feel like his mouth is floating and not attached to his face LOL.
Kolbek Taylor
Kolbek Taylor 2 oy oldin
James Harden!!
Andrej Nikolov
Andrej Nikolov 2 oy oldin
James Harden on *DEFENSE*
Justin Cady
Justin Cady 5 oy oldin
This is super degrading I think. Kimmel is a smug prick. Sarcastic lil weasel.
He played with Reggie Jackson too😂😂😂
Dami O
Dami O Oy oldin
NICHOLAS RADOSTA That’s not the same Reggie Jackson.Jimmy Kimmel was talking about Reggie Jackson the baseball player.
Yung scrub
Yung scrub 5 oy oldin
The Black Viking
Siyuan Dai
Siyuan Dai 5 oy oldin
James was probably thinking about his former teammate Reggie Jackson, now plays for the Detroit Pistons.
Sánchez Boy
Sánchez Boy 5 oy oldin
I wanna be his look-alike. I like his behavior and his personality. He's my favorite person ever. Fear the beard. But I kindly suggest Harden to please completely shave the mustache only and let the beard grow forever.
james broyles
james broyles 5 oy oldin
James harden looks like khamar core dad
james broyles
james broyles 5 oy oldin
I like James harden beard
Butter Johnson
Butter Johnson 6 oy oldin
I miss the Lebron bubblegum.
Franco Fallone
Franco Fallone 6 oy oldin
literally can't see half of his face but he's apparantly good looking hahahah
Clay R. Daniel
Clay R. Daniel 6 oy oldin
Jimmy kimmel doesn’t stop talking about jordan and Kobe
Dami O
Dami O Oy oldin
Clay R. Daniel because that’s who most non nba fans know.Because those two are probably the most famous outside of basketball
Zo 6 oy oldin
Congrats James Harden
Devanshu Dwivedi
Devanshu Dwivedi 6 oy oldin
Wu Liwei
Wu Liwei 7 oy oldin
Black version of Dallas Keuchel
10,000 Subscriber's with no Video's :P
Miss him at OKC...
ARDN 7 oy oldin
james harden and kyrie irving have the same voice
Dr Pepper
Dr Pepper 7 oy oldin
i use to hate j,harden till i saw this vid
Max Lantano
Max Lantano 7 oy oldin
Dat beard
Fernando Felix
Fernando Felix 7 oy oldin
They should invite lebron James to the show cause he’s the real mvp!
Knick 4Lyfe
Knick 4Lyfe 7 oy oldin
James Harden thought he was talking about the Reggie Jackson that plays in the NBA, they are ex-teammates and had a beef
Go home and get your shine box
That beard will get me my own security lane at the airport :(
cleopat trowa
cleopat trowa 7 oy oldin
Kay Poku
Kay Poku 7 oy oldin
How does James Harden kiss a girl with that beard on???
Powerbounce 8 oy oldin
"I was guarding him"
Slowdwood 8 oy oldin
IS A 8 oy oldin
3:46 😂 That look
Aj Jingco
Aj Jingco 8 oy oldin
Can any girl be attracted to James Harden with that big BEARD of his?
KoolHandDuke 8 oy oldin
James Harden looks like his image should be on a box of cough drops.
detailsmove 8 oy oldin
This is the most I've ever seen of Harden's personality
R. Tecson
R. Tecson 8 oy oldin