Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman Have Another Awkward Interview

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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When Jimmy keeps getting distracted by Nicole Kidman during their interview, she reminds him of another opportunity he missed to get her number before bringing in her husband Keith Urban to sing about it.
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Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman Have Another Awkward Interview




18-Noy, 2016



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james melton
james melton 9 soat oldin
Nicole is so beautiful
Alias Andy
Alias Andy 21 soat oldin
Jimmy never thought he good enough for Nicole
agniva Kun oldin
what is the song 1:27 ?
Chayan Gupta
Chayan Gupta Kun oldin
3:55 looks like antman just expanded in her a**
IronBronx Kun oldin
Questlove's reaction. LOL. 3:49
Shaun O Donovan
Shaun O Donovan 2 kun oldin
What’s the song that they use when doing the pretend day dreaming thing ? Anyone know ?
Ahmed Okinawa
Ahmed Okinawa 2 kun oldin
Shes got the best smile
Jasmina Tokio
Jasmina Tokio 3 kun oldin
jimmy.... u just can't get her
Marvin Hardy
Marvin Hardy 3 kun oldin
I too had a missed opportunity, 1984 in Waco Texas, I was 19 and she was 16.. now that i think back I realize she was throwing me hints but she was just a teen and i was an adult, and wonder how my life would have been different if i had actually seen it then and taken the chance, her name was Ashley Judd. But I doubt that she remembers me after all these years..
Salimah Abd Rahman
Salimah Abd Rahman 3 kun oldin
Thats triue. She still likes jim veryyyy much. Been 10 years and she never forgets the details. Wow.
Corey Beard
Corey Beard 3 kun oldin
Oh dream weaver..... . .
Nein 4 kun oldin
he still had his wedding ring on at the first interview lol.
scarfacepatrick 4 kun oldin
4:12 Nicole really did have a serious crush on jimmy if her agent knew about it and even tried to help her out on when jimmy was gonna be there lol
사신Raptron666 4 kun oldin
it feels like a romantic movie Nicole liked Jimmy but jimmy thought he was out of her league nicole didnt love it but got married to this ass hat of Keith urban but she still dearly loves jimmy and jimmy only
Bianco Nero
Bianco Nero 4 kun oldin
Does this remind anybody else that scene in WEDDING CRASHERS when that dude is mad at Owen Wilson and wants him to fuck his wife because he unbeknownst to Owen CURVED HER in the past. Yeah anyways this is cringe as fuck and Kidman’s husband is a Fookin tool. #FuckThemBoth
Kariann Gonzalez
Kariann Gonzalez 5 kun oldin
Omg they are so funny
Matt Carriere
Matt Carriere 5 kun oldin
notice jims ring isnt on his finger this time
deece 6 kun oldin
Nicole is the most awkward person god damn
James Royal
James Royal 6 kun oldin
Nicole, with deep respect, I love you ,sorry Keith
MrJaiden23 7 kun oldin
6:20 The moment where I could care less about the Jimmy Nicole saga, and start realizing Nicole is wearing what looks like a bathing suit dress and her legs have become the most interesting part of this interview!
MrJaiden23 7 kun oldin
The look on her face at 5:12 when she is saying you had a second chance shows that she was and is still upset about it! She really wanted him. Her mood changes, arms folded. Poor Jimmy! This would haunt me forever!
AJ TUNES 7 kun oldin
It was so awkward between the three of them ,you can telll nicole has still have a crush on jimmy
Ratan Deep
Ratan Deep 7 kun oldin
You guys have to watch the young and charming Jimmy in this video back in 1999... uzvid.com/video/video-0_4Yi8AoyM0.html
Tabs T
Tabs T 8 kun oldin
Sitting on his lap with those long sexy legs takes it to another level.
toddio warner
toddio warner 8 kun oldin
damn sexy shes my baby just dont tell her lol
Celestial Cutie
Celestial Cutie 8 kun oldin
*And later they had a threesome*
Ryan J
Ryan J 8 kun oldin
Mahfooz Shah
Mahfooz Shah 9 kun oldin
JIMMY,tonight's big loser
Shreyash Gajbhiye
Shreyash Gajbhiye 9 kun oldin
Jimmy must have always looked at her as someone out of his league....while Nicole never gave him a.hint and kept expectations out of him.... Poor Jimmy had no idea of the opportunities he had!!!
Eleonor Armas
Eleonor Armas 9 kun oldin
"Well, there's more to the story." - demn!! Round two? 😂 WHAT THE HELL'S WRONG WITH YOU BACK THEN, JIMMY??
Sean Poole 2211
Sean Poole 2211 10 kun oldin
'Your so gay '
Marcos Mota
Marcos Mota 10 kun oldin
What the hell? Twice!
Don Diaz
Don Diaz 11 kun oldin
Jimmy is way sexiest than Keith...really
lurch321 4 kun oldin
Don Diaz Yeah, she may be in love with Keith (been married 12 years and still going strong), but it's obvious she still carries a torch for Jimmy--those old feelings clearly never died.
Don Diaz
Don Diaz 5 kun oldin
+lurch321 exactly that I think, also the conection bethween Nicole and Jimmy look so real...haha
lurch321 9 kun oldin
Don Diaz Yeah, I agree that Jimmy is better-looking than Keith, even though Keith is pretty decent-looking himself (just a straight guy's opinion).
Kyla Theophilia
Kyla Theophilia 11 kun oldin
what's the song sung by keith??
Vasu Patel
Vasu Patel 11 kun oldin
Super jealous when he came and just kissed the most beautiful I ve seen 5mins ago and this girl sits on him. That's the dream fellas
Being Gemini
Being Gemini 12 kun oldin
Rick is still worst wingman in 2k19
Mohamed Yayyayyaya
Mohamed Yayyayyaya 12 kun oldin
2:38 ' what is it nigga'
Cee Cee
Cee Cee 12 kun oldin
It's like they like each other
Axel Takeshi
Axel Takeshi 13 kun oldin
Estarukapero que rikosentones da :3 Hahahaha he is shaking when the husband get in the stage.
Dr.Crimp 13 kun oldin
That’s a ton of makeup though
Sawyer Ramos
Sawyer Ramos 13 kun oldin
what the hell has she done to her face? holy mother of god
Antonio Fajardo
Antonio Fajardo 13 kun oldin
What is the song that Keith sings?
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Man Rick had to be just really into Nicole and a terrible friend cuz there's no way you can be such a DUMBASS, he never told him about her interest, he never even knew there was a first round PD: She actually said they didn't see each other since the first time in the other video so this might be fake
Thibault Dumas
Thibault Dumas 14 kun oldin
What kind of shitty wingman is Rick bro YOU HAD ONE JOB
My Channels
My Channels 14 kun oldin
which song they play everytime ????
Arundhati Balasubramaniam
4:37 Jimmy: *Stares at her hand*
Humberto Contreras
Humberto Contreras 14 kun oldin
OMG... this second chance reminds me the Dumb & Dumber final scene... I can see Jimmy at the kitchen repeating to himself... "Just keep your eyes open, Jimmy... keep your eyes open" 😂
Michael Graves
Michael Graves 16 kun oldin
He could still hit that 🤔
Rinaldi Dwi Putra
Rinaldi Dwi Putra 16 kun oldin
we want part 3 hahaha
Sabrina DeeBunny
Sabrina DeeBunny 16 kun oldin
gilded 17 kun oldin
Man, this is like winning the lottery without even participating and then not getting informed that you just won. Rick was supposed to tell him that he won
Arnish Fucking Debbarma
Fuck u rick
Mario Muñoz
Mario Muñoz 10 kun oldin
I’m saying Rick is to blame, worst wingman ever 😂
Ruqayya ugh
Ruqayya ugh 17 kun oldin
This just makes jimmy seem way more attractive and Nicole a tiny bit more accessible
owen bright
owen bright 17 kun oldin
Well we know what Jimmy will be doing if Nicole and He ever find themselves single at the same time. Tom cruise then Keith ....she must like shorter guys.
Arya Shetty
Arya Shetty 17 kun oldin
This is Gem
ReflexPoint 17 kun oldin
What.. you're out of my... he was thinking "you're out of my league."
Righteous1 17 kun oldin
She's so HOT and SEXY
Little Feather Trompeta
is it me or is Keith Urban looks just like JK Rowling???
Ruby x
Ruby x 16 kun oldin
val myeon
val myeon 18 kun oldin
Wow i can relate to Nicole so well!!!! The feeling of betrayal when the guy doesn't remember what you remember!! 😅😅
Prabowo Eko
Prabowo Eko 18 kun oldin
Wa, wa, wait i could only press like once. I want to give thousands!!
Nuzo Kezo
Nuzo Kezo 18 kun oldin
I can watch this whole day😅just so cute. they still love one another so much...blushhh
Mr.BenchWormer 18 kun oldin
milking the fuck out of that cow
MetallicBlue1000 19 kun oldin
When she started she had dark curled hair, now its permanently blonde straight.
Ankush Suryavanshi
Ankush Suryavanshi 19 kun oldin
Keith and Nicole are match made in heaven.
day fullo
day fullo 19 kun oldin
She wants the jimmy still now in 2019 , checkout her body language , like really check it out 🍌
Que Unlimited
Que Unlimited 20 kun oldin
So not over him 👅👄👂
cecilia wallerström
So cute together
Kai Keeper
Kai Keeper 20 kun oldin
I was just thinking Jimmy should've said: "We can all jam out.... And play video games!" :P
Reno van Zanten
Reno van Zanten 21 kun oldin
Nicole is adorable! Great personality! And a good actrice.
Kevin Lange
Kevin Lange 21 kun oldin
5:41 you could see Jimmy’s heart drop lmaoooo
Ylber Prapashtica
Ylber Prapashtica 21 kun oldin
3:53 Laugh makes me uncomfortable.
Christian Bryant
Christian Bryant 22 kun oldin
Didn't they say in the first video that they hadn't seen each other since the first encounter?
Sander044 22 kun oldin
In the other interview they both start with admitting they have not seen each other after their first ‘date’... Weird...
Farah Sadoun
Farah Sadoun 22 kun oldin
Omg she remembers everything about jimmy!!! She had a MAJOR crush on him and now shes throwing the facts on hif idiot face !
My Channels
My Channels 22 kun oldin
wow this is true love she wait after the bad first date that Jimmy maiby ask her number 😍😍😍😍 she wait soo long .
Jeezeus Kreist
Jeezeus Kreist 23 kun oldin
Jimmy is not wearing his wedding ring this time around which reminds me when I knew I was going to meet my college crush after many years, I didn't put it on either .. I also thought she was out of my league... sad day for Jimmy, I can definitely say.
MrPaceTv 23 kun oldin
"World is full of lonely people afraid to make first move."~ Green Book
Pi π
Pi π 23 kun oldin
What's going on with her lips?
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud 23 kun oldin
Mmmmkayyy so for future reference, I'll remember it's *offensive* for me *not* to ask Nicole for her number... :-)
Larissa Albuquerque
Larissa Albuquerque 23 kun oldin
The real question is why Nicole didnt ask for his number??!!!
fernando beltran
fernando beltran 24 kun oldin
Poor Fallon lol
Rachel Lu
Rachel Lu 24 kun oldin
“I can’t believe this.. But i am so…” “It wasn’t i wasn’t interested..” “you are out of my…” AWWWW Jimmy…...
Banrap Khongtim
Banrap Khongtim 24 kun oldin
She looks so uncomfortable when she sat on Kieth's Lab.
Heriberto Vivas
Heriberto Vivas 24 kun oldin
Jimmy Fallon was that guy from “ She’s out Of My League” before that movie came out. Can’t blame the guy I mean it’s Nicole Kidman...
sir Joe joe
sir Joe joe 24 kun oldin
Did she have some kind of surgery, She looks so different I can barely recognize her.
Alexis Gunther
Alexis Gunther 25 kun oldin
she is genuinely uncomfortable haha
Ahnaf Dragneel
Ahnaf Dragneel 25 kun oldin
Sad life. GG mates.
Elspeth Minaj
Elspeth Minaj 25 kun oldin
Where's Jimmy's ring
Weedboy 26 kun oldin
She always looks high af
Stranger Jones
Stranger Jones 26 kun oldin
Better when Dev Patel gives him shit about it too
tritone11 27 kun oldin
That was genius. They are the BEST.
Enceladus Eve
Enceladus Eve 27 kun oldin
That's cringy
Yah, think they would have been a good couple rather than Tom Cruise...ahhh, Hello, of course for sure...she looked much better after she left him even the second wife...tsk tsk tsk🤨😉
Mig 27 kun oldin
commenters XD
commenters XD 28 kun oldin
Comments are better than the video 🤣🤣
Jossan Hernandez
Jossan Hernandez 28 kun oldin
my question now is: why Jimmy has not yet committed suicide? XD
Bryan Silver
Bryan Silver 28 kun oldin
oh gosh that was awkward
H DB 28 kun oldin
Jimmy and Kidman. Happy conjugal life in another world.
donna prieskila
donna prieskila 28 kun oldin
I wonder what jimmy’s wife thinks about this video...
Daniel Tevez
Daniel Tevez 28 kun oldin
Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman
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