Jennifer Garner On Giving Her Kids 'Yes Day,' Raising Chickens | The View

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Melissa Liming
Melissa Liming 7 kun oldin
Ben freaking blew it.
Teresa Serrone
Teresa Serrone 11 kun oldin
Shes an amazing mom
Dajana Darling
Dajana Darling 14 kun oldin
Jennifer Garner reminds me of Elle Fanning in this interview. She just has so much spunk and radiates positive energy when she speaks :)
nutty joan
nutty joan 15 kun oldin
COngratulation Jen for being single again. You are better of without the 'baby-husband'. Be free, live your life with your children. There are much better men out there. Be happy!
Monster Universe
Monster Universe 18 kun oldin
What was Ben Affleck thinking? Jenn is the complete package! Wow!
Olivia Klein
Olivia Klein 22 kun oldin
Stupid omg. Next
Kathy Hardney
Kathy Hardney 22 kun oldin
I love JG she is AMAZING. I may have a Yes day with my boys.
kaumudee 25 kun oldin
So glad she's shining her own light. She looks radiant and seems so truly happy and content! Love Sydney Bristow!
Hillary Brinson
Hillary Brinson 28 kun oldin
I love her..
Sandra Samia-Sabahia
Triple threat! Jennifer looks amazing! Its insane! (Not fair lol) she’s an awesome actress! And she seems like such a cool person and mom!😊
Robert Adams
Robert Adams Oy oldin
Whoopi was like bye
Love Jennifer Gardner, but I hate the view.
Filiz Hakan
Filiz Hakan Oy oldin
46! Are you serious?
Vanessa T
Vanessa T Oy oldin
Gorgeous woman, inside out.
ws279 xL7
ws279 xL7 Oy oldin
I love Jennifer Garner so much. She seems so sweet and amazing in real life. Her new movie is fantastic. I hope ppl to see her new movie. The movie is great pp,l go see it.
Buls Bautista
Buls Bautista Oy oldin
Jen is Love ❤
Jean Richard Dukurikizeyezu
She said: it squirt!!!
Angela Middleton
I read the "Yes Day" book to my son when he was about 5. We now do a "Yes!" day every year, one day after his birthday. He's going to be 14 next month, and he's still looking forward to his yes day with me. :)
Jennifer nicole
Ben will NEVER find another woman that even comes CLOSE to measuring up to her!
Rach C
Rach C Oy oldin
Sirama Oy oldin
You can tell that Garner is the type of woman who will age gracefully and charmingly not because of fancy bottles but the beautiful spirit she has. She is such a bright and loving being that I completely believe she is the genuine woman next door. She is a person who takes responsibility and I wish her all the best. She is the kind of woman you can't even be jealous of because she deserves so much happiness. Definitely a woman to look up to and admire.
Saral Thakur
Saral Thakur Oy oldin
Still gorgeous
Jasmin Oy oldin
Ben Affleck is a moron! How do you divorce this woman! What a beautiful person.
Rach C
Rach C Oy oldin
Debbie D
Debbie D Oy oldin
Without makeup she needs a miracle cream for her face
Debbie D
Debbie D Oy oldin
Jennifer looks like crap
Ally Meg
Ally Meg Oy oldin
Wow, never knew just how LIKEABLE she is. She's so lovely both inside and out. Just beautiful.
33479Leigh Oy oldin
Ben is stupid
tjpm Oy oldin
She is a mega soccer mom. And I mean that in the sweetest way possible. I would watch any movie of hers. She is just uplifting.
Julie B
Julie B Oy oldin
Farts$....yes. What's in your wallet? Garner is giggly and pretty and raises chickens because she's worth $40M. I'm sure she can relate to all working mums scraping by on $40k a year. Sick of amaaaaaaaaazing celebrity we're just like you culture. They're not.
Anne Liesveld
Anne Liesveld Oy oldin
I don’t earn 40k a year. More like 13-16
Jason Lam
Jason Lam Oy oldin
I love her. Her new movie Peppermint looks awesome! She's pretty much a badass mom!
Lynda Eyrich
Lynda Eyrich Oy oldin
You look so good Jen, but best of all You and your family going to Church and putting God First... You go girl
Dominique McDonald
omg i missssss sarah!!!!
Laurie Kidayi
Laurie Kidayi Oy oldin
I enjoyed this interview....... She (Ms. Jennifer) is a joy.......
Susi Siebert
Susi Siebert Oy oldin
She's just so lovely and real
ananse77 Oy oldin
Why do these audiences stand up and applaud celebrities. They are just... people. I don't understand.
Kellz B
Kellz B Oy oldin
My mom's fav karaoke song too! Every wedding she does it!! ☺😚😂
Youtube Viewer
Geez! Jennifer Garner is one of the most likeable people I've ever seen. I've never followed her interviews before. Seems like she was always being overshadowed by stories of her relationship with Ben Affleck.
Lisa L
Lisa L Oy oldin
I can't believe she's 46! She looks like she's in her late 20s. She's so stunning and down to earth.
Rosie Orozco
Rosie Orozco Oy oldin
Jennifer ❤❤❤😇💪💪💪
Gauri Korde
Gauri Korde Oy oldin
Haadrin UK
Haadrin UK Oy oldin
Sorry but I find her irritating and overbearing, is it just me?
Freya Sol
Freya Sol Oy oldin
Benjamin fucked up.
Lorenzo Potrich
6, 9 and 12. Very well planned Miss Gardner.
Faten Rebhi
Faten Rebhi Oy oldin
She's beyond beautiful ❤
Boyd W
Boyd W Oy oldin
It’s rare that I ever see any clips from The View,,, but Jennifer Garner is worth it. She had great roots in her upbringing, I don’t think Hollywood has turned her into a drug snorting tramp like it does to many other people who get caught in its web.
Diane Bromm
Diane Bromm Oy oldin
Bet she can be a real b^tech tho
Jojo Jo
Jojo Jo Oy oldin
How does she look so young??!!
Yi-Yuan Chao
Yi-Yuan Chao Oy oldin
She is lovely.
She’s extremely beautiful, down to earth and amazing! She looks like a 26 y/o 💜💜
m mar
m mar Oy oldin
Peep Matts
Peep Matts 2 oy oldin
Plastic plastic plastic...full with bpa .very unhealthy for anybody. Glasjar Wolldecke be the healthy and ecofriendly Choice
Johnny Lanigan
Johnny Lanigan 2 oy oldin
I wish Jen had me in her phone! 😭
Äbby Meïtzler
Äbby Meïtzler 2 oy oldin
She seems like such a good mom (◍•ᴗ•◍)
Maya M
Maya M 2 oy oldin
What 's not to like Ben??????? Gorgeous woman.
Margaret Clemens
Margaret Clemens 2 oy oldin
Americas sweetheart
Roberta Prando
Roberta Prando 2 oy oldin
She’s so awesome ❤️
roninpainbringer 2 oy oldin
BEN DONE FUCKED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
whits water
whits water 2 oy oldin
Love love love her!!! For years!!
Veggie bot
Veggie bot 2 oy oldin
Sarah and Jennifer should be friends very similar personalities
Alain Bruno
Alain Bruno 2 oy oldin
Her smile is everything
chris friemiento
chris friemiento 2 oy oldin
Jennifer Garner is beautiful ❤
Mark Ross
Mark Ross 2 oy oldin
That Aries youth, tho💅🏽
loca malak
loca malak 2 oy oldin
They shouldn’t wonder why they love chicken! The Q is why don’t u!!
dinavienna 2 oy oldin
wow she does not age!! Alias was when like almost 20 years ago?
zhaquiri 2 oy oldin
It ended in 2006, so 12 years ago. But yeah, it's been around 17 years since it premiered in 2001.
Eleanor Hart
Eleanor Hart 2 oy oldin
Xerny Dag
Xerny Dag 2 oy oldin
She's so lovely. Just amazing.
Jordi Vanderwaal
Jordi Vanderwaal 2 oy oldin
She has the most lovely personality.
Jessica LT
Jessica LT 2 oy oldin
Let’s get Whoopi to Jennifers house to care for the chickens... and seriously.
Ann M
Ann M 2 oy oldin
They're only going to be kids once.
Anne Liesveld
Anne Liesveld Oy oldin
The older girl is a teen not even girl anymore.
The Julian Clan
The Julian Clan 2 oy oldin
Omg did I hear she said she’s 46 😮 she doesn’t look like 46 maybe 36
Dennis King
Dennis King 2 oy oldin
Chicken is pedophile code work for infant.
Traeh Rose
Traeh Rose 2 oy oldin
I just love her.
Farrah J
Farrah J 2 oy oldin
Ben, the world just shakes their head at you! You loser
Terri Boyd
Terri Boyd 2 oy oldin
She seems like a great Mom.
Steph and Anthony
Absolutely adore her
Adriane Williams
Adriane Williams 2 oy oldin
Jennifer althought she is a talented actress there is still so much innocence about her. She does not come off as jaded, bitchy or ultra posh. It is refreshing.
Adriane Williams
Adriane Williams 2 oy oldin
Do they eat these chickens? If they do.....
Scene68 2 oy oldin
She's 46?! LIES!!!
mer0106 2 oy oldin
I love what she's doing with the farm. If I could only meet her.
Sarah 2 oy oldin
Not everything have to be about you Whoopie.
Ariel Diore
Ariel Diore 2 oy oldin
Jen is Gorgeous. white dont crack either I see
Brittany Andersen
We had Templeton’s Holiday growing up! Same idea, based off of the character in Charlotte’s Web.
Kona 2 oy oldin
Sunny watching Jennifer's workout video is worth second look! She is like your kidding me lol!
Patrick Cruz
Patrick Cruz 2 oy oldin
FORTY SIX? I call shenanigans on that! Looks Amazing!
Shimmy Isaacs
Shimmy Isaacs 2 oy oldin
Ben Affleck really messed up she is a jewel just absolute jewel. She is stunning and super nice
alex vwenz
alex vwenz 3 kun oldin
Shimmy, when you first got with your wife or gf I bet you thought she was amazing. Fast forward a few years and after a few kids, do you still find her as hot as she was when you first got together? Also throw in that Ben is an actor/producer and can get any pussy he wants. Like all women he got tired of it.
Avis Wrentmore
Avis Wrentmore 2 oy oldin
Ok these little Once Upon a Farm can be yummy for Adults:) I'm buying me some:) On the road:) this could be great snack:)
Avis Wrentmore
Avis Wrentmore 2 oy oldin
Can we just say we want Whoopie in another MOVIE:) Best Actress Ever:) Love love love Whoopie:)
sara lee
sara lee 2 oy oldin
What a delightful human being 👍
tlotmb77 bmail
tlotmb77 bmail 2 oy oldin
Aren't you leaving the country whoopit .......... ????
Carol Smith
Carol Smith 2 oy oldin
Dumb move Ben.
IrishCat04 2 oy oldin
amazing woman! love her
Mark Oliver
Mark Oliver 2 oy oldin
Change the name to The Sewer
Incognito Hippie
Incognito Hippie 3 oy oldin
ALWAYS loved her!!!
al jbug
al jbug 3 oy oldin
Whoopi still got a job . Double standard . Whoopi took Maxine waters advice on public bullying . Great job whoopi ! After you just condemned the black lady smashing a brick on the 92 year old Mexican man face . How are you . Hollywood hypocrisy on video . But Roseanne gets smoked . #walkaway Declassify the INSPECTOR GENERAL'S REPORT
Miguel Bruguera
Miguel Bruguera 3 oy oldin
ragazziita 3 oy oldin
How did Ben cheat on this woman? I bet he regrets it everyday
Ktip Bomb
Ktip Bomb 3 oy oldin
She is just too sweet !
Adam Islam
Adam Islam 3 oy oldin
I DONT GET Sunny love for the chicken doesn't she just raise them well and then kill them and eat them
Wendy Knox-Leet
Wendy Knox-Leet 3 oy oldin
She has had so much work done she is almost unrecognisable
ORoxy 5575
ORoxy 5575 3 oy oldin
She is so cute, looks down to earth. How dis she ended up with Ben 😕
poolplayer poolplayer
Don't disagree with whoopi or she will throw you off the show!!
miran x
miran x 3 oy oldin
Don't publicly advocate for a "Yes Day". Not all mothers or fathers can afford to say yes to everything their child asks.