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CNBC pundits find out about Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos’s divorce on-air, and Desi Lydic explains what a divorce settlement is like when you’re the richest person in the world
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12-Yan, 2019



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David Rousseau
David Rousseau 15 soat oldin
Put a bullet in Bezos head. Kill amazon, kill Bezos
David Rousseau
David Rousseau 15 soat oldin
hijinks21 17 soat oldin
Desi needs to take over full frontal. She'd be so much better
RaKmOxxx 5 kun oldin
I will give my 100 yr can i get only 1 billions
marleny Ozoria
marleny Ozoria 7 kun oldin
She is funny 😄
Eve ill Anderson
Eve ill Anderson 8 kun oldin
just because it's the Gates foundation doesn't mean he has to be the benefactor
Eve ill Anderson
Eve ill Anderson 8 kun oldin
you're teh winar we get it, you best monopoly - now let me beat sim city while there's still time
Eve ill Anderson
Eve ill Anderson 8 kun oldin
a lawyer for his defense would argue an adequate apartment and enough money for bottom line utilities and however many kids can't feed themselves worth of food and if she wants to piss her life away on prescriptions she can get a job that will pay for them until I figure out how to just make everything free Jeff
Admv 12 kun oldin
I am ok with her getting a cut of his money. But shit she aint worth 60billion. She will be the richest woman of the world by being that one woman who divorced with the richest guy alive. Well done feminism. You just shot yourself in the leg.
Daisy Asio
Daisy Asio 18 kun oldin
66 billion dollars
Muhammad A.
Muhammad A. 18 kun oldin
How is this fair?
Morga Hussain
Morga Hussain 19 kun oldin
Good for her
Izzy 21 kun oldin
The real reason Bezos pulled out of NYC. Losing control of half his money was significant. The National Enquirer story - Pecker- lost NYC the deal. Trump’s buddy.
Serious Viewer
Serious Viewer 21 kun oldin
Both Desi Lydic and Jennifer Lawrence re-affirm my pride in being a Kentuckian. A pity M. McConnell and carpetbagger Rand Paul represent the great Commonwealth in Congress.
snurk agurk
snurk agurk 21 kun oldin
Why the fuck is alemony even a thing, dat bitch should find a good job, or move back with her parents
Samuel Okpala
Samuel Okpala 22 kun oldin
good 4 jeff e is money smart bt nt street smart i c y they say there is a difference i hate trump bt admire him in been street smart as a gangster i was calling her a gold digger bt after seeing d whole scenario i changed who TF cheats on his wife(a good woman)with a woman older and uglier than ones wife......still wondering
Criman Sizers
Criman Sizers 22 kun oldin
This just in, the soon to be richest women in the world gets her wealth from divorcing the richest man in the world.
Austin Braunsberg
Austin Braunsberg 25 kun oldin
Ugh it should be 90/10.
Brent Higgins
Brent Higgins 25 kun oldin
No left handed daps Trev 🤦‍♂️ joh you really are from the African jungle ..fell out the banana tree and wound up in the US of A
NoBleep! Entertainment
Damn Desi is hot. And funny? And a lesbian gold digger? I'm all for that.
Crystal Li
Crystal Li Oy oldin
What happened were just their own problem, be nice, no need to make fun of anyone.
Semmelein Oy oldin
That was the cutest smile I've ever seen! Desi is great! 😊
MegaJf16 Oy oldin
I bet if she was the CEO instead Jeff would get 5% at most lol.
Patricia Baumann
Amazon is a great company!
Dee Lg
Dee Lg Oy oldin
Tat news reporter squeeking made me cringe !!
Ago Oy oldin
1:58 this guy has the worst voice I’ve ever heard it sounds like the rapture
Trazon McMullen
Trevor....Desi is hilarious. She is a keeper. You should do more skits with her. $66 BILLION...call me Mrs. Bezos...I'll be waiting patiently by the phone. JK 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nickolas Red Bear
Umm richest man in the world?? I guess y'all have never heard of the Rothschild's? No surprise there..
torrace12 Oy oldin
no matter how much they cheat to put you on top of youtube's search results i will always put you down
Battlestarshogun One
That's bull shit! she should not be able get half of his wealth. So what if the man is rich. There are lots of men out there that are not rich and still loose half their wealth. Getting married is for suckers.
Tree Walker
Tree Walker Oy oldin
Seriously, I have received two unsolicited packages from Amazon so far and they had nothing to do with anything I have ever purchased. One was a fancy dog harness with LED lights and I don't have a dog or have ever purchased anything dog-related.
Muhammad Notarangelo
This rule in American about Splitting half/half after divorce is why guys now don't want to get married. Fuck that rule.
Fair & Square Justice
That's the "holes" problem!!!
Julio Contreras
John: Honey, how can we take half of the money out 🧐 Wife: lets divorce 😏 John:mmm😏
ISMO Oy oldin
No wonder this MGTOW thing is growing amongst millions of young men.
GHustle4 Oy oldin
americans have made a mockery of marriage...
Amir Malak
Amir Malak Oy oldin
"Or today, if you use prime"
Joe Gamble
Joe Gamble Oy oldin
If I was Bezos I'd by Koniegsegg and buy every Agera. Beat any pro race driver on Earth.
Maryanne Jackson Picker102
Hell ..Im pitchin for McKenzie too😏😍😮😁 Great scriptin, the two of ya!
Sandi Billingsley
Boycott amazon order from the manufacturer.
Thoriso Rakgalakane
Business Louis C K, LMFAO
Rhyperior Ranger
Mackenzie IS smokin...
Billions or thousands the marriage fix is in......men no matter how much u make there is no need to marry anymore☝️😔🤳
George Henry Moore
Imagine giving obscenely rich bloodsuckers the choice between their ill-gotten gains and the guillotine. Imagine being a worker for Amazon.
Iviwe Msengi
Iviwe Msengi Oy oldin
Jeff got played
Odin Ponzi
Odin Ponzi Oy oldin
$66Billion is what a vagina can get you. Score 1 for anti-feminists.
Shawn Oy oldin
I would’ve made her sign a prenup SHE DIDNT EARN THAT MONEY! Fuck her
Stelio Kantos
Stelio Kantos Oy oldin
Truth to power, Bezos's future ex wife is gorgeous and lemme be clear: I will work out every day and woo her and treat her with respect.
Jace Cavacini
Jace Cavacini Oy oldin
Financial people and relationships... ha ha ha... It’s like the libertarian boys on tech forums and gamer sites... “Blargh, he doesn’t need to talk about human emotions, I mean, I came here to get away from that...”
Justice Warrior
This is what agent 47 is for.. 66 billion dollars?? Hahahahahahahaha, NOP
Duke Kim
Duke Kim Oy oldin
How to be the Richest Women, Divorce the Richest Man
Justice Warrior
Women have it really easy!! Don't do shit in life. Just marry a potential Billionaire!!
jon herrera
jon herrera Oy oldin
Cocaine is a helluva druuug
TheTraffic247 Oy oldin
I believe this is why men don't respect or care for women. Why exactly is she getting that money? What was her contribution to his empire? As a woman, I don't fucking get it.
Trevor you ain’t funny just cause you have recorded applauses.
Justin Enright
I would have no problem filling Jeff's Amazon box that he could not. I'd even sign a prenup ;) hey, girl.... ;) ;) I have hair. Hella hair, but not where it makes me seem old. Eek um I'll only shave half send a pic and cross my fingers waiting for a response.
Justin Enright
F@ck dicq pics always Disqualify dudes. So reverse. Smh Not fair
Big Ding
Big Ding Oy oldin
His new girlfriend looks like a gold digging whore.
Terri Land
Terri Land Oy oldin
Big Mistake, Jeff
Tarik Tarilonte
I've lost it in business Louis CK
Kenny Keating
Kenny Keating Oy oldin
I have mixed feelings about this. I mean, fuck Jeff Bezos but should anyone get that much money just because they want to break up? There's no way she would've made that much being single all those years. Unless she does some serious philanthropic work, I say fuck her too.
TheBeofox Oy oldin
Jeff Bezos doesn't give a fvck, let's be honest, in 10 years, he will be right back to 140 billion. It's like it didn't even happen
Yasemin BAHAR
Yasemin BAHAR Oy oldin
Ahaha as a bi person I totally saw that Mackenzie Besos joke coming
One of Jeff’s eyes is bigger than the other. That will bother me forever
Jay K
Jay K Oy oldin
He made all this money, and never signed a prenup. 😣
i772007 i772007
Did her genius build the company or Jeff's?Men beware! If you got the brains and know you'll be rich, make the provision, get a prenup. Feeling don't count in the world of divorce settlements. That the problem as men we fail in properly anticipating the extent we'll become wealthy and end up paying for it in the future. Men ask yourself this question.
private private
I luv it long as i don't have to bother sending it back
L6901Malice Oy oldin
briana willard
That bald white dude wassss not prepared 😂
Jessie Pinkman
But how can Jeff give his wife the things to control that she has no idea about ? It’s not just mansions and bank balance.Can she run the company’s other branches ?
Dhawal T
Dhawal T Oy oldin
Fuck. I am actually boiling pasta while watching this
N Rico
N Rico Oy oldin
Wow, couldn’t have said it better!!
Darian Gregory
Darian Gregory 2 oy oldin
66 billion dollars but women in America are oppressed. Yeah sure ya right.
Nhe ry
Nhe ry 2 oy oldin
he coulda cheated with someone younger and whose face is not so botched it looks like a fish tho
純粋 2 oy oldin
It makes no sense to call Mackenzie Bezos a gold digger. She had him when he had nothing! Since when do gold diggers go after broke people? I'd call Sanchez the gold digger because she was already married and cheated on her spouse with Bezos.
David 2 oy oldin
"For 25 years she helped grow his buisness" I bet she helped with Amazon, too.
Mandip Dangol
Mandip Dangol 2 oy oldin
Bullshit that woman doesn't deserve shit.
Mats K
Mats K 2 oy oldin
If Desi married MacKenzie and got a divorce, I'd fly ready to sign a pre nup.
Tzar Simeon
Tzar Simeon 2 oy oldin
So a woman can take 70bil without working 1 hour in amazon...hmmm. There was another story, some US rapper pays 15k a month for a child support, which means that his mom should also provide another 15K if we are equal, and that finally means that this child should live in a spaceship to spend so much money. Look feel sorry for US guys, obviously your government is trying everything so you can stop reproduce.Should also give my admiration's to US Government, clearly they take overpopulation as a serious problem and trying really hard to solve it !
mikke2130 2 oy oldin
All I have to say is that is the most expensive price ever paid for pussy
sirlancia curry
sirlancia curry 2 oy oldin
Quit ripping on cats, mention y'all dumb mutts.
Robert Simson
Robert Simson 2 oy oldin
If Mackenzie wants me i'll gladly take her. She sure knows how to turn an average man into a billionaire.
burgerpatty 2 oy oldin
All these misogynists on the comment section are just jealous. She married THAT guy when he was still poor and toiled along with him to build their empire. That has got to be love. If anybody deserves anything, it's her!
Bichr Salhi
Bichr Salhi 2 oy oldin
Bracketville August
This is why trump hates Jeff, because hes richer than trump, and it's all LEGIT
Chris V
Chris V 2 oy oldin
lame jokes as usual
bhoot910 2 oy oldin
I think the off-the-script banter has been lifted from The Mash Report (Nish & Parris). Anybody else?
TheRoshan 2 oy oldin
LPT: never get married.
Jane A
Jane A 2 oy oldin
I’d marry MacKenzie.
Alina Ioana
Alina Ioana 2 oy oldin
I loved her little burn on Noah. And then how she kinda fell bad about it. So funny.
andrea alexis
andrea alexis 2 oy oldin
Id stan that
artoru vidal2
artoru vidal2 2 oy oldin
If Jeff was smart in his personal life like in finance then he wouldn't remarry again Just live like Silvio Berlusconi everyday with a new hot young girl .
Mukakanga Konkola
She put a smile on my face, love this clip. For sure she should fine you and give you 33 mil
Sm0keytheband1t 2 oy oldin
lol "kinda kinda" .. Empathy.exe has stopped working.. xD
Joshua Degreiff
Joshua Degreiff 2 oy oldin
Keep your pants on -Jeff Bezos
Aditya Siripragada
Business Louis CK OMG 😂
We Shall Rise
We Shall Rise 2 oy oldin
You know who also getting a divorce.- Trump and Melania after Trump gets out of the White House
John Doe
John Doe 2 oy oldin
I hate this guy. Get some new material jackass.
Nestor Gonzalez
Nestor Gonzalez 2 oy oldin
How can I get in touch with her too.
NewStyle Modeling
This a typical angelina Jolie and Brad pitt case the guy wants the hot and sexy woman over the modest, loving , caring, faithful, truthful, understanding, woman. This lady is a obvious gold digger. She want his money bad. Jeff is at the top of his game with Amazon reaching the trillion mark . The serious gold diggers come out to play. Gold diggers will say and do anything to get to a person who has money. The more money you have the harder they will play there part. Gold diggers will say and do what ever you want to seem like they are the perfect person for you. Jeff been messing with this lady for years and this lady had her eyes on his money for years. It does not matter if she is rich she wants to be richer. She could care less about divorcing her husband. Plus jeff is si stupid what women would really be intrested in him he looks like the hunch back from Notre Dame
Alto's Music Lab
Alto's Music Lab 2 oy oldin
rothschilds have more than Bezos they own the "Federal Reserve" for example and take % of every dollar in your wallet and mine.
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