Jhené Aiko's Ultimate Guide to Color Correcting | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Singer-songwriter Jhené Aiko's daytime makeup look is as sultry as her soulful music.

Filmed by Rebecca Fourteau
Filmed at InterContinental New York Barclay

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Jhené Aiko's Ultimate Guide to Color Correcting | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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17-Avg, 2018

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girlbye 14 soat oldin
Ugh I love her ❤️
Janice Azzopardi
her skin is flawless😍😍
Sammi Virk
Sammi Virk Kun oldin
my jaw dropped when she pulled out the L.A. Girl concealer
Shahira Hasan
Shahira Hasan Kun oldin
her brows are gorgeous
Jennifer Amaya
Jennifer Amaya Kun oldin
I love her! And her makeup!!!! 😍
Allana Lima
Allana Lima 2 kun oldin
She's soooo gorgeous ✨
AriWonder 2 kun oldin
Chastity Reena
Chastity Reena 3 kun oldin
Could someone tell me what the pencil is called that she’s using for her eyebrows ?
Aurora Lara
Aurora Lara 4 kun oldin
And they say nobody is perfect!! Jhene proved you wrong honey!❤️
asdfg1236395 5 kun oldin
How much longer Big Sean gone look at that gorgeous face and not propose ?? No rush tho
9ima Perry
9ima Perry 5 kun oldin
😍😍😍😍 Voice
stressed shnack
stressed shnack 7 kun oldin
What the heck this is the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen
shubhpreet nagra
shubhpreet nagra 7 kun oldin
It’s nice’s Using to much make up it messed’s your skin faces and ages people get older there it’s not going to look the same, the older they get it going to look bad
Star Aguirre
Star Aguirre 7 kun oldin
Tell me why she is so gorgeous😍❤
Bina Zubayraeva
Bina Zubayraeva 7 kun oldin
what setting powder she used?
Iahayra Zambrano
Iahayra Zambrano 8 kun oldin
Ugh those eyebrows 😍💗
neo217041 9 kun oldin
When I see her I think of groceries ;) some will not get this reference. Google it dont come at me internet thug.
Valkyriar the Blood Elf
She is so pretty holy
kml52690 10 kun oldin
She’s so relatable, seems like she’s your friend and not a celebrity.
Tiana Shepherd
Tiana Shepherd 11 kun oldin
I love her so much 😍😘❤️
WakeupGrandOwl 11 kun oldin
What a beauty! and I love her voice - seems like a down to earth person.
bryan rojas
bryan rojas 11 kun oldin
japanese emperess
Ella M
Ella M 12 kun oldin
her lashes are crazzzyyyy nice
Dien M
Dien M 12 kun oldin
ohhhhhhhhh my god she s this black asian Godess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god she's beautifuuuuuuuullllllll
I like Raman noodles
"they're sisters not twins" lmao how cute
Valeria Silva
Valeria Silva 13 kun oldin
Why is nobody talking about the fact that she blows to the brush (English is not my native language, so idk if "blow to the brush" makes sense) I loved her makeup, but it makes me so uncomfortable when she blows
Maegan Sang Tian
Maegan Sang Tian 13 kun oldin
She pronounces “concealer” like Laura Lee fkdndkddnk
Thursday xoxxxoooxo
Thursday xoxxxoooxo 13 kun oldin
She's so beautiful and absolutely gorgeous. She don't NEED no makeup.
Anamika Dutta
Anamika Dutta 13 kun oldin
Imagine being this gorgeous 💓
Mariz M
Mariz M 14 kun oldin
You are a Ball of emotions .. Love your music . 🎀
Luna J
Luna J 14 kun oldin
Omfg she’s perfect
Taylor Snead
Taylor Snead 15 kun oldin
shes like a beautiful alien
Ayu Dewanti
Ayu Dewanti 15 kun oldin
"Soooo~~" How could someone sounds so amazing while she's confused 😁
flower 15 kun oldin
offf i rlly want that dior lip gloss but it must be so expensive djfhsd any glucose daddies pls :(
marie francis
marie francis 15 kun oldin
I wish I knew what brushes she used 😑
Cookie T.
Cookie T. 16 kun oldin
She's like Pocahontas 😍
RubyOpheliaQuinn 16 kun oldin
This literally contained no colour correcting.
Karolina Emilija
Karolina Emilija 17 kun oldin
Do they film it at their houses using their phone? Or do they film it somewhere else with a professional camera? :)) I hope that makes sense haha
brandi v
brandi v 17 kun oldin
“a cute little, boop!” OMG 😍😍😍😍
Lauren 18 kun oldin
Why does she do concealer before foundation?
Delaney D
Delaney D 20 kun oldin
I just love Jhene!!!
desert rose78
desert rose78 21 kun oldin
I want to know where she got that "C" necklace, it's so shiny and delicate
Honey Pot
Honey Pot 21 kun oldin
7:13 that voice crack 😂
Chelley Ro
Chelley Ro 21 kun oldin
I can’t be the only one who wanted a whole new eyebrow shape after watching this
laleki9 23 kun oldin
5:42 wow that was beautiful. Your tone is a gift.
Mikayla Peleras
Mikayla Peleras 24 kun oldin
jhene is so beautiful
Lalkaxo 24 kun oldin
those eyebrows are immaculate
My blackness is PURE
HONEYYYY *black dont crack at all* this girl 30 and ive seen plenty of black women whos in there 30s and is badddddddd ma sistas in bruthas got it goiinngg
Andrea Contreras Hernández
Her natural skin color looks so much better.
nour kitar
nour kitar 26 kun oldin
amazing eyebrows
Dimples Austin
Dimples Austin 27 kun oldin
I love her
NaattyVargas 27 kun oldin
OMG. She's flawless before putting any makeup on.
Jessie Bang
Jessie Bang 27 kun oldin
Cassie Altidor
Cassie Altidor 28 kun oldin
At 7:11 who heard that voice crack 😂😂
Nattalie Ström Bunpuckdee
She got her lips done?
perfectly imperfect
does she have any ig account? or only aikoarmy?
perfectly imperfect
perfectly imperfect 27 kun oldin
+Chrisssilove thank you so much!
Chrisssilove 27 kun oldin
perfectly imperfect her instagram is @jheneaiko
Alex A.
Alex A. Oy oldin
7:10 that voice crack though lol
Valerie Marie
Valerie Marie Oy oldin
Wow. What a natural beauty
Vivica Yang
Vivica Yang Oy oldin
shorty's eyebrows is fleek no cap
Aleyda Perez
Aleyda Perez Oy oldin
I LOVE HER 💘💓💞💕💖
Sonyaaa Oy oldin
why is she so beautiful?!!?!
Queen Vee
Queen Vee Oy oldin
Jhené is so beautiful 😍
ana v
ana v Oy oldin
I just wanna know what bronzer she used 😫
Kenetrice Nichole
She's actually really good at makeup. Best celebrity makeup look I've seen (her & Rihanna). She's seriously stunning.
S Baybehx
S Baybehx Oy oldin
Veronicas MakeupVanity
She is absolutely flawless
Plumber Perez
Plumber Perez Oy oldin
But down your eye look black was thatt?
Theresa Eleibox
Josselyn Oy oldin
Soo pretty I have a question...how dou you get your lips naturally pink? I llve theem
Katrina B
Katrina B Oy oldin
You're either born with naturally pink lips or you aren't lmao. You'll just have to use a lip tint/stain instead.
Robyn Oy oldin
My queen. Most beautiful woman ever
Melissa L
Melissa L Oy oldin
Loide Sirongo
Loide Sirongo Oy oldin
This is an ad isn't it?
Jake Richer
Jake Richer Oy oldin
Jhene aiko is so beautiful
Kristen Bush
Kristen Bush Oy oldin
Her eyebrows were already nice 😩
lucasluciani Oy oldin
wow i had no idea she was THIS BEAUTIFUL!
Goya Baby
Goya Baby Oy oldin
On god I love everything bout her 😩❤️ she’s so humble and beautiful that it makes her just idek ❤️
Rouge R.
Rouge R. Oy oldin
Oh. She's definitely one of those singers I liked better before I heard them talk.
emily disanti
emily disanti Oy oldin
you know u made it when u wet ur beauty blender w essentia water
Prema R
Prema R Oy oldin
Anyone else think she looks like Cassie? The girl diddy's dating?
Prema R
Prema R Oy oldin
They should have SHAY MITCHELL do this next!
Blanca Segovia
Your natural lip color is gorgeous. As well, as her face. 😍
Díana Robledo
I love her name! It sounds soo beautiful, like a perfume name to me.
sophia b
sophia b Oy oldin
Next - SZA PLEASE!!!
stfu seanie dude
Vee Oy oldin
I love jhene aikos!!! P.s that’s the only color shades of kat von d’a palate I uses too lol
LoveRhoni Oy oldin
vogue is so genius for this series
Deanna Korotkova
5:46 when he asks u if u’ve shaved
oliviaaax x
oliviaaax x Oy oldin
I went to jhene’s auckland show last night, and she is literally the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in the flesh
She gotta be good in her 40s why she look so good?
Know wha?t I don't think she's in her 40s
Her baby hairs omg
Another Quoter
She's the epitome of exotic.
maya yammine
maya yammine Oy oldin
that trick she did where she used her brow pencil on her eyes for a feline effect is GENIOUS...seriously though, imma start doing that!
Paulo Neto
Paulo Neto Oy oldin
Finally the secret behind the noise.
maddie pelletier
rip. somebody tell her that you can buy singles of the shades in the shade+light palette.
Numb Nay
Numb Nay Oy oldin
my mom named me after her idk i even said this
ashleyen3 Oy oldin
I actually like Jhene's nose way better without the contouring. It's cute.
Gabi Cruz
Gabi Cruz Oy oldin
she is so gorggggg
Kat M
Kat M Oy oldin
Shes so pretty
Nicole Mancini
step 1. Be Naturally Pretty step 2. Add A sheer base of natural makeup step 3. Be Step One And you're done mwah lol
2 yil oldin