Jimmy Kimmel Confronts Jennifer Aniston About Her Friendsgiving Dinner

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Jimmy confronts Jennifer about her Friendsgiving dinner and explains why he has a problem with it. Jennifer reveals that Jimmy's daughter pooped in her backyard.
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Jimmy Kimmel Confronts Jennifer Aniston About Her Friendsgiving Dinner




6-Dek, 2018



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Robert Rogers
Robert Rogers Soat oldin
Everyone saying she hasn’t aged and looks exactly the same as Friends. No. She’s defiantly aged. She looks older, naturally speaking. She looks great but 50 in Hollywood (rich, surgery, etc) helps a lot plus she’s never had kids or anything. That’s GOTTA help. These crazy idiotic conspiracy theories are just nuts. Btw, she’s always had that natural, girl next door look. Her hair contributes a lot to her youthful appearance. Let that hair go or first thing in the morning and I’m defisntly sure she looks much older. She’s a human. But she’s defiantly doing good and looking good at 50. Love her chill laid back personality. It’s gotta make ya wonder why she doesn’t stay in relationships long. Maybe she isn’t all that laid back? Starting to wonder if she’s more to blame than these men now! But that’s for a whole other discussion.
vishkiller23 Kun oldin
What God jesus intended what?
diane mohamed
diane mohamed Kun oldin
Rich people are crazy.
Ellis Guerrero
Ellis Guerrero 3 kun oldin
*Kimmels daughter is never going to live down taking a DUMP at Jennifer Aniston's house* 😆
Danny Sheppard
Danny Sheppard 5 kun oldin
JUXE 7 kun oldin
The amount of times I’ve jacked off to this women going through childhood is disgusting
Ronald Pevahouse
Ronald Pevahouse 10 kun oldin
Jen i love you i miss you come visit
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez 11 kun oldin
Jennifer Aniston is still smoking hot at the age of 500
wonky tonky
wonky tonky 12 kun oldin
not many women age this well. still those puppy eyes and just gorgeous and sexy
Rajinder Badhan
Rajinder Badhan 13 kun oldin
She looks amazing.... I know she had some nose job done cus of the septum problem.. Don't think she's into cosmetic surgery apart from having Botox and Aveeno creams.. She did say cosmetic surgery isn't her thing cus she knows it'll ruin her image which was in one of her interview magazine.. Otherwise she's doing great in herself..
Monika Moni
Monika Moni 13 kun oldin
His daughter pooped in her backyard? Wt..😂
Julia O.F.
Julia O.F. 20 kun oldin
SandraRecordings 21 kun oldin
Luckily the something she did to her lips is gone and she looks like her beautiful self again.
Rosicler Rossi
Rosicler Rossi 22 kun oldin
I Love her!!!!💙
Deepa R
Deepa R 22 kun oldin
I liked it
Nitin Kataria
Nitin Kataria 23 kun oldin
Her question was quite naive ! She got me.
Azalea Holgado
Azalea Holgado 27 kun oldin
what an "ungrateful human being"
wàŕřîöř įń pãîń
My all time crush... Oh God I love this lady😍😍😍😍
Rebecca Logan
Rebecca Logan 29 kun oldin
I just wanna say: ANGELINA is always better than you😂
browneyedS Oy oldin
Shes 50?!!!
Irfan Khiari
Irfan Khiari Oy oldin
Cant believe she is 50
Celtic Jay
Celtic Jay Oy oldin
Friends was horrible
Lauren Beauty Dallas
If we all had the money we all could age well- yes it’s genetics and how we take care of ourselves but that’s not going to stop the wrinkles and once menopause hits to it will be a whole different animal but from someone who is 57 years old it does get tiring hearing about these so-called Hollywood people that age well- If we had her money we could all age well
Kinghulk 1055
Kinghulk 1055 Oy oldin
She still looks good for her age. I'm not gonna lie
GoCotton Oy oldin
Is this recent? Jenifer Aniston looks about 35
Chrille Oy oldin
*Happy 50th Birthday Jennifer*
Jennifer Kim
Jennifer Kim Oy oldin
Our life is great here in Hollywood, look at what we do!
Is she really 50 this year? Can't believe:) she look so adoroble and healthy. If i see her for first time i will say that she is 20yro:
Runi Djurhuus
Runi Djurhuus Oy oldin
Is this video from the 90’s?
Shamanth Babu
Shamanth Babu Oy oldin
Her hairstyle makes her look younger
Jasmina Savić
One of the best female actors of all time.
keptyeti Oy oldin
I got two and a half minutes into this before I realized I didn't care.
jootae hwang
jootae hwang Oy oldin
She is still beautiful, lively and logical.
April Summers
April Summers Oy oldin
She hasn't aged a bit! Magic beauty
Gary M
Gary M Oy oldin
Your think these filthy rich celebrities would have maids....They do things themselves
kayra. a
kayra. a Oy oldin
Ashlen Clark
Ashlen Clark Oy oldin
She seems so humble. It’s great to see that one of the most well known stars of my generation didn’t let the fame get to her head like a lot of other celebrities.
Lorna Shannon
Lorna Shannon Oy oldin
this is why i host friendsgiving the day AFTER, not before. People just bring their turkey etc leftovers potluck style in addition to whatever i prepare. C'mon Jennifer get with the program lol
N Zee
N Zee Oy oldin
From makeup to hairstyle to the clothes she's wearing. Everything is sooo Rachel! 😍
Taha Nasser
Taha Nasser Oy oldin
Aahhhh oonagi!
avillatoro 2398
Damn brad Pitt is an idiot...he’s such an idiot
Zeproo Oy oldin
that guy is so annoying, why can't he shut up for a minute
Wow. Jimmy Kimmel just got a lot more unsympathetic to me. So Jennifer came up with this idea of a new tradition, wanted to spend an extra night celebrating the people she's thankful for in her life, invites Jimmy and his family, his daughter takes a crap in Jen's backyard, doesn't tell her about it, and chooses the next time he sees her - on national television - to dictate how Jen should do the event so that HIS Thanksgiving meal seems superior to hers. Anything I missed here?
Chen Yee
Chen Yee Oy oldin
Jennifer Aniston is an awesome and famous actress! I’ve been watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S all the time!!!
Monica Campbell
🎶She's Back!!🎶
Guste Galickaite
damn shes old
Fadi Oy oldin
Am I the only one who feels that Jimmy was acting at the start like if he was supposedly expecting Jennifer not to be feeling good, like he felt sorry for her. I guess it is because he was imagining Jennifer to be the young Rachel he used to watch on TV.
She is so adorable
M Root
M Root Oy oldin
I was in the audience. That's all
If you don't know how to cook turkey, well of course it would suck.
Dani Ge
Dani Ge Oy oldin
This is what aging beautifully looks like😍 no noticeable surgery and you can still see her facial expressions. lol. All of the actresses that where beautiful when I was a kid don’t even look like themselves nowadays. Not judging but it’s nice to see a woman embracing her age.
Fernanda S Arantes
she is so nice
Don’t Know
Don’t Know Oy oldin
First of all jimmy thanksgiving has nothing to do with God, Jesus, and his friends! Lol
Rubber Band
Rubber Band 2 oy oldin
I like this waman
Dundundun 2 oy oldin
She aged so well 😍😍
Samara V Hamilton
Friendsgiving: When you watch all the Friends reruns that are set on Thanksgiving, while eating Thanksgiving food. Right?
Larry Paul
Larry Paul 2 oy oldin
Its the make up
over_zone 2019
over_zone 2019 2 oy oldin
She played that girl in leprechaun
Lindsay M.
Lindsay M. 2 oy oldin
Jennifer Aniston the most overrated white woman in the history of white women
Violet 2 oy oldin
I love her
vida seagraves
vida seagraves 2 oy oldin
K T 2 oy oldin
Is it just me or someone’s under the bus here... lol I mean.. badass... but still...
Abdullah Al Shehri
If you like Jennifer Aniston put like
Prem Eswar
Prem Eswar 2 oy oldin
Jennifer anniston..She such a lovely lovely lovely sweet character..❤❤❤.I adore her alot lot lot..Look at her charming and joke expressions that make everyone feel happy and laugh when around her..Shes such a lovely person..Her look so lovely..I love to listen her talks all day makes me felt so so happy💓😊. Friends 😄😄
millarsmind 2 oy oldin
wtf she looks the same as friends
Anxiety101 2 oy oldin
Oh my. She's old. What happened to her? I rember back in 1997, all of my friends would have banged her in a heartbeat. Now, they'd have to contemplate it over a few shots. But, atleast she looks happy. I'm glad for her
keykey Brown
keykey Brown 2 oy oldin
We all have to age and DIE. We did not come on this earth to live forever. Leave people and their age alone, so annoying. She is almost 50, and she is Alive. People die every day at 17, 20, 30, 40, 50. Living to see 50 is a blessing.
Anxiety101 2 oy oldin
I know, just kidding. I would still do, lol. She's just looking more like a cute grandma. Just liked her more back in good ol' 1998 :)
nationofmillions 2 oy oldin
Better pray you look that good at her age pal
Janet Clark
Janet Clark 2 oy oldin
oh how this is so funny kimmel has a Virginia and the thing it's interviewing is a man .remember folks nothing is truth on TV all trannys . and thanks giving is thanking satan for the killing of thousands Indians. stop believing theses trannys turn you TV off go back to your old phone our get rid of them altogether. WAKE up folks tranny bum chums are in the building
Mary Wong
Mary Wong 2 oy oldin
She is such a knockout...naturally beautiful!
Abdullah Al Shehri
I wanna saw Jennifer Aniston in real life
Matthew walsh
Matthew walsh 2 oy oldin
Poor Jennifer
kim kimondo
kim kimondo 2 oy oldin
I'm a simple man; I see Jennifer Aniston on the screen - I press like.
vin cob
vin cob 2 oy oldin
nishtha kalra
nishtha kalra 2 oy oldin
Jimmy is so entitled
Maud Noodle
Maud Noodle 2 oy oldin
This is all so fake. Jennifer is friends with Ellen, with Chelsea, with Jimmy.... The conversations she has with 'interviewers' on television must look like 'it's all natural'. Yet in every interview they mention how they spoke to each other last week/the previous day. Meaning these are just made up conversations to please some fans or viewers.
jadznandan fun
jadznandan fun 2 oy oldin
Rachael ....❤️
Karen K
Karen K 2 oy oldin
Let her speak for more than 10 seconds. Ugh
Rohan Chatterjee
Rohan Chatterjee 2 oy oldin
She is the bitchiest of them all in the show. But in real life, she is the most naturally beautiful and talented
Android. tech
Android. tech 2 oy oldin
I Love jennifer aniston more than anything....😍😍😍
Jon M
Jon M 2 oy oldin
I take thee Rachel
Mary Kilbane
Mary Kilbane 2 oy oldin
I’ve never been able to warm to this woman. She comes across as secondary school level shallow and immature and a red hot mess. She comes across to me as someone who will never be happy unless she truly addresses her problems
James Earl Cash
James Earl Cash 2 oy oldin
Hey Jimmy, do your Karl Malone impression.
robert judy judy
robert judy judy 2 oy oldin
She is so hot. I wish I was on the set during the break up when she walked around fully nude.
Mónica Flores
Mónica Flores 2 oy oldin
Unagi 😑....jen just don't invite him...i don't like when someone wants to make the decisions for you
Girl with flaws
Girl with flaws 2 oy oldin
I don't know. There is something about her. I can't get my eyes off. People like her are very rare.
fibreoptik 2 oy oldin
Did she say “hi Dave!” ?? 😂
Joe Gantz
Joe Gantz 2 oy oldin
I would have loved to see Ferguson interview Aniston
Denise De Souza Pedro Pereira Pedro
I love you Jennifer Aniston❤👑
Denise De Souza Pedro Pereira Pedro
lindaaa💕 sou brasileira e é tão bom ouvir sua voz sou sua fã👑💞❤😭
Val Val
Val Val 2 oy oldin
Love her 😍😍😍jennifer aniston la meilleur
牛宝宝 2 oy oldin
Love her!
Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell 2 oy oldin
Do you really care about these people
NorthernBasser 2 oy oldin
Jesus Christ she's so beautiful. That smile...
ezwriter101 2 oy oldin
I don't know why people just don't invite friends AND family over for Thanksgiving.
Miha Vac
Miha Vac 2 oy oldin
This is the second time Jennifer Aniston is not understanding joking banter on a talk show- she got offended and took Jimmy Kimmel to embarrassment central with her rebuttal. 🤔 This friend is slow on the joke uptake, surprisingly.
toorivers 2 oy oldin
Nice rack Jen
Clayton Sasseville
she's hot
Reina 2 oy oldin
she never gets old! is she 49 old? OMG...She is always hot !
Billy Smith
Billy Smith 2 oy oldin
The perfect woman. ❤️
Kdot Tdot
Kdot Tdot 2 oy oldin
What’s on her wrist?
Mousli Ilyas
Mousli Ilyas 2 oy oldin
its sad to see her getting old !
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