Jeremy Lin Highlights - Hawks at Nets 1/9/19

Speed of Lin
Ko‘rishlar soni 210 148
94% 1 247 75

Jeremy scores 16 points in 28 minutes to go with 5 rebounds, 3 assists, and 4 turnovers in a battle against his former Nets.




10-Yan, 2019

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老建 2 kun oldin
J S 6 kun oldin
Man whatever happened to Jeremy. Nowadays I can’t keep up to what teams he goes to.
leonardo guan
leonardo guan 9 kun oldin
Why are there so many views but only this much subs?!
J X 10 kun oldin
So damm noob game
Etta Wing
Etta Wing 10 kun oldin
Also I like Trae Young.
Justin Chan
Justin Chan 11 kun oldin
nba is racist.
趙靖中 11 kun oldin
Jeremy Lin 本場惟1的進步是出手18次',終於擺脫了怯投的老毛病,但多年來沒有3分球能力,仍未改善,本場3分球0分還要加油,再不改進低分的窘況,明年NBA可能要GG了!
WhatsUpTheo 11 kun oldin
The refs in this game should be fired
Wayne Sun
Wayne Sun 11 kun oldin
teodorico buscagan
teodorico buscagan 11 kun oldin
Hawks just collapsed.
Mick Clean
Mick Clean 11 kun oldin
Speed of Rin uproad so easiry
roy vongtama
roy vongtama 12 kun oldin
Hoping he gets traded to a contender- playing him this many minutes are a showcase for a trade!! His legs are looking stronger and stronger.
TC-Drk 12 kun oldin
Lin got all his points off free throws
Gfuel SoccerMom
Gfuel SoccerMom 12 kun oldin
Great string of games for Lin so far. Great game against Toronto now great game against the nets. If he keeps it up he’ll be turning heads for sure
Wesley Lee
Wesley Lee 12 kun oldin
Tremendous, aggressive effort by JLin. He's getting his swagger back. Time for Linsanity, rev 2.0?
Trw Wn
Trw Wn 12 kun oldin
Lin ..go to GSW , San Antonio or TOR - Huge fan base with Raptors.
Huang JS
Huang JS 12 kun oldin
Hawks' will on tanking was so determined. Lin must be traded. His presence is against team's policy.
jay_615 12 kun oldin
Kenny was rooting for lin lol
ManUP JC 12 kun oldin
Just a little word meme(just some humor): NBA teams scouting report on Jeremy Lin; Low Key Flopper
proxima centauri
proxima centauri 11 kun oldin
he is though. Guards need to draw fouls.
&:& 12 kun oldin
What happened to the Vince????
婉婷翁 12 kun oldin
1 conscience 0 dimension
Bad match too inside the 2 points zone.
C. Thach
C. Thach 12 kun oldin
It's seem like when lin had a turn over, it looks bad. What happens to the other fucking NBA players taken like 20 shots per game and had like 5 or more turn over. Fucking very underrated for an Asian player. ..... Fuck the NBA, and hawks coach. U just straight up suck dicks.
C. Thach
C. Thach 12 kun oldin
Lin kept the game very close, for some reason they fouled the shits out of him. Very smart player, controlled the game. When they put young in the game. It's like a lost world. It's sucks when you the only Asian player in the league. Nobody give you a great respect. It's seem they try to hurt lin, like every angle.
Galactic123 12 kun oldin
I love Lin but he's never solved his turnover issue. 4.3 Turnovers per 36 minutes is not gonna cut it in this league unless you're putting up Lebron/Harden/Westbrook numbers to make up for it.
Ray 12 kun oldin
Jeremy Lin runs an offense as good as anybody in the NBA. One of the best.
AQUA VIII ' $ 12 kun oldin
The Refs never call shit for Lin man :(
BBFOR5VER 12 kun oldin
Lol that 4th QTR was poor from him...
Matt Lai
Matt Lai 12 kun oldin
4:32 fucking blind cowboy
王王金虎 12 kun oldin
Chris Shih
Chris Shih 12 kun oldin
trey young is a bust if he becomes a superstar,I eat shit
am S
am S 12 kun oldin
Paul E
Paul E 12 kun oldin
I was at the game, they were absolutely killing it in the first quarter. Then they fizzled out and were playing like garbage. Absolutely no defense and couldn't penetrate the paint.
莊鏞 12 kun oldin
VC was so angry XD
calvin cheong
calvin cheong 12 kun oldin
J.lin is driving too much
Sea Edu
Sea Edu 12 kun oldin
lin gotta stop being a little bitch and flop everytime
钢蛋我爱你 12 kun oldin
Jeremy Lin on court= hawks in the lead Trae young in court= enemy get lead back Lin gets back on court= try’s his best to catch up
Kan Cho
Kan Cho 12 kun oldin
Coach should place a player quick enough to interact with Lin as dual, so opponents unable to double team or hard foul Lin.
Ron Pal
Ron Pal 12 kun oldin
Veteran move, always drawing fouls, a top calibre... But Hawks is good in losing... :D
superbd 12 kun oldin
anyone see the +/- ? only Lin got +2 and all of the first team got -14, -15..........whats going on with this team? do they wanna win? and the coach seem just want Lin helping build a future team for the young players.....they are giving up the season.......for sure
Dhany Daniel
Dhany Daniel 12 kun oldin
superbd they paid to lose,except Lin. Thats why
Samsung Blues
Samsung Blues 12 kun oldin
Honda Verno aka G Man
Lin gotta stop being scared of the 3 ball. Bro if you're losing risk it all and go for the outside shots.
jdoteazy2 12 kun oldin
Probably records the game, then every commercial and halftime he edits the footage. Its easy lol
TheVisserthree 12 kun oldin
Lin really needs to shoot. Just mid-range 2 shoots would be enough. He has often a lot of space outside his layup range.
Bobby T
Bobby T 12 kun oldin
Keep healthy Lin!
Aaron Chan
Aaron Chan 12 kun oldin
The only missing link that made Lin great back in Linsanity was his shooting from 3. He's just not a consistent triple threat. When you watch the highlights, it become predictable what he's gonna do. Run in hard looking for foul, layup or stop short for 2 point floater, if not he looks for the big man to pass to or dish it out to the open shooter. Jeremy's game is very simple and not complex, but he excels at it. If he had the 3 pointer down he would be way less predicable and have more weapons to score. He's not getting younger and going hard makes him more prone to injury, not to mention ref's callings are a tossup, NBA refs are the worst. Hoping he figures it out and becomes a starter or 6th man on a decent team, totally deserves it.
no further west
no further west 12 kun oldin
Jeremy you're good but not great. I hope you can become great. Improve your shooting. Do what Curry does, follow his training and prep.
monzred 12 kun oldin
They must hate Lin he picks up so much fouls of them ahaha
Truth Rock
Truth Rock 12 kun oldin
Jeremy LIn starts to make 3s not drive in. Please shoot 3s and make those. You were better 3pt shooter during linsanity.
Shuo Zhou
Shuo Zhou 12 kun oldin
He deserves starter....