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Jhené Aiko feat. Kurupt -Never Call Me (Slauson Hills Edition)

Jhené Aiko
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Music video by Jhené Aiko featuring Kurupt performing Never Call Me.
© 2018 2 Fish, LLC / ArtClub International, LLC / Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




20-Mar, 2018



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al bundy
al bundy 5 soat oldin
She got the whole hood envolve😈😈
Thovan Maulana
Thovan Maulana 12 soat oldin
YASSSSSSS ma'am ur chilllll #fromindonesian
Christin K
Christin K 2 kun oldin
this was about sean. I can't believe we didn't see that coming.
Yari Dodi
Yari Dodi 2 kun oldin
I love your song
jennifer Martinez
jennifer Martinez 2 kun oldin
I can totally relate to this song because I can feel pain of this song ...😇 I’m not gonna lie this song totally hurts because I totally know what it’s about and who it’s about... please forgive me.... I’m extremely sorry forgive me Jhene I’m sorry
real Me
real Me 2 kun oldin
i love all of your songs in i love you so much cussing
Charles  A. McCall-Lipsey
This woman is so beautiful! How could someone fuck that up.
Benin Badyal
Benin Badyal 3 kun oldin
I finally get it now. Someone finally calls her at the end.
le monde de chéréfié le monde de chéréfié
Love from America ✊🏾❤️
Emancipated Host
Emancipated Host 3 kun oldin
I'm so sick of all this ghetto shit
Earnestine Cole
Earnestine Cole 3 kun oldin
"Jhene a Barbie doll bitch and Mila J Iz too..... " #Love gangsta Bitchez
Jermaine Lester
Jermaine Lester 4 kun oldin
She's really got the sause......💪💪💪💪💪
Jermaine Lester
Jermaine Lester 4 kun oldin
I'm hooked
Desirae Umehea
Desirae Umehea 4 kun oldin
My mom 1:10 - 1:25
Drewkeyz562 v
Drewkeyz562 v 4 kun oldin
Vibing out on a Friday
jonas smith
jonas smith 4 kun oldin
invade compton you PESSENT will see
jonas smith
jonas smith 4 kun oldin
wow american artist not machine me ones i am dumbfounded 1:54 in sweden we have a new inventions ELECTRICK CARD
Bethani Beasley
Bethani Beasley 5 kun oldin
She looks hella pretty in here😍😍
Plain Jane
Plain Jane 5 kun oldin
Arnaud Sebire
Arnaud Sebire 5 kun oldin
Jhene aiko real Goddess damnnn
Official Terna
Official Terna 6 kun oldin
" You Should Of Called Me , Why You Never Call Me " 🙃
TheRareKind559 6 kun oldin
So nobody gonna slam Jhene for using a youtube beat? but was on logic helmet smh😂😂
AnTione Tha Don
AnTione Tha Don 6 kun oldin
Big Homie Kurupt 3:09
parijuana1 7 kun oldin
Angel Riley
Angel Riley 7 kun oldin
A real artist is someone who gives recognition to they hood and never forget where they grew up she a real one 🌗💪🏾👌🏾
uwuseokie 8 kun oldin
Whoever does her like this must be loser
Jamol Burton
Jamol Burton 8 kun oldin
wat a cut tho👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Azir Kurtisi
Azir Kurtisi 9 kun oldin
such a beautiful girl and voice
GMA Honcho
GMA Honcho 9 kun oldin
g she so bad its crazy
Sally Hynes
Sally Hynes 10 kun oldin
what a beautiful women, so much respect and appreciation 👌
elgirasol 10 kun oldin
that’s homie’s LIFE💀💀 he playin a dangerous game...
PrincessAmandaTV 10 kun oldin
In my city talking crazy sh!t
PrincessAmandaTV 10 kun oldin
You're the one. Everyone else is 2s and 3s😉😁😁😁
bruno nestas
bruno nestas 10 kun oldin
So let's not pretend that we were in love, we never shared anything but the drugs We were both numb, never had anything real between us I don't ever wanna hear those words being said to me unless she is singing like Jhene Aiko
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Do not subscribe to me I’m doing the 0 video 0 subscriber challenge I’ll winnn well if I get a really high amount of subscriber I’ll have to the 100 regret challenge( like do stuff I’ll regret) 😐😐😐
Camryn Jade
Camryn Jade 10 kun oldin
Every fucking thing about this video is perfect. She is magical!!!!
Harpie Elitist
Harpie Elitist 10 kun oldin
yeah cause we rr bring bac a hodd n rin bing salty da lite sin k brad really kno nething kirk wants well no all female roster no
shinyjewelsz 10 kun oldin
Ain't that Lauren London at :40?
Natalie's 11 kun oldin
Natalie's 11 kun oldin
Acrylic manicure.Green lime colour antivirus.Aiko very sexy and hardworking.
Susie Bear33
Susie Bear33 11 kun oldin
why's this pretty woman surrounded by so many DUSTY BLACK MALE APES ugh!
P0k3D0nd3M4cG 2 kun oldin
Because you're a racist pos.
eschelar 11 kun oldin
That's one bitter chick. You shoulda called me... IF these guys don't want ya babe, plenty of more worthy cats out there. On the other hand, if you keep going for the same guy and having the same result, perhaps the guys aren't the real problem?
Lexi Salazar
Lexi Salazar 12 kun oldin
Kurupts call makes me so damn emotional.. like whyy
Jre Z
Jre Z 12 kun oldin
Jaqueline Chavarria Moreno
for the dead homies....
Menoli Wingyi
Menoli Wingyi 13 kun oldin
by the way i like her outfit
Rimz SA
Rimz SA 13 kun oldin
This right here hits home... Jhene too smooth, she a pure dime
Ms Robinson
Ms Robinson 13 kun oldin
Trina Perez
Trina Perez 14 kun oldin
Alyssa Makeup
Alyssa Makeup 14 kun oldin
some fine ass men on here... dammnnn
Tekoah Johnson
Tekoah Johnson 15 kun oldin
That woooo part gets me every time!!
Divine Enegry
Divine Enegry 15 kun oldin
She so underrated man! Her music so 🔥🔥🔥
Nicki Minaj QUEEN
Nicki Minaj QUEEN 15 kun oldin
My favourite Song👑Yass queen Jhene👑👍💙👑👍👍😘💕💙💙💖💖💙💙💙😘❤❤❤❤😘💙💙💕💕💕💕💕💕💞💞💝💝💖💖💖💖💋💋💋❤💙💙❤💋💋💆💆💆💆💆💆💆💙💙💙💙💙💙💕💕💕💕💕😍💋💖💖💖💖💖💖💞💞💙💙😘👍😘👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Ella Lista
Ella Lista 16 kun oldin
Verse 1] Oh boy, I'ma have to call them boys on you Awe damn, awe damn, I'ma have to call that man on you Something, something, something must be really wrong with you Why can't you just tell the fuckin' truth now? Yes your mama did, she raised a fool, wow What the fuck did you learn in that schoolhouse? Chasing girls to chasin' thrills Takin' pills in the hills, Slauson Hills, Overhills might get you killed And I won't come 'round them parts no more Do not run your mouth no more I can't protect you no more It's out of my hands for sure [Chorus] You should've called me Why you never call me? Why you never call me? Ohh, you should've called me Why you never call me? Why you never call me? Ohh.. [Verse 2] Okay, now you wanna say all that I done to ya You knew all along that I wasn't the one for you So let's stop pretending like we were in love We never shared anything but the drugs We were both numb, never had anything real between us You really must Be smoking that crazy shit, in my city talkin' crazy shit But you ain't know I'm a crazy bitch And tell your lawyer that I ain't paying shit Maybe you should chill, really in your feels My bros really in the field Neighborhood is really real and they don't play that here You shouldn't say that here You should've made it clear, my dear You should've called me [Chorus] You should've called me Why you never call me? Why you never call me? Ohh, you should've called me Why you never call me? Ohh.. You, you, you, you You should've called me You, you, you, you Ohh, oh.. You, you, you, you You should've called me You, you, you, you [Outro: Kurupt] Now hey sis, I'ma let you know like this Hit me right back, this Kurupt, okay? All these niggas with this bullshit, man, fuck these niggas mayne The 60's, we ain't worried bout none of these muthafuckin' bustas Ya understand me? From the Overhill to the fronts to the back mayne We pushin' this line to d'nine So don't worry 'bout none of this shit from this funny ass nigga Don't worry 'bout him callin' you and all the rest of that shit You know what? It's his lost, ya know what I'm sayin'? I'm pretty p'd I heard the homie, the homie called me and was like "Man Jhené trippin, man this buster ass nigga got her mind fucked up" I'm like "No not Jhené" Man fuck that nigga mayne Né-né, you hit me I got you, you understand me? These niggas is busters, fuck that nigga and fuck his friends, and his bitch He's nothin my nigga, you are the one, everyone else is 2's and 3's You're the one, I love you, make sure you hit me back This is your big brother, you hear me? This is Kurupt, Gotti Aye, call me as soon as you get this, you hear me? Don't make me call your mama now, I'll track you down
Angel Of Death
Angel Of Death 16 kun oldin
Idk whats better the song or her beauty ❤
ALISEA SKEVAS 17 kun oldin
Love her so much.... her music was what helped me when I woke up from a coma...
Karen Garcia
Karen Garcia 17 kun oldin
deshaun dozier
deshaun dozier 17 kun oldin
Never heard this until rt now. This shit hard
deshaun dozier
deshaun dozier 17 kun oldin
She fine
thetinman 18 kun oldin
I'm Down South but this West Coast shyt right here is DOPE! and damn jhene you're so fine! hell I'll call ya! LOL this sounds like some shyt where nigga's done waxed there car's Gal's just got there nails & hair did hitting the streets at dusk dark 2000 bros and sisters hanging out listening to this jam everyone;s chillin' nothing going down. everyone having a good time, cursing the streets, hitting that good shyt!
DarkshadowXD63 18 kun oldin
The slept on GOAT Krupt he's been slept on since the 90s
Slap Box Ya Mom
Slap Box Ya Mom 18 kun oldin
Kurupt must be broke
Rayshel Copeland
Rayshel Copeland 19 kun oldin
Just love that big brother talk at the end so inspirational such an up chick in a lift up straight up nobody could have put it better one love Jhene & Kurupt
Elvira Cabrera
Elvira Cabrera 20 kun oldin
Man my early morning vibe 😍🤗🤩💖💖2018
HiiiPower 20 kun oldin
i love this song and vid but if captain save a hoes was a cerial the box just got tipped allover this video
Santana 34
Santana 34 21 kun oldin
Shoulda called me...just sayin
Kayla Manigault
Kayla Manigault 21 kun oldin
Princess 22 kun oldin
So in love with this song.. it jus make me feel so good
banlarbi kamal
banlarbi kamal 22 kun oldin
here for kurupt........c-walk homie
Angelina Taveras Alejo
this song is for big sean ?
P0k3D0nd3M4cG 2 kun oldin
Her ex husband i believe
Sunflower Songs
Sunflower Songs 23 kun oldin
I don't have anybody in my life like Kurupt but that phonecall just sounded like it was for me tbh. Like Everytime I hear the song, it just comforts me in a weird way
harion biniam
harion biniam 23 kun oldin
russel hustle
Nazeree Garza
Nazeree Garza 23 kun oldin
I am going through a lot RN & this song helps me a lot. Everyone please keep me in your prayers.
Trinity Danboise
Trinity Danboise 23 kun oldin
Bro she is a kida a good singer but she is not
Imaani Steele
Imaani Steele 23 kun oldin
Sheila Hawkins
Sheila Hawkins 23 kun oldin
Lyric Lewis
Lyric Lewis 24 kun oldin
I feel like kurupt was talking to me
Bianca Polo
Bianca Polo 24 kun oldin
We have the same birthday !!
Maria Rita ॐ
Maria Rita ॐ 24 kun oldin
Good times with Leila
Such a vibe 🤩
Qunal Jackson
Qunal Jackson 25 kun oldin
The LoC's. #H60D♿
DarkSkinLove23 25 kun oldin
WHO would dislike this??
Look at Mila J! Thuggin!
Vittor MySellF
Vittor MySellF 25 kun oldin
listening this fucking song from Brazil, the best music ever
chamorro81 25 kun oldin
Beautiful lady
Prodajem Baklje
Prodajem Baklje 25 kun oldin
You shoulda call her.Shes a cutie.
Joe Fernandez
Joe Fernandez 25 kun oldin
privacyplease 26 kun oldin
i have been listening her since i was little......AND IM TEN AND A BROWN GIRL AND BORN IN WAUKEGAN ILLINOIS
Glenn Key West
Glenn Key West 26 kun oldin
Is she talkin bout Big Sean? 🤔
Taariq Hall
Taariq Hall 26 kun oldin
Taariq Hall
Taariq Hall 26 kun oldin
Because Kurupt really hits me with this. I need to hear this regularly because of things I’ve been through
Rebecca Marie Martinez Flores
Nena alisa
Nena alisa 26 kun oldin
Oh damn oh damn
Jamil Fox
Jamil Fox 26 kun oldin
I think the little chick is a crazy little bitch lol. Nope I'll pass.
Imani Bosworth
Imani Bosworth 27 kun oldin
Oh how much I love her. She's such an angel. Her music keeps a bitch going ❤️ I hope she's as happy as she makes her fans.
lee-yo wah-lee
lee-yo wah-lee 28 kun oldin
QueenJ. Snow
QueenJ. Snow 28 kun oldin
smoking some weed, high as fuck and hear this song, love at first listen. Jhene Aiko made a master-peace.
vGuapo vB
vGuapo vB 28 kun oldin
They was in the city! Like who don’t like LA this the place to be no place better than LA! And tht faaxx😂 I see nipsey all the time😂
Suave harris
Suave harris 29 kun oldin
😏 been a jhene aiko fan since the worst
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