Jamie Foxx Interviews Denzel Washington || OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production

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Denzel Washington and Jamie Foxx sing Cardi B, talk about taking food and floral arrangements home from the Oscars, and more in this Grey Goose production. #ad #OffScript
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19-Iyl, 2018

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Thrillist 4 kun oldin
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Dan M
Dan M 6 soat oldin
Man if I was Cardi B I'd retire after watching this
Demuzo 15 soat oldin
Even though I understand English, this is not that funny, BUT I can't stop laughing with them and I dont know why r.r
G. Red
G. Red Kun oldin
This couch looks unreal wtf
Rohan Sharma
Rohan Sharma Kun oldin
This is amazing.
Valerie Brett-Westcott
DW am amazing actor. I just love his movies.
Michael Peterson
Denzel is the king of quotes and gems!!! As well as acting
Nhamo3 2 kun oldin
Two of the best actors.
Sara Yoshica Cooper
I love these two guys!!!
Lusius Sinurat
Lusius Sinurat 2 kun oldin
Danzel is my fave actor
SuperAngela2310 2 kun oldin
Love both these guys
Kita Coop
Kita Coop 3 kun oldin
Denzel ICONIC, I was thinking the same fucking thing about them pants. I’m sure they are probably more than a yr of my salary. Bad choice.
lynnmartinez67 3 kun oldin
Denzel been eatin’ good 👀
Jarvis Smith
Jarvis Smith 3 kun oldin
Im pretty sure denzel was sending shots at Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock
Jason Cardwell
Jason Cardwell 3 kun oldin
"Denzel buddy"
Albert krank
Albert krank 3 kun oldin
jamie dont sit like that, it damages the hips.
Richardichard 4 kun oldin
I wish the idiot Foxx had asked some intelligent questions about D's favourite directors, the struggle of black men in Hollywood etc etc...Pure shit here...and that's not in a good way. Foxx is a moron.
richard escobar
richard escobar 4 kun oldin
They say, Denzel has been looking real THiiiCCCK, lately.😂😂😀😀
Smoke Jones Detroit
"Is that a movie you're in?" 😂🤣😂🤣
NPC#553856 11
NPC#553856 11 4 kun oldin
I have no money.
Joini50 4 kun oldin
Awesome video!!!
Axel Mike
Axel Mike 4 kun oldin
Denz said he got jokes lol HE GOT FAT THATS WHAT HE GOT!!!!!
Gball White
Gball White 4 kun oldin
Why is Jamie sitting like that🤔
Rachel Sanders
Rachel Sanders 5 kun oldin
Denzel be eatin too many grits- he need to lose dat weight right quick!
Rachel Sanders
Rachel Sanders 5 kun oldin
Jamie Foxx is a homosexualist.
Kevin Wiltshire
Kevin Wiltshire 5 kun oldin
Bodyguard best movie
Lo Marie
Lo Marie 5 kun oldin
Jamie. Please uncross your legs. I wasn't ready. But great interview!!!
Doe-Z 6 kun oldin
*Daniel Day is a BEAST, Denzel is the GOAT goat!*
Jael Pettigrew
Jael Pettigrew 6 kun oldin
wenona loves
wenona loves 6 kun oldin
This what it look like when u rest and enjoy the fruit of your labor he chunky but still fine
Nelley Knight
Nelley Knight 6 kun oldin
I feel that way about #JenniferAniston. Stay home woman! I'M TIRED OF SEEING YOU IN EVERYTHING!
Nelley Knight
Nelley Knight 6 kun oldin
I came here for Jamie 😍
Shshssh Dhshsshsh
Shshssh Dhshsshsh 6 kun oldin
Jamie whas good in collateral
Julia Robinson
Julia Robinson 7 kun oldin
When he did Cardi B😂😂👏🏽👏🏽 But deadass I would be scared to walk up on Denzel😳 He definitely actually know that shit
From A Fans Point Of View
Denzel is stupid that cardio part I know cardio b know she's big now
THE VOICE 8 kun oldin
Flor Lopez
Flor Lopez 8 kun oldin
2 oscar... 3 golden globe.. and my heart...I love you Denzel ❤
Junior S
Junior S 8 kun oldin
Jamie Foxx acts gay
Abhi Raj
Abhi Raj 8 kun oldin
Gaaaaadddd daaaaiiiiim these guys are one of the most energetic persons i have ever SEEN.
Charles Jones
Charles Jones 9 kun oldin
denzel never talks about john Q
Cici Love
Cici Love 9 kun oldin
I would’ve loved him in seven
Kimberly Mayfield
Kimberly Mayfield 10 kun oldin
He likes Cardi B! Him and Jamie were SINGING her song!
PER ASPERA AD ASTRA 10 kun oldin
PER ASPERA AD ASTRA 10 kun oldin
PER ASPERA AD ASTRA 10 kun oldin
OK . I make it first step to get started sooner.
Tomas Weldegiorgis
Tomas Weldegiorgis 10 kun oldin
This two giant living legends!!!
Hess mouniran
Hess mouniran 11 kun oldin
I love how jamie act like a student learning from a teacher
Andrew brack
Andrew brack 11 kun oldin
Camera does add 200 lbs
Merry Jones
Merry Jones 11 kun oldin
OMG!! Denzel is a BEAUTIFUL man!!
Moe Rice
Moe Rice 11 kun oldin
Black greatness ✊🏿
leon sean
leon sean 12 kun oldin
Jaimie fox I see u got no fake hair or fake beard today . Not in front of the king he would cuss ur arse down lol
Blue kid
Blue kid 13 kun oldin
Yes legend interview legend
queen Taylor
queen Taylor 13 kun oldin
Luv me some Denzel 😍
Niw Mi
Niw Mi 13 kun oldin
When he said you drink too much water you'll drown...you want ppl to say, I can't wait to see you... I feel that way about a lot of singers/performers (actors/actresses as well). You don't want to be everywhere, in everything...give ppl an opportunity to miss you.
77 77
77 77 13 kun oldin
How can someone not adore these two!!!
ΒΞΔΝ 13 kun oldin
Man these types of interviews always some fake laughing and ass kissing.
Bozo Bozo
Bozo Bozo 13 kun oldin
Awwww two gay man...
colaboytje 13 kun oldin
How to kiss a guest's ass intro
PremierAutoMan86 14 kun oldin
Leo DiCaprio and Denzel movie needs to happen!!
J R 14 kun oldin
"Your father, yo mamma just dint tell you" 😂
Jacob Israel Langbayan
Man I hate seeing our favorite celebrities grow old. I hope this guy lives over a hundred years.
Roh Roh
Roh Roh 14 kun oldin
Oh please let my dream come true so I can meet Mr. Washington 🙏🏼
Christal Cha-nae'
Christal Cha-nae' 15 kun oldin
Jamie is giving me some certain vibes .. 🤔
Caleb Benjamin
Caleb Benjamin 15 kun oldin
Jamie does excellent interviews. He actually talks to these people.
graham kehoe
graham kehoe 15 kun oldin
Loved him in pirates of the Caribbean
Maria daRosa
Maria daRosa 15 kun oldin
I was waiting for Jay Pharaoh to get out of character.
Carlo YapQA
Carlo YapQA 15 kun oldin
Denzel Washington & Liam Neeson should make a movie together. Just saying.
Hollis2Hollywood 15 kun oldin
Denzel and Liam Neeson in a movie going around fucking people up would be great lol
Elizabeth C
Elizabeth C 16 kun oldin
🤣🤣🤣🤣 funny this 🤣
ivy allman
ivy allman 16 kun oldin
Love Denzel and Jamie!
MARLON ALARCON 16 kun oldin
Denzel is a great actor, he was handsome but not anymore, he's really fat now lol
Rachel Daniels
Rachel Daniels 16 kun oldin
He picks up weight and looses it but still looks good either way
Emerson Correia
Emerson Correia 17 kun oldin
alguem legenda essa entrevista
Mookie FurCoat
Mookie FurCoat 17 kun oldin
emerald white
emerald white 17 kun oldin
Dez getting thick
Shereese Blackman
Shereese Blackman 17 kun oldin
True talk, Equalizer 2 was better than the first!!!
Toronto Original
Toronto Original 17 kun oldin
First time watchin' the Thrillist. New fan 🔥👌❗ @isydsoul6
OriginalGamerOnline 18 kun oldin
Man so good, they just call him Denzel. Just like you only say Oprah. It's a brand baby. #bluemagic
Lady Lioness
Lady Lioness 18 kun oldin
❤❤❤❤ great Men great actors great interview
Trearjnp Prangley
Trearjnp Prangley 18 kun oldin
Denzel just gets sexier my god
shelley noseworthy
shelley noseworthy 18 kun oldin
Denzel got fat but still fine as hell
RICHARD ROHAC 18 kun oldin
Denzel is very likely a psychopath.
Reel Life
Reel Life 19 kun oldin
No shade but Denzel looking at the way Jamie is seating like ouch! LOL It's a joke people relax but real talk, I hate when men cross their legs. lol
Anthony foxbody Aumell
These 2 men especially Denzel is a God damn icon in acting! A whole shit ton of talent together on that couch
Sevanni Black
Sevanni Black 19 kun oldin
im dying. someone bring me my casket
BIG BIG Like! 19 kun oldin
Fatt Denzel
rosie r
rosie r 19 kun oldin
great interview!
Vert Xavier
Vert Xavier 19 kun oldin
"Your father. Your mommy just didn't tell you."
מירים ביידגה
"I ain't got no money"...😉😉he kiled me..😆😆
Mongameli Tv
Mongameli Tv 19 kun oldin
Has JAY Z aged now? Damn that was quick 😭
its_vito_you_ know
its_vito_you_ know 19 kun oldin
Hard for me to like this dude when he hates gay people
I Q 20 kun oldin
Zel, the baddest mofo east of everywhere.
parijuana1 20 kun oldin
MISS KC 21 kun oldin
If jaime don't uncross his fucking leg😂😂😂
creative media
creative media 21 kun oldin
1 million $ worth for 2PAC to have been on this show for only 3 minutes. It would have been amazing !
TheSaint-HiMselF 21 kun oldin
Even his laugh is legendary
L S 21 kun oldin
My 2 favorite niggas!
Randy Heafy
Randy Heafy 21 kun oldin
The movie that me a fan of Danzel Washington is the movie "Man on Fire". That movie really touch me. So being a fan after watching that movie.
Ooh Oops
Ooh Oops 22 kun oldin
The legend need to hit the GYM if he's not planing to retire soon
Gregorio Gonzalez
Gregorio Gonzalez 19 kun oldin
He might be doing a movie were he needs to have the dad body, you never know
T Hen.
T Hen. 22 kun oldin
Jay-Z and Denzel are startin to remind me of each other in demeanor and expressions.
2 yil oldin