Jimmy Broke All of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Cigar Rules

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jimmy reminisce about the time they smoked cigars together.
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Jimmy Broke All of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Cigar Rules




25-Iyn, 2015

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Daily Citizen
Daily Citizen 16 kun oldin
Jimmy's face after that burn said it all. Don't fuck with Arnold!!!
David Hill
David Hill 29 kun oldin
As Arnie rushed to use the cigar cutter he yelled "get to da choppa"
Représente La nation
This guy looks like the guy from terminator, and the host looks like the guy from jimmy fallon
Daytona Jimduey
It was funny an Arnold was right on.
Nort Phil Tabud
haha!! tht face (1:47)
Nort Phil Tabud
Arnold's famous line: (0:49) haha!!
Brian Anderson
Arnold is a sellout and a leftist Hollywood joke.
Priyom Haider
Priyom Haider Oy oldin
i swear arnold is the funniest
Stogie Guy
Stogie Guy Oy oldin
Never give a top premium cigar to a Noob
Vasilis Kampanis
He impersonated him so perfect lmao it sounded exactly like him. Damn i love jimmy and arnold.
carlos male
carlos male 2 oy oldin
IFP Fitness Network
Nickchan 1
Nickchan 1 3 oy oldin
“When you smoke a cigar you gotta be COOL”
DRAMA LAMA 3 oy oldin
Arnold is the greatest actor of all time
James Nesbit
James Nesbit 3 oy oldin
Ravi Basnet
Ravi Basnet 3 oy oldin
he is fucking genius
The Terminator
The Terminator 4 oy oldin
Arnold's Rivals 1. Sergio Oliva 2. Lou Ferrigno 3. Sylvester Stallone
tuff ute
tuff ute 4 oy oldin
Quick get to the chopper
Mark Sofiev
Mark Sofiev 4 oy oldin
jimmy is not my taste nice guy though
JacobOlli 4 oy oldin
Pow pow double baby yeah!
Stuntman Dan
Stuntman Dan 4 oy oldin
Of course this fuckin tool cant even smoke a cigar right lol
Wrecksheeps 4 oy oldin
So this is the content of 2018 tv...licking cigars...ok. Back to my pc. Cya again in 20years television.
YamatjiWogBoi99 [-o-]
Anybody else who love to smoke a cigar with the Arnold?
s t
s t 4 oy oldin
I just want to punch Fallon in the face he has a punchable face
v v
v v 4 oy oldin
Ask. Him about his house keeper.. 🤣
Fallen Seraph
Fallen Seraph 4 oy oldin
Arnold’s the best I swear.
Frankie Figz
Frankie Figz 4 oy oldin
Arnold is so cool. You to Jimmy!
micky mcfarts
micky mcfarts 4 oy oldin
I hate this jimmy kid
ImInnuendo 4 oy oldin
0:19 BURN!!!!
Chace Swinson
Chace Swinson 4 oy oldin
1:51 Total Recall quote
SYOTOS 88 5 oy oldin
Shhh Daddy is talking
Heinsenberg 5 oy oldin
0:44 duude come on !!!! Hahahaha
549charger 5 oy oldin
Arnold is funny
valentina boutton
I was thinking that Arnold is kind of old .I would feel bad if he dies for sure.I know we all have to die but it is such a pity.
valentina boutton
Arnold is so great, humble.He is a role model for everyone.
Alex Mora
Alex Mora 5 oy oldin
Arnold impression of Jimmy 2:00 😂😂
Jonatan Röllin
Jonatan Röllin 5 oy oldin
Can we give him immortality or make like a younger clone? I can't bare the thought of Arnold leaving this earth. He needs to stay. Please all science ppl, drop what your doing, the enviorment and cancer aint going any where anyways, and look in to this!
Stevon Robb
Stevon Robb 5 oy oldin
Jimbo only smoke soy cigarettes Arny
Danny Alvarez
Danny Alvarez 6 oy oldin
Imagine him at school teachers tryna say his last name
Mayukh Sen
Mayukh Sen 6 oy oldin
Arnold showed jimmy that jimmy is not the only one who can impersonate others, Arnold did just as good of a job in his impersonation of jimmy and his licking and coughing.
Two tone Cadillac
Don't lick, don't choke. LOL
Aman Kumar
Aman Kumar 6 oy oldin
Arnold complete name is my new Wi-Fi password
tcnascar1 6 oy oldin
Jimmy is a putts!! Thats why!
ajaj 6 oy oldin
This interview is mad funny 😂😂😂😂🔥
Christopher Perry
There isnt a $100 cuban cigar on the market so #LIE
Arnold has to be so annoyed with the impersonations
Alicia  Rodriquez
Alicia Rodriquez 7 oy oldin
Get to the chopper
Alan Thomas
Alan Thomas 7 oy oldin
This was epic 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Audrius Simonis
Audrius Simonis 7 oy oldin
man u can watch Arnold all day taking about anything he is living Legend
Steroidbaggins 29
Jimmys a chooch
One of my favorites is Predator.
Keegan Forrester
Keegan Forrester 7 oy oldin
I think jimmy has been smoking weed if he is licking the cigar
OG DeLiRiUm 7 oy oldin
FMIV1405 7 oy oldin
Lol Legend
Jerry W
Jerry W 7 oy oldin
Jimmy is used to licking shafts.
John Sickler
John Sickler 7 oy oldin
Lmao u light it roll it around and check things out. 😂😂😂
korneritho fack
korneritho fack 7 oy oldin
That was for the weed JiMMY!!! xDDDD
foxhounduk2k8 7 oy oldin
stoney710420 7 oy oldin
Think only reason people smoke cigarettes cigars so they get that raspy voice
TheTypical Joe
TheTypical Joe 7 oy oldin
Arnie is actually a pretty good comedian in his own right.
KnellosaurLP 8 oy oldin
Big beautiful cigar. BBC
Roo Seph
Roo Seph 8 oy oldin
Jimmy's impression was so incredibly bad. This whole interview just feels like Arnold is trying his best to stay professional but you can tell Jimmy annoys the fuck out of him.
Andrew Scheffing
Andrew Scheffing 8 oy oldin
"you turn it slowly.....you check things out" haha arnie is a funny guy
Roo Seph
Roo Seph 8 oy oldin
You can tell Jimmy was pissed Arnold dropped shit on him.
Phantom 8 oy oldin
2:12 Just listen to Arnold's sounds XD
Ezno313 8 oy oldin
its like when a senior smoke weed with a freshmen for first time XD
dominicwalli 8 oy oldin
You are indeed supposed to lick the tip, where you are cutting the cigar,specially if you dont have a cutter on you, since high quality cigars have a smal cap, they are practically in a way, pre-cut, but you have to find it. And yes, licking a cigar also tells you if its ready for smoking, or if it went bad. Im guessing europeans smoke cigars differently.
M A 8 oy oldin
My wish to see Mr. Arnold before I die.
Deacon 8 oy oldin
Connagh Duffield
Connagh Duffield 8 oy oldin
Arnold failing at something? Impossibru!
Justin Y.
Justin Y. 8 oy oldin
“I don’t have to find a hideout place, like you”~Ballsy Arnold Schwarzenegger’s
navidski 8 oy oldin
Wow! Arnold really showed him, who's boss
Purefoldnz 8 oy oldin
Gahhh just put it in your mouth Jimmy! Don't lick it!
Jason Howe
Jason Howe 8 oy oldin
Kshitij Vanarase
Kshitij Vanarase 8 oy oldin
Where was Jimmy in Jurrasic world?
Eugene Lee
Eugene Lee 8 oy oldin
Arnold's voice is like a narrator in an audiobook
Tanveer Giri
Tanveer Giri 8 oy oldin
Makes Me Laugh Every Time I Watch It.
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith 8 oy oldin
S M 8 oy oldin
lol but I never saw him in jurassic world
Andre Esters
Andre Esters 9 oy oldin
Don't cough... don't lick... solid advice from Mr. Universe
Kenan Sahin
Kenan Sahin 9 oy oldin
ZephyrAlphaOne 9 oy oldin
Yes Jimmy. If you're smoking a JOINT, you lick it to keep a slow burn.
Thomas Schmidt
Thomas Schmidt 9 oy oldin
they brought back dinosaurs from extinction and they brought back your movie career.. savage lol
Paul Holten
Paul Holten 9 oy oldin
Watch out jimmy the robot has a shotgun
Natura Lex
Natura Lex 10 oy oldin
KĪÑG Ł - 10 oy oldin
0:45 that impression tho 😂😂😂
Samantha 10 oy oldin
Arnold smokes because he feels cool. I love that.
Master Of Laughter 2.O
1:33 1:35
Vlad Raileanu
Vlad Raileanu 10 oy oldin
Large Coke
Large Coke 10 oy oldin
ahhhh mariaaa give me my penis shape smoke device hahhhh
E P 10 oy oldin
I love how you still can hear his austrian accent
quinn drake
quinn drake 10 oy oldin
benatmane boudjmaa
benatmane boudjmaa 10 oy oldin
Nic8585 11 oy oldin
Bet their blunts haha
iSpitfire 11 oy oldin
Jimmy nailed it :)))
rambo a
rambo a 11 oy oldin
“They also brought back your movie korea”
Karl Angelo
Karl Angelo 11 oy oldin
Choppa get to the
Dr.B Mirza
Dr.B Mirza 11 oy oldin
Uno grop des hugjoo actopresso arnold , very nice 😊
MarvinGenaro 11 oy oldin
a POW. .. POW.