Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Trump's Presidential Address

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Donald Trump addressed our nation directly from the Oval office tonight and all the major networks covered his speech live. There was a lot of debate about whether to air it and so each network decided they would run the speech but with a disclaimer that ran first. After Trump's speech, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi gave the Democratic rebuttal and they really are terrific.
Jimmy Kimmel Puts Federal Employees to Work During Government Shutdown uzvid.com/video/video-7O4j0adMKK8.html

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Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Trump's Presidential Address




9-Yan, 2019



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Luke O
Luke O Kun oldin
It was at this point we all new... ...Jimmy Kimmel has stoped being funny.
kevlarunderwear22 6 kun oldin
the more hatred that spews out of jimmy boy, the lower his ratings go. I love it.
Isaac Lewan
Isaac Lewan 10 kun oldin
I dont normally thumbs down a video but this beyond comedy... hes just whining about trump. Grow up Jimmy Kimmel!
KazCade 9 kun oldin
Agreed. It is very annoying to this point. I'm not even pro Trump tbh.
Cap Quadrat
Cap Quadrat Oy oldin
This show is by far not the best to watch but I think that Kimmel is the greatest guy on TV. He is fantastic.
johnny rotten
johnny rotten Oy oldin
If Kimmel's son had Obama Care The beautiful young man wouldn't be with us today~
strafe777 Oy oldin
Kimmel keeps hounding Trump as being a racist but people seem to forget his impersonation of Karl Malone.
JK is totally funny!!
Elizabeth Roberts
Why doesn’t he builds his “dream wall” with kartrashoesians ass?!.Theirs asses are big enough to block the whole Mexico!
Diss Gummy
Diss Gummy Oy oldin
People have to understand it’s not just about the Mexicans crossing it’s actually more about stopping drug cartels
LW 300
LW 300 Oy oldin
The things we do living temporary on this 🌎
Mr. Sir
Mr. Sir Oy oldin
03:03 Don't worry Prisoners.. you're within walls because we LOVE YOU!❤ "They don't build walls because they hate people on the outside but because they love the people on the inside.."
Michael R.
Michael R. 2 oy oldin
kimmel =buzzfeed
Irish Knight 1942
The vast majority of shootings and crimes are done by American born citizens. Drugs are coming across the border at airports and border crossings and tunnels. The wall will stop nobody.
Chris Paez
Chris Paez 2 oy oldin
Nancy should give Trump an ultimatum. Trump gets the Wall, if he resigns.
T1ger8oi 2 oy oldin
Libtards are so easily amused. Funny how a comedian making fun of someone yet manages to lose the roast battle. And Trump didn’t even need his turn.
Thao Le Thach
Thao Le Thach 2 oy oldin
I don't know who is better to run a country, a president or Jimmy Kimmel -- a comedian or should I say a clown. Only at USA I can see clowns making fun of the head of the nation.
Christopher Ybos
Christopher Ybos 2 oy oldin
Ya just let some drug lords come on over and cause more drugs and deaths in the U.S. idiot
FREE GOERTZ 2 oy oldin
Kimmel should get a regular job and quit faking people out that he's a comedian. He was on the MAN SHOW , it doesn't make him funny.
Musketi 2 oy oldin
"Orange man..." *gasp* "...Bad" *hahahashahhahahahahshawhashashashashashsahshdghsahdasghjghjashgahahahashashashahahahaah* TRUMP2020
Man get over Trump it is not a news channel people come here to see good content not political shir
offended 2 oy oldin
Spoilers This is a daily show why are seeking for spoilers dum ass
Lynette N.
Lynette N. 2 oy oldin
Teddy Betesh
Teddy Betesh 2 oy oldin
He didn't use a single fact or statistic to back his point that this is a "made-up crisis." He just slammed and made fun of Trump for the sole reason of turning people against him. What a joke.
Teddy Betesh
Teddy Betesh 2 oy oldin
​+Chris Paez The fact that you said that "everybody knows there is no stupid crisis" just proves my point. Who is everybody? also find it interesting that what you call "entertainment" has become making fun of the President on a nightly basis. It's not just to make you laugh- it's to impress upon you this notion that the President is a terrible person (like you said a crisis) and that "everyone" knows this.
Chris Paez
Chris Paez 2 oy oldin
Why would he need to? He’s supposed to be entertaining and everyone already knows there is no stupid crisis at the border. The only crisis we have is sitting in the White House.
darkknight ninja1
Thank u
Boldizsár Nagy
Boldizsár Nagy 2 oy oldin
It seems to me that Jimmy Kimmel Live is less and less about celebrities and show, and more and more about Trump...
blogorgonopsid 2 oy oldin
Donald Trump is Chupacabra.
Gddjjj Fjjgfc
Gddjjj Fjjgfc 2 oy oldin
Kimmel is a brain dead buffoon lacking enough brain cells to form a realistic thought.
Zack Abdulbaki
Zack Abdulbaki 2 oy oldin
LOL they stuck em out in the hall
the realist
the realist 2 oy oldin
As a previous jimmy Kimmel fan at least trump addressed the audience, yet you won’t address the fact and apologise that you said the reporter didn’t harass the intern trying to get the microphone ( we all no you have to be a Democrat puppet, but the fact that you went along wd it ) fallon didn’t he new it was wrong but you made a joke about and said she wasn’t harassed when the intern had to sit down Jimmy! Simply can’t see you in the same light since then nothing you say matters - people don’t forget jimmy that intern was harassed old news , but people don’t forget
Jimmy Brousseau
Jimmy Brousseau 2 oy oldin
Every time you bad mouth and make fun of and disrespect Trump and his policies.. You are bad mouthing and disrespecting those that support him. It’s liberal elitism like yours that has caused the Dem’s to lose the working class vote. Uber-Wealthy, out-of-touch, radically left individuals have taken over the Dem Party. And there isn’t anything funny about that to working folks. “Republicans buy Nikes too”. - Michael Jordon
SpinningLeague 2 oy oldin
Why are these half ass comedians commentin on the matters they dont even seem to understand?
Telly Vin-a
Telly Vin-a 2 oy oldin
that disclaimer is perfect! it should run in front of every trump appearance...
Sabrecat Smiladon
If 4000 Americans were killed by illegals, don't you think we would have heard about every one on Fox and Friends?
Patrick Pawol
Patrick Pawol 2 oy oldin
Hey Kimmel. Move to Cuba, you DUMBASS!
Fred Frond
Fred Frond 2 oy oldin
Don’t forget they are being led by el cucay.
barrych mak
barrych mak 2 oy oldin
Would you ask your son to treat Trump as his role model ? Credibility and accountability are the 2 words missing in Trump's Dictionary.
Anthony Nelson
Anthony Nelson 2 oy oldin
The best part of Jimmy leaked out of his mother on to the sheet.
Antonio Ranier Cayaco
US govnt shutdown, Putin: "I havent even moved a zsingle warhead, juszt meddle with electionsz to ielect a Monkey, Boom, Self Destruct"
Bert Carter
Bert Carter 2 oy oldin
Kimmel you are a total idiot with no clue of reality
TomFilmsDigital 2 oy oldin
I hate what the 2016 election did to America.
albert castillo
albert castillo 2 oy oldin
Wanted experience Chinese wall builders. A.S.A.P Head south look for brown people running north. Make ovens Mexican need not apply. Trump wall co. Washington DC.
Tomek BEBUL 2 oy oldin
Jimmie Fallon wins
Martin Crouch
Martin Crouch 2 oy oldin
Stan Westgard
Stan Westgard 2 oy oldin
That guy crawling under the turnstile should of been charged with smuggling looked like he had ten ponds of crack in his pants
John Plum
John Plum 2 oy oldin
Trumpy Dumpy said "We are going to have to build a great wall" Trumpy Dumpy said "This is to keep out all problems so we can have a ball" Trumpy Dumpy said "And it's going to have to be at least 20 feet tall" Trumpy Dumpy said "it's also going to have be at least 10 feet deep" Trumpy Dumpy said "it's going to be made of concrete so it's easy to keep" Trumpy Dumpy said "it's going to be great because my name is going on it 2-ins deep" Trumpy Dumpy supporters & followers that heard him didn't say a thing or give out a beep Trumpy Dumpy said to his followers "Now who's going to pay for this great wall" Trumpy Dumpy said "Mexico will have to pay both young & old short & tall" Trumpy Dumpy supporters yelled "Yes Mexico will have to pay" they said with a great bawl Trumpy Dumpy said to Mexico's President "Sorry but you will have to pay for our great wall" Trumpy Dumpy heard Mexico's President say "I'm sorry but not a cent for your stupid wall" Trumpy Dumpy said to Mexico's President "but I told all my supports you are going to pay for the wall" Trumpy Dumpy heard Mexico's President say "Sorry that isn't my problem not a cent for your crazy wall" Trumpy Dumpy said to himself "my my who am I going to get to pay for it' then had a great bawl Trumpy Dumpy said to himself "my my now all my supporters are going to think I'm quite small" Trumpy Dumpy said to himself "my supports are not that smart so I guess I will have to fool them all" Trumpy Dumpy said to his followers "You know someday Mexico will have to pay for our great wall" Trumpy Dumpy supporters yelled out again "Yes Mexico will have to pay" they said with a great bawl Trumpy Dumpy said "Yes Mexico will have to pay over time by my new trade deal but for now you'll pay for the wall" Trumpy Dumpy said to Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer "Now you are going help me pay for this wall" Trumpy Dumpy heard both Nancy & Chuck say "We'er sorry but not a penny for your expensive stupid wall" Trumpy Dumpy said to Nancy & Chuck "but I told all my supports we are going to build a great concrete wall" Trumpy Dumpy heard both Nancy & Chuck say "Sorry that isn't our problem not a penny for your crazy wall" Trumpy Dumpy said to himself "my my now all my supporters are going to think I'm quite small" Trumpy Dumpy said to himself "I know I'll just say it is a crisis & shut down the country for one & all" Trumpy Dumpy continued to say himself "Then when they see that I created a real crisis for the small & tall" Trumpy Dumpy continued "They will have to give in to my demands or just cause more pain for them all" Trumpy Dumpy continued "Plus don't they know how great my name will look up on that Strong Beautiful wall" Trumpy Dumpy continued to declare to himself "I'll say a National Emergency to get the money to pay for the wall" Trumpy Dumpy caused all of the country to pay with pain by causing a crisis for his wonderful insane crazy wall Trumpy Dumpy caused so much pain for a wall that never got build & when 2020 came around he had a great fall plus - Statistics have already proven that illegal immigrants do less crime then those who are native-born legal US citizens because they most likely don't want to get deported if caught doing anything bad & have you seen the video that CNN found of Mr.Trump giving a speech were he is telling the students if they come to a wall in their life they should not let the wall stop them - no he tells them you either go around it - go over it - go under it - or knock it over - but you never let the wall stop you - sounds like good advice for the immigrants he is trying to stop coming into the country!
El Chico de las Pestañas Largas
This man is so honest. 🆒✌
Carol carol
Carol carol 2 oy oldin
I'm curious if this is such a crisis? Why have we not heard from the Governor or Mayor of these States why are we only hearing from the President and Ted Cruz something not right... Think Donald trump base think...
Randal 1231
Randal 1231 2 oy oldin
I am no longer watching Kimmy Kimmel again.
Atreides 2 oy oldin
you are not comedy
blackwidow 716
blackwidow 716 2 oy oldin
He’s so ugly inside and out
Lone Ranger
Lone Ranger 2 oy oldin
TheFirstStone 2 oy oldin
Trump is the best president ever, he made LGBT got banned from America.. What a hero?
surendar anandavelu
This is the best example media is against donald trump and his policies.
Dave The Mace
Dave The Mace 2 oy oldin
Hey Kimmel You have 6666666 likes...
1113 Cntrl
1113 Cntrl 2 oy oldin
Israel, China, and Berlin would like to have a word with you.
Donald Warnick
Donald Warnick 2 oy oldin
It’s amazing how people are so obsessed with politics the last ten years. It doesn’t matter if we have a republican or a Democrat in the White House. Your still going to have to work 40 years give a third of your income to the government and maybe get 10-15 years of good life before you die.
Angel Tears
Angel Tears 2 oy oldin
It's so aggravating listening to a President talk like he's talking to a moron. Oh,.....he is talking to morons.
Andrew 2 oy oldin
Kimmel, keep on talking about Trump and the REPOI,BLABLABLAbacanots. Fox news needs a good version of the truth (Lord knows they suffer from the same macular degeneration and dementia that Trump does).
Steven Reese
Steven Reese 2 oy oldin
After trump builds the wall he needs to throw this jkoff. Over it.
S.O.S HUNTER 2 oy oldin
Jimmy is no Johnny Carson and needs to keep his personal views to himself like Carson did. Stop watching this trash tv!
thirtymilesout 2 oy oldin
Kibble Bits was never funny but seems to amuse a lot of snowflakes
Skip Dyver
Skip Dyver 2 oy oldin
late-night tv has become way too political these days. they are spokesmen for the liberal party. Have a ticket to see Kimmel this week. Thinking about passing it up. I am not pro-trump.
QuantumChrist X
QuantumChrist X 2 oy oldin
Forced to watch an ad for 20 seconds,....
Alberto Mas
Alberto Mas 2 oy oldin
Jimmy Kimmel is so in love at our President Trump he can't stop for a second talking about him .Well..... Jimmy unfortunate for you our president is STRAIGHT .Sorry I ll give you an advise : Go and seek Colvert attention may be you both together can make a good couple!!!.Good Luck.
BRANJi Music
BRANJi Music 2 oy oldin
The Democrats can end this quit easily. Tell Mr Trump he can have the 5 billion but we're naming the wall after Barack Obama. He'll say "never mind".
Waitathu T.V
Waitathu T.V 2 oy oldin
I guess Trump is on Xanax .
Milad adnan
Milad adnan 2 oy oldin
ع٢حعلىتثل قبل ٦أيام تستسسع٧ض٨قصص صنصنصنمضحضه تصزظثمصمزصزصظزصزصززصنسصن يظثظثظثظصظصظصككصكشكسصصصصصصص سمسمسمسسممصمصمصمصمصمضضمضمضمكصصككصكصكص سمصمصمسمسممصمصمصمصمصمسظسمسممسمصمصمصكصككصكصخصخصخصمقمهثعفعفهقه٣هه٣ه٣ع٣ه٣هثه٣عع٣ع٣عثنصتصتظصاصتصظصزصننصتصتصظتصاسزصظظصزصزصو
Milad adnan
Milad adnan 2 oy oldin
Tom Reid
Tom Reid 2 oy oldin
Lock Him Up
Everett Gilllum
Everett Gilllum 2 oy oldin
You suck your not funny and you should pray Trump gets reelected in 2020 because if not then you will lose your job because you dont have anything other then him to talk about!!! TRUMP 2020!!!! BUILD THE WALL!!!!
Dr Longus
Dr Longus 2 oy oldin
Far more people watch Trump than this bought and paid for globalist...
DallasTechie 2 oy oldin
Only thing worst than Lump is his followers. Trailer park goons
Robin D. Phillips
Maclaren Christopher
These celebrities are not living in reality. They certainly do not think like a powerful person. They are just ordinary peoples who has the opportunity to be on tv. When you gain power your thinking will switch to be greater, for good reason.
Maclaren Christopher
For this subject, I have to support Trumph. The safest city in the world is Singapore. And they can live peacefully because their security is very tight. The wall eventually will works. It can reduce alot of corruptions and uncontrolled illegals.
shanhayles 2 oy oldin
This guy is a joke he hates America.
Mark Portillo
Mark Portillo 2 oy oldin
Human trafficking & kid's being rape.....and Jimmy makes joke's about human rights... liberals you're time are up we are coming for you demon worshipers and tranny's....Jimmy you're ass not funny.
Greg Carter
Greg Carter 2 oy oldin
Thank you Trump! Keep draining the swamp so this disgraceful “comedian” will go away.
alex arroniz
alex arroniz 2 oy oldin
Dump/trump he’s just a clown period
max Rockatansky
max Rockatansky 2 oy oldin
JUDEN nonsense
jake braun
jake braun 2 oy oldin
Build the wall
jake braun
jake braun 2 oy oldin
Jimmys career is over after trump leaves office
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 2 oy oldin
Disliked 12 seconds in.
omar k
omar k 2 oy oldin
This is why it is important to pay attention to mental health. A person with mental health problems (trump) doesn't know They have a problem. To Them they are normal and you have the issue.
BVchair1 2 oy oldin
Trash show. You’re triggered.
mdweaverling 2 oy oldin
Trump has never made anything up and he never lied about anything
Steven James
Steven James 2 oy oldin
China is an expect at printing money to prop their economy. These dems in office are experts at buying kids.
ClanD 2 oy oldin
The absolute hate for Trump is honestly ridiculous. Fine if you don’t like the guy. I think most people agree he can be a jerk, but the sheer hated I will never understand.
TheGreat1 2 oy oldin
Love seeing all the butthurt trump supporters losing their minds in the comment section. Can’t blame them tho finally someone made it okay to be a hateful racist person who consistently sounds like a moron.
charlene webb
charlene webb 2 oy oldin
Jimmy is just another Democrap on TV .Your not funny cant believe your on TV. Who's Ass do you kiss to be on TV. .
James Bond 007
James Bond 007 2 oy oldin
Well Obamacare saved my life Even though I didn’t have pre-existing condition I was denied health insurance in 2007 because of my medical Family History But once Obamacare was passed the insurance co couldn’t Deny me coverage anymore and I was able to Purchase my own policy ( not Obamacare) six month later I had to have Triple bypass Heart surgery this year after my insurance went up to $800 a month and I lost my job i was able to purchase the same coverage for $111 a month using the Affordable care act thank god for President Obama god bless President Obama and his family 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Terry Larsen
Terry Larsen 2 oy oldin
What President ?
Enjoyed the video he said chubacabras 😂
Christopher DANIEL
manipulation, ook at your growth rate, you rate of unemployement... no preseident has done better... he only disturb the 1% douchebags, the real people of USA like him
chad mccaul
chad mccaul 2 oy oldin
I hope his kid(s) get taken by illegals and not just so this moron finally gets what is coming to him but that way his kids won’t have to see what a coward their father is. They’re better off in Hillary’s human trafficking ring then with this spineless piece of human trash. You are a punk jimmy I hope nothing but the worst comes to you in this life. GFY!
BigFoot Bubba
BigFoot Bubba 2 oy oldin
Trump is going to build a physical barrier on the US Southern Border. The United States will have a wall.
joni moni
joni moni 2 oy oldin
Kimmel, such a joke. MAGA
Collin Henriksen Music
The caravan does exist dumbass jim and the only reason why your not hearing about it now is because trumps took action and reinforced OUR BOARDER!!!!!!
Namaste !
Namaste ! 2 oy oldin
He didn’t lie... unfort... just break it down and look into it. 3/4 women are rapped crossing the border illegally. Massive human trafficking. Jimmy is a joke like Hollywood
Raj Raj
Raj Raj 2 oy oldin
firstly iam very doubt that a man would work free without takes a single dolar salary for him..it is very clear that trump using his power position as stepstone to make much more money from it..so for sure he willing to work free without paid..he know what his intention..real motive still hidding..wait and see
wachamakolit1 2 oy oldin
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