Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon STUNS With Original Audition Song "Almost Heaven" - American Idol 2019 on ABC

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Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon sings original song "Almost Heaven" in his American Idol audition.
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest returns as host of the beloved series.




11-Mar, 2019



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Luis Carrillo
Luis Carrillo Soat oldin
Y’all go check out his channel! uzvid.com/video/video-5n5YU5HwjNM.html
Angela Barry
Angela Barry Soat oldin
I Love you Lionel!!
Ramandeep Kaur
Ramandeep Kaur Soat oldin
His soul ❤️, you can feel it.
Javier Nomdedeu
Javier Nomdedeu 2 soat oldin
YTuberosity 3 soat oldin
No 'you're going straight to hell' comments?
Lawrence Sumanga
Lawrence Sumanga 3 soat oldin
So much talent this season😍 i love him!
adam smith
adam smith 4 soat oldin
i watched this 23456 times no joke
John Roberts
John Roberts 5 soat oldin
Perhaps your family doesn't feel being "gay" is an appropriate path for you. I believe the pain you've endured and kept hidden inside of you, is a gift given to you because of your path. You've acquired insights and emotional strength from the pain. There is no shame or condemnation from your Creator. The shame comes from those who can't love you unconditionally. You have an amazing gift and quality future ahead of you. Congratulations on writing a song whose words embrace and reassure the hearts of those who listen!
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His singing isn't perfect. His piano playing isn't perfect. His look isn't perfect. That's what makes him absolutely perfect.
you decide to play mystery of love by sufjan... interesting move american idol, interesting move. I see u
gav26 6 soat oldin
Go check out his song "Shells" just as good as this if not better.
Art L.
Art L. 6 soat oldin
OMG!!! That was amazing! What a beautiful voice. God gave you that voice. I guarantee you have a place in heaven.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 6 soat oldin
I wonder if his dad believes it's worse to be gay or to be straight and to suck the cock of Satan?
Person McPerson
Person McPerson 7 soat oldin
Killa illa
Killa illa 7 soat oldin
I'd buy this song in a heartbeat
John Rodgers
John Rodgers 8 soat oldin
The voice just isn’t all that
Ario Noomallay
Ario Noomallay 8 soat oldin
Best Song!!!
Danny Kim
Danny Kim 9 soat oldin
Came back to watch this lol. After the contest please help create a record for this man. I want to hear more of what this man has to say. What a great song.
Luis Cruz-Peña
Luis Cruz-Peña 9 soat oldin
Fucking great
What a kindhearted humble soul. If you believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins, so that one day you could be set free, and you ask him to forgive you for your sins, then yes, there is a place for you in heaven. You have a beautiful voice. Such talent. Now just believe in yourself and Jesus and you can do this. You’ve got this! May all your dreams come true. God Bless You Jeremiah. You have a good heart.❤️Hollywood will change people. Just don’t forget where you came from. GOD IS GOOD!🙏 LOVE IS THE GREATEST GIFT OF ALL !🌠🌠A STAR IS BORN🌠🌠
luciendante 9 soat oldin
Holy shit. Finally a unique voice and something to say ❤️
Chip Griffin
Chip Griffin 9 soat oldin
there are higher mountains to climb, greater war being fought. i hope you don't set your sights too low. we have a habit of seeing those around us and we begin thinking that is all there is. ask yourself this, if forever is the reward, the prize, then surely greater things are being ask of us than, what do you do for a living? don't set your sights towards one we know dropped the ball, katie! if this is what the devil had for her, then what was it that he stole her from? GOD's plan was greater. i am sure we all can agree on that. after all it was GOD who made this place and it is a marvel to behold. great things ca't be done in the public's eye. i have went and tasted all the world has and i found it to be empty and shallow. i didn't find meaning and self worth until i heard from another who lives on high. the battle you face can be won, please don't give up, the best things are worth fighting for. to become wise means you must make smart decisions today, decisions that effect all the tomorrows to come. don't throw it all away before it has even begun. take a min, then decide...
moose boy
moose boy 9 soat oldin
Incredible. Lord,
Sah. B.
Sah. B. 10 soat oldin
They’re always gay.
Inokea 10 soat oldin
Not a religious person but that's a great song, the chord changes? So nicely done, just great, the world is ready for this song to be played on the radio TODAY.
J J 10 soat oldin
You had to hit me with Mystery of Love, geez
Jay Bales
Jay Bales 10 soat oldin
Awesome audition 🤟👏
sbahle nkehli
sbahle nkehli 10 soat oldin
am i the only one phased with the fact that he brought in a guitar and proceeded to ply the piano
Fly High
Fly High 10 soat oldin
He brought the guitar in case they asked him for another song. Also the video is edited to fit the episode runtime, so you’re not seeing the whole thing of that audition.
Philip Theron
Philip Theron 10 soat oldin
Miss Moochie
Miss Moochie 11 soat oldin
Wow! goosebumps!!!
Keishecka Miller
Keishecka Miller 12 soat oldin
I felt some Elton in this! Beautiful!
Trooper Bear FN2525
Trooper Bear FN2525 12 soat oldin
Ginger AND gay... Sign me up.
Teressa G
Teressa G 12 soat oldin
It's not just the voice, but that songwriting is fantastic. Sounds like a classic James Taylor writing style! God would be honored to have that angel praising Him.
lucia 28
lucia 28 12 soat oldin
This was amazing, he’s too good for American idol
David Smith
David Smith 13 soat oldin
Another "gift" of his: uzvid.com/video/video-dghNlpLMeGI.html So emotive...beautiful soul, beautiful voice. You cant' get enough of this talent!
Abbigale C
Abbigale C 13 soat oldin
Why isn’t this already playing on the radio lol
Lollo Lalla
Lollo Lalla 14 soat oldin
What a wonderful song and beautiful voice! Truly touching, I hope you continue on this journey!! All the best from Germany :-)
Art Lopez
Art Lopez 14 soat oldin
The song was good but not the singing
jmatt4life 14 soat oldin
This guy is the real deal, genuine talent! I was moved. WoW!!!
Celina Paredes
Celina Paredes 14 soat oldin
Wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chase Hicks
Chase Hicks 15 soat oldin
I'm in heaven listening to this!!!;)
Katy Rivera
Katy Rivera 15 soat oldin
Wow just wow ♥️
Amna J
Amna J 15 soat oldin
Can't we have a studio version of this?? LIKE PLEASE?????
Abel Rego
Abel Rego 15 soat oldin
And he will win.
sara reb
sara reb 15 soat oldin
I literally cried
hailey bennett
hailey bennett 16 soat oldin
Cried like a baby listening to this😭 Beautiful song. Beautiful voice. Just beautiful.💕
Andrea Dowling
Andrea Dowling 16 soat oldin
Just make an album now please
Dangerouskoala 16 soat oldin
This was the best original song I almost cried
Alida Lanzi
Alida Lanzi 16 soat oldin
When he was like: Redheads and his father works in the ministry, I just thought: the Weasley's
Akash Jayant
Akash Jayant 16 soat oldin
Faiz Hach
Faiz Hach 16 soat oldin
i'm i the only one who came here 10 times a day ? The most beautiful original song i ever listened in my life!
The Great Escape Vacations
Every time I watch one of these videos I think OMG this one is my Favorite. Just now I found my 20th favorite. This year is going to be amazing with all the talent.
Follow me Follow me
Follow me Follow me 17 soat oldin
I feel it when he's sing .
samhel6 18 soat oldin
omg the background song! CMBYN fans where are uuuuuu?
Dominique Mitchell
Dominique Mitchell 19 soat oldin
Crying soo hard!! He is sooo good!!!
Nancy Rodriguez
Nancy Rodriguez 19 soat oldin
I was in all when he said "All of my religion has been stripped down to I Love You no matter what" Oh Jeremiah you made my day with your beautiful song. You are already a winner to me. Bless your heart. I can't wait to listen to more of your music.
Starr Osborne
Starr Osborne 20 soat oldin
He reminds me of a male version of Lana del Ray
Andrew Rush
Andrew Rush 20 soat oldin
Gays have been saved by Jesus as well as any other sinner. Its clear for people who are awake to see how these shows and media push these Satanic agendas.. Hollywood is full of illuminati symbols. We can believe now or believe later. Never been a matter of if but when. I dont hate but the truth needs to be known. We have to repent and actually obey Jesus.
DADS ONLINE STORE 20 soat oldin
Huhu so sad
Hannah Billett
Hannah Billett 21 soat oldin
Anyone else keep coming back to the end of the episode/this clip just to play this beautiful song on repeat?
Edvincent Ramiso
Edvincent Ramiso 21 soat oldin
THAT'S WAS JUST AN AMAZING SONG LIKE I'VE BEEN HEARING IT FOR AGES!!! I am routing for you till you find heaven
Tenzin Samten
Tenzin Samten 21 soat oldin
I want to listen to a whole album.... I want to see him go places and touch people with his music....
Eugene Diaz
Eugene Diaz 21 soat oldin
I remember Sir Elton John?
Brian Thommo
Brian Thommo 22 soat oldin
He has a UZvid Channel, with other songs , and a proper rendition of this song .. amazing artist. uzvid.com/show-UCN1fJa7G0PgEqjQ7LCFPsyQ
wilmsey wilms
wilmsey wilms 22 soat oldin
absolutely beautiful - what a lovely guy
Opa Pachuau
Opa Pachuau 23 soat oldin
Mystery of love was played 😘😘
Kenziah 23 soat oldin
This was excellent. I hope he breaks free from any chains.
HD Clips
HD Clips Kun oldin
Such a beautiful song sung by a beautiful soul god bless you man
b. free
b. free Kun oldin
he doesn't need american idol, american idol needs him. actually, he can just go straight to youtube and sell on itunes.
wayne reed
wayne reed Kun oldin
Homosexuality is the only sin that humans can do that is an abomination to the Lord And yet worldwide acceptance LGBT community we won't mention any names Seems to condone this over and over again and brainwashing America to accept it and we had the most wicked, self-delusion, Scandalous, President in US history That have the audacity To change the laws And make homosexuality available For people to get married Remember the abomination God does not change The Lord is the same yesterday and today and forever more Does the Lord love this young man, absolutely probably more than most boring again Christians But will God allow him to stay in the sin, No!!! When Christ died on the cross that was the call for everybody to clean out their closet so this week and repent and forsake their sense come as you are but repent and come to God on God's terms and God will show you mercy beyond your wildest dreams forever That is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ the son of God that became a man lived a perfect life died on the cross was buried in on the third day Rose again for our sins and justification Again Homosexuality is an abomination To the Lord of God almighty of host
london pathlee
london pathlee 10 soat oldin
shut up
Fly High
Fly High 22 soat oldin
Chrissy Bear
Chrissy Bear Kun oldin
He is incredible!!! Wow the talent of this guy... Also, can we talk about luke’s little clap lol. That was adorbss 😂👌🏻
James Pajo
James Pajo Kun oldin
I follow this singer/composer... Love his song and his heart. 🤗
Renee Navarijo
Renee Navarijo Kun oldin
Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, you are perfect just the way you are! There is NO JUDGMENT in heaven ❤️
Benny Buzzetto
Benny Buzzetto Kun oldin
i don't think he was that good tbh
Michelle Kun oldin
I hear some Bill Withers in there
Sarah Thorne
Sarah Thorne Kun oldin
I smiled the entire video he is amazing
Sarah Thorne
Sarah Thorne Kun oldin
Anonymous 42
Anonymous 42 Kun oldin
Holy holy holy
Drew Rams
Drew Rams Kun oldin
Reminds me of the lead singer of the killers kinda
COD Beast 21
COD Beast 21 Kun oldin
If u listen to the lyrics omg this song is great !!!
LIGHT Partnership
Dang Unreal
Rob O
Rob O Kun oldin
Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Thank you! Love your voice. Love the song. And yes, I'd like to think there is a place for us in Heaven! I love this guy!
Ben Shafer
Ben Shafer Kun oldin
I’ve watched this video five times now. He is truly incredible. So much passion and drive. I wish I could have this song to listen in my car - goosebumps the entire time he is singing
Kathy Smoroden
Kathy Smoroden Kun oldin
you are incredible. thank you for not giving up on God. or those in church. God made no mistake, unconditional love is of Him. it’s people who need to listen and live. I’ll be praying for you. Thank you for the gift of that song.
Emma B-L
Emma B-L Kun oldin
radio tune!!
Manha's world of creativity Akter
Im getting sam smith vibes
Michael Alvarez
Michael Alvarez Kun oldin
I hear some freddie mercury but not powerful as freddie.
bicanroman Kun oldin
So white str8 men privilege is Bullshit again😔
ima coder
ima coder Kun oldin
I don't get one thing. His dad is in the ministry and he is a Janitor?(Please don't hate me y'all, I didn't know how to put it. I don't speak english). I really wanna know stuff about other countries.
Kayla Benson
Kayla Benson Kun oldin
Neil Casey
Neil Casey Kun oldin
Anyone else think he would be amazing covering Vance Joy?? uzvid.com/video/video-VXXD1Qxpisw.html
Tehya Brostowitz
He's gonna win I'm calling it
Wally Waite
Wally Waite Kun oldin
There's a place for everyone
Bev Bailey
Bev Bailey Kun oldin
I LOVE this guy.x
john buckley
john buckley Kun oldin
loved that song, feel really bad for the guy, Sexual orientation should not define us, and your family should love you no matter what. best of luck man. i hope u win.
seniorhiker Kun oldin
Hands down my favorite opening performance on ANY music show. I feel truly blessed to hear Jeremiah sing his original song "Almost Heaven" I can't wait for his next performance. God bless you Jeremiah! We're all watching and praying for you. There's a place in Heaven for all of us that believe in God.
FallingGalaxy Kun oldin
Or, you know, accept people for who they are and maybe NOT point an old ass book that advocates bigotry, slavery, misogyny and hatred as a source of morals. Use your brain instead. Or just keep playing around in feels and ignorance instead.
Kayla Hartley
Kayla Hartley Kun oldin
wow. wow wow wow. crying.
Laila Haddad
Laila Haddad Kun oldin
their's a place for EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no matter what you are or if your gay . no matter your religion or race everyones a human being so everyone needs to shut it, and accept everyone else for who they are Gorgeous Accepted Yourself
Laila Haddad
Laila Haddad Kun oldin
read the first letter of the last three words and believe it !!!!!!!!
Anthony Stoute
Anthony Stoute Kun oldin
Rep Catonsville my dude. Catonsville High class of 12.
Wendy Laan
Wendy Laan Kun oldin
He has a song clip! uzvid.com/video/video-5n5YU5HwjNM.html