Jeremy Lin Highlights - Hawks at Nets 1/9/19

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Jeremy scores 16 points in 28 minutes to go with 5 rebounds, 3 assists, and 4 turnovers in a battle against his former Nets.




10-Yan, 2019



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WeedDuck Oy oldin
nets salty after the trade lol
老建 2 oy oldin
J S 2 oy oldin
Man whatever happened to Jeremy. Nowadays I can’t keep up to what teams he goes to.
Boris Bornakiss
he's now a raptor yoh!!😁
leonardo guan
leonardo guan 2 oy oldin
Why are there so many views but only this much subs?!
2 a.m Emotional Mood
So damm noob game
Etta Wing
Etta Wing 2 oy oldin
Also I like Trae Young.
Justin Chan
Justin Chan 2 oy oldin
nba is racist.
趙靖中 2 oy oldin
Jeremy Lin 本場惟1的進步是出手18次',終於擺脫了怯投的老毛病,但多年來沒有3分球能力,仍未改善,本場3分球0分還要加油,再不改進低分的窘況,明年NBA可能要GG了!
WhatsUpTheo 2 oy oldin
The refs in this game should be fired
Wayne Sun
Wayne Sun 2 oy oldin
teodorico buscagan
Hawks just collapsed.
Mick Clean
Mick Clean 2 oy oldin
Speed of Rin uproad so easiry
roy vongtama
roy vongtama 2 oy oldin
Hoping he gets traded to a contender- playing him this many minutes are a showcase for a trade!! His legs are looking stronger and stronger.
Gfuel SoccerMom
Gfuel SoccerMom 2 oy oldin
Great string of games for Lin so far. Great game against Toronto now great game against the nets. If he keeps it up he’ll be turning heads for sure
Wesley Lee
Wesley Lee 2 oy oldin
Tremendous, aggressive effort by JLin. He's getting his swagger back. Time for Linsanity, rev 2.0?
Trw Wn
Trw Wn 2 oy oldin
Lin ..go to GSW , San Antonio or TOR - Huge fan base with Raptors.
Huang JS
Huang JS 2 oy oldin
Hawks' will on tanking was so determined. Lin must be traded. His presence is against team's policy.
jay_615 2 oy oldin
Kenny was rooting for lin lol
ManUP JC 2 oy oldin
Just a little word meme(just some humor): NBA teams scouting report on Jeremy Lin; Low Key Flopper
proxima centauri
proxima centauri 2 oy oldin
he is though. Guards need to draw fouls.
&:& 2 oy oldin
What happened to the Vince????
婉婷翁 2 oy oldin
1 conscience 0 dimension
Bad match too inside the 2 points zone.
C. Thach
C. Thach 2 oy oldin
It's seem like when lin had a turn over, it looks bad. What happens to the other fucking NBA players taken like 20 shots per game and had like 5 or more turn over. Fucking very underrated for an Asian player. ..... Fuck the NBA, and hawks coach. U just straight up suck dicks.
C. Thach
C. Thach 2 oy oldin
Lin kept the game very close, for some reason they fouled the shits out of him. Very smart player, controlled the game. When they put young in the game. It's like a lost world. It's sucks when you the only Asian player in the league. Nobody give you a great respect. It's seem they try to hurt lin, like every angle.
Galactic123 2 oy oldin
I love Lin but he's never solved his turnover issue. 4.3 Turnovers per 36 minutes is not gonna cut it in this league unless you're putting up Lebron/Harden/Westbrook numbers to make up for it.
Ray 2 oy oldin
Jeremy Lin runs an offense as good as anybody in the NBA. One of the best.
AQUA VIII ' $ 2 oy oldin
The Refs never call shit for Lin man :(
BBFOR5VER 2 oy oldin
Lol that 4th QTR was poor from him...
Matt Lai
Matt Lai 2 oy oldin
4:32 fucking blind cowboy
王王金虎 2 oy oldin
Chris Shih
Chris Shih 2 oy oldin
trey young is a bust if he becomes a superstar,I eat shit
am S
am S 2 oy oldin
Paul E
Paul E 2 oy oldin
I was at the game, they were absolutely killing it in the first quarter. Then they fizzled out and were playing like garbage. Absolutely no defense and couldn't penetrate the paint.
莊鏞 2 oy oldin
VC was so angry XD
calvin cheong
calvin cheong 2 oy oldin
J.lin is driving too much
Sea Edu
Sea Edu 2 oy oldin
lin gotta stop being a little bitch and flop everytime
钢蛋我爱你 2 oy oldin
Jeremy Lin on court= hawks in the lead Trae young in court= enemy get lead back Lin gets back on court= try’s his best to catch up
Kan Cho
Kan Cho 2 oy oldin
Coach should place a player quick enough to interact with Lin as dual, so opponents unable to double team or hard foul Lin.
Ron Pal
Ron Pal 2 oy oldin
Veteran move, always drawing fouls, a top calibre... But Hawks is good in losing... :D
superbd 2 oy oldin
anyone see the +/- ? only Lin got +2 and all of the first team got -14, -15..........whats going on with this team? do they wanna win? and the coach seem just want Lin helping build a future team for the young players.....they are giving up the season.......for sure
Dhany Daniel
Dhany Daniel 2 oy oldin
superbd they paid to lose,except Lin. Thats why
Samsung Blues
Samsung Blues 2 oy oldin
Honda Verno aka G Man
Lin gotta stop being scared of the 3 ball. Bro if you're losing risk it all and go for the outside shots.
jdoteazy2 2 oy oldin
Probably records the game, then every commercial and halftime he edits the footage. Its easy lol
TheVisserthree 2 oy oldin
Lin really needs to shoot. Just mid-range 2 shoots would be enough. He has often a lot of space outside his layup range.
BBB T 2 oy oldin
Keep healthy Lin!
Aaron Chan
Aaron Chan 2 oy oldin
The only missing link that made Lin great back in Linsanity was his shooting from 3. He's just not a consistent triple threat. When you watch the highlights, it become predictable what he's gonna do. Run in hard looking for foul, layup or stop short for 2 point floater, if not he looks for the big man to pass to or dish it out to the open shooter. Jeremy's game is very simple and not complex, but he excels at it. If he had the 3 pointer down he would be way less predicable and have more weapons to score. He's not getting younger and going hard makes him more prone to injury, not to mention ref's callings are a tossup, NBA refs are the worst. Hoping he figures it out and becomes a starter or 6th man on a decent team, totally deserves it.
no further west
no further west 2 oy oldin
Jeremy you're good but not great. I hope you can become great. Improve your shooting. Do what Curry does, follow his training and prep.
monzred 2 oy oldin
They must hate Lin he picks up so much fouls of them ahaha
Truth Rock
Truth Rock 2 oy oldin
Jeremy LIn starts to make 3s not drive in. Please shoot 3s and make those. You were better 3pt shooter during linsanity.
Shuo Zhou
Shuo Zhou 2 oy oldin
He deserves starter....
mike anp
mike anp 2 oy oldin
when Trey goes in the the Nets got the lead, also the reason why they lost to Raptors
A55tech 2 oy oldin
lost to Toronto by 1 shot and get blown out by Nets...
wiredjawz 2 oy oldin
There are approximately 50 viewers that give all Jeremy Lin Highlights the thumbs down on Speed of Lin videos. They need to get a life and get off this channel. Thanks SOL for the quick uploads!
Vendrix 2 oy oldin
do you record and edit as the game is going on? lol
JJay479 2 oy oldin
Vendrix I was thinking the same thing lol
許美人 2 oy oldin
Albin Lapuz
Albin Lapuz 2 oy oldin
One of the worst thing can happen to a great NBA player is to be in the wrong team. Is it possible that Jeremy Lin is the man at the wrong team or at a wrong coach? Can you think or named a great NBA player being in the wrong team or a wrong coach? I stand to be corrected.
ninjacow 2 oy oldin
Wait, isn't that one of the big talking points about Anthony Davis this season? Plus Steve Nash is HOF without a ring due to the talent around him.
Czeal Tamahawk
Czeal Tamahawk 2 oy oldin
Lin needs to learn how to pass the damn ball.
1132jack 2 oy oldin
Jeremy excels in passing. It's one of his strengths. It was an awkward game. He was kept off balanced with all those fouls and close encounters handling the ball tonight. Coming off the bench he still managed to score 16 point. Lin was decent. He missed a few shots. Could have played better. But he did good. The team didn't look too good in the fourth. They lost.
Willy Deatheatter
Czeal Tamahawk did u watch the entire game? His teammates are so shit that they even keep driving and fail instead of moving the ball except carter. Look at the sorry Young, he kept shooting and shooting like a kid. How many assists are wasted by these guys? Can’t even imagine his teammates will miss the easy dunk and easy drives. What’s the point of playing in such a poor team? Lin just needs to keep shooting and find his rhythm and prove himself enough to b in a contender team.
te 2 oy oldin
Fuck Carmelo
sandy hu
sandy hu 2 oy oldin
他们都很针对lin 的上篮,他的上篮对对手来说这么可怕
色魔雄 2 oy oldin
Go to China play CBA
Jose Labrador
Jose Labrador 2 oy oldin
Lin go to piston
yosefwiizard 2 oy oldin
Otw.. road to victory.. on the other team.. Lin..
TheBigGreatMan 2 oy oldin
Jeremy Lin needs to change his playing style. He can’t keep driving towards and attacking the basket more often, he needs to shoot more 3s. This is why D’Rose is shooting nearly 50% from 3 on par with Steph Curry or Klay Thompson because he realise that he needs to drive less and shoot more 3s otherwise he’ll keep tearing his ACL, Meniscus, achilles or other parts of his legs. This is why Jeremy crashed his patella tendon last year against the pacers. This is also the reason why Gordan Hayward broke his leg against the cavs.
pounde hande
pounde hande 2 oy oldin
if he was a great point guard ge would have adapt but he lost it even during knicks year, the steals ,the 3's from downtown, the iq to the rim, he has become a snake bitting his own back, always playin the same way, didnt had any tech to his style, didnt jump higher, and i bet that even on a playground he cant show to street players
mirty dustard
mirty dustard 2 oy oldin
0/5 from 3 in this game.
Luyen Vu
Luyen Vu 2 oy oldin
Good observation my man.
Joshua Paul Lim
Joshua Paul Lim 2 oy oldin
TheBigGreatMan You absolutely has a point but JLin high IQ as a PG and as a playmaker makes his playing style effective. Letting his instinct do his thing whether driving to the basket or be a decoy to attract defender in attacking the basket or hesitating to drive and making a fade-away shot instead. Though no fear., I think he’s more careful now, making sure whenever he drive to the basket not to land so much on 1 foot...Let’s just hope he’ll be traded to play-off team contender and continue to play consistently with less turnovers...
charly mags
charly mags 2 oy oldin
Whatever play lin will do is useless..this should not be his team...Whatever reason hawks as of now is to be done.. nba drama is real...a play within a play, american way.. no explanation, no solution it's the institution...oOo
Jason Wang
Jason Wang 2 oy oldin
He needs to pass off that pick and roll to reward his big guy
Shannon Tan
Shannon Tan 2 oy oldin
problem with the hawks is that it has no sustaining strength and problem to last the entire game ; fizzled out most of the time especially from the fourth quarters and that is the main reason for its many losses . they do have many good players not just jeremy lin ..got to play as a team
johan tan
johan tan 2 oy oldin
Really fastly upload So love this channel You are the real fan of linsanity and i love u
XIAO CHENG 2 oy oldin
I just want to know What was Vince going
Topher Ahrens
Topher Ahrens 2 oy oldin
Starts jeremy : drops 20 points 9 assists in a close game with number 2 in East The next day Goes back to hurter starting: blows a 19 point lead to number 7 in the east.
Hubris Bloviated
Hubris Bloviated 2 oy oldin
430 commentator says not a foul....clearly a foul
James Ly
James Ly 2 oy oldin
Lin played aggressively this game as he should every game.
Chua Szeyan
Chua Szeyan 2 oy oldin
Nba these days is so soft.
傅哲 2 oy oldin
高光最多就是呈現一個球員的數據面向而已,像書豪這種打控球後衛的更難用高光去單純評估表現,真的要看整場比賽才能比較了解 今天他確實命中率不好,但因為是背靠背比賽,加上籃網是打快球風的隊伍,全隊能維持正常命中率的也只有Collins;然而書豪本場防守端一樣是高水準,抄截干擾卡位造進犯都有做到(老鷹除了書豪,沒有後衛能夠在防守端做這麼好的,因為防守很花體力和功夫,而且數據很難顯示)但這些高光很少會顯示出來 今天籃網上半場拼命加快節奏就是要消耗老鷹的體力,而他們也成功了:第三第四節老鷹出手幾乎都沒力,所以書豪今天大概有五次以上的助攻都沒了,隊友投不進只好自己來,但因為賽程安排影響體力,所以效果也不大 NBA比賽外行看熱鬧,專業會考慮各種因素再評估-我自己只能算半個業餘球迷,但比賽看了一段時間也知道能夠打進這個聯盟的球員都不是泛泛之輩,能夠撐五年以上的球員都有其特長,不是某些球迷膚淺的以為他今天數據不好就是個廢物 請不要把自己的價值觀強加在書豪的比賽上,書豪沒有義務要討好任何人,他對籃球有自己一套規劃和看法;如果因為看到書豪表現不好而心情很差的人,請不要再看他比賽了,何必讓自己生活過得這麼辛苦呢?
Joseph Gasapo
Joseph Gasapo 2 oy oldin
+lahm Phillip yeah me on your mom too for seven whole nights, xd
lahm Phillip
lahm Phillip 2 oy oldin
Joseph Gasapo i just shoot ur mom whole night,xd
Joseph Gasapo
Joseph Gasapo 2 oy oldin
and also chinghong nipnong to you young lady.
liu chang
liu chang 2 oy oldin
楊勳 2 oy oldin
老鷹其實是不想贏球 跟太陽比墊底換籤
fturla 2 oy oldin
The Brooklyn Nets did a lot better at crowding the paint then Toronto did. If you look at the Hawks stats alone, you could tell that the Nets covered the paint well, and they hindered perimeter shooting too. I'm impressed that Brooklyn has improved a lot since last year with their defense, and I wouldn't be surprised if they sneaked into the playoff picture. This was a grindy (not gritty) game where Atlanta needed more defense to win this one.
HENRY XIAO 2 oy oldin
Lead every time and lose in the end.....
Rick Leung
Rick Leung 2 oy oldin
I know Jeremy wants to be aggressive to his old team, but he tensed up a bit too much which causes him to miss shots.
FX Daemon
FX Daemon 2 oy oldin
Has JLin style of playing changed ?? Seems to be slowing down in the D almost like hesitant with where is going next and has been like this for many games
proxima centauri
proxima centauri 2 oy oldin
just preserving himself i guess. Not worth giving all if your coach dont want to win.
My Saviour Lives
My Saviour Lives 2 oy oldin
Lin needs more 3 points
yidiandianpang 2 oy oldin
Kama Jiu-jitsu
Kama Jiu-jitsu 2 oy oldin
+MrBestard He thinks praying to his White Man God will heal his injuries. So far i'm surprise he hasnt soul his soul to the devil for better results.
MrBestard 2 oy oldin
Yes, his approach is bad, his body is taking a toll. And he is getting older every year.
My Saviour Lives
My Saviour Lives 2 oy oldin
The way he plays will cause him injuries
Ruoyu Li
Ruoyu Li 2 oy oldin
Atlantis hawks
Massive Action
Massive Action 2 oy oldin
Alright hawks I need yall to tank so we can get a shot at Zion Williamson
RobT89 2 oy oldin
Lin shot 5/18 and 0/5 from 3 which is pretty uncharacteristic and bad
楊久德 2 oy oldin
soe moe Nyein
soe moe Nyein 2 oy oldin
I don't have the vegans one but I have the organic Morrocan oils, will that work?
oxhsun 2 oy oldin
as one said , Hawks try so hard to lose
Pooh Bear JZ
Pooh Bear JZ 2 oy oldin
Your upload speed is god tier my friend
Roy Lee
Roy Lee 2 oy oldin
so many fouls toward Lin
yosefwiizard 2 oy oldin
Somehow.. lin is not injured yet..
Ngian Littlegay
Ngian Littlegay 2 oy oldin
Are u leaving in the future? Lol
Eddie Sille
Eddie Sille 2 oy oldin
That whiteguy is a Hack
Dee 2 oy oldin
They're not winning cause they're tanking. Cmon now guise.
J Song
J Song 2 oy oldin
Young-15 Lin+2
2 oy oldin
J Song Trae is trash
Mick Funny
Mick Funny 2 oy oldin
J Song Trae is trash
蘇裕民 2 oy oldin
Runkai Ji
Runkai Ji 2 oy oldin
hawks sucks,leave this team
Ricky Chao
Ricky Chao 2 oy oldin
ALLEN08570857 2 oy oldin
James Yu
James Yu 2 oy oldin
Ricky Chao he’s the only one who got +2 on hawks
rdchen1124 2 oy oldin
身為一個控衛 很難持球時間少吧 一場比賽輸了 你怎麼會去怪替補控衛
Gino Huang
Gino Huang 2 oy oldin
Ricky Chao 他已经做了自己该做的了!别看太多这种highlight!多了解比赛!分数是young在场的时候被追回来的!
QQ 2 oy oldin
The more I watch the Hawks, the more it becomes evident that the individual players are not among the league's brightest, including, at times, like tonight, Lin. Just as sharpness is contagious, dimness also is, and when the team starts thinking lethargically, it spreads quickly. NBA is the top league in the world, and just to even get there, you gotta be pretty bright (in basketball terms), so no one, for the most part, in the NBA is "dumb," per se. That said, it's relative, and within this elite-level league, there are especially bright (again, in BB terms) players (Curry, LeBron, D. Green, Iguodala, et al.) and not so bright players, and this team, on the whole, is comprised of not the brightest of the bunch. This limits their potential upside. At least as important as athleticism to truly excel is smarts - probably more so - (along with skills, toughness, competitiveness, etc.) and the Hawks have an obvious dearth. Lin, as well, can be baited into making bad decisions - such as dumb, lazy passes - and, along with the rest of the team (sans Collins, who has been impressive frequently) making thoughtless, inopportune decisions and plays, the team completely imploded in the second half tonight.
JJay479 2 oy oldin
well said..they keep relying on the same person to drive the basket or make the 3’s, needs more diversity!
Jerry Liu
Jerry Liu 2 oy oldin
Well said
fturla 2 oy oldin
The Nets defensive coverage was far superior to Atlanta's. Along with the failure of the Hawks' point guards to pass well, the Nets cruised to a win on this game. Two things are killing the Hawks that are obvious and makes the Vegas betting line appropriate. They are playing a tough schedule at the moment, so the team is tired. The rotation and defense of Atlanta's aren't much of a worry for the top teams so putting in a little more effort that is passing tears the defense apart easily. Also, note that at least three players on Atlanta's frontcourt are unavailable so why not take advantage of that fact on the Nets side.
Justin Khoa Nguyen
Lin don’t deserve to lose :(
Asmobia 2 oy oldin
Jeremy plays 28 minutes, with a +2 in a game losing 16 points. He needs better teammates.
no further west
no further west 2 oy oldin
proxima centauri why not compare with curry? Curry figured out how to be great as an undersized player. Lin is similar, he is good at exploiting open spaces but Lin’s physical style also is making him more prone to injury. I know and this is just one game, even jokic just went 0-5 from 3 yet had a triple double. So it’s all relative. But I feel Lin believes he can carry a team and he can’t. He thinks he’s curry. Lin’s on par with curry on short range and layup but need to get 3 pt. Look at curry he improved every year through strategic training. He didn’t enter the league as best shooter.
proxima centauri
proxima centauri 2 oy oldin
+no further west dude you need to watch more basketball love lin but dont compare him to curry lmao. this is a back to back game after Raptors, one of the best team. Also, Nets is very familiar with how he play they know to trap him on pnr.
StUpidP0seRS 2 oy oldin
no further west lmao he’s just another delusional Lin fan. I love Lin and feel he’s under-appreciated and underrated (by non-LoFs) but for some reason his fans can’t wrap their head around the fact that he’s playing on a team trying to tank. He’ll be traded to a playoff team I hope, many teams could use his skillset and vet presence
mirty dustard
mirty dustard 2 oy oldin
It's almost like he's playing on a young team that was built to get a high draft pick
no further west
no further west 2 oy oldin
+greg heffley ok well 55% then
Andrew Guo
Andrew Guo 2 oy oldin
fastest things on earth: 5. Speed of light 4. MVP Derrick Rose 3. De'Aaron Fox 2. Jeremy Lin 1. Speed of Lin's upload speed
ichka odko
ichka odko 2 oy oldin
+CHIU 0 westbrook even said that who is derrick rose
Max Lee
Max Lee 2 oy oldin
Lights Eyedea
Lights Eyedea 2 oy oldin
A Rose can bloom twice
tao dizzle
tao dizzle 2 oy oldin
CHIU 0 2 oy oldin
But Westbrook said that he's faster
IP Daily
IP Daily 2 oy oldin
Lin be producing game in game out, never complains. Love the work ethic
2 oy oldin
hey IP MAN😀
Jae Park
Jae Park 2 oy oldin
you can see Lin wanted to spank them..too bad they were not giving him calls at all...some were really blatant
Paolo Gregor Tuazon
That’s what he get for being asian in the US. The US has always been bias against asians and always look at them as inferior and just jesters to them.
2 oy oldin
again and again
2 oy oldin
Rocky Nguyen
Rocky Nguyen 2 oy oldin
Jeremy Lin needs to add more finnese in his game
Doggy 246810
Doggy 246810 2 oy oldin
Jeremy lin is a more refined version of lonzo ball
pounde hande
pounde hande 2 oy oldin
he lost everythin in the rockets playin with harden the " flop" must not be that good
Jae Park
Jae Park 2 oy oldin
please dont compare Lin to that overrated bust
M.Y. Niqqa
M.Y. Niqqa 2 oy oldin
The only thing Lonzo does better is defend and part of that is because he is taller and longer
Doggy 246810
Doggy 246810 2 oy oldin
+exousia2002 Yea I know that. Literally Jeremy copied Steve Nash's dribbling style. I was just saying Lonzo could learn a thing or two watching the way Jeremy drives into the paint and finishes around the rim
Alex Shih
Alex Shih 2 oy oldin
Don't mention lonzo in front Lin ok? Lonzo is nothing
I did something to my hair
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