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Jocelyn Flores Backwards... X im sorry man 😰😪

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Im hurt man.
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24-Iyn, 2018

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Zane Arnold
Zane Arnold 3 soat oldin
R.i.p 😥😥😥
Elite Gaming
Elite Gaming 5 soat oldin
It I’m not safe I my car
Jazmin Juma
Jazmin Juma 5 soat oldin
He said I'm not safe in my car 😟😟
Lauryn Farrell
Lauryn Farrell 6 soat oldin
R4D_ Rushil
R4D_ Rushil 8 soat oldin
Hey I miss xxx
Dave Trayal
Dave Trayal 8 soat oldin
OMG I MISS HEM!!!!!!!I went to see hem all the time!!!
Alea Ross
Alea Ross 8 soat oldin
June 18th he died
Alexa Silva
Alexa Silva 9 soat oldin
5:10 it sounds like he said save my life or is it just me?
Melanie Garcia
Melanie Garcia 9 soat oldin
I herd people save me now in the song
Karen Ruiz
Karen Ruiz 9 soat oldin
DaRk _SiDeUp
DaRk _SiDeUp 9 soat oldin
Cringey more cringey than ALIA
Death Alpha
Death Alpha 10 soat oldin
Wait...this reminds me of his death....HE PREDICTED IT OML
Alexus Ava
Alexus Ava 10 soat oldin
After hearing that I have thoughts that maybe his death wasn't over money maybe it was staged
Jasmin Lopez
Jasmin Lopez 11 soat oldin
How did you do that wow I herd that I was crying I did not notice
Toni Cook
Toni Cook 11 soat oldin
7:05 he said he's not restant any more
macy Shults
macy Shults 11 soat oldin
I think x knew he was gonna die and left this as a message for his fans to tell them that he did know RIP x I would have saved u if I knew I love u your always in my heart😔😓😢
Dana Navarrete
Dana Navarrete 11 soat oldin
I miss him...…….
Delma Garcia
Delma Garcia 11 soat oldin
I hear oh im lost thats IT for my Heart!!
Alfie Sullivan
Alfie Sullivan 12 soat oldin
People send help not tonight
Alfie Sullivan
Alfie Sullivan 12 soat oldin
No puls to save my heart
Christian Ponce24
Christian Ponce24 12 soat oldin
3:38 sounds like lord take my heart
The game Player
The game Player 12 soat oldin
Maybe his death was planned and he knew it
toneek pryce
toneek pryce 13 soat oldin
I feel your pain
Anupom Chakraborty
Anupom Chakraborty 13 soat oldin
Girl, can you please listen to me, GUARDIAN ANGEL?
XXCOOKIE EMXX 15 soat oldin
Marissa Covers
Marissa Covers 15 soat oldin
I started crying at the end
Ashlee&Derrick Flora
Ashlee&Derrick Flora 16 soat oldin
@9:10 it sound like he said i didn't want to die
Gigi Imvu
Gigi Imvu 17 soat oldin
2:48 those humming sounds aren’t even X, he uses shilohs samples and THATS shiloh not X, I don’t think x meant to make it hear like that reversed because it isn’t even X it’s SHILOH Edit: but the gun shot is x and that’s kinda freaky tbh
Jazmyne Ford
Jazmyne Ford 17 soat oldin
This makes me want to cry😭
Valeria Vlogs
Valeria Vlogs 17 soat oldin
I heard finally goodbye
lovely porsche
lovely porsche 18 soat oldin
At 9:16 it sounded like he said " gun shot wint off and hit me in the chest"
lovely porsche
lovely porsche 18 soat oldin
He was a son of God, God told him his death that's why he maid that song
Elisandra R Goolcharan
Stop replaying stuff now Orwell’s I’m going yo report your channel
Badass Brownskin
Badass Brownskin 19 soat oldin
Elisandra R Goolcharan girl report my channel, its not gonna do shit. Lmao, what you want privileges on MY channel when you chose to watch MY video . Kiss my ass
Wolf channel Whatley
Wolf channel Whatley 19 soat oldin
He said I’m lost not safe in my car
Matilde Gonzalez
Matilde Gonzalez 19 soat oldin
Thus shit made me cry
Matilde Gonzalez
Matilde Gonzalez 20 soat oldin
Omfg I heard that too
Jose destiny Lopez
Jose destiny Lopez 20 soat oldin
Hey i konw i her him saying people save me now but can't you hear crying so he kidnapped that waz he saying that think about it
Miguel Marrufo
Miguel Marrufo 20 soat oldin
X inspired people regardless of what anybody said he wanted to see his dreams he knew it was coming casa some people hated and unliked x
The 4 Retards
The 4 Retards Kun oldin
Broooo y’all really Over exaggerate he most likely heard “save my heart” when he recorded guardian angel
yah browww
yah browww Kun oldin
Like he knows he'll will die. He know the day he die. WHY I'M CRYING??😢😢
slayy_hayy2kayy Vlogs
He said “June 18 Not Safe in My car He Planned His Death Because He Always Said “He Hated Himself
Unicorn Squad
Unicorn Squad Kun oldin
I heard nooo pluse saved my heart
Amiyah Hansen
Amiyah Hansen Kun oldin
I miss u x
Caniyaa .-
Caniyaa .- Kun oldin
that’s the song guardian angel.
Bella P
Bella P Kun oldin
I am SO SOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOO F in glad the killer of x was caught we miss you xxxtentacion
Destiny boyd
Destiny boyd Kun oldin
This got me in my feelings he was predicting his future😫😭😭💔💔
Brittany Serratos
8:48 y'all won't fully get the message Sad
Lalo Hernandez
Lalo Hernandez Kun oldin
If you started listening you will hear I’m lost not safe in my car
Xv_BapeXPanda_Xv O
Is it me but dose her head look like a avocado 🥑 ha
OOZZY Kun oldin
There aren’t any statements in the song backwards I think your makin yourself hear these “statements”
Shane Welling
Shane Welling Kun oldin
Had my earbuds up at the start then moonlight came on my ears blew off
Virginia Alanis
Virginia Alanis Kun oldin
Ilove you x😭😢
Yusha sarker
Yusha sarker Kun oldin
June 18 is close to my bday 😔
Drunk_bird91 91
Drunk_bird91 91 Kun oldin
I feel u 😞
Brandi Wyant
Brandi Wyant Kun oldin
I heard everything you heard, and now I'm shaking and crying, omg 😱😓😭😭😭😪🤧😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😰
Ella Tutic
Ella Tutic Kun oldin
At 8:55-57 idk but i heard "im leaving a message" 😭
Red Peppers
Red Peppers Kun oldin
We miss u X
rainastar yt
rainastar yt Kun oldin
I know i am late but, in 40 seconds in the reverse music video it said "save my heart", i am really late to thia video but I'm just letting you know.
BassPitt9191 Kun oldin
Boo hoo, yo never met him, stop crying, he’s dead, get OVER it!
Adrian Gallardo
Adrian Gallardo 2 kun oldin
He is saying *im lost not safe in my car*
aaliyah SNORLAX villafana GX190
6/18/18 XXXTENTACION R.I.P. 7:00 I'm Dead Already
Bridget Dickerson
Bridget Dickerson 2 kun oldin
Things like this the sadness depression is why kids with anxiety and depression is why he went viral because people like me we felt his pain to
gamekilling 99
gamekilling 99 2 kun oldin
lil moon
lil moon 2 kun oldin
what if it was like suicide, what if he wanted someone to shoot him, what if he hired and assassin then the assassin took the money. it's just a thought I thought of, I got teary eyed
Dakota Stars
Dakota Stars 2 kun oldin
Me watching this in the dark😳💀(scary)
Mlp Music queen
Mlp Music queen 2 kun oldin
I busted into tears at the end like that hurt me I wish we could of get the message faster😭😢😥😰🤧
Antonio Guevararodrigue
What song is this
Star H
Star H 2 kun oldin
X recorded a song titled “Guardian Angel”, back in June. Believe it or not Guardian Angel is Joycelyn Flores reversed :/ And so he made his own lyrics for that song without the gunshot sound like in the reversed one. I actually didn’t even know until I heard it. X is clever just as he is up with god. 💚💗🧸
Alejandra Alfaro
Alejandra Alfaro 2 kun oldin
Yeah cuz they used it for gurdian angle and if u play gurdian angle dackwords u get j flores
ØøF RipX
ØøF RipX 2 kun oldin
I dont know if this is just me but... I listened to the song backwards right after, then in the end, near "people save me now" I swear I heard it say "I'm sorry but I must go" Or "I must go" Idek what to say honestly
Gameing Bros
Gameing Bros 2 kun oldin
That FUKIN scared me
Madison K
Madison K 2 kun oldin
I hear I'm lost and not Safe in my car
100 subscribers with no videos?
I’m glad your admitting your not an old fan
Joy Hopkins
Joy Hopkins 2 kun oldin
R.I.P xxxtashon
Will Bain
Will Bain 2 kun oldin
*guardian angel*
Diontae Herd
Diontae Herd 2 kun oldin
I like his music 😫😪
Diontae Herd
Diontae Herd 2 kun oldin
We all do
Charlton Els
Charlton Els 2 kun oldin
Painting adict Nate
18 seconds says it was a good life
Baayan A
Baayan A 2 kun oldin
In the last part of the video it said that he died in hospital
LN_ ._.
LN_ ._. 3 kun oldin
He said that he needs our help but...we dint’ help him...
Kayden Wimberly
Kayden Wimberly 3 kun oldin
He said he left a message at 8:43 in the video
Mehar Singh
Mehar Singh 3 kun oldin
It’s Not “No Pulse” It’s saying OOoooOooOoh I’m Lost
Ana Madelyn
Ana Madelyn 3 kun oldin
I started crying
Kenneth Perez
Kenneth Perez 3 kun oldin
Just because he died it does not mean we dont like him we will remember you XXX
Undoingauthor 99
Undoingauthor 99 3 kun oldin
Is this one of his ex's
Random Player123
Random Player123 3 kun oldin
Has alive I HAVE PROOF
Frank Young
Frank Young 3 kun oldin
Isn’t the song Guardian angel on his album skins like If true or listen to x skins ablum and heard this song
AJ SAUCEDO 3 kun oldin
Idk how to spell polse
AJ SAUCEDO 3 kun oldin
He said al that I'm lost not safe in my car not nooooooo polse
Anahiz M
Anahiz M 3 kun oldin
I have the same ears ❤️
foxygame slaz
foxygame slaz 3 kun oldin
He died on June 18 omg I feel like his death was planned
Antonio Guevararodrigue
He already new he was going to get killed
Shan Kelley
Shan Kelley 3 kun oldin
Good I meant
Shan Kelley
Shan Kelley 3 kun oldin
Xxxtentacion sing hood
TheREALEtho 3 kun oldin
3:55 he dosnt say June 18 the in my heart he's say not safe in my car😱
Dennis Muthiora
Dennis Muthiora 3 kun oldin
8:47 he said y’all won’t fully get the massege
Thats How mafia works
Thats How mafia works 11 soat oldin
It sound like that though
The game Player
The game Player 12 soat oldin
Dennis Muthiora yo I actually went back and it completely sounds like that
Dennis Muthiora
Dennis Muthiora 3 kun oldin
Rip xxx 😪
Egghead E.G
Egghead E.G 4 kun oldin
He said save me in letter to Tina Belcher
maskedprinc3ss unknown
Why would he do that i still love him tho
Kanoa Rogan
Kanoa Rogan 4 kun oldin
X is dead
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