Jason Momoa Explains His Unusual Auditioning Techniques | December 2018 Interview

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Jason Mamoa The Project.
The Aquaman star - in pigtails - drops by the Project Australia, explains how he landed the job, learning Dothraki for Game of Thrones, and how attached he is to his hair.
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19-Dek, 2018



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Yaisana Soram
Yaisana Soram 23 soat oldin
The cutest thing ever.....😂
kyle watts
kyle watts Kun oldin
Kelly Bowe
Kelly Bowe 4 kun oldin
Lol gatta love this guy😁
Sailing breeze
Sailing breeze 4 kun oldin
Only jason can wear ponies..😂 My grandsons name is jason what's your middle name
Kyla Caspersen
Kyla Caspersen 5 kun oldin
He is so damned beautiful inside and out. A great human being. :)
Barbara Graham
Barbara Graham 8 kun oldin
This movie was made for him . Less just hope that they make a part 2..
Barbara Graham
Barbara Graham 8 kun oldin
This is the only movie that this man would ever make unless they make a part 2 of Aquaman..
Tikus Keriting
Tikus Keriting 13 kun oldin
Close your eyes while watching this, you will hear Christ Hemsworth
свет наз
свет наз 15 kun oldin
Плохо. Кроме спецэффектов больше смотреть не на что. Нет любви. Барышни вешаются на шею как дешевки.
parsi zaban
parsi zaban 15 kun oldin
Would be heartbreaking for women if he turns out to be gay.
zoladoggy 2
zoladoggy 2 18 kun oldin
Press Play
Press Play 18 kun oldin
Over hyped. He’s not that cute and he tans.
cockney gyal
cockney gyal 19 kun oldin
look this man needs to be in film since chippendales dont get so much and security is unrewarding ....an athlete is not safe in these streets with minions and dwarfs in control
joe s
joe s 19 kun oldin
This is what sellouts have to do
Crystal Yeow Ching Ching
Maria Valle
Maria Valle 21 kun oldin
I think he’d be good in Vikings
Theresa Heyer
Theresa Heyer 22 kun oldin
real men are re appearing!only real men can rock long hair hahahaha
Sharon Podorski
Sharon Podorski 22 kun oldin
He was so hot younger.. He is still a hunk but like more clean look
david ramsey
david ramsey 16 kun oldin
He is still very good looking..but he just have this look cause he was in the game of thrones..and it's became his style..if he shaved his beard..he will look the same..aka good looking
HASH 24 kun oldin
His wife want him look feminine so she can feel secure
heyy13 24 kun oldin
*screams with lady at **12:20* RONON! :D
leshawn smith
leshawn smith 24 kun oldin
He's a great wonderful human being 🌸🌸
你好 儿砸
你好 儿砸 25 kun oldin
Is he mimic lady bread?
Vickie 25 kun oldin
I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm definitely going to buy this DVD so I can watch it over and over and over lol...
Linda Jackson
Linda Jackson 28 kun oldin
Ok , he just lost me with the pigtails; NOT COOL for our sons to see him in this effeminate state . I dislike this look . But I luv when I see him in the Warrior / Masculine state.
Jasmine Harding
Jasmine Harding 28 kun oldin
He's not an anti-hero! He's a hero!
Jennifer_marvel_ lover
His pigtails are reminding me of harley quinn 😂😂😂
Clay Oy oldin
Aquaman is blonde not islander.... not complaining though
Divonte Patton
Lmbooo! "I can't believe I shook your hand and you touched the batmobile!"
Anne Lane
Anne Lane Oy oldin
Only realy confident man can wear pigtails. omg!!!
stephen7740 Oy oldin
When he was in star gate Atlantis, he couldn't remember his lines, so he just made up his own. LoL
Isaac Lawrance
the quality lewl
Nisha Nair
Nisha Nair Oy oldin
Sooooooooooooooooooo extremely cuteeeee
Neonennui Oy oldin
He's like joy personified.
jludtxs Oy oldin
finally, someone to make aqua-man badass
Lina S
Lina S Oy oldin
Wow .He is the man ! All guys should be like him confident ,funny and simple Wow!It will wins hearts of women for sure
Febe Kaye
Febe Kaye Oy oldin
This is a pretty neat interview of him. Smooth transitions, hardly any awful courtesy laughs. They actually looked like they enjoyed talking with him.
EUS Oy oldin
The best human from all the actors industry 🥇
Maria O
Maria O Oy oldin
Peter Hilliard is a classic!
Pop Kwon
Pop Kwon Oy oldin
The way he screamed at the beginning tho HAHAHAHA 😂
Sondorism Oy oldin
Even he thought he would have been Lobo.
Mo Ana
Mo Ana Oy oldin
Id fuck him in those pigtails ... hell I’d put him in those cute pig tails myself !! He’s hot
Lucia Dutra
Lucia Dutra Oy oldin
Tão lindo 😍😍😍😍😍
shadoo go
shadoo go Oy oldin
i love this man
Patrick Farley
'only brown skinned superhero' Uh... Black Panther?
MelanatedGoddess Ma'aT
Still gorge with his lil ponytails....😍
Kristal Hunia
Kristal Hunia Oy oldin
hes so cute and adorable im happy that his bithday is the same mounth as me and veryyyyy hansome
mee lango
mee lango Oy oldin
I can't see anyone else play Aquaman except Jason Momoa!!
Erwan Compes
Erwan Compes Oy oldin
Way to make it about race... Deplorable.
Dancing Queen
Dancing Queen Oy oldin
To be honest , He looks stupid and clown with those pigtails
Katie Darwak
Katie Darwak Oy oldin
Just me...i wud watch Jason play a tree, just standing there with his arms out. Id watch him do anything. Hes beautiful, hilarious, genuine and loves his wife. Love that
One day I will find me a beautiful Polynesian man 🖤
Harry Ridge
Harry Ridge Oy oldin
He's not an anti-hero he's just a hero he doesn't kill doesn't he
Jeffrey Lebowski
the jacket nearly exploded of his muscles
Jeffrey Lebowski
he reminds me of ladybaby. he should definitely make a comedy movie
Angela Rexhepi
What a MAN 😍
Michael Oy oldin
I just don’t get it, what’s with the pig tails ??? Is he’s showing his support of transvestites ?
Luulau Paulo
Luulau Paulo Oy oldin
Polynesia hero
Love AndLight
Love AndLight Oy oldin
He just ruined it for me stupid ass pony tails why cant men in hollywood stay looking like Men? Hes out
Angela Culbertson
Sooo Hot.. Even in pigtails.. He's so funny. Sweet quite the fella. Love him.
mase ofspades
mase ofspades Oy oldin
betty pmarin
betty pmarin Oy oldin
Not a coincidence tha great actors have great personalities too.
betty pmarin
betty pmarin Oy oldin
I have the feeling that we are going to have aquaman 2 3 4 5 please
KLAUDYA Oy oldin
How can he be so adorable, masculine and hot at the same time? 😍I love his eyes when he smiles.
magdalene adjei
He is not a dude... He's a man. A handsome, muscular man. Different Universe but SO DAMN APPLICABLE!!
unusualfeline Oy oldin
Amazing! I think he will still look manly and hot in a little red dress! Lol
Fiona Atkinson
God I love him😚😚
Cintia Santos
Cintia Santos Oy oldin
Criação perfeita de Deus esse Jason momoa
Sue Sue
Sue Sue Oy oldin
It's like his kids tied his hair before he came out for the interview
OneofakinD Oy oldin
Cant stand waleed and the project but dam Aquaman is hot as ..
Jelena Oy oldin
Omh, I think that i'm in love....
JBGameStudios Oy oldin
this bloke has been awesome since stargate atlantis, awesome growing up with ya mate
Sandhya S
Sandhya S Oy oldin
I’m just looking at his pigtails and laughing.. though to take serious with those,,, he look great even with them though
adoracle1 Oy oldin
even the pigtails don't prevent the pheromones from making all the way to my house on the other side of the world pretty much instantly lol. most beautiful man to ever live
thesa ravina
thesa ravina Oy oldin
those eyes and that pig tails😛😛😋😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 mama mia Jason Momoa😍😍😍😍😍
Zariyat Rashid
Faith No More on a talk show? Interesting
Looks like his daughter is his hairstylist🤣😂
Allison Gurney
Allison Gurney 2 oy oldin
Wasn't the 1970's TV series 'Man from Atlantis' really Aquaman? So there has been an 'Aquaman' !
suga suga
suga suga 2 oy oldin
maaaan i love this man ...he is just so chill
Jamie Harris
Jamie Harris 2 oy oldin
Bitch sold his soul like the rest of the holly weirds, they all start dressing like girls and doing weird hand symbols
Capismama 2 oy oldin
I'm not from the islands and have never even visited them...but the Haka makes my heart swell and I almost cry. They're just amazing and beautiful to me.
Esther Agbara
Esther Agbara 2 oy oldin
This was a good interview
Tati Albuquerque
Tati Albuquerque 2 oy oldin
Jason, Brazilians are thrilled with you kindness. We do love you so much
Decoy Gale
Decoy Gale 2 oy oldin
Dear lord forgive me but this man is just so perfect. My sexuality is *_wavering_*
Dom Casbeard
Dom Casbeard 2 oy oldin
These comments are full of love for Jason , which is in itself so refreshing, good job everyone. Plus he is amazing so deserves it all.
Betty-Ann Suwala
Betty-Ann Suwala 2 oy oldin
So why the pig tails? What the? I wish they'd have said why he did it or if his kids did it? So natural.. doesnt phase him whatever the reason. Just wish theyd say why!
ZionHillCalling 2 oy oldin
Veronica Williams
Jason MoMA is Hawaii girl pony tail act girl but he man silly ha ha ha he'll happen I guess his favor sport swimming pool possible. Yes I see that. He been Hawaii hell no I am not going to live there unfortunately volcano sad.
Veronica Williams
Also Hawaii is leaving closed down business volcano get worse living is scared you must leave now anytime soon possible fast immediately can't go back. Hawaii is terrible destroy homes.
mchchicago78 2 oy oldin
good lookin feller
Matt Taniwha
Matt Taniwha 2 oy oldin
You do a haka everywhere and don’t even come to New Zealand.....you are fake don’t even sound Hawaiian
Peaches 2 oy oldin
Jason Momoa is a handsome man, but what makes him hot and sexy is his confidence.
LxgitCFW 2 oy oldin
Can women stop getting wet over him dear god
Randji Gonzalez
Randji Gonzalez 2 oy oldin
GURL!!! That entire Intro is ALL AQUA MAN!!! That is a true IOWA THING!!! You just dive in!! DUde!! Dude!! How am I NOT your marketer!? LOL
gabrielwhite 2 oy oldin
2:13 the women thought: I want that tongue in my mouth(that Jason sticked out at 2:12)....
Life peaceful
Life peaceful 2 oy oldin
Best movie ever love it ...he awesome can’t wait video come out & part 2 ❤️🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️
Addie Brice
Addie Brice 2 oy oldin
He so cool pigtails and all.
ANGELA 2 oy oldin
This man is the sweetest and kindest person he’s like a living teddy bear. The way he talks about his children is so cute!
robertwarrior 2 oy oldin
In the HOLY bible it says no man shall dress as a woman or vice versa. Do this at your own risk. U been warned
Shellhead 2 oy oldin
You have to be a true, self-affirmed alpha male to wear an outfit like that. Pay attention fellas, this is the pinnacle.
Lazina Hossain
Lazina Hossain 2 oy oldin
momoa i love you..
Mj Ghahary
Mj Ghahary 2 oy oldin
hes amazing
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