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Jhené Aiko feat. Kurupt -Never Call Me (Slauson Hills Edition)

Jhené Aiko
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Music video by Jhené Aiko featuring Kurupt performing Never Call Me.
© 2018 2 Fish, LLC / ArtClub International, LLC / Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




20-Mar, 2018



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James Butler
James Butler 2 soat oldin
that nigga gotti drunk asf 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rainy Daiz
Rainy Daiz 18 soat oldin
K a hoe super hoe
Kendrick Prejéan
Wow she is so beautiful!! And so talented! Her voice is something amazing
Davona Scott
Davona Scott Kun oldin
I wish I can like this a million times and more.... love jhene 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Puffball_ Dree12
The beat makes me feel devastated 🙍🏾‍♀️
African Al
African Al Kun oldin
Tina Williams
Tina Williams 2 kun oldin
I keep coming back this my shit🔥
Miss Neena Gee
Miss Neena Gee 3 kun oldin
So prettyyy , love ur voice ❤
Trisha Echual
Trisha Echual 3 kun oldin
asian squat 1:12
ac43childz 12 soat oldin
Vie T
Vie T 4 kun oldin
Baby what's your number?
Vie T
Vie T 4 kun oldin
What's ur number?
Cowboy Asimov
Cowboy Asimov 4 kun oldin
[LYRICS] Oh boy, I'ma have to call them boys on you Aw damn, aw damn, I'ma have to call that man on you Something, something, something must be really wrong with you Why can you just tell the fuckin' truth now? Yes your mama did, she raised a fool, wow What the fuck did you learn in that school house? To chasin' thrills, takin' pills in the hills Slauson Hills, Overhills might get you killed And I won't come 'round them parts no more Do not run your mouth no more I can't protect you no more It's out of my hands for sure You should've called me Why you never call me? Why you never call me? Oh, you should've called me Why you never call me? Why you never call me? Oh Okay, now you wanna say all that I done to ya You knew all along that I wasn't the one for you So let's stop pretending like we were in love We never shared anything but the drugs We were both numb, never had anything real between us We really must Smoking that crazy shit, in my city talkin' crazy shit But you ain't know I'm a crazy bitch And tell your lawyer that I ain't paying shit Maybe you should chill, really in your feels My bros really in the field Neighborhood is really real and they don't play that here You shouldn't say that here You should've made it clear, my dear You should've called me You should've called me Why you never call me? Why you never call me? Oh, you should've called me Why you never call me? Oh You, you, you, you You should've called me You, you, you, you Oh, oh You, you, you, you You should've called me You, you, you, you Now hey sis, I'ma let you know like this Hit me right back, this Kurupt, okay? All these niggas with this bullshit, man, fuck these niggas mayne The 60's, we ain't worried bout none of these muthafuckin' bustas Ya understand me? From Overhill to the fronts to the back mayne We pushin' this line d'nine So don't worry 'bout none of this shit from these funny ass niggas Don't worry 'bout him callin' you and all the rest of that shit You know what? It's his lost, ya know what I'm sayin'? I'm pretty p'd I heard the homie, the homie called me and was like "Man Jhene trippin, man this buster ass nigga got her mind fucked up" I'm like "No no Jhene" Man fuck that nigga mayne Nene, you hit me I got you, you understand me? These niggas is busters, fuck that nigga and fuck his friends, and fuck his bitch He's nothin my nigga, you are the one, everyone else is 2's and 3's You're the one, I love you, make sure you hit me back This is your big brother, you hear me? This is Kurupt, Gotti Ay, call me as soon as you get this, you hear me? Don't make me call your mama now, I'll track you down
TV TheBlackMugen
TV TheBlackMugen 4 kun oldin
When she hit that Yooouiououuu” boy my soul snatched. Goosebumps I swear. I wish I had louder headphones.
splenetic inraged
splenetic inraged 4 kun oldin
Thank god I'm a 90's child. Music today sucks!
Choncie Mills
Choncie Mills 4 kun oldin
feel like he my big brother too!
Jovanaa Martinezz
Jovanaa Martinezz 4 kun oldin
roasting fax
roasting fax 5 kun oldin
still tryna figure out who this diss is too
Sin Williams
Sin Williams 5 kun oldin
Many years. Damn Kurupt
Jessicka Dugger
Jessicka Dugger 5 kun oldin
Jhene fa life! Never gets old
Eazy Vibezz
Eazy Vibezz 5 kun oldin
Dope Track
Mr Kringe
Mr Kringe 6 kun oldin
That trip album still bumps
Matt Mitchell
Matt Mitchell 6 kun oldin
thank you jhene beautiful song as usual
Ava Williams
Ava Williams 7 kun oldin
I wish my brothers gave a damn about me like this lol
Londons_legacy 7 kun oldin
Jhené, please listen to your big brother. They always look out for us. ♥️ love from Cole World ❄️🌏
Lunamaria 7 kun oldin
Absolute garbage... RIP black community
alicia Millogo
alicia Millogo 7 kun oldin
2019 ❤
Duke Bonecello
Duke Bonecello 7 kun oldin
Wait!?!?! She dissing who I think she is?!?! What happened? When?
Diondra Jenkins
Diondra Jenkins 7 kun oldin
Boo went off top 5 songs by her
djj quality
djj quality 7 kun oldin
3:09 till the end is so peaceful and chill give off a summer vibe 🤟🏾✨💯
Walabeatz 7 kun oldin
She must be talkin bout Big Sean!!!!!
Cray Zee
Cray Zee 7 kun oldin
Her brother is a real one! ✊🏾 Shout out to him! ‼️👏🏾
Xenia Acosta
Xenia Acosta 7 kun oldin
Hard 🔥🔥
Sittin Pretti
Sittin Pretti 7 kun oldin
Jhene got her brother dad and sister in this video love it
Josan Powell
Josan Powell 8 kun oldin
Still beat tho
mdotschrody 8 kun oldin
Twitter sent me here. I'm in love with "tell your lawyer I ain't paying shit." Real.
kimberly jauregui
kimberly jauregui 8 kun oldin
Lame. Why do these grown people keep writing about high school type stuff ? Pathetic music sucks now a days .
Janae Young
Janae Young 8 kun oldin
Can i just meet her already! 😒😩
Brianne B
Brianne B 8 kun oldin
Her sister Mila J with the fried chicken though 😂
DaeJa Shaw
DaeJa Shaw 8 kun oldin
I love the one with her asian headgear
other Rocko
other Rocko 8 kun oldin
Man so nobody think Jhene might be the reason all her relationships suck? Niggas: Damn she fine Bitches: Damn she fine and her songs have my soul Me: Something don’t add up here.
Nanette Hernandez
Nanette Hernandez 8 kun oldin
Twitter brought me here
Bill Bryant
Bill Bryant 8 kun oldin
Joelles 8 kun oldin
. Period
lorraine mutasa
lorraine mutasa 8 kun oldin
love this shittt man
Karmen Danielle
Karmen Danielle 8 kun oldin
sacvuvgefuis 8 kun oldin
I knew she was 60s😂😂😂😂
Adreanna Renova
Adreanna Renova 8 kun oldin
PritikaGrg17 9 kun oldin
Raul 10 kun oldin
I hope Jhene has a song with Nipsey or Dom K in her new album #West$ide 🌴
TheFlY ENT 10 kun oldin
Beautiful family, even more beautiful voice... Good to hear soothing jazzy soulful music in this trendy time's of present. Hope her n her fine ass sister's sell a shit ton of record's n stay putting cali on the map... Coming from Michigan luv!!!
chesweetie2015 11 kun oldin
“Everyone else is 2’s and 3’s...you’re the 1.”
ZayZay12 11 kun oldin
what’s that lightskin girl with the black shirt instagram 😍?
C Kuro
C Kuro 11 kun oldin
she is so fine
Nakieya Miller
Nakieya Miller 11 kun oldin
Why you never call me 😭??
Very millennial. Very internet-ish.
Risitos Mios
Risitos Mios 11 kun oldin
Sara Smith
Sara Smith 11 kun oldin
This song is real AF.
Genesis Dockery
Genesis Dockery 11 kun oldin
Erika Maxpane
Erika Maxpane 12 kun oldin
Everyone in the video is a mood/ and beautiful💕
Shanelle Lizette
Shanelle Lizette 12 kun oldin
This was posted on my gday
Diamond A. Washington
She's Back!
Milani Tucker
Milani Tucker 13 kun oldin
I love Jhene she put you in your feelings like drake always a vibe 💜💖💜💖💜
Deidra Luckey
Deidra Luckey 14 kun oldin
"don't make me call ya mama now ill track ya down" 😂😅
Utfutvhjg Guhb
Utfutvhjg Guhb 14 kun oldin
My wife always acting out sorry y'all
FBG Flex
FBG Flex 14 kun oldin
This song something crazy in a clean house low light burning a lil sumn and ice cold patron over lemonade and ice. Man. 🤦🏽‍♀️
La Sharwn Chappel
La Sharwn Chappel 15 kun oldin
Go hard *20019*
V 0
V 0 16 kun oldin
Jhené's awesome on every track!
Caleb Glover
Caleb Glover 16 kun oldin
Wolfheart 49
Wolfheart 49 17 kun oldin
The dude talking at the end is the best
KingaBinga 2755
KingaBinga 2755 17 kun oldin
Kurupt reminding us facts ...
PJ's Replay
PJ's Replay 18 kun oldin
The video is too 🔥
Sabrina Tavares
Sabrina Tavares 18 kun oldin
This song gets me into my feelings every time i hear it. Jhene' Aiko got a bright future ahead of her
Young Reezy
Young Reezy 19 kun oldin
Ayeee wverybody in this video lol love Jhene 💗
BIG BRAIN MUSIC 19 kun oldin
Ahmed Stanley
Ahmed Stanley 21 kun oldin
This going piss some people off but I'm bumping the Chineese Aaliyah ish 🔥🔥🔥asf!
Danielle Please *save the humans*
Pisces are from another planet all before their time 💯
Harold Taylor
Harold Taylor 22 kun oldin
I'm just here to see Kurupt.
Mike Spector
Mike Spector 22 kun oldin
I don't know why my wifey mad and I don't need your money all I WANTED WAS "YOU" always jumping to conclusions. 😑😶🍜
Keith Washington
Keith Washington 22 kun oldin
Only star crush I will admit to
SippingTea WithKingg
This whole video is the shit I love aiko ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Asia Garrett
Asia Garrett 23 kun oldin
I love how she has her family in here, her and Mila look beautiful as always 😭.
Mister Jackson
Mister Jackson 23 kun oldin
Keepin the video just to remind me of l.a. Without having to go back, sorta😃...Real views.
Leyan T
Leyan T 23 kun oldin
Where did she get her shirt
Kayla Bolar
Kayla Bolar 25 kun oldin
💜 love this song. Lol y’all should go show love to kaynpeezie UZvid page 😝
Tamara Mariah
Tamara Mariah 25 kun oldin
mila j x jhene aiko xx
jay 207
jay 207 25 kun oldin
kurupt i feel him he is talking to all of us
Honey Hunni
Honey Hunni 25 kun oldin
She killed this ..
Cheimaa Youb
Cheimaa Youb 25 kun oldin
Where is her friend Chrissy from the video comfort inn
Aires Muchope
Aires Muchope 26 kun oldin
Gigi D
Gigi D 27 kun oldin
Okay but Miyoko>>>
amourlashai 27 kun oldin
Jhene is living her best life in this video. 😂
pbaby southside leg.
Call me ahhhhhhhhh
Imani Yancy
Imani Yancy 29 kun oldin
Kia Douglas
Kia Douglas Oy oldin
My nigga dom Kennedy in the cut !! 😎😎
Katie Husen
Katie Husen Oy oldin
Jeanette Parker
Yezzzzzzzz my shit💗💗💗💗💗
Christina Brown
Jhene is a vibe, a breath of fresh air and allat🎶💖🌺
Sarah Sanchez
Sarah Sanchez Oy oldin
I love that her family is in this!! 😍
Shade Bhadmus
Shade Bhadmus Oy oldin
We all need a big brother like Kurupt!
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