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Jason Whitlock: 'All hell will break loose' when LeBron can't win in LA | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Speak For Yourself
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Cuttino Mobley and Jim Jackson join Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd to discuss the high expectations for LeBron James in Los Angeles.
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About Speak For Yourself:
Speak for Yourself is a one-hour sports debate show starring Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock and Jason McIntyre on FS1. Every day, Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock will debate the day’s hottest topics in sports and offer their unfiltered takes and some outrageous opinions from Jason McIntyre.
Jason Whitlock: 'All hell will break loose' when LeBron can't win in LA | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF
Speak For Yourself




17-Iyl, 2018

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Speak For Yourself
Will LeBron bring another title to Los Angeles?
Nicholas Mungu Akubariki Yute
LaBron James lmao good one
Ntr22789 6 oy oldin
Lakers arent any better than the cavs where last season. Since they are in the west they whont even make it to the finals. If and only if they land Kawhi + keep their core intact they would reach the finals.
Ali Baba Heru
Ali Baba Heru 6 oy oldin
Only team I see giving the Lakers an issue is Golden State and Denver
Startuper belge
Startuper belge 2 oy oldin
Jason Whitlock will be right
Larry Millikan
Larry Millikan 4 oy oldin
Also Collin opinion does not hold water with me he just said Lebron will have 6 great seasons to finish his career. NO one has ever done that neither will Lebron and if he does I will suspect PED's. Also Collin does not even try to be objective he just promotes LBJ all the time thats it. Bro we get it you are a fan of LBJ nothing wrong with it but you are letting it effect your shows and I am tired of hearing about how much you love LBJ.
Larry Millikan
Larry Millikan 4 oy oldin
No one ever listens to the questions and then answer them. they all just go off on tangents. 1. Will Lakers fans ever fully embrace Lebron? NO. Not a knock on Lebron just when you are at a team for a max of 4 years your not that big of a deal in the history of that franchise. 2. Can the Lakers beat the GSW with the team they have now if they stay together? No not even if they add Kwhai. Now things can change of course nothing is written in stone but as it sit without adding hypotheticals Lebron going to LA not that big of a deal in my opinion in regards to the questions above.
joe chrow
joe chrow 5 oy oldin
Lebron joining the lakers is a win win situation for him...If he loses they will give him EXCUSE after EXCUSE..If he wins they will praise him....He will probably try to load up with good players through trades to "buy" more rings..
Stefan The Cannon
Lebron fans 🙄🛑
Friday Saturday
Friday Saturday 5 oy oldin
Fat albert needs to shut up
Don Smith
Don Smith 5 oy oldin
How is this man's losing record never mentioned.
Anh Pham
Anh Pham 5 oy oldin
I HATE that FAT MAN. Why he is so negative on the Lakers. When the Lakers make noise then you, GfAT MAN SHUT UP.
Anh Pham
Anh Pham 5 oy oldin
I very much like Chris Broussard. The way he explained always make sense.
Anh Pham
Anh Pham 5 oy oldin
Stupid fat black man. James with the young core 1 ring that enough if they will get 2 rings will be beautiful. Wait & see how the team plays out.
Blender Wiki
Blender Wiki 5 oy oldin
Lebron is to ugly for LA, LA love beautiful peoples.
Caesar O.
Caesar O. 5 oy oldin
Legends after legends after legends. Laker life.
JumpSpeed 6 oy oldin
Hello Jason Whitlock.... Hey Cowtard
Blow' The Whistle
Warriors Houston Jazz Lakers T-Wolves
Sr. Cloud Engineer III
Jason is the biggest hater... Almost as bad as skip
Jralphy 6 oy oldin
Oklahoma needed John Cali...... nvm
Plan_It_Hoax 6 oy oldin
Why do they have these trash analysts? Just have a show with Jim Jackson, Richard Jefferson, Kenyon Martin, Matt Barnes, and Woj.
Wrestle_Themer 6 oy oldin
Jason Fatlock
Patrick Pang
Patrick Pang 6 oy oldin
Bron has something in mind besides winning now.
Eric Jones
Eric Jones 6 oy oldin
Now the West isn't tough..?? I'm Lmao
Yao Song
Yao Song 6 oy oldin
Whitlock is killing me!!!
Jasper Zanjani
Jasper Zanjani 6 oy oldin
Cowherd is leaving the show?!?!
Greg Duarte
Greg Duarte 6 oy oldin
He didn't even know how many championships the Laker's have won. 18, yea whatever?? You played 11 years in the NBA??
Joseph Edwards
Joseph Edwards 6 oy oldin
Dwight Howard didn't come to LA. He was traded there against his will. Last free agent star to come to LA was Shaq.
Benz King
Benz King 6 oy oldin
0:47 herds lips move "next title up* 🤣 p.s savage on kuzz too
b baker
b baker 6 oy oldin
Remember DHoward beating Cleveland.... And Howard was a big time star... that's what everyone said!
Nedjo 144
Nedjo 144 6 oy oldin
But wait a minute Cowherd isn't he supposed to be the quote on quote GOAT so why is him winning one title in LA enough for him to pass Jordan, if he really is the GOAT he should be able to atleast win 2
KronKron 6 oy oldin
Cutting Mobley seem like a old bitter NBA player
tom brady
tom brady 6 oy oldin
LeBron getting swept in the first round.
Demarco Patterson
Im with Whitlock on this on
Demarco Patterson
Im with Whitlock on this one
Ultimate Warrior
Ultimate Warrior 6 oy oldin
1 ring in LA puts him past Jordan
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 6 oy oldin
lmao did jason just call dwight trash? man averaged 17 and 13 last year smh
Frederick0220 6 oy oldin
Jason Whitlock is The GOAT. Plain and simple.
Tito 6 oy oldin
whitlock will have a heart attack before lebron wins another chip. lebron will have a chip within 4 years
Tony G
Tony G 6 oy oldin
Lebron ain’t kobe
jeffchapel79 6 oy oldin
Cowherd = Bronsexual Lakers hype is messed up! They goin nowhere
bill kood
bill kood 6 oy oldin
Didnt whitlock call kobe the most fraudulent superstar ever
Johny B
Johny B 6 oy oldin
Cavs' offensive capacity was far superior to any other team in the East even last year. That team could, and would, 3spam every single East Conf. team to oblivion. They would bring themselves back into games they were down double digits, within 2 minutes. No other East. Conf team could score in bunches, most of'em were incapable of making even wide open shots when it mattered, like the Celtics who were up by 15 in game 7 and proceeded to miss on 7 consecutive wide open shots. You can forget about that equation, with this Lakers' team and against West. Conf teams. If they dont play good team basketball and great defense, they'll get destroyed and by March, these fools are gonna be screaming that Lebrun aint got no help. And you can forget about your fantasies that big stars will be lining up to join Lebrun next summer also. He is toxic and his media cabal is even worse. At most, they'll attract a couple of good players, to form a somewhat similar dynamic to last years' Cavs, only Lebrun is gonna be 35 and West aint offering any chances for sleepwalking trough regular season.
krink084 6 oy oldin
This dude... They don't need him to win titles. They need him to get into the playoffs.
quantae06 6 oy oldin
The West was tougher when Dirk & the Mavs, Tim & the Spurs were competing with KD's Thunder, Harden's Rockets, & Chris Paul's Clippers. Now it's only 2 dominate teams in the West. The league isn't as strong as it once was so I agree with you. The West was tougher back then. 9:50
Ryan Dieter
Ryan Dieter 6 oy oldin
media sucks LA
Nate 6 oy oldin
And if we’re being completely honest, the lakers lost more under Kobe than any other time in their franchise history, Lebron will turn them young bucks into winners, watch.
Nate 6 oy oldin
Whitlock is right, laker fans aren’t that bright.
Heat Lifer
Heat Lifer 6 oy oldin
All this "LA is about titles", Lakers weren't gonna win any titles if they don't get any free agent All Stars. Lonzo isn't delivering multiple titles without other stars. They NEED stars like LeBron.
Kuro Neko
Kuro Neko 6 oy oldin
Not ALL Laker fan are embracing LeFraud and I'm one of them. I have to agree with Whitlock and Jim Jackson is the truth - LA is Kobe's town. This ring chasing jumper is not LA's savior! Who is Cuttino Mobley? I can't even remember who this joke played for. lmao
kimani bush
kimani bush 6 oy oldin
Akron ohio baby
Angel Depena
Angel Depena 6 oy oldin
This dude said Lance Stephenson and Rondo are gonna beat Goldenstate LMAOO
Jwxo Weeye
Jwxo Weeye 6 oy oldin
Warriors gonna stay together
Olukokun Adedeji
Olukokun Adedeji 6 oy oldin
Whitlock is just fooling himself. How can a team who hasn’t gone to playoffs in 5years suddenly be judged as a championship team? Every Lakers fans aren’t building unnecessary expectations this first year because they have Lebron
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12 soat oldin