James Harden: The NBA's most valuable offensive force | NBA on ESPN

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ESPN's Kirk Goldsberry examines Houston Rockets star James Harden's scoring dominance in his 2018-19 MVP encore performance. Whether it's his patented step-back jumper, or his recurring trips to the charity stripe, Harden continues to innovate modern offense, making him one of the NBA's most dominant offensive forces.
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9-Yan, 2019

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ouch1226 9 kun oldin
you can argue that he's not most offensive player all time in NBA but his stats doesn't lie...and thats the truth.
MetalFace MovieReviews
Allowed to travel 😂 allowed to wreak havoc on these bunch of lames. Harden is the smoothest player in the NBA today if you don’t like his game it’s because he’s whooping your teams ass or you are a boring person
Goank MAHDI 12 kun oldin
The narrator included Stephen curry with the likes of MJ AND WLIT smh. He ain't the best player in his team nor is he better than Kobe.
zim948 12 kun oldin
"But how does Harden get all of these stepbacks?" It's called traveling
Jesus Saldana
Jesus Saldana 12 kun oldin
Shooting .436 percent lol Best offense of player hell no !!! I don’t see the nba talking about his awful shooting percentage
dbritton89 12 kun oldin
He didnt say scorer he said OFFENSIVE. Offense is scoring and PASSING. Layups, free throws, mid range, 3 is all in Jhard's bag.
Jesse Houston713
Jesse Houston713 12 kun oldin
That weak step back by curry trying to emulate harden was a joke lmao
AdolphSaxOfficial 12 kun oldin
Hope he doesn't wear down for the playoffs.
MrOunce3 13 kun oldin
When the media compliments guys like KD, Steph or Harden. It almost sounds like a back handed compliment. They will call these guys anything but the best. They stick with Lebron. Giving him a tittle he didnt rightfully even earn. Its just a cliche.
Terrance Jay
Terrance Jay 13 kun oldin
Just a thought: Imagine guys like prime Wade, Kobe, Tmac, AI playing right now in a game with much more pace, space, and shooters around in a pick n roll heavy league. It wouldn’t even be fair lol!!
DJ Diamond
DJ Diamond 13 kun oldin
What kind of hand shake was that Harden and Tucker?
miguel santana
miguel santana 13 kun oldin
Did they even take into accound his 30 free throws per game lmao
Terence Mac
Terence Mac 13 kun oldin
Harden will never win a championship
Andrew Daniels
Andrew Daniels 13 kun oldin
he's the best offensive player of all time though
Andrew Daniels
Andrew Daniels 6 kun oldin
MirTwizzTM yes he has elite handles if you don't see that you're biased, also if you know the rules of basketball you would know that 99 percent of his stepbacks aren't a travel, thirdly, harden led the league in assists before, kd hasnt, kd is playing in the golden state system with two of the best shooters of all time, which allows him to get more assists- shown how he wasn't getting as many assists as he is this year, and lastly, assists aren't the form of playmaking, watch a game and analyze it using actual sense please. so again, harden is elite at everything from ballhandling to scoring and playmaking. only other player to be close is steph curry #facts
MirTwizzTM 7 kun oldin
Andrew Daniels Elite ? all the nigga does is dribble between his legs and hits a step back and most of them shits are travels and the nigga only average about 2 more assists 😂
Andrew Daniels
Andrew Daniels 7 kun oldin
MirTwizzTM i never said scorer i said offensive player which means everything on offense. and durant does not have elite ball handling or elite playmaking only elite scoring. harden has all three, try again
MirTwizzTM 7 kun oldin
Andrew Daniels Lmaoo the nigga that has 4 scoring titles and the second youngest player to reach 20k points and the youngest to have a scoring title like I said he’s not the best scorer of this era let alone all time not even 😂😂 tf
Andrew Daniels
Andrew Daniels 7 kun oldin
MirTwizzTM name a player who got elite playmaking scoring and ball handling abilities in this era.
Shazamm the iPad Producer
stop it the refs let this fool get away with murder
Jesse Houston713
Jesse Houston713 12 kun oldin
Did you watch the game against gsw? Refs did everything for them and they still lost lmao
Patrick Keith
Patrick Keith 13 kun oldin
When the playoffs come around we'll see if he worked on his stamina during the offseason. That's what has killed him in the past. His usage percentage is so high he wears out
Jaret Donald Patterson
Who tf is keeping track of specific types of threes? Step back, unassisted, assisted, and 1.... that's a lot of information to document for every single player in the NBA
GOD 13 kun oldin
Greatest offensive force all-time? Not even close. Of this new era with no touch defense? Yes he can have that. If Harden played the 87 Pistons he would get punished. He would be more athletic and skilled but the brute physicality would be to much for him. Hand checking outside the 3 point line doesn't let you face the basket like today. Hahaha tick tack fouls to send him to the freethrow? First driving freely like today wouldn't exist. Nothing short of DDTs, suplexes, and gunshots would get you to the line against the 87 Pistons.
Alien Eater
Alien Eater 13 kun oldin
warriors fans especially snake would be jealous
Alexia Is On Fire
Alexia Is On Fire 13 kun oldin
Harden 🥰 he’s the best player
Brian Hawkins
Brian Hawkins 13 kun oldin
traveling bastard lol
Joey FL
Joey FL 13 kun oldin
this is a cheap shot video at harden. espn hates when shine is taken from lebron or curry.
Donald Pace
Donald Pace 13 kun oldin
The Harden Way...🚀🎭🚀🎭
Freddy Johnson
Freddy Johnson 13 kun oldin
Alright LA fans let him have it....
JMâgic Television
JMâgic Television 13 kun oldin
This is exactly why there should be an (OPY) Offensive Player Of The Year cause people think just cause you outscore the league you deserve to be MVP
Howard Davis
Howard Davis 13 kun oldin
The harden hate is too much for me 😔
Freddy Johnson
Freddy Johnson 13 kun oldin
LA fanboys butt hurt
Howard Davis
Howard Davis 13 kun oldin
I can't believe people really put curry over harden offensively
not2famous .m
not2famous .m 13 kun oldin
It shows that alot of yall didnt watch Harden before he got Mike D'antoni. Harden has been putting up huge numbers while leading his team to deep playoff success. Hes no doubt one of the greatest to ever do it
Local Chief
Local Chief 13 kun oldin
Harden has gotten to a level where he has mastered his offensive system and his skill are maximized within the system. Same thing that curry has done in GS. If you have ever watched someone score, score, and score on and endless consistent basis ie Michael Jordan, you can't help but compare Harden's display on the offensive end. What's scary is that people are not talking about how much his D has improved, his hands are crafty on the defensive end almost as they are on the offensive end. Steals, tipped passes, blocks. This guy is damn good. BBall fans appreciate this one
Jacob Hd
Jacob Hd 13 kun oldin
haters come cry in the comments
ctnative203 13 kun oldin
yea but hes trash in the playoffs every single year dumpster juice !
Devonte Johnson
Devonte Johnson 13 kun oldin
His stepback is a TRAVEL halfthe time that's why
Mike Brown
Mike Brown 13 kun oldin
A I 13 kun oldin
James Harden. The Flamethrower.
Forever Pain
Forever Pain 13 kun oldin
Hey Haters! Just Fear The Beard🤘
Pfft no way. Harden is the most Overhyped and Overrated offensive force in NBA History. He's an Overrated soft stat padder who will never be better than MJ. He doesn't care about winning championships. As long as he's getting paid and playing he won't care. That's just reality.
ATL 1 13 kun oldin
When carrying your team means that you are padding your stats.
MrBMarquise 13 kun oldin
Most Traveling Player 🙄get this crap out if here
Nolay Austin
Nolay Austin 13 kun oldin
L3-6ron got injured in the West ♿
David James
David James 13 kun oldin
LeGOAT >>>>>>>>>> KoBrick
Pacers_Raw_ 13 kun oldin
Nolay Austin You get on every post just to hate on Lebron smh you lame asf
Sleazy Cleve
Sleazy Cleve 13 kun oldin
Can we stop hyping this failure up?? Cool, he's good in the regular season and he's NEVER this "offensive juggernaut" and "greatest offensive player of all time" when it counts most which is in the playoffs. It's the same story over and over. Fine, give the leagues greatest choke artist ever another MVP so we can disgrace this award even more. He's easily the most overrated player of all time
De Jun Gabriel
De Jun Gabriel 13 kun oldin
Sleazy Cleve first off bro u don't know me at all and just because I'm not a harden hater doesn't mean I don't know b ball and obviously u don't so someone that carried his team to the conference finals 2 times and been there altogether 4 is over hyped come on man u don't know b ball cause if he overhyped for just not making an NBA finals yet shit cp3 never even been to a conference final before he got to the rockets so if harden overhyped wat bout ad wat bout giannis wat bout Westbrook wat about um oh and the list goes on and on don't say he had a chance to beat warriors cause guess wat I still never seen any of those players you named win a ship by themselves and you a lie if u say they did and u know cp3 was hurt the last two games so all u trying say just sounds like hate to me you hater lol
De Jun Gabriel
De Jun Gabriel 13 kun oldin
And also its the media making that statement u idiot err body got they own opinion shit I think d wade is better than Kobe and mj but guess what my opinion just stop hating. The dude is good sorry if he not trash like you want him to be lol
De Jun Gabriel
De Jun Gabriel 13 kun oldin
Sleazy Cleve Idc wat u say u a hater if he was on yo fav team you'll love him period stop watching his videos or games wat ever leave it to us Houston fans u hater
Sleazy Cleve
Sleazy Cleve 13 kun oldin
+De Jun Gabriel come better and more prepared next time instead of name calling and acting like some knuckle dragging inner city thug, cuh. On deadlocs. Cause you making yourself look very bad and it's embarrassing. you're in over your head with someone who actually knows the game. And on your last comment, I was one of the two ppl to like your comment so you didn't look so bad cause you need support cause obviously you can't do it alone
Sleazy Cleve
Sleazy Cleve 13 kun oldin
+De Jun Gabriel De Jun Gabriel De Jun Gabriel De Jun Gabriel watch how I pick you apart. Why watch the video if I'm gonna hate? Cause if I'm being honest, the title triggered me. I've been watching this game since the early '90s and done even more research, and for ESPN of all platforms to say Harden is the NBA's most valuable offensive force is purely outrageous and just an attention getter. And blasphemous and almost sacrilegious. Lately ESPN and other sport outlets have been calling Harden the greatest offensive player of all time. And I'm just not having that disrespect, so I came to spread facts and knowledge on harden that you pussies would call "hating". If I'm a hater I'm a hater so be it, but as long as ppl know what a scrub this guy really is and how he's not even close to the best offensive player now nor EVER (that's putting him over Kobe, MJ, Wilt, Kareem, Hakeem, Bron, iverson, Shaq, Bird, Dirk, no just no, he's not even close). He'll never ever be either of those things, and is the most mentally weakest "superstar" (which I wouldn't call him a superstar but just a star) I've ever seen. They call him all these superlatives all season long and put him on a pedestal then when the lights shine brightest and the games matter most, Harden ALWAYS, ALWAYS disappears. Next, no, I would never ever want him on my team or my favorite team. I'll pass on him 10/10 times. Not everyone is dying for a lazy one dimensional player who don't show up in big moments, who doesn't play defense, and who without a great team around him would be trash, who leads the league year after year in turnovers, like naw man I'm good I'd rather have KWAME BROWN, or Scalabrine, or Rick Fox on my team then harden. for god sakes, Luka is better than him right now as a MF ROOKIE, dawg!!
willemdee 13 kun oldin
Rockets would be a 12 seed if Harden doesn’t put the team on his back every game. MVP
kenshin himura
kenshin himura 9 kun oldin
A more dynamic AI.
LeGoat James
LeGoat James 12 kun oldin
Huh? What championship did his free throws cost? He actually won the 2016 championship by making a free throw to make it a 2 possession game
Fearbleeds 12 kun oldin
+LeGoat James he can't shoot free throws and that has cost him championship
Gemini 13 kun oldin
LeGoat James yikes
LeGoat James
LeGoat James 13 kun oldin
and cavs are an even worse seed because lebron left. lebron is a better offensive player ESPECIALLY in the playoffs
steven whiters
steven whiters 13 kun oldin
If it wasn’t for bullshit analytics his game would be more respectable could play a more Versatile and efficient scorer
SuperTDSmith 13 kun oldin
If Kobe and Jordan could travel and get 20 foul shots they would have more points
SuperTDSmith 12 kun oldin
+Gemini when did i say it didnt?
Gemini 12 kun oldin
SuperTDSmith foul shots results from people reaching in 90% of the time
SuperTDSmith 12 kun oldin
+J M when did i type Kobe and Jordan never shot 20 free throws in a game?
SuperTDSmith 12 kun oldin
+Gemini you cant do that in 1980 or 1990 or 2000 thats where jordan and kobe are from. and where did i type people reach?
J M 13 kun oldin
+SuperTDSmith so Kobe and Jordan never shot 20 free throws in a game before?
Steven Lee
Steven Lee 13 kun oldin
Harden is averaging 42 points (!) per game since Chris Paul's injury. He is up to 33.6 for the season, on pace for the highest scoring average since Kobe Bryant in 2005-06. This is prime Michael Jordan territory.
kenshin himura
kenshin himura 9 kun oldin
Dont foul the guy. There were games wherein fouls where not called but most games it was. But you cannot deny greatness. Those step back 3's of more than four a game is out of this world.
Kai ThaGuy
Kai ThaGuy 11 kun oldin
Harden is doing amazing but lets roll it back on the prime Jordan territory lol.
Mannie p Variety commenter
Steven Lee not even close with 11 ft per game
NBA Ballerz
NBA Ballerz 13 kun oldin
Guess we all forgot about Kobe ???
tkgrant7 13 kun oldin
NBA Ballerz yes
Z ZiuxL
Z ZiuxL 13 kun oldin
(Most Valuable FT Shooter)* Correction.....
kc kc
kc kc 13 kun oldin
Once again ESPN takes a Lil cheap shot at Kobe, how u gonna name Jordan, wilt, and Steph curry as the greatest offensive players the game has seen and Skip right over Kobe Bryant? Y'all act like Kobe ain't the 3rd leading scorer in nba history, give Kobe his damn props the next time y'all wanna name off all time greats, especially when it comes to scoring it's mj and Kobe ain't nobody touching them two period!!!!!
Bosco Tung
Bosco Tung 12 kun oldin
ATL 1 can you share me the link to the statistic sir
kc kc
kc kc 13 kun oldin
+cbenji07 fuck ts% u guys sound like a bunch of stat nerds, y'all love to look at bull shit Numbers, the guy gets to the line 20 times a game that's why his true shooting is so damn high, Kobe ain't have to do that, Kobe killed u from the Field and not the free throw line, put some respect on the Mamba, top 2 offensive player of all time
cbenji07 13 kun oldin
+Benjamin Franklin Harden shoots way more 3s and at a better % than Kobe. If you compared their 2 Point % it's not even close. That's why Harden has a TS% of 60+% multiple seasons and Kobe never had one season his whole career of 60+% TS.
Ashley Parker #GoodHair
kc kc Wilt has more scoring titles than Kobe, penis brain.
Donald Pace
Donald Pace 13 kun oldin
Stop crying it is not sexy!
Dwight Yawg
Dwight Yawg 13 kun oldin
nowhere near the best offensive player in the (current) league
DREAD HEAD4747 13 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure he's already dropped off your favorite team
Tua Tagovailoa
Tua Tagovailoa 13 kun oldin
The best clutch player I have seen in my lifetime
Pocheche Leche
Pocheche Leche 13 kun oldin
My man be shooting 40 shots and just make 14 All he does is free throws He is inconsistent
Billy Ferguson
Billy Ferguson 13 kun oldin
Pocheche Leche 😂😂check the stats all of the them
Rihanna Fenty
Rihanna Fenty 13 kun oldin
Giannis is not close