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Jax Jones - Breathe (Official Video) ft. Ina Wroldsen

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"Breathe" is out now: JaxJones.lnk.to/BreatheID
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Music video by Jax Jones performing Breathe. (C) 2018 Universal Music Operations Limited
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23-Yan, 2018




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Хадижат Саркарова
Моя самая любимая песенка
Ximena Peralta
Ximena Peralta 2 soat oldin
Marie Lath
Marie Lath 3 soat oldin
Anaé Etienne
Anaé Etienne 4 soat oldin
2:12. Iconic. Beautiful. Amazing.
Destynee Paradise
Destynee Paradise 9 soat oldin
I got here because I was at the gym and this song came on and the only lyric I got out was the “dum dum da da...”
Roqtest 16 soat oldin
Gotta appreciate great dance choreography
Pinkkay8 18 soat oldin
I love how they dance in this whole video 😄😄. So freeee!!
Athanasios Potiris
I love it
mely junior
mely junior Kun oldin
136m visits :O
Lebara Lebara
Lebara Lebara Kun oldin
Dam dam ra ra ra ram dam dam dam ra ra ra ram dam dam ra ra ra ram
meadow tweak tucker
dum dum da da da dum
TOP SONG NL Kun oldin
Pew Pew Ra ra pew pew ra ra 😂🤙🏻
TOP SONG NL Kun oldin
Andry Nike
Andry Nike Kun oldin
Ставь лайк если Русский.
Zeynep Akhan
Zeynep Akhan Kun oldin
Zeynep Akhan
Zeynep Akhan Kun oldin
Thalisson Rojo
Thalisson Rojo Kun oldin
Could someone tell me what kind of dance is that?
99in4 Kun oldin
isn't that the museum used in padington?
xd A1mis0np0int
xd A1mis0np0int 2 kun oldin
I Love this Song
Дима Мех
Дима Мех 2 kun oldin
Donna Heard
Donna Heard 2 kun oldin
Thanks dad ❤️
Donna Heard
Donna Heard 2 kun oldin
Thank f**k for that phewww
Sonja Trninic
Sonja Trninic 2 kun oldin
This is a my favorite song 😁
David Pengam
David Pengam 3 kun oldin
Nizar Alaoui Hijazi
p howling
p howling 3 kun oldin
is that snoop dog
نور الشمري الشمري
l like it 😍😍😍
Alisha Gaming
Alisha Gaming 3 kun oldin
This is the next havana
Pintuxo 3 kun oldin
I truly love to watch them dancing...
jay m.
jay m. 3 kun oldin
That guy has one large head
Romina Yanez
Romina Yanez 4 kun oldin
i love this song thanks for making my favorite song ever
Rebeli Forever
Rebeli Forever 4 kun oldin
I love this Song and this vioce😍❤ Sind hier Deutsche?
Pratham agrawal
Pratham agrawal 4 kun oldin
2018 ?????
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz 4 kun oldin
robotikçi 5 kun oldin
yıl 2018 hala burada olanlar
Eli Diaz
Eli Diaz 5 kun oldin
its really fuckomg amazing, song of the yeaaaar!
L4r4nj0ツ 5 kun oldin
Finalmente achei essa música, tocava na minha academia, gostei e pedi o nome dela e achei kkkkkkk
schena boy
schena boy 5 kun oldin
i thought that this guy is snoop dogg
Lizardking73 5 kun oldin
this song makes my heart ache every time.
1970DRT 6 kun oldin
2:27 people that dont stand up and dance to this are weird
Sumehra K
Sumehra K 6 kun oldin
Doesnt the chorus bass sound like the bass from solo by clean bandit This song is fireee 😍
Самир Алиев
Топ. Топ. Песня
Frankie75Paris 6 kun oldin
This song has been chosen to represent NORWAY at the Chti Song Contest 2018. The playlist of all the 22 songs is available here : uzvid.com/group/PLl8oq2oWfjdnUzDa7pqfnU7Fhl_YZEcfS You can vote for your ten best songs here : docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfjlW0wNKbQEl2xMGcvIYT5PjPbqVLvumxYYj2gnchnnT_lOg/viewform So if you want to support this song vote !
김지현 6 kun oldin
Anyone could tell us who're dancers in this video?
Ivan Godorogea
Ivan Godorogea 6 kun oldin
-1 for ads, otherwise it;s an awesome clip
Noelle Huber
Noelle Huber 7 kun oldin
Cool 👍👍👍😜😜
Emir Yalçın
Emir Yalçın 7 kun oldin
When ı was listen this song ı want to dance this song gives me a good feeling💯🌟
Мастерская Номер Один
Я один сдесь русский
Silver Unicorn
Silver Unicorn 7 kun oldin
Fran Štefanović
Fran Štefanović 7 kun oldin
Tereza Urbanova
Tereza Urbanova 7 kun oldin
Underrated... Such a good song.
Aura Doruc md.
Aura Doruc md. 7 kun oldin
Woodzyy98 7 kun oldin
pablo mejia
pablo mejia 7 kun oldin
y me gusta. su musica es movida
pablo mejia
pablo mejia 7 kun oldin
por que hablan todos en ingles 🤔
Bimalsha Aravinda
Bimalsha Aravinda 8 kun oldin
I NEED TO FIND A 1 HOUR OR 10 HOURS VERSION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Krzysztof Sprawka
Krzysztof Sprawka 8 kun oldin
video sucks
Tivadar Miseje
Tivadar Miseje 9 kun oldin
December 2018?
The ProGamer
The ProGamer 9 kun oldin
А джекс Джонс же Белый а там с ней один черный танцует ТАМ ВООБЩЕ ЕСТЬ ДЖЕКС?
galaxy 6
galaxy 6 10 kun oldin
Perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect song.
Copy Ninja
Copy Ninja 10 kun oldin
Is this Snoop Dogg? XD
Lejla Fatimic
Lejla Fatimic 10 kun oldin
Merridarix 10 kun oldin
was soll mir dieses video jetzt sagen ? Mir gefällt das Lied, doch werde ic hnicht schlau aus dem Video !
Stephanie Nicolaou
Stephanie Nicolaou 10 kun oldin
I love this SONG❤️❤️
apala sen
apala sen 10 kun oldin
You're on my mind like a song that I cannot escape...
MAXUAR 10 kun oldin
who’s here from redfest
Seira J Loyard
Seira J Loyard 11 kun oldin
The good songs are always underrated...
Seira J Loyard
Seira J Loyard 8 kun oldin
And the shitty ones are overrated.....
Raymond Murrell
Raymond Murrell 10 kun oldin
MainBotz 11 kun oldin
1. I got a dig bick 2. you that read wrong 3. you read that wrong too 4. you checked 5. you smiled 7. you are wondering why you're still this reading this 8. you saw that mistake... right(on 7) 10. but did you see I skipped 6? 10. but you checked 11. and saw you that I doubled 10 and skipped 9 12. I said saw you. not you saw 13. I also skipped 2 14. You got tricked 15. Im just wasting your time go back to reading the comments I want my like :-)
Jaguar Smaile
Jaguar Smaile 11 kun oldin
Руссие лайкните что бы иностранци подумали что то годное написал!!!!!!)))
YhousdRL 1
YhousdRL 1 11 kun oldin
Yo my school has yo dance to this song so we practically know everything about this
иван лаврентьев
erdbere 11 kun oldin
this looks like that the video made a lot of fun to make
Shala Euroasia
Shala Euroasia 8 kun oldin
It was 😁
La Girl
La Girl 11 kun oldin
Pocha lyrics er song er music ato shundor hoy kn?
MariShimi 11 kun oldin
I'm in love with this choreo and tune
Shala Euroasia
Shala Euroasia 8 kun oldin
Arigato x
Ste Cluz
Ste Cluz 11 kun oldin
what you gona do ?
rian silva
rian silva 11 kun oldin
Se escreve la e da o joinha
rian silva
rian silva 11 kun oldin
minha amiga vai ficar feliz pra porra ela so tem 4 escrito. Se escreve ela vai ficar feliz pra caralho. nao liguem eu sou boca suja ta blz
rian silva
rian silva 11 kun oldin
o meu nome e Camila o nome do canal e thay play ta com a foto da alerquina
rian silva
rian silva 11 kun oldin
e4 ja aproveita se escreve no canal ativa o sininho para chegar mais videos ai na sua casa aonde voces estiverem
rian silva
rian silva 11 kun oldin
Amei essa musica fiz ate um video na escola dançando meu nome e Camila e o video e thay play... 10 de novenbro. pesquisa la ta foda
Jul Bed
Jul Bed 12 kun oldin
Am I the only one trying not to breathe while listening to this????
Dionisis 12 kun oldin
Dam dam dararara dam dam darara 😂
hiba tarakji
hiba tarakji 12 kun oldin
best coreography ever
Shala Euroasia
Shala Euroasia 8 kun oldin
Arigato x
ND Gumball12
ND Gumball12 12 kun oldin
I’m addicted to this song since March it’s normal ??? Seriously Jax Jones is a hypnotizer ! It’s been 9 months and I still listen to it
Daroki Chitakzu
Daroki Chitakzu 12 kun oldin
who wants a cake? {\__/} ( • - •) / ⊃🎂
anaviveri 13 kun oldin
... Thing we make...
TheNerd1Eye 13 kun oldin
หาคนไทยที่มาเพราะคลิปmmd identity v
Hans-Peter Wiedmer
Hans-Peter Wiedmer 13 kun oldin
Very Cool
Andreja Beljak
Andreja Beljak 13 kun oldin
jako dobra pjesma
Sahaiba Fardeen
Sahaiba Fardeen 13 kun oldin
You're my discretional sin I feel you on me when I touch my skin
Vine KZ
Vine KZ 13 kun oldin
Deсember 2018?
лайм- -ик
лайм- -ик 13 kun oldin
Я одна русская?
SaNdRO.o O.o
SaNdRO.o O.o 13 kun oldin
Montage and that dance 💃 just awesome
LOREN Anderson
LOREN Anderson 14 kun oldin
*me: I'm dieing and its hard to breathe* Cousin: *Just keep breathin* Me: huu bring me a big Mac and I'll be all right
Elizabeth King
Elizabeth King 14 kun oldin
is this in the top ten this song
Bianca Marie
Bianca Marie 14 kun oldin
patricia persson
patricia persson 14 kun oldin
is that snop dog?
edd castro
edd castro 14 kun oldin
*too many lyrics!*
Ariel Tapia
Ariel Tapia 14 kun oldin
Quien mas vino por mikelll?
F D.
F D. 14 kun oldin
1:22 Son Goku is teleporting...