James Harden on Kobe Bryant

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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James talks about his favorite player Kobe Bryant, his agent becoming the new general manager of the Lakers and his new candy.
Jimmy Kimmel Reveals What Really Happened at Craziest Oscars Ever uzvid.com/video/video-ygobstg4XQs.html
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James Harden on Kobe Bryant




1-Mar, 2017




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Taylor Kolbek
Taylor Kolbek 23 soat oldin
James Harden!!
Andrej Nikolov
Andrej Nikolov 16 kun oldin
James Harden on *DEFENSE*
Justin Cady
Justin Cady 2 oy oldin
This is super degrading I think. Kimmel is a smug prick. Sarcastic lil weasel.
He played with Reggie Jackson too😂😂😂
quantumphysiks 3 oy oldin
The Black Viking
Siyuan Dai
Siyuan Dai 3 oy oldin
James was probably thinking about his former teammate Reggie Jackson, now plays for the Detroit Pistons.
Sánchez Boy
Sánchez Boy 3 oy oldin
I wanna be his look-alike. I like his behavior and his personality. He's my favorite person ever. Fear the beard. But I kindly suggest Harden to please completely shave the mustache only and let the beard grow forever.
james broyles
james broyles 3 oy oldin
James harden looks like khamar core dad
james broyles
james broyles 3 oy oldin
I like James harden beard
Butter Johnson
Butter Johnson 4 oy oldin
I miss the Lebron bubblegum.
Franco Fallone
Franco Fallone 4 oy oldin
literally can't see half of his face but he's apparantly good looking hahahah
Clay R. Daniel
Clay R. Daniel 4 oy oldin
Jimmy kimmel doesn’t stop talking about jordan and Kobe
Zo 4 oy oldin
Congrats James Harden
Devanshu Dwivedi
Devanshu Dwivedi 4 oy oldin
Wu Liwei
Wu Liwei 4 oy oldin
Black version of Dallas Keuchel
10,000 Subscriber's with no Video's :P
Miss him at OKC...
ARDN 5 oy oldin
james harden and kyrie irving have the same voice
Dr Pepper
Dr Pepper 5 oy oldin
i use to hate j,harden till i saw this vid
Max Lantano
Max Lantano 5 oy oldin
Dat beard
Fernando Felix
Fernando Felix 5 oy oldin
They should invite lebron James to the show cause he’s the real mvp!
Knick 4Lyfe
Knick 4Lyfe 5 oy oldin
James Harden thought he was talking about the Reggie Jackson that plays in the NBA, they are ex-teammates and had a beef
Go home and get your shine box
That beard will get me my own security lane at the airport :(
cleopat trowa
cleopat trowa 5 oy oldin
Kay Poku
Kay Poku 5 oy oldin
How does James Harden kiss a girl with that beard on???
Powerbounce 5 oy oldin
"I was guarding him"
Slowdwood 5 oy oldin
Ismail Ali
Ismail Ali 6 oy oldin
3:46 😂 That look
Aj Jingco
Aj Jingco 6 oy oldin
Can any girl be attracted to James Harden with that big BEARD of his?
KoolHandDuke 6 oy oldin
James Harden looks like his image should be on a box of cough drops.
detailsmove 6 oy oldin
This is the most I've ever seen of Harden's personality
R. Tecson
R. Tecson 6 oy oldin
gh gd
gh gd 6 oy oldin
how the fuk he kisses his girls
Marcos Gallardo
Marcos Gallardo 6 oy oldin
lying ass mofo he had 44 kobe had 45
Andrew Gilchrist
Andrew Gilchrist 6 oy oldin
Dan Majerle had a candy bar
Bbcshan thapa
Bbcshan thapa 6 oy oldin
James harden will be best offensive player of all the time. He already on the top five
KCatuna 7 oy oldin
When Jimmy made the Reggie Jackson comment, 100% James first thought of Detroit Piston Reggie not Yankee Reggie. He was like wtf lol
Gabriel Leung
Gabriel Leung 7 oy oldin
Harden, you would win championships if you would just D up like Kobe did!
LSJW Thanks
LSJW Thanks 7 oy oldin
#Htown 🚀🚀🚀
Addy Uprety
Addy Uprety 7 oy oldin
jimmy has the most regular white man hand
J. B.
J. B. 7 oy oldin
manny77min 7 oy oldin
Kobe had 45.... James you had 44....
Mike Weaver
Mike Weaver 7 oy oldin
Greatest fantady match-up in NHA History; The best Laker's ( Magic, Kobe, Shaq, Kareem, Worthy, West, Thompson, Lonzo etc..) Vs. The Rest ( MJ, Wilt, Russel, LeBron, KD, Pippen, Steph, Westbrook, Duncan)
james jonas
james jonas 7 oy oldin
James harden so smooth, so cool, mvp of 2018 NBA finals as rockets beat Miami heat 4-1
Roberto Montero
Roberto Montero 7 oy oldin
"what are you doing?" 😂
kenny mora
kenny mora 8 oy oldin
Kobe had 45 he had 44 stop it James 😂
Sung Lee
Sung Lee 8 oy oldin
damn westbrick got the mvp thooooo lol
DaRico Whetstone
DaRico Whetstone 8 oy oldin
That was mad fruity JK
DaRico Whetstone
DaRico Whetstone 8 oy oldin
They taste like you too? Bruh no lmao.🤦🏽‍♂️
Marques Smith
Marques Smith 7 oy oldin
I make prank calls to radio programs. Play them on my page! 😂
phillyslasher 8 oy oldin
If 6 or 7 years ago you told me Harden would be this good, I would have told you you're crazy. Man, was I wrong.
691soljah 8 oy oldin
that beard looks fake
lawnzo 8 oy oldin
Harden actually had 44 points in that Drew League and Kobe had 45.
hamdoon 8 oy oldin
James Harden lowkey reminds me of Lightning McQueen
alas ali
alas ali 8 oy oldin
I dnt love candy any more am diabetic 😎
zak martin
zak martin 8 oy oldin
Russ mvp cop that
R. M. Tabrizi
R. M. Tabrizi 8 oy oldin
I wonder how much these audience are paid each to make these fake laughs and noises! 95% of the things that this guy, Kimmel, says it's not even close to funny and these people are like they're watching one of the Jim Carrey hits in the 90's! That's how I summarize it: Jimmy Kimmel = Phony! I like Harden though!
TheBigChief4 8 oy oldin
hahah good joke harden ... you played defense on kobe hahah funny :D
KJ 8 oy oldin
Lucky Leonard is hurt
Gavin Luebano
Gavin Luebano 8 oy oldin
Reggie Jackson was his former OKC teammate 😢
Ebba Bennich
Ebba Bennich 8 oy oldin
Shisui 8 oy oldin
his fake laugh pretty good
Michael Scates
Michael Scates 8 oy oldin
As a two former Sun Devils, Harden has to know Reggie Jackson. Kimmel is a Sin Devil too.
Yehoshua cardenas
Who was his agent
MantisAtlantis 8 oy oldin
Hmmm I notice how all the elite NBA players idolize Kobe instead of MJ, Paul George, Isaiah Thomas, Kawhi Leonard, Steph, Klay, Durant, Westbrook ... hmmm I wonder why that is? Maybe next generation everyone wants to be like Lebron so on and so forth.
Judah Mourneth
Judah Mourneth 9 oy oldin
Umm correction James you had 44 kobe had 45 with the game winning shot.
johnnycage435 9 oy oldin
Often forget James Harden is a blood
M Kim
M Kim 9 oy oldin
I think Harden thought Jimmy was talking about the NBA player Reggie Jackson, who Harden, Westbrook, and Durant all disliked
Fortu Fam
Fortu Fam 9 oy oldin
Please invite Kyrie Irving to your show
John Yi
John Yi 9 oy oldin
Rick Ross skinny brother
2 Kutz
2 Kutz 10 oy oldin
It tastes like you too! Um what?
Rahis Qureshi
Rahis Qureshi 10 oy oldin
Best dpoy right here
Free Bee
Free Bee 10 oy oldin
Harden needs to stop flopping like an idiot if he is serious about that MVP
lock jaw
lock jaw 10 oy oldin
Kobe the greatest !!!👏👏👏😄
modou Cisse
modou Cisse 10 oy oldin
Good basketball player his one of the best all the time harden
Majd Alusta
Majd Alusta 10 oy oldin
What an ugly beard!!!
oyekolade oyewole
oyekolade oyewole 10 oy oldin
cskaismful 10 oy oldin
Dont know why but I always hat this notion that James Harden has never spoken until this interview lol
probles45 10 oy oldin
Kobe had 45 Harden had 44 ...just sayin'
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson 10 oy oldin
It's nice to know that even celebrity millennials are completely ignorant of anything that happened before them. LOL!! Are you kidding me? How do you not know who Reggie Jackson? Jimmy Kimmel should have asked him if he knows who Mark Twain, Shakespeare, George Patton, Teddy Roosevelt and Frank Sinatra are. It blows my mind how little this generation knows about anything that happened before last week. LOL
Anthony Rodriguez
Jason Thompson Chill out gramps.
5uckets 10 oy oldin
Why do NBA players suck at talk Shows
Enigma McC
Enigma McC 10 oy oldin
Kümmel didint offer him a candy. I could tell he wanted one
Lebron James
Lebron James 10 oy oldin
If Kobe was James hardens hero why did he fight Kobe
Haassan1 10 oy oldin
Loose the trademark. Ur too good for a gimmick.
Adarsh Virk
Adarsh Virk 10 oy oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-OWp7T6E8ug8.html Kobe had 45 points and Harden had 44 points not 50 lol
Poo P
Poo P 10 oy oldin
Damn, when did he fix his teeth?
nahor88 9 oy oldin
When he dated Khloe.
Flip Baller
Flip Baller 10 oy oldin
They were "teammates" with Kobe, Drose, Kd, Harden, McGee, Fisher and a couple of other guys when they did two exhibition games in the Philippines back 2011 when there was an NBA lockout against the Philippines National Team and against a selection of the Philippines professional basketball league
Tony Mcneil
Tony Mcneil 11 oy oldin
Black Waldo
Black Waldo 11 oy oldin
Beard game on GOD-LEVEL
K Sway
K Sway 11 oy oldin
James Harden's voice is so smooth
Ray Two
Ray Two 10 oy oldin
That's what i thought too. He's so articulate
Jake Hernandez
Jake Hernandez 11 oy oldin
Rob Pelinka was Hardens agent too?
YeazyNation 11 oy oldin
Jotroop Hundal
Jotroop Hundal 11 oy oldin
Mr.james13 11 oy oldin
When he plants a seed it will be a future nba star fosho
Víctor Martínez
Víctor Martínez 11 oy oldin
It taste like u... pause
KAHLIL BURTON 11 oy oldin
Ben Stube
Ben Stube 11 oy oldin
he still good asf
Ben Stube
Ben Stube 11 oy oldin
when u cant play defense ☝️☝️👇👇
Sam & Joshua
Sam & Joshua 11 oy oldin
It tastes like you too You done now- Big Shaq
young PIZZY
young PIZZY 11 oy oldin
2017 MVP waaay overduee !!!!