Jealous of other people's success

Anna Akana
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6-Noy, 2018

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Anna Akana
Anna Akana 6 kun oldin
If you live in the United States, please go vote today in accordance to your values! Then lightly apply your I Voted stickers to your animal (or forehead if you don't have pets) and tag me on insta or send it to me on twitter so I CAN RELISH IN YOU CELEBRATING OUR DEMOCRACY
Michael Bland
Michael Bland 2 kun oldin
I don't vote never because it wouldn't make a change any
All Hail Toxic Feminists
Can't wait for more Trump. We all know having a female president like Hilary would be a bad decision
J. C.
J. C. 2 kun oldin
im jealous of your romantic partner(s)
John Jacob
John Jacob 3 kun oldin
God you're dumb
Kathy 5 soat oldin
Why is the title me
Leo Lavik
Leo Lavik 6 soat oldin
"I'm Anna Akana and i'm going to get every cat in the world" x'D
Cheyanne Danice
Cheyanne Danice 13 soat oldin
wow. thank you for this anna.
Julz Amidala
Julz Amidala 15 soat oldin
Being jealous means we're owned by someone else's success, luck, etc. I try to celebrate their accomplishment and absorb the good energy of that.
Rahman GOD
Rahman GOD 17 soat oldin
She cute not that bright
theelangdonv 20 soat oldin
I am all for Anna's color-coordinated book shelf
Adriana Rodriguez
Adriana Rodriguez 22 soat oldin
This is exactly what I needed!
Eric Chopra
Eric Chopra Kun oldin
Can you be my mom?
Nightcor EDM
Nightcor EDM Kun oldin
What the duck just be clear Jealousy is ugliness
Victor Liu
Victor Liu Kun oldin
Words of the day
WJ Chen
WJ Chen Kun oldin
envy can be quite deadly
Lilacprophecy Kun oldin
“Must be nice”
Igitt! Kun oldin
always ask yourself "what would jesus do?" lmao
Cody Whitelaw
Cody Whitelaw Kun oldin
That colour coordinated bookshelf though
Robeto Rayo
Robeto Rayo Kun oldin
If i was patrick and I was selling you chocolate i would say...
Ylva Johansson
Ylva Johansson Kun oldin
Wow! Your hair has gotten so long!! I love it!
Phil Fry
Phil Fry Kun oldin
Would love to pull her hair while I fucked her. She is so incredibly sexy it's not even funny.
Savannah Amarchie
LitMe1 Kun oldin
soooo trueee
Cinthia Oliveira
Cinthia Oliveira 2 kun oldin
Dayral Merlich
Dayral Merlich 2 kun oldin
I luv u anna
Phil Fry
Phil Fry Kun oldin
I would love to bang her. This girl is so incredibly sexy it ain't even funny!
Greta Oto
Greta Oto 2 kun oldin
pff.. 😂
Betty Myan
Betty Myan 2 kun oldin
Orden Just
Orden Just 2 kun oldin
Meanwhile, each of Anna's cats is jealous of those cats who have nineteen humans worshipping it and attending to its every whim. They are probably off somewhere, sulking and making catty comments among themselves.
Disney Lps
Disney Lps 2 kun oldin
Didn't realize how much I needed this! I am not the kind of person who would others feel bad about their success when I am jealous, instead, I get very insecure about myself despite how happy I am for them. I really needed to hear this because I think using others success as an inspiration to keep going and work harder will really make a huge difference!
Cicura001 2 kun oldin
I feel like if you don't let jealousy affect you negatively, it's probably one of the best motivators you can have tbh. That you can aspire to be what you are jealous of and in turn make others jealous instead, haha.
Phil Fry
Phil Fry Kun oldin
The only thing to be jealous of is the guys that got to bang this girl. She is so ridiculously sexy it's not even funny!
Khepri Aliocosoph
Khepri Aliocosoph 2 kun oldin
Mameeeees 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Wynnie M
Wynnie M 2 kun oldin
CONGRATULATIONS ON SIGNING WITH CAA!!! Now THAT'S a success to be jealous of!! 🎉🎉🎉
v1d300 2 kun oldin
Hey Anna, sorry to disappoint you but I am not surprised when someone tells me they got 5 cats. Because I got mooaar of those fur balls :)
William Rios
William Rios 2 kun oldin
You're awesome!
Philip Huerter
Philip Huerter 2 kun oldin
Anna, I overlook much important news because you are so gorgeous!
Pre data
Pre data 2 kun oldin
I'd bang this chic
President SunJay
President SunJay 2 kun oldin
This is a totally different point from a completely totally different direction. Just like jealousy we should admit that there are many negative qualities within us. Anger, hatred, disappointment, grieving, sadness, fears, insecurities, discontentment, delusion and even mental illness. Tons more to name. But I'm on a path to try and remove all those qualities to bring me into a better state of mind, everyday. So I'll never have to burn in envy ever again. Envious thoughts is easy to beat if you have contentment with the truly good qualities in yourself!
Rox Libatique
Rox Libatique 2 kun oldin
I love watching your videos bc they’re creative, short, helpful, and straight to the point 💛
Jas 2 kun oldin
Recently, I've been trying my best to work towards my goals.
Garrett Galvan
Garrett Galvan 2 kun oldin
Wow, where do you get the time to write this stuff! Inspired and curious of your methods to bring up such invaluable topics. I come back to your videos occasionally and you're consistently amazing every time. Hope you're achieving this with balance and have a content life. Thanks for what you do.
Entrepreneur Lifestyle
already made this like 4 years ago girl
Nice way to utilize the solution to jealousy.
Sean 90
Sean 90 2 kun oldin
Graz'zt Lugburz
Graz'zt Lugburz 2 kun oldin
Is it weird that I don't feel jealous of anyone ?
All Hail Toxic Feminists
Always remember to beat your kids like they beat their meats
Luiz Modesto
Luiz Modesto 2 kun oldin
I have 2 Cálico cats you can have lol
All Hail Toxic Feminists
Hitler died for this you know
DORIAN PRIME 2 kun oldin
If your jealous of someone's success it means their success is self seeking you can ok only be jealous of something self seeking It also means simultaneously that you are after the satisfies yourself
Jay plays
Jay plays 2 kun oldin
I find it really unattractive when people talk bad about other people. It shows me how they handle their emotions and it’s not healthy for them or the people around them.
GREGORY RENK 2 kun oldin
#endthenewworldorder #throwawayyoursmartphone #turnoffyourtv #thecrowhouse.com
MckeenRed Light
MckeenRed Light 2 kun oldin
Are u jealous of Trump's success? I think u are.
Tickle me Softly
Tickle me Softly 2 kun oldin
I don’t get jealous
person906 2 kun oldin
Dreamers stay jealous. Achievers chase those that are better until they walk alongside them.
AllenDeclanHarding 2 kun oldin
It frustrates me how often I refuse to watch Anna because I feel like I'm not worthy of her content.
Rosbron 3 kun oldin
I think you have a disease your eyelids are blue
josif yesyes
josif yesyes 3 kun oldin
thank u i feel more comfortable now
Roberto Espinosa
Roberto Espinosa 3 kun oldin
Lmao whatever you say
Paul Rkr
Paul Rkr 3 kun oldin
u r dumb...die
Angel Lee
Angel Lee 3 kun oldin
I appreciated this so much. Thank you for being honest on such a hard topic!!
Estevo Thomasio
Estevo Thomasio 3 kun oldin
An owl ate our cat.
lam justin
lam justin 3 kun oldin
3:34 sorry you make me kiss the screen.
Addison Morales
Addison Morales 3 kun oldin
Your beautiful
Charles Schindler
Charles Schindler 3 kun oldin
First Last
First Last 3 kun oldin
Uhh no, you just look psychotic as F
RedHead Avenger
RedHead Avenger 3 kun oldin
You need Jesus.
Nu900 3 kun oldin
Anna, u're awesome 😻❤️🍾🍾🌹 thank you
Paul Walker
Paul Walker 3 kun oldin
Gabriel Moreno
Gabriel Moreno 3 kun oldin
all this stuff is clice anna. its been done before. come one you were in ant man :D you should aspire to create more content displaying your acting career. so you get bigger parts. still love you ~.^ just want to be more successful thats all :) i know its a vlog.
John Doe
John Doe 3 kun oldin
Sound like a Gemini
Yami Fiend Aura
Yami Fiend Aura 3 kun oldin
I’ve been updated waiting for an answer/clarification/advise on what to do when I fee envy. I don’t like the thought of being envious but I do it anyways. Now I can embrace it and make that envy into inspiration. Thank your for this perspective.
x xx
x xx 3 kun oldin
im jealous
۵ Lil Old Mє ۵
۵ Lil Old Mє ۵ 3 kun oldin
This.. was... SOOOOO HELPFUL
UnderdogIQ22 3 kun oldin
People are jealous of your fake tits.
Captain Galaxy
Captain Galaxy 3 kun oldin
Please, grow up. Don't be a snob. Don't be vane, get a life.
somnath pandit
somnath pandit 3 kun oldin
Desire La Belle
Desire La Belle 3 kun oldin
Yep I got double the cats and thats 10 cats and kittens.
BowlofIndoMee 3 kun oldin
How old is Anna and how much does she make? I need it to get jelly
Tina English
Tina English 3 kun oldin
Where have you been all my life???
Shog AL Maskery
Shog AL Maskery 3 kun oldin
Thanks for the reminder, as a content creator, I always fall into this spiral of comparison.
Aamir Sahid
Aamir Sahid 3 kun oldin
Johnathan Jackson Jr
One day you won't have your looks anymore. Then what?
pkingsora 3 kun oldin
This here!
Omar SJ
Omar SJ 3 kun oldin
I only envy guys with bigger schlongs then me
Cahandar Ibadov
Cahandar Ibadov 3 kun oldin
_"Don't Be Jealous"_ *- Beyoncé*
Moua Xiong
Moua Xiong 3 kun oldin
Usually when I have such thought I feel insecure and understand why I do. I usually calm myself down by saying, I may not be where they are but I am not ashame of me because I work just as much and so the best is yet to come for me, a spot where I am proud to be. It hurts the most when I work very hard and didn’t make it where I wanna be. I see other reaching there and I wonder what is wrong with me; where are all my opportunities? It gets very tiring trying and trying and not achieving while new people who enter the industry succeed. I wonder what am I doing wrong? I sought opinions that ended up being very positive. It gets hard, but I keep myself optimistic and strongly believe if I give up now I won’t get anywhere. Of course my mind speak to me, there r people who tried their entire life and never make it. But all I have is my determination. If I give up now, what would become of me? A self I wouldn’t even wanna look at, so I try hard that even if I cant each the sun at least a star.
Shocking Reveal
Shocking Reveal 3 kun oldin
1:10 Yanet Garcia in a nutshell
Jonathan Churchwell
Brilliant, thank you. Love your perspective.
Nkansah Rexford
Nkansah Rexford 3 kun oldin
"the complete opposite of how I choose my partners" Ooh Anna 🤣🤣
driverx 36158
driverx 36158 3 kun oldin
affording toilet paper you mean?
MLGB0Yz 3 kun oldin
You make anywhere from $20k - $80k a month, you’re already so successful
Meme Biologist
Meme Biologist 3 kun oldin
Yes i see why you would be jealous of my 13 inch shlong
Ragesauce 3 kun oldin
Rainy Coodere
Rainy Coodere 3 kun oldin
Boopaloop 3 kun oldin
I love that opening anecdote because I had no idea where it was going lol
Moleking TheGreat
Moleking TheGreat 3 kun oldin
How is this trending ? I am a fan but still content okay I don't think it trend worthy in my opinion.
thatnormalguy9 3 kun oldin
No need to be jealous of other people's success. Your journey in this life is one you should cherish. Through the good and the bad. Cuz when you look back, all the decisions you made, you'll be surprised after all the bs you've been through. The sooner you realize that, the sooner the jealousy goes away. I'll admit, growing up I envy some people and didn't realize I was doing some interesting stuff myself.
Elias Ortiz
Elias Ortiz 3 kun oldin
Jelly.....I'm out
1981yama 3 kun oldin
I’m jealous of the men that I’ve had sex with you
Sain the flame
Sain the flame 3 kun oldin
Plastic surgery ?
John Vickrey
John Vickrey 3 kun oldin
What about Rays cat 🐈?
Re Tard
Re Tard 3 kun oldin
Anna Akana 🍆 or shut up.
Mr. E
Mr. E 3 kun oldin
Missed your sexiness
kevin coots
kevin coots 3 kun oldin
I'm only jealous when it comes to women. I dont trust anyone, especially women.
DancingDoughnut 3 kun oldin
envious** most common mistake