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James Harden Records HISTORIC 40-Point Triple-Double | January 11, 2019

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Harden best buckets and assists from 43 points, 12 assists, and 10 rebounds, he's the first player in NBA history with a 40-point triple-double in 30-or-fewer minutes played.
Which players owned the night? Catch up on all the top individual performances around the league in the Top Performers series.
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12-Yan, 2019

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Blue Slender
Blue Slender Soat oldin
James harden is the best SG in the league
JR GAMING 8 kun oldin
No free throws clip your ejected
Moises Gonzalez
Moises Gonzalez 8 kun oldin
11/32?? Is he a good player?? 21 failed shot... You can say whatever thing that you want... But for me that is not to play 🏀
liamdor 9 kun oldin
Didn't play any of the 4th
Kam Mike
Kam Mike 9 kun oldin
Best regular season player the past two seasons now
ー ー
ー ー 9 kun oldin
Niccolò Machiavelli
Harden playing his mind out while LeBron James resting his ass off
Fortich TV
Fortich TV 9 kun oldin
Rob S.
Rob S. 9 kun oldin
Top 5 Tripple Double Scorers this season so far: 1. Harden 2. Westbrook 3. Nikola Jokic 4. Lebron 5. Derozen for getting his 1st one
Ultra Instinct Harden
harden couldve had 55+ points 10+ 3s if he played the 4th quarter
Ultra Instinct Harden
capela should be a 88 overall on 2k and house 80
Miguel Ernesto
Miguel Ernesto 9 kun oldin
Harden mvp 18/19
Nando Alberto
Nando Alberto 10 kun oldin
That's that step back you don't know me like that lol
Jason Peng
Jason Peng 10 kun oldin
Rockets fans are all bandwagons who don't even watch the game. If they did they would see his countless free throws and poor shot attempts. The rockets players are so good that a player like Kyrie would be hitting 50 every game tbh.
Harden4MVP 9 kun oldin
no matter how many times you copy and paste this shit, its not gonna be true
Jake de Medeiros
Jake de Medeiros 9 kun oldin
What the hell are you talking about? My man harden only shot 11 last night. Aldridge shot 16 in his 2OT win and you aint say shit. Harden also shot 50% from three, 8/16. In three quarters. If you think thats not insanely efficient youre on crack.
齋藤飛鳥 10 kun oldin
MVP again?
HotPepper Gamer
HotPepper Gamer 10 kun oldin
The moment you realize he didn't play the 4th quarter and could've had more points
nebojsa kondic
nebojsa kondic 10 kun oldin
I hate Harden but he's best player
Martin Alegría
Martin Alegría 10 kun oldin
randomchris 504
randomchris 504 10 kun oldin
Who won?
Julian Walls
Julian Walls 10 kun oldin
Damnnnnn he fucking cedi osman up
D'Angelo Russell
D'Angelo Russell 10 kun oldin
keep in mind.... Tristan Thompson said the road to the finals goes thru the Cavs
Julian Walls
Julian Walls 10 kun oldin
James harden studied every rule like he invented basketball not on defense tho
worldofgnr 10 kun oldin
Is this world record in consecutive 35 pts games? I think he is on 16 now. Anyone knows? What is most consecutive 40pt and 30 pt games.
worldofgnr 9 kun oldin
Yeah, my bad. Ok, so he is need 1 more 30 pt game then to equal, i guess he can't break Wilts record. +Harden4MVP
Harden4MVP 9 kun oldin
Harden had "only" 32 2 games ago, so the 35 pt streak is dead. Hes on 15 straight 30 pt games, one behind Kobes he modern era record of 16.
Barack Obama
Barack Obama 10 kun oldin
00:29 when you can’t say “my nigga”
Forever Alone 2009
Forever Alone 2009 10 kun oldin
Just another ballhog that will retire ringless.
Elyes Baz
Elyes Baz 10 kun oldin
Back to back mvp
Jim Jim
Jim Jim 10 kun oldin
You are all too boring. "If he keeps that " cut the bullshit. HE HAS BEEN HAVING 10 40pts games in the last 13 games what else do you want him to do?
Abraham Eli
Abraham Eli 10 kun oldin
LBJ is called the King with 30 points triple double. Harden isn't with 40???
Abdul Ali
Abdul Ali 10 kun oldin
Balázs Fradi
Balázs Fradi 10 kun oldin
James Harden is the best
Nikhil Autar
Nikhil Autar 10 kun oldin
When do we start asking if he's better than KD?
Mohamed Bajaber
Mohamed Bajaber 10 kun oldin
The way he plays is better than porn
Johnny H
Johnny H 10 kun oldin
Back to back MVP
Asian Boy
Asian Boy 10 kun oldin
travel GOD
bruce lau
bruce lau 10 kun oldin
James Harden can make 40 point triple doubles feel like easy now damn
Juan fernandez
Juan fernandez 10 kun oldin
Ryan Reyes
Ryan Reyes 10 kun oldin
He's endind lebron and durants era
pejta24 10 kun oldin
He is offensive, but not in defense. This is not a mvp player
Harden4MVP 9 kun oldin
"hArDeN dOeSnT pLaY dEfEnSe" is a narrative that needs to die allready
Stratton Sneedon
Stratton Sneedon 10 kun oldin
pejta24 your a dumbfuck he is the mvp
Edward Bates
Edward Bates 10 kun oldin
That's weird cause he won MVP last year, fucktard Mook. This year should make 4 but people vote the best narrative instead of the most valuable. Don't comment on shit you don't know about. Go comment on dicksucking videos. We all respect your views on that.
pranav pattarkine
pranav pattarkine 10 kun oldin
And only played for 3 quaters!
MaGe Miralles
MaGe Miralles 10 kun oldin
This dude not an all star stater?
Lev Denisov
Lev Denisov 10 kun oldin
Haven’t noticed any rebounds by harden
Jae- jin
Jae- jin 10 kun oldin
What kind of hand position defense 0:04 chicken. U look like a ball boy in practice
Utku Mert
Utku Mert 10 kun oldin
More than a MVP!!!!
Gavin Pang
Gavin Pang 10 kun oldin
Curtis 23
Curtis 23 10 kun oldin
Mvp season.
Marco Angelo
Marco Angelo 10 kun oldin
Hardens more efficient than lebron in defense, hardens 5th in steal and averaging a block per game as well
West_Coast_Riley 10 kun oldin
I skimmed over the 3pm and almost thought he was nearing a quadruple double. Sheesh! I wish 😂
Cacanin 10 kun oldin
James Harden
James Harden 10 kun oldin
No one can stop me🔥
Ankle Breaker
Ankle Breaker 10 kun oldin
Okc, whoever works at the front office should be fired. Your trading choices are horrible