John Quiñones Talks Very Topical Scenarios On 'What Would You Do?' | The View

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Quiñones joins "The View" to discuss confrontations featured on the show that seem ripped from the headlines.




13-Iyl, 2018

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Rachel McAdams Super fan
I watched wwyd five years ago
They need a new host on wwyd. He’s not likable
Green Mean Productions
John is the definition of a great person!
The Brainyquick
The Brainyquick 4 oy oldin
My name is John Quiñones. The Flash
Muskx 4 oy oldin
1:06 Don’t catch you slipping’ up.
R Ma
R Ma 6 oy oldin
John Quiñones is a role model for all of us Latinos! God bless him!
Quyen Lang
Quyen Lang 6 oy oldin
Peace and Tranquility
Sacrificial Lamb
Sacrificial Lamb 7 oy oldin
I thought he was Asian.
Bozo Me
Bozo Me 7 oy oldin
my taehyung obsession is unhealthy
This show is awesome
Lauren Urciuoli
Lauren Urciuoli 7 oy oldin
i love john & his show!!
conor calvert
conor calvert 7 oy oldin
Nobody cares if foreigners speak Spanish the problem arises when they feel the need not to speak English
Citizen 1
Citizen 1 7 oy oldin
I'd let the woman parent her child. She wants her to assimilate. She probably has other rules she's trying to teach (like table manners or safety cues) and interface from outsiders can confuse a child. They need consistency not group think.
Stanley Nolly
Stanley Nolly 7 oy oldin
LadyPeace89 7 oy oldin
That rich brat that he was saying it was based on was on Dr. Phil a while ago
Your Mother
Your Mother 7 oy oldin
I love John Q, but for some reason his show always brings me to tears.
Hellenic Power
Hellenic Power 7 oy oldin
I'm Greek, I live in Greece, and I love this show!!
Hopefulbond 7 oy oldin
There are over 100 hundreds languages speak what you want. Who cares and these instragram lies ugh.
Cynthia Young
Cynthia Young 7 oy oldin
We need more shows like this!
Love 7 oy oldin
I like the Guatemalan host , she is spunky .
stewjd76 7 oy oldin
I like this show but I don't think it's fair when they set up a potentially dangerous scenario and then say "no one spoke up". Like one episode had a wife beater and to expect people, esp. women, to confront an angry, abusive man is unfair. Call police, yes. But even the police advise to not confront and to let them handle potentially dangerous situations. You don't know if the person is carrying a weapon either.
Milani Howard
Milani Howard 7 oy oldin
Jon is so sexy...(random I know...lol).
caren wilson
caren wilson 7 oy oldin
Pffft! Hypothetical b.s.. Give us a real show called "This is what you CAN do!" Highlight the actual atrocities and injustices happening in the U.S. and abroad - inform the public, then tell them, "...and this is what you can do to help stop it". List organizations to join and contribute to, who to contact (congressmen, corporations, organizations, Amnesty International, Global Citezn, NRDC, etc...) how to let your voice be heard. How to do something about it. You have a population of people who are frustrated and appalled at the things happening at home and abroad who feel helpless to stop it. Give us a show that informs us and let's us actually help people. Flint Michigan still doesn't have clean water, and most people think that was fixed years ago.Tell me how to help THEM, instead of making up hypothetical scenarios for people to talk about how THEY would respond. Instead, give them true situations they can actually respond to!
sargonsrobot2 7 oy oldin
Americans should learn to mind their own business in public & stay out of situations they know nothing about=that is why they are so HATED around the world=chipping into other peoples biz is pathetic.
Glazed Donut
Glazed Donut 7 oy oldin
Why do older people paint the younger generation in such a terrible way? Even the girl it was “based off of” didn’t act like that in a store. Stop making things up
Luis Perez Cruz
Luis Perez Cruz 7 oy oldin
"based off of". LOL!!!
Cyrus Slapatich
Cyrus Slapatich 7 oy oldin
They should have done a WWYD episode of Sarah Sanders getting thrown out of the Red Hen. I'm sure plenty of Liberals would have stood up to the injustice.
Fatnorth759 7 oy oldin
If you can't do your job fast and efficiently you shouldn't have that job. The waiter should be fired, but there are nicer ways to say it
Fatnorth759 7 oy oldin
A melting pot is when you confirm to a culture. I don't think she knows what she is talking about. It is a cultural mosaic that I think she ment to say, which would be Canada.
V Love-Williams
V Love-Williams 7 oy oldin
"What Would You Do" is such a socially irresponsible show.
Gregory Reed
Gregory Reed 7 oy oldin
I fucking love when people do the right thing!!!
Gregory Reed
Gregory Reed 7 oy oldin
God!!!!! I love Sunny!!❤️
Gregory Reed
Gregory Reed 7 oy oldin
Wrong Joy!!!!
daniela rossi
daniela rossi 7 oy oldin
The Orange hair Lady from the View is like the mum's brat
DASHI GAHUNIA 7 oy oldin
Whòoopi where are you. These ladies need u.
mercerdamon 7 oy oldin
This show always melts my icy heart.
Kevvviee 7 oy oldin
Sunny really shines when Whoopi isn't there.
The Spew
Denise Manley
Denise Manley 7 oy oldin
Love What Would you Do? love John Quinones....Wow
DE 7 oy oldin
Languages embrace culture and heritage. Part of our own personal fabric.
Dazzel Pebbels
Dazzel Pebbels 7 oy oldin
whats up with Saras hair haha. Straight out of Grease
heather altine
heather altine 7 oy oldin
Meghan always quiet when it comes to race issues.
g sun
g sun 7 oy oldin
I sooo love this man
Steve Reed
Steve Reed 7 oy oldin
You'll never see this guy do the same thing in the black community instead of constantly using white people as the target. Let's see the other side of the race baiting.
shawn preston
shawn preston 7 oy oldin
Why would they give that second girl more publicity? Let's stop highlighting these types of people.
Oma Rumunna
Oma Rumunna 7 oy oldin
I love this show.
Oma Rumunna
Oma Rumunna 7 oy oldin
I loved this episode.
And my father works very hard to not only americanize himself but to americanize his children to the effect that even though I am Puerto Rican I like most mainlanders 85% do not speak Spanish....
Mark Oliver
Mark Oliver 7 oy oldin
Fake News!
R3drift 7 oy oldin
aww i love John Quinones. Such well spoken humble man.
Oma Rumunna
Oma Rumunna 7 oy oldin
very true
harveythepooka 7 oy oldin
When I was in high school I worked at a chain restaurant and one of the waiters had a studded. He would get the BEST tips! I was the hostess and as people were leaving literally every night people would come up to me and say how great it was that we hired him. I'm not surprised at all that woman tossed those girls out.
Aaron Cain
Aaron Cain 7 oy oldin
I honestly feel sorry for people who focus on "who is going to pay attention to" them.
I’m kinda sick of the view rushing everything. They’re constantly saying they don’t have time to finish speaking, plan things better or extend the show
H R 7 oy oldin
I love John. He is born to do this show! Such a great mirror to hold up,to this country!
Oma Rumunna
Oma Rumunna 7 oy oldin
meteordreams 7 oy oldin
Somebody needs to get Meghan off this show before the audience starts throwing tomatoes at her
Oma Rumunna
Oma Rumunna 7 oy oldin
lol. harsh
Adhitya Wisadha
Adhitya Wisadha 7 oy oldin
Why we must speak English in the first place when the English spoken country seems allergic with other language? Nah it’s egotistical thinking!
E Reese
E Reese 7 oy oldin
Very handsome man
Rio AF
Rio AF 7 oy oldin
Ok, if ALL Americans need to speak English completely, nobody in Trump's family should speak Slovenian, not even his wife or son
Brutus0710 7 oy oldin
Pretty sure all those customer reactions are also actors.
Lucy Giovannucci
Lucy Giovannucci 7 oy oldin
Love this man!
joe torres
joe torres 7 oy oldin
To Joy I'm not a Trump supporter. But to be honest I'm actually getting tired of you blaming people rude behavior to Trump. If you look at what would you do? early broadcast going back to even the Obama years he has clips like this where people are being jerks to people who are different. This isn't a new phenomena. To be honest some of the things you have said before on religion can be taken as hate speech. The people that need to be chastised are the ones committing these acts. Over 90% of those enlisted people happen to be adults and should know better. The excuses of "well everyone is doing it" did my work as a youth it shouldn't be excused as an adult. For shame to you for enabling the people who insult other people or discriminate. You just have them one more reason to try and get put of their problems and in my opinion it actually encourages this behavior
Ged Farnan
Ged Farnan 7 oy oldin
I became aware of this show during the couple of years I have been watching the trump fiasco unfold in America and I can tell you it is practically the only thing that reassures me that decent people still exist in USA. What would YOU do, America?!? Wake up and get rid of your aspiring dictator!
gm92845 7 oy oldin
Spoiled brat, yeah Meghan can definitely relate to that.
Due to their specific genetics, Latinos are the most likely people on earth to need an organ donated to them in their life. Due to their attitudes, Latinos are also by far the least likely to offer to donate their organs in the US. That is a metaphor for life. Whites give, Latinos take. 1000's die waiting for an organ, but Latinos clog the list, WWYD?
mia8009 7 oy oldin
I am sooo glad this show is back! I can't wait!!
Us whites, always keeping an extra eye on Blacks and Latinos because we're "racists"! It's nothing to do with the fact blacks and Latinos are 10x more likely to commit crime. Sure, they are far more statistically likely to commit crime, including violent crime, rape, and theft, but even just being aware of it and keeping a watchful eye is very "racist".
The statistics aren't skewed, I've seen the US crime statistics even in the 1930's, even in the Jim Crow south black people were 10-20x more statistically likely to be committing crime vs whites, maybe that caused "racism". There's something very abnormal about that much of a difference in crime rates between races.
Yes, women are watching their rapists like a hawk. It just so happens that 9 times out of 10, the rapist looks like Bill Cosby, and not Bob Newhart. 9 times out of 10 the victim of assault is white, and the person committing the assault looks like Michael Brown. It's caused by us keeping track?
Sunfish OutOfWater
CoolhandLukeSkywalkr seriously? Ever consider that the statistics are skewed BECAUSE people are watching like a hawk?!🙄
Nicky Wagner
Nicky Wagner 7 oy oldin
Omg that lady at the end kicking those girls out was awesome!!! Lol
Great Gowns Beautiful Gowns
I love WWYD. And I want to meet John Q. Not on a secret camera though. I get really emotional when people stand up on this show. It really restores my faith in humanity.
Ebby C
Ebby C 7 oy oldin
Good on that grandma. "Get out!" 👏
Carol Benson
Carol Benson 7 oy oldin
Playing games with people out in public is appalling. There are enough problems in the world without more issues played with actors.
NileshR12 7 oy oldin
Joy's shade at Trump & his racist administration is accurate af
Franklin Goldgace
The view you guys make my day thanks
NileshR12 7 oy oldin
Way to go Sunny sticking up for her grandma & herself like that! She's a badass!!
Raja1938 7 oy oldin
Don't know the child actress in the 1st clip but I remember her from an SNL sketch "A Thanksgiving Miracle". Hilarious uzvid.com/video/video-e2zyjbH9zzA.html
Tyrell Anderson
Tyrell Anderson 7 oy oldin
Spanish is her first language? Unless she was shielded from English, English was when she went outside.
Sandra Aguilar
Sandra Aguilar 7 oy oldin
I love WWYD!! We need to stick up for each other and others when we see racist people acting like ignorant bigots.
Athena griego
Athena griego 7 oy oldin
lol I see the comments. Well Megan is unpleasant on the show. She attacks people that dont agree with her. She pratically stomps her feet like a spoiled brat. She rolls her eyes and yells at people and disrespects the guests. She was also rude to the audience. I bet she wont have to apologize.Yes shes very delightful. But you know what Whoopi and Joy have met there match in a sense because Ive seen the way they have treated Ann Coulter and Debbi Mat the first young girl and And Elisabeth who by the way knows nothing. These women do not know how to debate with respect. I like Sara and Sonny.
Tyler Ryce
Tyler Ryce 7 oy oldin
Until they realize that Spanish is a European/white language!😂
Outlawed Winyan
Outlawed Winyan 7 oy oldin
Maya Alexandra
Maya Alexandra 7 oy oldin
Tyler Ryce So is English
lourds 7 oy oldin
All the hatred is to be blamed on all the trumpet family!!!
THE COLOR MAGE 7 oy oldin
I love this show. Gosh we need more brave people standing in the light of love.
Altitude House
Altitude House 7 oy oldin
You watch one of these WWYD clips on YT and all of a sudden a whole 2 hours is gone!
my thoughts on
my thoughts on 7 oy oldin
meghan loves the show? she's the exact person that would stay quiet during those situations.
Ethel Hiley
Ethel Hiley 6 oy oldin
matt bardot how could you make that uneducated judgement?!
Tim Marshall
Tim Marshall 7 oy oldin
I don't think so, she stands up for her friends that are from groups that cop it publically (e.g. sex workers, gay and lesbian folks ) and her father famously contradicted people at rallies who impugned the character of Barack Obama and told those folks that Obama was a respectable family man and patriot who just happened to have policies differences with him Meghan is outspoken and I could see her flipping it in every one of these situations TBH
meowismeify 7 oy oldin
No. Meghan is outspoken and feisty as f. She would speak out definitely!
You Tried It!
You Tried It! 7 oy oldin
she's quiet in the real world. a man put his smelly bare foot next to her and she said nothing to him. she just posted a pic of it on her social media.
Eltina xoxoxo
Eltina xoxoxo 7 oy oldin
Lol...to be honest I think she will probably say something even if she doesn't mean it.
Frances Ontiveros
Pheriba Lopez
Pheriba Lopez 7 oy oldin
I love this show! It always makes me cry 😭
Will H
Will H 7 oy oldin
I love WWYD and John Quinones!!
malynn730 7 oy oldin
That was so good! It made my heart feel good 😃 the view rocks
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 7 oy oldin
Funny how when Americans travel to foreign countries, they're told to learn the language, but when foreigners come to America they don't need to adapt to American society.
Emmanuel Martinez
Turd Ferguson I don't know what you're talking about, but most Americans don't even attempt to speak the language of the country they are visiting/temporarily living in. I've studied abroad in Germany and most American students in the university couldn't say more than 5 words in German. They think the world revolves around them, and are too proud to learn a few words in a foreign language, even though doing so expands a peson's mentality and culture. Of course, I'm mostly referring to Americans of Anglo-Saxon descent.
Amy Berkowitz
Amy Berkowitz 7 oy oldin
I work in retail and the child and mother thing happens all the time. It's my second job so I'm an older woman with a degree, who works in her field full time, but also works part-time to make ends meet. Kids and adults often look down on retail workers. I cringe when I hear some of the things kids say to parents and to me. I don't tolerate it when it comes to me and as a result, I've gotten into hot water at times. Their anger at me is displaced. I would never talk to an adult in that way. Thanks Sara for standing up for people like me.
Amy Berkowitz
Amy Berkowitz 7 oy oldin
Love the lady who stood up for the waiter too. Thank you
A. T.
A. T. 7 oy oldin
old episode
Eileen Murray
Eileen Murray 7 oy oldin
The only reason Megan is on view is to bring Fox news to mainstream,
JAI Banks
JAI Banks 7 oy oldin
Jonathon Bancroft-Snell
I speak French and English and I'm currently learning Spanish and Italian. The reality is the more languages one speaks the greater the likelihood you will be able to connect with different people. BTW the catalyst for learning Spanish was the ignorance of how people are treating Spanish speaking people and I wanted , if given the opportunity, to let people who don't speak English know that the assholes don't speak for all of us. Disfruta la dia!
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 7 oy oldin
Meghan watches What would you do? don't see any positive effect on her lol. She'd probably be the people joining the person harassing minorities
No Filter A Nintendo Podcast
Meghan, suck it.
Strüdle 7 oy oldin
What Would You Do is my favorite show! I watch it all the time
Chima Louis
Chima Louis 7 oy oldin
I love what would you do, it depicts what is going on in America
V Love-Williams
V Love-Williams 7 oy oldin
You mean all of the good people looking out for each other? Yes, that's real. Or do you mean all of the fake, socially irresponsible "scenarios" they create?
Constance Aurora
Constance Aurora 7 oy oldin
I feel like they didn't give John Q a good interview the time on was taken over by the show clips he host.
R N 7 oy oldin
You guys promote this girl! You even dare to show her Instagram pics !Pure evil!
D MAN 7 oy oldin
why does he always try to make whites racist,why don't he call out blacks for excluding whites from thier events.thats illegal but th law turns away,
R N 7 oy oldin
Liberals are the cancer of this society
liquid0ify 7 oy oldin
move along troll
Victor Jerome
Victor Jerome 7 oy oldin
I am sick of Megan thinking her opinion is the only option that counts.
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