Jason Momoa Explains His Unusual Auditioning Techniques | December 2018 Interview

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Jason Mamoa The Project.
The Aquaman star - in pigtails - drops by the Project Australia, explains how he landed the job, learning Dothraki for Game of Thrones, and how attached he is to his hair.
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19-Dek, 2018

JasonJason MomoaThe Aquaman starthe project



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Matt Taniwha
Matt Taniwha 25 daqiqa oldin
You do a haka everywhere and don’t even come to New Zealand.....you are fake don’t even sound Hawaiian
Peaches 6 soat oldin
Jason Momoa is a handsome man, but what makes him hot and sexy is his confidence.
LxgitCFW 11 soat oldin
Can women stop getting wet over him dear god
Randji Gonzalez
Randji Gonzalez 11 soat oldin
GURL!!! That entire Intro is ALL AQUA MAN!!! That is a true IOWA THING!!! You just dive in!! DUde!! Dude!! How am I NOT your marketer!? LOL
gabrielwhite 19 soat oldin
2:13 the women thought: I want that tongue in my mouth(that Jason sticked out at 2:12)....
Life peaceful
Life peaceful 22 soat oldin
Best movie ever love it ...he awesome can’t wait video come out & part 2 ❤️🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️
Addie Brice
Addie Brice Kun oldin
He so cool pigtails and all.
ANGELA Kun oldin
This man is the sweetest and kindest person he’s like a living teddy bear. The way he talks about his children is so cute!
robertwarrior Kun oldin
In the HOLY bible it says no man shall dress as a woman or vice versa. Do this at your own risk. U been warned
Shellhead Kun oldin
You have to be a true, self-affirmed alpha male to wear an outfit like that. Pay attention fellas, this is the pinnacle.
Lazina Hossain
Lazina Hossain Kun oldin
momoa i love you..
Mj Ghahary
Mj Ghahary Kun oldin
hes amazing
Jane Oh
Jane Oh Kun oldin
He so down to earth
Nikki Cooper
Nikki Cooper Kun oldin
My.God. I.Love.Him. He’s beautiful and has such a gentle soul.
JP Duffy
JP Duffy Kun oldin
All this crap about he pulls of the pig tails. Granted, he does better than most guys would but why would he even? Just let your hair down man. Dont be hiding your masculinity to appease some feminine agenda that filtrates every movie/show that gets made nowadays. Be proud of your manhood. You are a great specimen and trust me the women out with the ideologically perverted Hollywood crowd don't like it.
Maya Massar
Maya Massar 2 kun oldin
Yummiest man on Earth. And I’m a lesbian.
TheALVINtaker 2 kun oldin
Not sure if Jason Momoa or Ladybeard
Lucille Baltazar
Lucille Baltazar 2 kun oldin
I cast my vote for Jason Momomoa as sexiest man alive for 2019👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Sajida Assaf
Sajida Assaf 2 kun oldin
Someone add subtitles I missed a lot of lines 😭
Thea Erasmus
Thea Erasmus 2 kun oldin
Stupid little girl.
Celtic Corner
Celtic Corner 2 kun oldin
Karin Morris
Karin Morris 2 kun oldin
He could use a little trimming. He's eating his mustache cause it's hanging in his mouth. Just a little clean up. Don't get me wrong ladies, he's still very handsome. And I do love the pigtails and that he's masculine enough to not give a shit.
bin yeamin
bin yeamin 2 kun oldin
Anti Hero?????
Ashley Webler
Ashley Webler 3 kun oldin
I can’t. The pigtails on momoa * dying of laughter 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣priceless
Isa Pouso
Isa Pouso 3 kun oldin
Hawk's Mountain Adventure Vlogs With Dogs
Did he explain the child mulistation when his daughter had to remove his hand from her tit? HOW ABOUT THAT
Justin Facer
Justin Facer 3 kun oldin
Pigtails... Wtf is going on in the world.
Layla 3 kun oldin
hes so cute
Daniel VelMartin
Daniel VelMartin 3 kun oldin
Coolest Guy in the History
Luke’s Vintage Rc car restoration
What a cool guy 😎
laura duran
laura duran 3 kun oldin
This was an awesome interview! Jason was hilarious as always but even the interviewers were so funny! Loved it!
VW HD 3 kun oldin
Why is he looking like this 🤔
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith 4 kun oldin
why is it that the small characters have more massive movies that do better than the most well known. aquaman outdid every dc movie on batman, superman and the tv shows. black panther did the same for all super hero movies besides avengers infinity war but that had most of it based on black panther in the end
Sami Motaghedi
Sami Motaghedi 4 kun oldin
He's a great actor
Barbara Wilson
Barbara Wilson 4 kun oldin
Love a guy with a sense of humour
Sauce Gxd
Sauce Gxd 4 kun oldin
How isn’t he the sexiest man of 2019 yet no homo
Nathalie Fortier
Nathalie Fortier 4 kun oldin
Back in 1977, there was a TV show called The Man from Atlantis played by Patrick Duffy.
Maya C
Maya C 4 kun oldin
People of Hawaii stood and cheered at the end of Aquaman at many Hawaii screenings.
Trudy Neumann
Trudy Neumann 4 kun oldin
Trudy Neumann
Trudy Neumann 4 kun oldin
Jason... Can you NOT be Kahl in pigtails & flowers?!! 😛😝😜😂😘
Trudy Neumann
Trudy Neumann 4 kun oldin
Pigtails & lei??? What's the story?
Trudy Neumann
Trudy Neumann 4 kun oldin
Mnsa 3002
Mnsa 3002 4 kun oldin
E B K 4 kun oldin
I couldn’t imagine ever being a hero in water! Just the weight and pressure.I mean, yeah if you were aqua man you would have these Atlantis powers but seriously, It just wouldn’t feel right.I prefer Fire.🔥
marichu cando
marichu cando 4 kun oldin
Aquaman was amazing movie..Part 2 please😀😀😀
Samom Nasser
Samom Nasser 4 kun oldin
Jason Momoa is so cuuuuute 😍😍😍😍
Chantel Barcomb
Chantel Barcomb 5 kun oldin
Should out to Stargate!!!!
Kathryn Harriman
Kathryn Harriman 5 kun oldin
I like that he doesn't take himself too seriously.
Rick Scicluna
Rick Scicluna 5 kun oldin
Wow! No hate here!✌
PurplePetunias71 5 kun oldin
These announcers are so funny.
Begüm Nur Dinç
Begüm Nur Dinç 5 kun oldin
I'm 💯 percent sure he was drunk
Begüm Nur Dinç
Begüm Nur Dinç 5 kun oldin
His body, his voice than his hair lmao I adore him 😍
Jandals 5 kun oldin
He looks tough even dressed as a little girl.
SakratulMaut 5 kun oldin
jason momoa in his early 20th of age (Baywatch,1 990) is sooo Hott😘💕,cute,adorable,attractive. his 2018 version is very 😱😎Masculine,manly, macho n' still Attractive also
Amie Cabral
Amie Cabral 6 kun oldin
He seems like such a genuine person I would love to meet him plus he is absolutely gorgeous
Victoria F.
Victoria F. 6 kun oldin
Sexy, funny, down to earth, charming , and that laugh! What a package! 😍😍
Amy Bruch
Amy Bruch 6 kun oldin
What's with the pigtails and the "skull and bones" ring? Creep
Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars 4 kun oldin
Mary D D - For an old lady you’re pretty immature.
Mary D D
Mary D D 4 kun oldin
+Bruno Mars LOL, and YOU'RE Bruno? What do you do just troll UZvid to call people names? so sick of you cowardly insulting humans.
Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars 5 kun oldin
Amy Bruch - You are a pedophile
Game Master Lilu
Game Master Lilu 6 kun oldin
His OLD LADY is so lucky. >.>
Dusty Korpse
Dusty Korpse 6 kun oldin
Very cool Guy, and the Aussie interviewers very funny and on the ball!
Naturally Gifted
Naturally Gifted 6 kun oldin
He is fine!
SlayQueen 17
SlayQueen 17 6 kun oldin
I love how Jason Momoa gives no fucks. Real manly man there.
3nineline 6 kun oldin
This guy is insufferable.
Kroneexe 6 kun oldin
"antihero" wtf?
cinimod351 6 kun oldin
Ozzy comedians are so lame
Plain And Simple
Plain And Simple 5 kun oldin
Just aussies in general
Ann C
Ann C 6 kun oldin
Another satanic illuminati sellout planting the seed for the androgyny society that defies nature and god
Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars 5 kun oldin
Ann C - Wow what an alt right piece of shit sheep you are.
gerldine rice
gerldine rice 6 kun oldin
Good job he wasn't auditioning for Harvey Weinstein, especially with these pigtails.
zoe sherwin
zoe sherwin 6 kun oldin
jason momoa is frikin HOT Ava ortega
bluecat014 6 kun oldin
I really hate the way they say aquaman
Tracey Hurrey
Tracey Hurrey 6 kun oldin
I remember when Jason played the barman in a show about a hotel, he was really young and was going out with the woman who played Stevie on McCleods daughters. He was gorgeous then as well.
Trino Gonzalez
Trino Gonzalez 6 kun oldin
He is so hilarious with those pigtails!!
C R 7 kun oldin
I am a fan!😊
414MrMilwaukee 7 kun oldin
Isaiah Stewart
Isaiah Stewart 7 kun oldin
Jason wear the pigtails, promote trans and sell your soul all in the name of “your culture.”
Riyo Sovi
Riyo Sovi 7 kun oldin
That awkward moment when Justin Hartley has played Aquaman but no one cares lol
Karen Heersink
Karen Heersink 7 kun oldin
“Tones down the testosterone a little bit!” 🤣
Luna Sears
Luna Sears 7 kun oldin
What a sweetie.
Gvido 7 kun oldin
Why the fck this gay video was suggested da fuck is this clown?!
Wizzie Magi7ion
Wizzie Magi7ion 7 kun oldin
Use to think dc was trash but now seeing jason mamoa playing in the aqua man movie i cant hate them
Wizzie Magi7ion
Wizzie Magi7ion 7 kun oldin
Honestly jason mamoa playing aqua man just saved DC
Gomommago! 7 kun oldin
I keep thinking of Rajesh from Big Bang in his inflatable Aquaman costume and whining “Aquaman Sucks!!” Aquaman no longer sucks!
Sean 7 kun oldin
How is he the only brown skin super hero? Did he miss Black panther? Either way, Momoa is such a fantastic actor, so glad his movie is killing it.
Anne Mae
Anne Mae 7 kun oldin
I love how free-spirited he is!
ChampagnePapi 7 kun oldin
Missy Rabbit
Missy Rabbit 7 kun oldin
damn.....he is so hot! Not just looks, but his personality and confidence. Seriously fine.
DecalMan 7 kun oldin
How did you guys forget to ask him about his netflix show Frontier? Isnt it on season 3 now?
Clara J
Clara J 7 kun oldin
He looks amazing even with the pigtails and idk how he can be a manchild and still look that good.
Brit Jansen
Brit Jansen 8 kun oldin
That cheeky grin 😍😍
VeteranVandal 8 kun oldin
Gotta respect a guy that can make Aquaman cool.
charmnGUY 8 kun oldin
Lisa is rubbing off on him with self expressions and still be manly!
Woxineau Crows
Woxineau Crows 8 kun oldin
A long time coming and yes the last Aquaman was a white blond and not even close to the story when I was a kid but I Loved him as I do Jason he is amazing =)
Tammy Holland
Tammy Holland 8 kun oldin
He's laugh is so contagious 😋😅😉😆😍
Sion Infinity
Sion Infinity 9 kun oldin
Why do so many male stars do this transgender thing?
Dezzasaurs 9 kun oldin
The lei is so pretty
Maria from Philadelphia
I saw a video that is going around on ig this this pedophile rubbing on a young girl's bust are (mind you she only has what I call bee stings) this man is sick!
Maria from Philadelphia
+Onyinyechi Charles that was clearly not a boy
Onyinyechi Charles
Onyinyechi Charles 7 kun oldin
The gag is, it's his son and yes he was rubbing his chest. You people are sick.
Kevnhelm Gubbenheimer
Jason Momma, is this generation's Tom Selleck! 💯
ruboyhsv 9 kun oldin
Yea Aquaman represented the Maori race, !! woohoo eat that aussies hahaha
R Kraus
R Kraus 9 kun oldin
I can hear his PR manager.....please please don’t....do....pigtails
Esther Kitabire
Esther Kitabire 9 kun oldin
Jason at 2:12 is me the whole video 😍😍😍
jonatallman 9 kun oldin
What a dumb Fuck puppet!
Emma Baker
Emma Baker 9 kun oldin
A cool role model for young men. Great personality, loads of fun. A solid good guy. Family man. Love all his stuff and always wondered what he was like in person, wow, he is the whole package. No wonder us ladies like him as well as fancy him.