JaVale McGee on joining the Lakers

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pckuniversal Oy oldin
Later on to the pre season his first points with the Lakers was from a half court lob from Rondo.
gula-gula getah sabah
Xiven X
Xiven X 3 oy oldin
I hope Javale can get himself rings #3, 4 and 5 here... then he''ll finally have one over Shaq! That'll be super funny/awesome for all the bullying he's put up with. Good interview anyway, I liked hearing him say he wants to win and against the Warriors too... now let's do it. :)
Jasonite _ gaming
He got rings he needs money
Mario Lazaro
Mario Lazaro 3 oy oldin
His goona get an injury in 2 months after the season opener
Shane G
Shane G 3 oy oldin
A camp invite y’all
Blue Moon
Blue Moon 3 oy oldin
This is a casting move for JaValve, like LeBron looking for the future in movies hanging out with hollywood stars.
Let Me Shlap
Let Me Shlap 3 oy oldin
This guy deserves to be in the hall of fame above shaq, chamberlain, Russell
ssmatsusaka 3 oy oldin
I HOPE YOU FAIL (BIG TIME) When all the teams cut you, Golden State signed you and gave you confidence. SO NOW YOU'RE GOOD, PLAYING WITH CONFIDENCE. YOU LEAVE? If you fail and you will. I hope GOLDEN STATE DON'T SIGN YOU. I HOPE WHEN YOU SEE SHAQ, ALL THE BAD MEMORIES COME BACK (SHAQTIN A FOOL) Talk about a sell out
Akheem Walters
Akheem Walters 2 oy oldin
they didnt resign him... they basically kicked him out g now you want him to fail?
Patrick Bytyqi
Patrick Bytyqi 3 oy oldin
Honestly I thought he was stupid but I was just curious to know what he has to say, turns out he's a smart dude y'all piss of with all that hate
Akheem Walters
Akheem Walters 2 oy oldin
hes literally a rocket scientist 😂
Carlisle Zachary
Carlisle Zachary 3 oy oldin
javale why wariors are the best
SDAWG 3 oy oldin
Last year i was blown away by Javale's improvement and talking about how team's are going to be looking for a big with energy and good defense. Low and behold he's going to my Lakers for the upcoming season!! Awesome!!.....I bet Shaq is feeling the fool now!! It sucks because I love Shaq and i hated it when he left the Lakers in '04 but I think Shaq's ridicule of players may have played a role in motivating Javale to be the best he can be.... I think Javale has proven a lot of people wrong with his play at the rim on both ends of the floor !!
Youtube43 3 oy oldin
I came here for the comment section 😃
JayD Will
JayD Will 3 oy oldin
lol this nigga said his reason for leaving is to win😂😂😂😂wtf
King In My Own Mind
Deserves more money...don't understand what today's players are doing financially leaving so much money on the table...like you CAN compete anywhere if you are willing to work...but what do I know. If you have millions in the bank maybe getting money is not a priority, but it is just odd
JM Tolentino
JM Tolentino 3 oy oldin
These are the players i hope they sign Monta Ellis Nick Young Jr Smith For trade KCP for CLARKSON
DaRealSassy 1
DaRealSassy 1 3 oy oldin
Great interview!
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim 3 oy oldin
ive seen this man dunk on two hoops at one time. he was considered one of the best dunkers in the game at one point, yet he is considered one of the most uncoordinated and inconsistent players in the league. hopefully he can prove them wrong with the lakers.
lighty805 3 oy oldin
Chipmunk welcome to the Lakers💜
John C
John C 4 oy oldin
He will always be a Warrior!!
youngpancakes 4 oy oldin
Warriors is the best team!!!! #Stop hatin on GREATNESS
VortexAurelio 4 oy oldin
Nooo Jaaaavaalle Mcgeee whyyyyy did you leave!!
Corey  Crenshaw
Corey Crenshaw 4 oy oldin
Why was the beginning of the interview so funny
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith 4 oy oldin
new highlights for shaqtin a fool
Predator Productionz
0:03 LeBron James..
The Skin Thief
The Skin Thief 4 oy oldin
90's Baby
90's Baby 4 oy oldin
I eat ass.
MrSlashfreak27 4 oy oldin
NASH 4 oy oldin
Thats so crazy never thought I'd c this so soon
Shawn Jones
Shawn Jones 4 oy oldin
He is a good player underrated very good defence player
Mike James
Mike James 4 oy oldin
He and Kuz from flint? It must be in the water.
Nate B3
Nate B3 4 oy oldin
No he is trash
Super Mario
Super Mario 4 oy oldin
Good Luck really nice guy.
James Allen jr.
James Allen jr. 4 oy oldin
Not everyone can be Lew Alcindor. No expectations here... JaVale can just run and play alley-oop ball, with no pressure to live up to his freakish athletic ability.
Christian Chavez
Christian Chavez 4 oy oldin
Don't be surprised if he injured lebron James
Chris Gamboa
Chris Gamboa 4 oy oldin
Jonah 1
Jonah 1 4 oy oldin
I thought Lebron wanted high IQ players 🤣🤣
Jimsta N
Jimsta N 4 oy oldin
All I know is i hear claims about boogie being the # 1 center in the league....i hear this constantly the past 3 years. I also hear stuff about KD being the top 2 players in the league. I also hear how they say Curry is the best shooter of all time and how he's a top 5 player in the league. Ive seen green and klay thompson drop 30 points when KD was out. So yeah........that's all i really know about the warriors. Lebron is #1. Lonzo ball was #1 in high school. Rondo was #1 in his highschool Lance was a top 10 high school player in his district. The Lakers just got a 19 year old who averaged 15ppg in high school and 4 rebounds. So this looks like a great match up/. The warriors will have a hell of a time trying to beat the stacked lakers
Aleazar Mekuria
Aleazar Mekuria 4 oy oldin
bandwagon ass
*Caiden H*
*Caiden H* 4 oy oldin
I think it would be cool getting Wade and Bosh on the lakers.. ok not Bosh. But with Wade they can beat the Warriors.. Wade still has it in him
BrotherlySoles 4 oy oldin
No more parking chronicles ☹️
Jayvee Apolinar
Jayvee Apolinar 4 oy oldin
Sir Charles
Sir Charles 4 oy oldin
Javaleeeeeeee mcgeeeeeee
Jao 4 oy oldin
"I want to win" so he left a stupidly overpowered superteam to join an up and coming team.
Yasim Tashir
Yasim Tashir 4 oy oldin
This fuckin crackhead said he wants 2 win
Zach Thompson
Zach Thompson 4 oy oldin
Hated to see him leave the warriors. Especially for the minimum. He should've been our starting center for the last 2 years. Great talent and great dude.
Yung Bull
Yung Bull 4 oy oldin
Danny Bejerano
Danny Bejerano 4 oy oldin
I’ve gained respect for this man over the years.
Arcani336 4 oy oldin
He basically saying he wanted more PLAY TIME
Shenna Digal
Shenna Digal 4 oy oldin
ty mcgee to join lalakers
GT Tg 4 oy oldin
Love JaVale's energy = extremely important to the Warriors success. He did his job every time his number was called.
TuanD 4 oy oldin
Javale about to be the secret weapon to beating GSW.
ray kaker
ray kaker 4 oy oldin
Thanks for the wonderful few years you gave us. gl with the Lakers bro
Phqde 4 oy oldin
not my best fap
B-You BPositive
B-You BPositive 4 oy oldin
I always loved JaVele McGee's game. His athleticism is impeccable for a big man
Andre Drummond
Andre Drummond 4 oy oldin
Shaq: and at number 1 for shaqting the fool ITS MY BOY JAVALE MCGEE
Jake Lozano
Jake Lozano 4 oy oldin
Q. What did you learn with the Worriors. A. How to properly dunk the ball and not hit the rim. Look for it on shaqtin a fool 2018-2019 season.
Jake Lozano
Jake Lozano 4 oy oldin
Anybody including me with a bum knee can look good with the Warriors.
Berto Vicuna
Berto Vicuna 4 oy oldin
The basket ball whore , Javalee McGee. Give that woMan a show. This man is riding LeBron's nuts everywhere he goes
Papa Smurf
Papa Smurf 4 oy oldin
I am a Lakers fan but I have no respect for MJ. He chose the easy rode for a championship. MJ has turned out to be arrogant and stupid. I hope his plan foil and the lakers get a bit down throughout the year.
J Dews
J Dews 4 oy oldin
Get me to 1,000 views🔥🙏🏽 new visuals uzvid.com/video/video-a7Fx8ekMIwY.html
Chayce Renfro
Chayce Renfro 4 oy oldin
I fucking hate you piece of shirt I love you as a player now I don't you got lebron now warriors need there ring back
Daniel Park
Daniel Park 4 oy oldin
He could have just said " THEY PAYIN ME" simple as that SHAQAFOOL
Crazy World
Crazy World 4 oy oldin
He wants to ride Lebron's Ass to Championships
Sergio Gaona
Sergio Gaona 4 oy oldin
Men you miss your 3rd ring . 😢😢😢😢🏆🏆🏆
jsfbr 4 oy oldin
Wishing the very best to you, JaVale!
Lion Thomas
Lion Thomas 4 oy oldin
Shit bout to get real, Lebron and Magic are smart getting McGee, Rondo, and Lance.....all defense first Vets to go along with that young core......just might be Magical....Lebron always rises to the occasion.
NEW YORK 4 oy oldin
Shaq would be A FOOL to cast a negative light on JaVale the LAKER
Mark D
Mark D 4 oy oldin
Underrated signing... in short spurts, McGee can be devastating. Dude can rim protect at a pretty high level and if his defender loses him for even a second he is getting a dunk... guaranteed.
Junior Magaña
Junior Magaña 4 oy oldin
He better not come up with any more shaqtn a fool moves!!!
DJCalimovement 4 oy oldin
McGee taking Shaq's spot at center.....how ironic
Clifford Driver
Clifford Driver 4 oy oldin
Awesome! this youngster has matured.
John Smith
John Smith 4 oy oldin
If he's not named a starter, he's going to regret leaving GSW.
John Smith
John Smith 4 oy oldin
He left GSW because he wants to win? hmmmm
Hot News
Hot News 4 oy oldin
Wtf he joined Lakers?!
Dasia Killa602
Dasia Killa602 4 oy oldin
Thank You JM For Actually Wanting To Compete.
Derrick Johnson
Derrick Johnson 4 oy oldin
He wants to win..........and left the Warriors??? Come on Man
armenia340 4 oy oldin
Lakers should try to make the playoffs this year😂😂😂
7ElMatador1 4 oy oldin
Shaqtin legend!! Javaaaalle Mcgeeeee...
The Malay-American Guy
Warriors sent clumsy javale to injure lebron😂
indigo_blue 4 oy oldin
Shaq and Javale is Black on Light crime
Rich James
Rich James 4 oy oldin
Javale and lebron dont mix
Mark Estes
Mark Estes 4 oy oldin
Ryan H
Ryan H 4 oy oldin
Looks like Shaq just moved down the list of top greatest Lakers center.
Austin Klesel
Austin Klesel 4 oy oldin
How was the second year harder when gs swept cavs????
Joseph Simmons
Joseph Simmons 4 oy oldin
😂😂😂 my boi lowkey hurt no more free rings my boi
Rommel Banting
Rommel Banting 4 oy oldin
He'll be the Lakers secret weapon😁😁
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson 4 oy oldin
At 26 seconds he says he wants to beat Golden State in the Conference Finals, that means that there's a lot of hating and turmoil going on on that team, that's why Klay Thompson's going to get out of there, and more than likely Draymond is going to follow golden state is done
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson 4 oy oldin
I hope you have paid attention to what he just said he says he wants to win he wants to go to the finals Conference Finals and beat Golden State???
Isidro De La Cruz
LAL will win 50
Ernest Rodriguez
Ernest Rodriguez 4 oy oldin
The best to you...never no hate...yeeee
c capri
c capri 4 oy oldin
mcgee lookin old man
TheSameDufus 4 oy oldin
"I plan on working this summer as hard as I can and getting in shape, making sure I'm in the best shape possible to be able to run up and down the court and be the fastest 7 footer in the league." -Javale McGee Exactly what the Lakers have been missing from their center to win a championship. Thank you God. Lopez just wasn't fit to do that.
Romes Aparicio
Romes Aparicio 4 oy oldin
Shaq like fck dis nigga in lakers
Granpa Brown
Granpa Brown 4 oy oldin
Lightweight trash we all know that.
Danilo Cachola
Danilo Cachola 4 oy oldin
Javale is 7', and has a wingspan of 7'6", and much more mobile than Brook Lopez, and better defender and rim protector.
Omar Pimentel
Omar Pimentel 4 oy oldin
This dude better tell the lakers all the warrior secrets
JBurt 4 oy oldin
Comments filled with Warriors “fans” trying to convince real fans that their rings have weight. Those rings are as light as feathers and always will be. They mean nothing to anyone except Warrior fans.