Jimmy Kimmel Guesses 'Who's High?'

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One year ago the state of California allowed recreational marijuana to be sold, and there is a lot of recreation happening in our neighborhood, so we decided to play 'Who's High?' The way it works is Cousin Sal gets three pedestrians on Hollywood Blvd. and Jimmy has to guess which one of them is high. Assisting Jimmy with this is Fatina Amina McIntosh, a TSA officer at LAX who has been impacted by Trump's government shutdown. Today is Day 19 of the shutdown and nearly 800,000 federal employees are working without pay. So we are doing our small part to help. Every night Jimmy is giving a government worker a job at the show until the shutdown ends.
Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Trump's Presidential Address uzvid.com/video/video-WBmTX05tvoU.html

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Jimmy Kimmel Guesses 'Who's High?'




10-Yan, 2019

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Carlos Arriaga
Carlos Arriaga Soat oldin
Finally no one thought the black guy was high first 😂
Fallen x FreaK
Fallen x FreaK 7 soat oldin
I legit thought that dude was mac miller.
dA GHoST 10 soat oldin
That dude Andrew looks like Mac Miller and sounds like him to. 😱
Lucas Tangen
Lucas Tangen 12 soat oldin
Legend says.... Andrew was tackled by the police officer and arrested after the show
Spiritbox 12 soat oldin
Jimmy is definitely a pothead
Bill Powers
Bill Powers 13 soat oldin
The Carpetbagger at 3:33 lol
Khara Offitt
Khara Offitt 13 soat oldin
They all are lol
scotchman 2oz
scotchman 2oz 14 soat oldin
Takes a more money to build the damn sound walls on the road. Build the damn wall and get them back to work. Democrats fault
InItForTheParking 14 soat oldin
Who wanted to see one of them take a whipit?
asadk 14 soat oldin
Andrew looks like a long lost Mac Miller, who became a kush smokin rasta😂rip mac miller tho legend
Walt F.
Walt F. 14 soat oldin
We all know what the cops do with the pot they find on air travelers - they take it home and smoke it!
Ma'Halious Walker
Ma'Halious Walker 15 soat oldin
john finn
john finn 15 soat oldin
Andrew sounds like mac miller :(
Blu Fang
Blu Fang 16 soat oldin
She thick asf
Rob 18 soat oldin
He look like mac Miller lol
Stan Smith
Stan Smith 18 soat oldin
Ben Severance
Ben Severance 19 soat oldin
Andrew sounds and looks like Mac miller. He just has to cut his hair and trim is beard, and he’d look just like Mac Miller.
Nostalgjia 20 soat oldin
420K views tho
Giovanni Lomeli
Giovanni Lomeli 22 soat oldin
I'd start to undress if she searches me
big jim
big jim Kun oldin
Most thicc TSA agent! Her booty is wider than her shoulders ffs!!
Nick Frampton
Nick Frampton Kun oldin
Fatina looks exactly like what I would imagine a TSA agent to look like.
YT -XtraX-
YT -XtraX- Kun oldin
Fatina is Fathick🚫🧢
Francisco Barrios
5:47 get my boy some LOTION ASAP!! LOL
LJ X Kun oldin
So when Jurmyni turned 18 he was totally cool with his name being Jurmyni for the rest of his life i guess
I didn't like how they did my boy Jurmyni
Christopher Gaza
Attention to the public! Andrew is actually Mac Miller ! Stay woke !!
edris ahmady
edris ahmady Kun oldin
Jurmyni parents was high when they named him
flipp5star Kun oldin
😍😍👀👀 Damn she's Thick BEAUTIFUL and curvy
G Kun oldin
Jurmyni should have said "yes Germany, like the country but spelled diff'rent." 🤣🤣🤣 * NodstoJohnCoffeytheGreenMile. "What's wrong with it" *intense stare. was pretty epic all the same. Hilarious. 🤣😂🤣
NCY 2 kun oldin
Fatina is so lovely...
faraz hussain
faraz hussain 2 kun oldin
I actually thought looie was high, she smiled in the beginning like that 😛 Admirable smile actually
Tab Valentino
Tab Valentino 2 kun oldin
I´m high
Jaime Angel Rosas
Jaime Angel Rosas 2 kun oldin
Carpetbagger is that you at 5:15 ???? @carpetbagger
Justin Howard
Justin Howard 2 kun oldin
She got a donkey
Daniel Amortegui
Daniel Amortegui 2 kun oldin
Jeremy is like the long hair reincarnation of Mac Miller
Hyped Unboxing’s
Hyped Unboxing’s 2 kun oldin
Andrew is Mac miller
Leave Early
Leave Early 2 kun oldin
The green mile LOL
Jo Mizzle
Jo Mizzle 2 kun oldin
this is so scripted
Shivam nsb
Shivam nsb 2 kun oldin
That guy in the middle was hella jokes
Big Dawgg
Big Dawgg 2 kun oldin
She thicc asf 💦💦
Statical Apex
Statical Apex 2 kun oldin
Andrew is a stoner that’s how he handled it pretty well.
Brett Wall
Brett Wall 2 kun oldin
She thicccccc
Nathan Stephens
Nathan Stephens 2 kun oldin
Is Andrew MAC Miller
junior dorsan
junior dorsan 2 kun oldin
Dope what’s kimmel doing hiring federal workers
Nigel 2 kun oldin
Lol they are getting paid😂
matheri Genesis
matheri Genesis 2 kun oldin
Back Stoop Productions
Nicest TSA agent I've ever experienced
Dorian bullet boats
Dorian bullet boats
Jurmany is high
Dorian bullet boats
She founded me one time
Dorian bullet boats
I wanna frisk her
Gamingwolfz Zz
Gamingwolfz Zz 2 kun oldin
Shelly G
Shelly G 2 kun oldin
Jimmy! Hire Jurmyni please! We need him on your show permanently! Please!
Alien on board
Alien on board 2 kun oldin
Damm she thicker than a bowl of oatmeal
Lit Gamer
Lit Gamer 2 kun oldin
Andrew reminds me of mac miller
Jacckeyy 2 kun oldin
That TSA agent was clueless about her job.
cpt awesome
cpt awesome 2 kun oldin
Thanks for confirming the TSA is useless. Can't even tell who's high.
Archie Bunker
Archie Bunker 2 kun oldin
OMG look how they spelled his name
tyz7600 2 kun oldin
dafaq is with the whipped cream at end lmao soo random i say jimmie is high
Jux Phun
Jux Phun 3 kun oldin
Black dude is soo offensive. Then again, it's typical with all niggas.
Raw Paper
Raw Paper 3 kun oldin
Mmmmmm Fatina.... 🍑 Holy moly brotha!
Rach Kate
Rach Kate 3 kun oldin
Is Andrew related to Mac Miller?
Benjamin Donaldson
Benjamin Donaldson 3 kun oldin
I clicked to watch “Who’s high” not
Benjamin Donaldson
Benjamin Donaldson 3 kun oldin
Virtue signaling! Nice
Adam Diaz
Adam Diaz 3 kun oldin
Why do we glorify being high and doing drugs?? My younger brother died at the age of 16 from a drug overdose
Rudo thomas
Rudo thomas 3 kun oldin
Mac Miller is alive
Gurshan Virk
Gurshan Virk 3 kun oldin
The TSA agent tried to save the brotha 😂😂
USApunk USApunk
USApunk USApunk 3 kun oldin
New franchise - AIR
Devin C. Doughty
Devin C. Doughty 3 kun oldin
Thank you sssoooooo much for doing what you do! I, too, work for TSA, but had a medical procedure scheduled just after the shut down started. I anticipate returning to work February. Appreciate my sisters & brothers in blue!
Frederico Protásio
actually, could we take another look on Looie?
Aj Misirli
Aj Misirli 3 kun oldin
Anybody else notice the guy who keeps walking back and forth
302videos 3 kun oldin
first state skate supply hat 🤟🏻
2Ω CD5
2Ω CD5 3 kun oldin
Currently partaking. And 😙👌💨💨.. Sharing is caring.
When Jurmyni told Jimmy's employee " I wasn't talking to you....😒", he made him feel real small inside😂😂😂AWKWARD!!!
Martin Maina
Martin Maina 3 kun oldin
TSA worker thicker than a bowl of oatmeal 🍑
Rasool Mustafa
Rasool Mustafa 3 kun oldin
Damn what a great dude.
Bartholomäus Allen
"Who wants Funyuns?" The first person to say yes is high.
Jack William's
Jack William's 3 kun oldin
Who also keep seeing that same guy walk pass videoing hahahah
Tony Bazan
Tony Bazan 3 kun oldin
Wide neck gang
SumThing81 3 kun oldin
Jurmyni is definitely high too
Hamad Salman
Hamad Salman 3 kun oldin
I Insist Upon Helping Guillermo With Security Upon My Arrival
T Ward
T Ward 4 kun oldin
Elijah Robinson
Elijah Robinson 4 kun oldin
I loved this one LOL
lil frenky
lil frenky 4 kun oldin
Wtf first guy look like mac miller with hair
Bor Nosnibor
Bor Nosnibor 4 kun oldin
TSA worker looks higher than everyone!!
lei 4 kun oldin
Bruh patina ain’t that cool at the airport. She be screaming at all the kids and Chinese homies
javier g
javier g 4 kun oldin
The black guy they always smoke..
Jay Mack
Jay Mack 4 kun oldin
Is that Wade from GTA? Hahahaha.
Danielaaa 4 kun oldin
Idk if it’s just me but Andrew kinda looks like Mac Miller
PeluchinPower 4 kun oldin
Andrew is actually Mac Miller in Disguise :O
Gerson Cruz
Gerson Cruz 4 kun oldin
Ayyyyy maryland lol
Anastasia N
Anastasia N 4 kun oldin
I feel bad for jurmyni
Stony Stone
Stony Stone 4 kun oldin
That Green mile joke was a big miss
pablo rey
pablo rey 4 kun oldin
You need a Latino worker NEXT!
Beanz The Comedian
Beanz The Comedian 4 kun oldin
What’s her instagram she thick AF
Fatinah Mcintosh
Fatinah Mcintosh 4 kun oldin
Beanz The Comedian @chineselaaundry
Chromazmoves 4 kun oldin
Jurmyni is the new wide new don't @ me
Jared Williams
Jared Williams 4 kun oldin
The guy with long hair reminded me of Mac Miller
Anderson Alvarez
Anderson Alvarez 4 kun oldin
Junior Hernandez
Junior Hernandez 4 kun oldin
Andrew looks like macmiller!😂
snagh 4 kun oldin
Looks like Sal is high
Generation Gap
3 yil oldin