Jocelyn Flores Backwards... X im sorry man 😰😪

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Im hurt man.
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24-Iyn, 2018

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orane petrie
orane petrie 24 daqiqa oldin
xxx tentaseon on froy
xxx tentaseon on froy 41 daqiqa oldin
Spot light uh moon light uh nigga why you chripen get your moon right uh shoty look good in the meeting
TheOneMemeeBoi 58 daqiqa oldin
Backround music: must go now,never give up,must go now (june 18th) hard bass drop (gun shot) The most they're safe in my heart. Never give up yeah never give up. The most,they're safe in my heart. Never give up. Died,some witnessed. How my position was,but i... December the 7th (guardian angel album release) From first time ive had no existence. Fully missing. My fans know my stands that i use. Never give up,not tonight. Running from my sickness. Didnt give up yeah. People send help. Not tonight. I must i must go now. Didnt give up yeah. Running from my sickness. Ah,monster monster. R.I.P X 😣😥😖😓😭😫
Edits daily 101 BTS
Edits daily 101 BTS 2 soat oldin
I mean 0.5x
Edits daily 101 BTS
Edits daily 101 BTS 2 soat oldin
If you really want to here what he says put the play back speed on x0.5
Maye Y mi primix
Maye Y mi primix 2 soat oldin
Bro he really said people help me now
Sebastien Arroyo
Sebastien Arroyo 3 soat oldin
Jake Thompson
Jake Thompson 3 soat oldin
We will miss you
Jadaria Playz
Jadaria Playz 3 soat oldin
It sounds like he was calling for helppppppp!!!!I FEEL SO BAD...😰😰😰😰😰😰WE ARE BAD PEOPLE!!....Whyyyyyy so soooryyyy xxxxxxx
Bunny Fox
Bunny Fox 3 soat oldin
I heard "thats it for my life" in 3:40
shira ac
shira ac 4 soat oldin
wait whattts going on hir he asked for helppp what the fuck someone did something to him and he was so lonly.
Brooklyn Gomez
Brooklyn Gomez 4 soat oldin
I hear all of it
panda _321
panda _321 5 soat oldin
Litm Crippsy
Litm Crippsy 5 soat oldin
Not being mean, but I dig here no pulse June 18th. I hear I’m lost.... not safe in my car
Maria Jeantrelle
Maria Jeantrelle 6 soat oldin
He is in a coma still alive was on the on the news
Maria Jeantrelle
Maria Jeantrelle 6 soat oldin
He is just in a coma
splendid_avery 6 soat oldin
5:43 I think he said “you’re safe in my heart”
jono ?
jono ? 6 soat oldin
X will never know how much people his death affected
Charity thibault
Charity thibault 6 soat oldin
Omg that's so crazy r.i.p xxxtentacion
Lil Chronicle
Lil Chronicle 6 soat oldin
I'm lost I'm not safe in my car
Devin Barillas
Devin Barillas 6 soat oldin
He says I’m lost not safe in my car
Samariah D Mims
Samariah D Mims 7 soat oldin
Xxx did not die he just dropped a new album I was listening to it before I started watching this video my friends were even listening with me
Mr. Rodrigo 09
Mr. Rodrigo 09 12 soat oldin
He says it was a good life Not good night
Angel Mosley
Angel Mosley 15 soat oldin
I heard I wish my mom was here
Gabrielle Philibert
Gabrielle Philibert 15 soat oldin
Fortnite Lover
Fortnite Lover 16 soat oldin
It's crazy that he saved millions of people but no one saved him thats messed up 😢😟
thairy _xxx
thairy _xxx 16 soat oldin
3:40 it says not safe in my car😱😭
Kim Wilson
Kim Wilson 17 soat oldin
I didn’t know x existed until the day of his death and then I heard his songs and now I miss him, like he was everything to me after he was gone 😔
joy ayudan
joy ayudan 17 soat oldin
After he says no pulse i hear thats it he’s left
Janelle Morris
Janelle Morris 17 soat oldin
I herd him ssy save me now
aidan kawaii
aidan kawaii 18 soat oldin
"i need u in my life in my life"-xxx
aidan kawaii
aidan kawaii 18 soat oldin
im scared to go to bed
Lailah Cole
Lailah Cole 18 soat oldin
I heard plz relax
Adan Castro
Adan Castro 18 soat oldin
There were whiteness this Mexican guy said he saw what happened
Adan Castro
Adan Castro 18 soat oldin
When she says the no pulse part I hear not safe in my car
Pedro Andres
Pedro Andres 19 soat oldin
When it was almost going to say people save me now I heard that he said monster must go now idk
Gaming Montages
Gaming Montages 19 soat oldin
This is guardian angle from skins it just got leaked back then
Jocelynn Baeza
Jocelynn Baeza 19 soat oldin
Is it weird that my name is JOCELYNN but with 2 n's not 1
Jada henry
Jada henry 19 soat oldin
Is this some devil stuff he was involved with or the illuminati? Because im a christian and i dont mess with satan
Lizeth Gutierrez
Lizeth Gutierrez 19 soat oldin
Around 9:23 i heard he said "oh save me now"
Herely Mojica
Herely Mojica 19 soat oldin
To me it says lost not safe in my car so sad of the death one of my artists 😭😭😭😭😭😭
dinisplays 61
dinisplays 61 20 soat oldin
No I hear at that part "I'm lost not safe in my car"
Chloe Isabella Morales
I heard him say “ I’m scared now “ at 9.00 exact tell me if you hear it to comment it
Ava Moser
Ava Moser 21 soat oldin
Camaya Jean Noel Vuong
At 9:28 you can hear “keep a signal” in the song. Am I trippin or naw??? 🤔
Mylove Fortessa
Mylove Fortessa 22 soat oldin
Wow 😭😭😭😳😳😳 R.I.P XXXTENTATION :(
butt face h
butt face h 22 soat oldin
simply zebra45
simply zebra45 23 soat oldin
Braden Herman
Braden Herman 23 soat oldin
3:43 I heard noo post that's it goodbye I miss x RIP :, (
Beca Sosa
Beca Sosa 23 soat oldin
It sound like you and i
Braden Herman
Braden Herman 23 soat oldin
3:43 I heard noo post that's it goodnight i miss x :, (
igniok ekeoMigni8k3 keoMiggnik ekeoMkeoMAroha Kingi
when x says people send help put it in 0.75 to confirm
mack Bayley
mack Bayley Kun oldin
It I'm not safe in my car
Sharleen Mustermann
Im missing him so much man💔Cant Stop crying💔😭
Abigail _c09
Abigail _c09 Kun oldin
And i think it said it been a few months since the incident
Abigail _c09
Abigail _c09 Kun oldin
It sound like he said no pulse lets suffer and that hurt
yaqoub alattar
yaqoub alattar Kun oldin
i here him said people send help
Mariana Reyes
Mariana Reyes Kun oldin
Noooo pules or noooo I'm lost
Edgar Cabrera
Edgar Cabrera Kun oldin
I heard a lot of creepy things on the rap part
Edgar Cabrera
Edgar Cabrera Kun oldin
Running from my sickness
Edgar Cabrera
Edgar Cabrera Kun oldin
And I heard sit around and said wonder where my sister went
Edgar Cabrera
Edgar Cabrera Kun oldin
And I died and some witness saw it all
Edgar Cabrera
Edgar Cabrera Kun oldin
And December 7th
Edgar Cabrera
Edgar Cabrera Kun oldin
I heard I'm lost, not safe in my car. I did not hear no pulce
Edgar Cabrera
Edgar Cabrera Kun oldin
I heard must go now and never give up yeah
Angel Stanley
Angel Stanley Kun oldin
I heard "i must go now"
the brain hears what it wants to hear. I heard a lot of things differently then you did. it's all based on your current mind set. whatever actually happened was a real tragedy and we all miss him every day. whether or not there is actually hidden messages will never be known. people just like to speculate. they've been doing it for years with all different artists. I highly doubt these artists actually reversed their lyrics in order to create a hidden message. videos like these are just for views and I dont blame people but its depressing that this came after his death not before. 😢😢😢 RIP Janseh
XxXsnipezzz Kun oldin
Omg 😭😭😭 “good bye, my life, save my life,”
XxXsnipezzz Kun oldin
And “once I die we must say good night, save me!” 😭
XxXsnipezzz Kun oldin
I heard “my car ain’t safe oh f***
XxXsnipezzz Kun oldin
It’s sounds like he was meant to die on June 18th 😭😭😭😭💔
Timyam 1234y
Timyam 1234y Kun oldin
5:08 sounds like I'm gonna survive
Jarica Geller
Jarica Geller Kun oldin
i herd it all i think he faked all of his death
Sophie Kun oldin
At 4:10 I thought he said "I'm lost, not safe in my car" But thats just my opinion it might be wrong.💔
Alex Shantz
Alex Shantz Kun oldin
All legends die in the making
Alex Shantz
Alex Shantz Kun oldin
I miss him so much
Black Panda
Black Panda Kun oldin
He did say people save me now... 😭😭😭😭😥😥😥😥 xxx saved people's lives when he was alive and nobody saves him 😭
Ftceghion Owam
Ftceghion Owam Kun oldin
People could’ve saved him😭
Lollie and Kimmy Show
Bro I felt like I heard him say*June 18 bye*
Ftceghion Owam
Ftceghion Owam Kun oldin
Why your eyes so fucking weird but RIP X
Awsomekid2025 A
Awsomekid2025 A Kun oldin
Save my heart
Brody Roman
Brody Roman Kun oldin
This is his new song guardian angel
Rhian Reece
Rhian Reece Kun oldin
I mean f the people that killed him I lost somebody I loved cause off him being dead. He was my inspiration now he dead. Well at least he really is safe now😭😓😥😰😰😨😭
Rhian Reece
Rhian Reece Kun oldin
Why at 9:03 it’s sounds like he said I sorry
Esperanza Lopez
Esperanza Lopez Kun oldin
It's was not safe in my car
stay shining roblox gaming
Everyone like 👍
isaac smith
isaac smith Kun oldin
It's that no post it's no pulse
Alanah Taylor
Alanah Taylor Kun oldin
Didn’t he die on June 18
Alanah Taylor
Alanah Taylor Kun oldin
Lil Tay that scary bro
Lil Tay
Lil Tay Kun oldin
Alanah Taylor yes he did
Alanah Taylor
Alanah Taylor Kun oldin
R.I.P x wish I was there
Tina Sanchez
Tina Sanchez Kun oldin
Rosaline C
Rosaline C Kun oldin
Guardian angel omg 😭😭😭
Log gangster Little m
Kaila Gutierrez
Kaila Gutierrez Kun oldin
I’m kinda creeped out 😭😭😭💔💔💔
Jazlyn Bonales
Jazlyn Bonales Kun oldin
-9:06 it sounds like he said,”running from the monsters.”😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️
Leslie Mozqueda
Leslie Mozqueda Kun oldin
Nikowa Williams
Nikowa Williams Kun oldin
Hes dead😂 why yall crying still?
Nikowa Williams
Nikowa Williams Kun oldin
Your fucking tongue looks gross
kae - -lan
kae - -lan Kun oldin
" *They Only Care When You're dead* "
cherry's world
cherry's world Kun oldin
this song is that he met a girl then she died after from susicde
RinZLE Kun oldin
This gives me the chills, if you listen to it in slow mo, it sounds so legit!
RinZLE Kun oldin
In the vid, i hear alot of "Will you be mine?"... anyone here that too?
Grace K
Grace K Kun oldin
he said “ no pulse “ “ save my heart” .. chills ..