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Jason Mraz - Might As Well Dance [Official Video]

Jason Mraz
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Minh Châu Phùng
Minh Châu Phùng 4 soat oldin
It's the wedding season, everybody is getting married, and my wallet is getting empty, poor meee.... :((
wiku bram
wiku bram 8 soat oldin
Fresh fresh fresh! What is it? Country? Soul? New kind of music?
Deirdre I.
Deirdre I. 17 soat oldin
It must be fun to marry a happy dude like Jason Mraz :-)
Jvr Blnd-Wlf
Jvr Blnd-Wlf Kun oldin
Jason, eres el mejor :D
Sahar Is On YouTube
Please don't stop making music i live on your amazing songs i love you so much
schumachergt1 Kun oldin
This is Van Morrison music reincarnated
Fluffy Talguw
Fluffy Talguw Kun oldin
Not diggin his old man vibes these days but love how he's still high on his wedding from yrs past. Thanks for sharing your memories, jason!
Matjaž Hribar
Matjaž Hribar 2 kun oldin
Thank you Mr. MRAZ for blessing us with your beautiful music, Love from sLOVEnia
We Are The World And
Dread Pirate Roberts
The opening melody "borrows" from Elvis' "Don't Be Cruel".
Luis Henrique Duval
i`m yours
ZoFi SF 2 kun oldin
Esta canción automáticamente te pone feliz preciosa 👏👏👏👏❤
That One Gamer
That One Gamer 3 kun oldin
I cried
The Pheonix
The Pheonix 3 kun oldin
When you drive by and you just see a guy dancing and singing on top of a car in shorts. Also that wedding won't be the most important part of your life. Just wait till the children.
Álvaro Caldas
Álvaro Caldas 3 kun oldin
mlw61 3 kun oldin
Darnit Jason, you've been stealing my moves :-) Great tune, can't wait for the album to drop :-)
mmlcsh GMI
mmlcsh GMI 4 kun oldin
2 things I love in a video.. Jason and Black n' White
Mafe Rejuso
Mafe Rejuso 4 kun oldin
Hi, Jmraz fans! Please help us to bring Jmraz here in the PH. Please click the link. Thanks! mmt.fans/0TEk
tipology 5 kun oldin
Tom holland looks different here
John Catto
John Catto 5 kun oldin
I wish I were as cool as you!
sherry thompson
sherry thompson 5 kun oldin
Toca is back!
kh lee
kh lee 5 kun oldin
Such an adorable and sweet couple! This song fills me with both hope for the future and a strange sense of contentment with things as they are now. Hugs from the East Coast
Isaac Victor
Isaac Victor 5 kun oldin
Bryan Yehezkiel
Bryan Yehezkiel 5 kun oldin
Uhhhh hell yea
i love jason ..i am from india ..this song verry power full song,,
Debbie Smitherman
Debbie Smitherman 6 kun oldin
Jason always brings a smile to my face. Love his style if music. Makes me very happy. Love this song. Great Job Jason!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Clifford Sonsona
Clifford Sonsona 6 kun oldin
work in progress better be in the new album!
Jamie Merrick
Jamie Merrick 6 kun oldin
Thank you for sharing this day with us ❤️ I love how happy you both look and it was lovely seeing Tocca
Daniel Ortiz H.
Daniel Ortiz H. 6 kun oldin
Who is the female guitarist?
Peter Petterssen
Peter Petterssen 7 kun oldin
Encouraging song, I took off my pants
Inkat Shrestha
Inkat Shrestha 7 kun oldin
Feels like listening 90s song❤️❤️
EZOZ X 7 kun oldin
Will Magid
Will Magid 7 kun oldin
Yeah Molly Miller on Electric Guitar!
sherry Sherokee
sherry Sherokee 7 kun oldin
OMG I love it
Bryan B
Bryan B 7 kun oldin
At first listen, I thought he was saying take off your pants and "jack it." Damn you dirty mind
yulzmarie 7 kun oldin
Yeahh! Jason mraz is ❤️
Autumn D. Kaye
Autumn D. Kaye 7 kun oldin
Thank you Jason for creating quality music!
칸아미르 7 kun oldin
Is this song and the video really taken of and for his own wedding?? Wow....!!! Congratulations, Jason! Genuinely happy for you and I wish all the best for you and your family!! ❤
Annie Kochneva
Annie Kochneva 7 kun oldin
This is incredibly beautiful! New buzz of positive and optimism, sun and love. Thanks Jason! I don't have enough words to express what I feel.
blurry noface
blurry noface 8 kun oldin
Blink 182 reference!?
Joe Bourque
Joe Bourque 8 kun oldin
less2monts 8 kun oldin
OMG! He's sharing real footage of his own wedding with all of us! This is so freaking heartwarming 😱😍💜💜💜💜💜💞 Aiming for a relationship as real and happy as Jason's. PURE LOVE AND REAL HAPPINESS 😍😭😭💜💜💜💜💜
hap328 8 kun oldin
I hear Elvis “Don’t be cruel” in the first verse.
Sandra Frans
Sandra Frans 8 kun oldin
The sweetest one 😍
Aysha Kimble
Aysha Kimble 8 kun oldin
The way he dances reminds me of the young forrest gump. :)
Mai Omana
Mai Omana 8 kun oldin
Thanks for writing back songs! 💜
Andika Sofyan
Andika Sofyan 9 kun oldin
Indonesia mana suaranya?
Nur Nubli
Nur Nubli 8 kun oldin
Livia Assis
Livia Assis 9 kun oldin
Que coisa mais linda! Obrigada por compartilhar esse momento especial conosco. Já estamos aguardando show aqui ❤🇧🇷
Bruno Torres
Bruno Torres 9 kun oldin
Toca Rivera is back!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Danllely González
Danllely González 9 kun oldin
Loved it!!!❤️
Rosabella Music
Rosabella Music 9 kun oldin
I miss this man!
karla celena ibarra lino
Blessings to the Middle of de World, ECUADOR🇪🇨 Loveee Uuuu, your music is AMAZING! 💓
alvin catli
alvin catli 9 kun oldin
more song jmraz 😍
ABRANTES 10 kun oldin
Que cara sensacional 💛💛💛💛
T D 10 kun oldin
Congratulations! Blessings and Aloha!
Larissa Lima
Larissa Lima 10 kun oldin
Ohhh, beautiful!! 😍✨
JOYber - Jabber
JOYber - Jabber 10 kun oldin
this is AWESOME! thanks for sharing it with us!!!!
Ejer Peralta
Ejer Peralta 10 kun oldin
sounds country for me. I liked it!
Arimations 10 kun oldin
bringing much-needed happiness to the world again ^^
fiandy lazuardi
fiandy lazuardi 10 kun oldin
Luck dudee 😊
film79 10 kun oldin
Now That's What I Call Hipster Walmart Music 14
Pastor Doogie
Pastor Doogie 10 kun oldin
Congrats-there’s nothing better than happy times in marriage!! Blessings on y’all !!
Bruh 10 kun oldin
I love you! Your songs makes me happy! God bless you and your family!♥
Horace Chit
Horace Chit 10 kun oldin
You can call it "might as well suck dick", but I won't be there with you. Will the "hot dog boss" be there to take attendance, (and wipe your chin)?
kara kitan
kara kitan 10 kun oldin
enak lagunya, kyk ada sentuhan John Mayer-nya gitu.. tp ini ciri khas Jason Mraz yg asli ilang di lagu ini..
Michael McCue
Michael McCue 11 kun oldin
Its garbage
that one guy that you knew in 3rd grade
dance til your dead
V Vito
V Vito 11 kun oldin
Fuck this occult warlock.
Noé Maturano Cardozo
Cada vez bueaaaa
Scooby Kitty
Scooby Kitty 11 kun oldin
The only man on this earth who can make me want to believe in "happy ever after" :-)
Scater 11 kun oldin
Wahhh so great💯
LachicaAnna 11 kun oldin
"And I've got the sweetest crush on you, baby, let's go..." Principe lindo *-*
Nadejda Miteva
Nadejda Miteva 11 kun oldin
Oh the pleasure of watching this song in the lunch brake... - PERFECT ! "Honey think of your heart..."
Andrew Ma
Andrew Ma 11 kun oldin
The videography is awesome! The music fits really well with video! The style gives it a really cool look!
Chelsea Makl
Chelsea Makl 11 kun oldin
indiecloud100 11 kun oldin
Tiffany Gittens
Tiffany Gittens 11 kun oldin
Fun song
*Just A Random Girl Wondering Around YouTube*
*[LYRICS]* [Verse 1] I can't stop thinking about you And dreaming of your smile I can't stop reading into ya Love, oh yeah, you're the best book I've read in a while I don't just read you for the articles I read you 'til my heart is full You keep my heart a-beatin' You're keeping me from sleeping The only one I'm cheating is me if I don't take control [Chorus] We got nothing to lose Might as well hold hands Might as well Yeah, we're already fools So we might as well dance I put your loving arms around me once more And we'll go crashing in the [?] on the dance floor And you can walk all over my shoes if you want to We got nothing to lose Might as well take off our pants, and jacket Yeah, we're already fools So we might as well dance (come on) [Verse 2] Soon the song will be over We'll have to say goodnight Don't you want some closure Before we turn out the light? Honey, think of your heart Yeah, the heart's too heavy to slow Partly 'cause it's running the show Partly 'cause the beat is connected to the feeling And I've got the sweetest crush on you, baby, let's go [Chorus] We've got nothing to lose Might as well hold hands Yeah, we're already fools So we might as well dance We've got nothing prove Might as well take off our pants, and jacket Yeah, we're already fools So we might as well dance Yeah, we're already fools So we might as well dance
ImCube Kun oldin
*Just A Random Girl Wondering Around UZvid* and we'll crashing in the *folks*
David Cardenas
David Cardenas 11 kun oldin
Does anyone else get a "Fandango" vibe from this video? It's an old Kevin Costner film that's sweet and funny at the same time. Love it!!!
M. Yego
M. Yego 11 kun oldin
Kenya's Mraz Ambassador Locked....From You & I Both to this.... I believe we're on the right path to Heaven.
hadown11 11 kun oldin
caca yang
caca yang 11 kun oldin
What the hell is that ancient musical instrument. Heard it's called a guitar
Karin Yinyin
Karin Yinyin 11 kun oldin
aww! this video makes me happy
Ienas Fauziyah
Ienas Fauziyah 11 kun oldin
I'm happy if you really get married
Ioana Jojo
Ioana Jojo 11 kun oldin
This song is nice but the videoclip makes it so special. Marvellous!
BUMGOD 12 kun oldin
Hey look it's a guy in a hat
Sagar Mahey
Sagar Mahey 12 kun oldin
❤️ ❤️❤️❤️🎹🎤
Johnathan V Carroll
Johnathan V Carroll 12 kun oldin
Jason's is "Back & Trending ✌😎👍👉💃🏃👈😀✌
jmaak lekh
jmaak lekh 12 kun oldin
Reminds me of the dead. Loveee ✌🏼💕❤️
MrDoctorSpoon 12 kun oldin
This man is the least talented artist who just makes music off of basic trends.
Myka Ocampo
Myka Ocampo 12 kun oldin
Omg I already love this song ♥️
Elizabeth Eid
Elizabeth Eid 12 kun oldin
100 Subs With No Video Challenge
The quality👌😥 0:10
Mystic Rider
Mystic Rider 12 kun oldin
I immediately thought of "Don't be Cruel" when I first heard this song. uzvid.com/video/video-ViMF510wqWA.html
OoBlueGOo 12 kun oldin
And after this song it was said he fucked his cousins
corndog1868 12 kun oldin
Search for (Sucker For a Pretty Face) by Rockcandy. It's a great album! Enjoy!!!!
halybel ebreo
halybel ebreo 12 kun oldin
👏👏👏👏 😍😍
Ārya-siddhānta dāsa
Nice Jason! You will be relevant as long as you want to be. So fondly remembering opening up for you at Mikey’s Coffeeshop back in the day.
Sara Sehgal
Sara Sehgal 12 kun oldin
this is amazing
Izabel Cristina Ribeiro
Jason Mraz... Sempre demais!!! Adoro!!! 😍❤️🇧🇷